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Smallville Uses the Power of PERSUASION

February 23, 2010


Wallpaper by Erika – click thumb to view larger versions.

Season 9 Episode 14

(This episode switched between PERSUASION and HUBRIS as possible titles.)

Recap and Review by Holli

Directed by Christopher Petry (a 2nd unit director) and written by Anne Cofell Saunders (IDOL).

More please!

When I initially heard the premise of this episode and saw the trailer, I thought “hope they don’t make Lois a ‘joke’ the entire episode” and “not another Clark whammied against his will episode”.  Well let me tell you, neither proved to be the case.  Durance has one of the most dramatic scenes in the series, especially in the loft and Welling’s Clark Kent/Blur personas are definitely television worth watching.

RATING: Stupendous.  We’re back to SUPERlatives again.  Another episode that is the best of the SERIES.  Clark Kent is the man he’s supposed to be and more.  Lois Lane is the woman who has proven to be THE ONE he wants to be with forever and always.  We even had a moon phase other than full.  Anne Cofell Saunders is to be commended for a rich, powerful and passionate tale of intrigue, passion, and honor.


Metropolis alley. Clark and Lois investigating RAO, Inc. through a construction wall.  Clark has Lois and her 5 inch heels on his shoulders while she gives him the play by play.  Lots of late night activity makes Lois suspicious.  “Lois, I’m sure someone is keeping an eye on the situation.”  We see the newly constructed solar towers.  (Along with two moon shots.  One is actually a phase of the moon, the other – the guys will tell ya.)  Uhh, Clark even with super-vision isn’t keeping too close of an eye on the completed towers.  Lois falls into Clark’s arms.  YEA!!! And they exchange loving glances.  Lois is convinced that RAO is hiding something.

CRIMSON.  Season 6. The other Valentine’s Day episode.  The start of the great romance, supposedly – only to be stalled and stomped upon for 2.5 seasons.  Oy!  Lois regretted forgetting her Uzi and Clark thought Vday was hell.

Apparently Lois is still not into the whole Hearts and Teddy Bears thing.  She does however make a statement about receiving a silk teddy.  A more appropriate gift for a mature woman to be given.  She is after all not six years old anymore and neither is Clark.  But Mr. Romantic Heart, Clark Kent, definitely is into the special day.  He obviously feels he has something to celebrate.  He thinks they should drop the story.  “Is there something about that tower that you’re not telling me?” she says as she toys with his jacket.  A gesture that a dating couple would do. (After 3 episodes of absolutely NO touching, this is crucial.)  He says no.  “This is Valentine’s Day we should be having dinner together . . . by candlelight.”  Ahhh, Clark, you steal our hearts.  Lois overacts exceptionally harder than usual going into a tirade about the commercialism of the holiday and Clark points it out to her.  “History has proven that if I embrace Vday in any romantic way at all, it always ends in disaster.”  Yea, watching Clark 2.5 seasons ago turn wimp ass = DISASTER.

A cupid approaches with Vday goodies.  She offers some to the couple.  Clark starts to decline because of Lois’ earlier remarks.  Lois dives for the chocolate.  “What?  I didn’t have dinner.”  Clark watches his girl eat the first morsel as the cherub wishes them a Happy Vday and blows dust on them.  Clark has a reaction of blue in his eyes.  Lois walks away happily as Clark follows her.  Clark’s whammy shot mirrors Lois’ in CRIMSON – same cherub lights in the background.

DP bullpen.  Clark thinks it’s too late for a news story.  (Probably wants to get Mad Dog Lane off the scent of the solar towers)  “It’s never too early for nachos and it’s never too late for hard hitting journalism.”  Lois takes off her jacket and we can see why Clark is so adamant about a date with this woman.  “Lois, maybe we should put our relationship before our work just for tonight and . . .”  She wonders if they should hold hands and he would court her in the old fashioned way.  “It sounds mighty traditional.”  He grabs her as she walks by and takes her into his arms.  Clark is making a move and a good one.  “And what’s wrong with that?  I thought with all our crossed text messages lately that maybe sometimes . . . I want . . . for us to have a more traditional relationship.”  Well, he asked.  Lois’ eyes turn purplish blue for a sec and she’s sporting a huge grin.  Some guy comes in and calls out to Lois.  Clark turns towards him as Lois continues to look lovingly at Clark.  Apparently the RAO, Inc ribbon cutting on the solar towers is in two days.  That sparks Clark into action.  “Two days.”  He turns to Lois to tell her he needs to check the building permits.  He gives her his hand and she takes it in both of hers.  He even gives this a glance since it’s not how she usually reacts.  She gives him a shrug and a huge smile.  “Anything for your career, sweetie.”   This confuses him but in a good way.  For an instant you wonder if he might want to stay a bit longer.  He goes off to check on something, probably Kandorian related.

The guy who brought the assignment, he gets Mad Dog Lane’s attitude.  “Here’s the scoop, buddy.  A traditional woman does not spend her time in the office when she can be at home taking care of her man.  I quit!”  Whoa!  As we all know Lois Lane was always an intrepid reporter/working woman ever since 1938.  Clark was romantic back then, too.  In Action #1 in their first panel together at their newspaper office, Clark Kent asks Lois Lane out for a date.  So he knows what he’s getting.


Watchtower at night. Red roses prominent – probably of the thanks-for-the-nookie kind.  (Thank you for not letting us see that disaster.)  Clark zips in through the open doors and apparently blondie has arrived just before him.  She takes off her coat.    Not quite the same as Lois taking off hers.  Blondie seems a little pleased with her assumption that Clark and Lois’ Vday didn’t go so well.  “Do you have the passports and ID cards ready?”  Yea, Clark!  Apparently he’s dropping a not so subtle hint that his and Lois’ relationship is none of her damn business.  She kind of sloughs it off with a remark about business.  She hands over the documents that will help with a new life.  He tells her she’s a lifesaver and starts to leave.  “If you mean by that sweet on the outside and empty in the middle.  That’s exactly how I feel right now.”  Whoa, Ollie must not be giving her his best shot. [wink]  Clark realizes she’s not on board with the Kandorians.  Since she knows Alia kills her in the future (one that Clark is changing), she just can’t muster any compassion for this group of people.  She’s basically tearing on Clark’s efforts to give the Kandorians a better life.  Blondie brings up the towers being completed and the satellites.  In the future, didn’t she use the Watchtower to destroy the satellite programs?  See PANDORA.  She can’t be bothered with that – she reminds Clark that one of them may have killed his father, Jor-El.  Then she delivers the most whacked out idea.  “Maybe it would be simpler if WE just send them to the Phantom Zone.”  Uhh, I thought the Phantom Zone was a horrible place for monsters like Davis/Doomsday who had serial killings on their rapsheet, but nooo, now it’s the place to put all the Kandorians.  That might get a little complicated since Phantom Zod and Faora are there and now she wants to send their replicants there?  Granted she doesn’t know they are replicants, but . . .she’s just wrong.  We’ll leave it at that.

Clark ain’t listening to her shit.  He’s a little upset with her.  He knows she’s saying this crap because “she wants to protect people” (you give her too much credit).  “But right now . . . I want . . . you to concentrate on watching my back.”  Blondie’s eyes go purple blue.  “Leave the rest of the planet to me.”  Oooo I love Clark when he gets like that.  So, of course, Blondie can’t let him have the last word.  She barks his name so he’ll quit leaving.  She tells him she will protect him no matter what it takes.  He leaves in silence.

Outside the contruction wall.  Daylight. Clark finds Faora and Alia (calls them by name).  He’s dressed in his journalist clothes – so now all the Kandorians know his dual identities.  There is no secret about it.  (How many hundreds does that make?  Can he let them walk around knowing this?)  He shows them the papers concealed within a folded newspaper, one that mentions a blackout.  “It’s your new life.  You’ll have your own identities.”  Alia tells him she misjudged him.  Faora looks at her passport.  She tells him she was born into the military.  She never had a choice to live as a civilian.  They can’t repay him.  He wants to know who killed Jor-El.  Clark knows that Zod took him from Tess but he wonders if Zod was the last one to see his father alive.  Faora knows he wants justice (important point), but Zod has a lot of loyal followers and if Clark goes after him, then there will be war.  They leave a thoughtful Clark.

Kent Farm in full bloom in the sunshine.  Clark comes home to find the kitchen a shambles with food preparation.  A crinoline skirted Lois is bending over to take a pie out of the oven.  Clark gets to see another reason why he’s dating this woman.  “Hey, sweetie pie.  Welcome home.”  Lois has gone June Cleaver.  Apparently her idea of traditional means being the best little homemaker on the planet which also means getting her MRS.  It is the Silver Age way (despite the fact that Lois always worked at the DP even during the 50’s).  “Lois, what’s going on?”  She informs him that she has moved in, “but don’t worry I’m camped out into the guest room . . . until we get engaged.”  She’s just beaming.  The strains of the Jaws theme begin as the camera closes in on Clark’s reaction.  “Engaged?” says a confused Clark.  “Uh-huh,” says the smiling Lois.  Fade to black.  Thanks, Louis, for punctuating a great laugh!


Clark Kent sits at the head of the table. Which looks like the Fifth Army is about to arrive for a feast.  Flowers in a beer stein.  Burning candles.  Vegetables, raw and cooked.  Mashed potatoes.  Homemade pie.  Lois is slicing what looks like a still smoking prime rib.  “Move over Betty Crocker, I have got this cooking thing down!  How’s your pot roast?”  Gotta Love Lois.  She doesn’t know pot roast from any other burning piece of cow flesh.  (Historically she does know how to make beef bourguignon well enough for it to be their code word for sex and also Clark’s favorite food . . . with ketchup, of course.  He is a farm boy.)

Clark tells her it’s delicious as he stealthily slides it off his plate onto the floor for Shelby to eat.  The dog refuses it also and walks off whining.  (Yea, Shelby!!!)  Lois is ecstatic that she has pleased her man.  “It was really sweet of you to do all of this.”  She gives an old women’s movement anthem a twist telling him how proud she is of him.  “And, well, never let you forget that you’re the man.”  She pours him a Glacier Amber Beer into a beer glass.  (Made in Anchorage, AK where all great things are – and said to have a hint of chocolate and caramel)  “Lois, did something happen?”  Poor Clark is somewhat amused, a little awed and definitely confused.  “You just seem so cheerful like.”  Lois explains that he said he wanted a more traditional relationship.  While she’s dishing out green beans on his plate, she tells him.  “And you were very persuasive.”  Clark seems to catch on.  “What if I miss the old Lois?”  Ahhh, he loves her just the way she is.  She tells him it’s too late and that she quit her job at the Planet.  That’s one thing Clark never thought he’d ever hear.  “You did what?”

She explains further being the merry homemaker as she crawls into his lap.  “Instead of being chained to my desk all day, I get to be your ball and chain.”  She rubs her nose against his as he chuckles and gives her a big smile.  (possible ad lib)  He takes a hold of her shoulders.  “Lois, you can’t quit reporting.  That job is your life.”  She looks at him tenderly, complete with aqua eyeshadow.  “And now my life is with you . . . for better or for worse.  For richer or for poorer.”  She tugs on his tie and straightens it.  “Lois, what are you talking about?”  She leaves his lap – which he doesn’t seem to like much.  “You’re absolutely right!  What kind of adjective is ‘poorer’.  Somebody’s gonna need an editor.”  So Mad Dog is in there somewhere.  “For their vows.”  She says sweetly and sincerely.  Clark gives her a little grin.  “Right!”  He leaves his chair in a hurry.  “Y’know Lois, there is something at the, uh, office that I need to . . . investigate.”  He starts booking for his jacket and the door.  She knows he’s leaving because her hints about marriage were the size of Ayers Rock.  As he shuts the door behind him, she peers at him through the window.  “You better make an honest woman of me, Clark Kent.”  There’s a double meaning in that.

Crazypants is naked in a bubble bath in the Luthor mansion as she sips champagne.  The night after Vday?  Of course, the door isn’t locked.  Peeping Zod is watching her.  He walks in and she acts shocked and calls for Security.  [shaking my head]  We all know that the security in the Luthor mansion sucks.  Must be because they have double doors on every single room.  Apparently Tess enjoys boozing it up during bathing as there are several crystal bottles of the stuff nearby.  Lots of lighted candles, too.  Zod uses his magic finger.  “I like you just where you are.”  Tess decides to change tactics.  “Then maybe you’d like to join me.”  Is that a Kryptonian phrase for the sex act?  Apparently, because Mr. Finger tells her she’s already bedfellows with Kal-El.  She’s backing the wrong guy.  He takes her champagne glass and sits nearby.  She’s got a bench there.  Is this arena seating?

His tower is almost completed.  (Is this more sex jargon?)  She thought he’d need the Book of Rao (which rhymes with Tao).  Apparently they found another way to complete the tower.  Her satellite systems are lagging behind schedule (said with the British emphasis.  Ummmm)  She’s onlining the safety test and he says he’ll do that.  She thinks she’s the only one to do the job and he informs her as he looks at the glass that he has her fingerprints – so he can do it without her.  “Cheers.”   She coquettishly tells him he’s digging his own grave and he says it better be big enough for the both of them.  He pulls out . . . Faora’s passport.  He’s upset Tess never told him about Kal-El’s plan to take over his people.  Tess gets out of the tub naked.  She turns to get her robe as he checks her out.  “They are no more your people, than they are his.  And eventually, he will be their leader.”   Zod warns her not to underestimate their loyalty to him.  Crazypants is in full mode.  “But they don’t see you as the Savior that he is.  There’s blood on your hands.  You’re tainted.  You’re the reminder of their past.  He’s the promise of their future.”  Look who’s talking.

He smiles at her saying it’s always what she wanted.  Giving his people their powers so that they could save her doomed planet.  “Hand over the reins to Kal-El and then what . . . get rid of me?”  Crazypants says if necessary.  She needs the Kandorians knowledge to reverse the damage that the humans have done to the Earth.  Really?  Is it that freakin bad?  “To show mercy to this planet.”  Isn’t her nickname Mercy?  She goes to grab the glass from him and he refuses to relinquish it.  He threatens her with using the satellites and gaining his powers.  “You will be the one who needs mercy.”

Kent kitchen at night.  Door opens and it’s blondie.  She yells for Clark and leaves the door wide open.  Lois is on her hands and knees cleaning the floor military boot camp style (toothbrush).   She’s all smiles greeting her cousin.  Blondie must be in the alum flavored licorice again.  She seems shocked that her cousin is there.  Why?  She’s dating Clark, right?  We see a framed photo of Clark and Lois with their heads sweetly together probably on a date.  It’s displayed on the counter.  Lois has been scrubbing the floor for four hours and now it’s sparkling.  You got to give her credit.  She does everything with passion.  Lucky Clark!

So blondie opens a window to let even more air in.  She thinks Lois is on a contact high.  (well she is, but not of the lemon fresh variety)  “And why is your vinyl collection here?”  Cause Clark has a turntable and you hog her bed and make her sleep on the couch?  Hello!  “I moved in!”  Well, apparently Clark has persuaded blondie to be even more of a bitch.  Was there a doubt?  “Great!  We can have you moved back into the Talon and all before the sun’s up.”  (These people never sleep – unless it’s the end of the world or something.)  She’s tossing Lois’ things into the box.  She’s gonna break those albums.  Lois is sorry she’s having a problem with her and Clark’s relationship.  (Don’t be sorry.  Tell her it’s none of her damn business!)  “I’ve seen Clark in love before and it always holds him back.”

Lois grabs the box from her and puts it on the counter.  She tells her short cousin that it’s a little sad that the only way for blondie to get close to Clark is to be a mother hen.  Ms. High Horse opens her gob again.  “Clark is a very private person and when the chips are down, everyone can see your cards.”  What does that mean?  You’d think blondie was talking to blahna, not Lois.  What the hell?  Lois grabs the framed photo from the box and makes an angry point.  “Clark knows he can trust me.”  Blondie goes in for the kill.  “Just like the Blur?”  Lois lets out a gasp.  “When you were secretly talking to him and announced it on national television?”  Blondie didn’t get it then and she doesn’t get it now.  And did she just verify to Lois that Clark and the Blur are the same?  “I never planned for it to happen that way,” says a meeker Lois.  Blondie grabs the frakking picture and tries to take it from Lois.  Symbolic much?

“As long as I’ve known you, you’ve always had to have the scoop, but when it comes to understanding the real Clark, you are always going to be a second string.”  After who?  Can Ollie give blondie VD or something?  A real virulent strain of syphilis that will rot her brain instantaneously?  Just sayin.

Lois struggles with her over the photo and it smashes to the floor.  Lois is completely shattered as she wipes away the glass shards from their faces.  Blondie looks over her as she did the down and out Tess in PANDORA.  I guess she had to take the shot this time, too.  “Y’know this whole Martha Stewart makeover thing isn’t fooling anyone.  Once Clark knows you.  The real you underneath all of this Lois armor.  He’s going to see you’re just a scared little kid who runs away the second anything goes wrong.”  (again she’s confusing Lois with blahna.)  “If you really love him, the best thing you can do for Clark is leave him.”  Lois is devastated and startles as blondie FINALLY shuts the damn door.

This reminds me of the Ending Battle arc in the comics.  Manchester Black was kidnapping all of Clark Kent’s friends and relatives because he temporarily knew he was Superman.  He emotionally tortured Lois, showing her all the terrible things that happened in her childhood.  At one point in the story, readers and Superman believed she was dead.

Blondie, ever since FAÇADE, has seen the writing on the wall with these two.  No one makes Clark Kent smile like Lois Lane.  And no one makes Lois happier than Clark.  Being second string to blahna could warp anyone, but blondie seems to have taken it to a whole new level.  Can’t wait until she’s in the strait jacket drooling in her padded cell at Belle Reeve.  Maybe she could mumble about some place called the Phantom Zone being heaven and her seemingly macabre fear of black canaries.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer character.


Clark on the Metropolis street. Finds the cherub who blew the fairy dust on them.  Apparently Ollie has given her roses also.  Dude has needs.  She recognizes Clark as being with the ‘bitter chick.’  Okay, toots, keep packing.  Clark explains he is retracing her steps.  He wonders if there is anything in the chocolate.  Pixie tells him she ate two boxes and gained three pounds.  Clark spies the basket of dust.  “Fairy dust that was, that was cute.  Where’d you get it?”  She tells him she doesn’t know what it is, but it comes from some quarry in Smallville.  Why is he still living in that town?  Hello!  He knows it was meteor rock and it was probably him who got Lois into this situation.  His cell phone rings.  He looks to see the text message is from Lois Lane.  (So formal)  “911”  Pixie asks him if it’s his girlfriend.  He’s still staring at the phone.  “She’s not my . . .”  He stops and realizes what he was about to say.  Apparently he can’t deny it anymore.  “We don’t use that word.”  Pixie chick thinks she has a chance.  Sorry, he’s gotta run.

Clark climbing the steps to the loft. We hear sobs and so does he.  “Lois?  Are you alright?  What’s the emergency?”  He sees the packed suitcase with the date photo in it.  Lois is sitting in front of a mirror crying her eyes out.  She’s barefoot and clutching his varsity jacket.  Did they not have waterproof mascara in the 50’s?  His chest of treasures is open.  She has photo albums spread out on the floor.  She tries to tell him everything is all right now, but she can’t keep from crying.  “Are you sure?  Cause you seem kind of….”  She finishes for him.  “Kind of pathetic.  Right?”  She tosses his jacket back into the trunk as she grabs for the pearls around her neck.  “I mean, why even bother going through the motions, Clark.”  Next goes the apron.  “This whole moving in thing together was a joke.”  Clark is not happy with her coming apart at the seams.  “You’re not yourself right now.”  She pleads.  “C’mon!  I’m not stupid.  I could tell that you hated that burnt brick of meat.”

Clark thinks for a moment as he gently approaches her.  “Let’s get you some water.”  She’s not going to let him comfort her.  “Just stop trying to sugar coat it, Clark.”  She walks away from him.  “I’m not good for you, Clark,” she insists.  “Chloe was right to protect you from me.”  She’s by the suitcase now.  Clark is following.  “Well, Chloe can be overprotective sometimes.”  He’s upset but calms because he doesn’t want to spook Lois.  She fingers the framed photo.  “No.  She hit the target head on.”  Clark looks like a deer in headlights.  “She said I was going to wreck us and she’s right.  Clark, I don’t know the first thing about family time or dinners at home.  I don’t.”  She shakes her head.  She gave family time and home dinners her best shot though.  Clark with understanding tries to console her.  “Lois, I’m glad you’re opening up to me.  But there’s something else going on here,” he insists.  Lois looks at him completely vulnerable.  “You’re right.”  Then she looks away from him.  “Something is going on.”  She lets out a sad chuckle and closes her eyes before looking at him again.  In a quiet sad voice she says, “I’ve made a fool of myself long enough.”  Clark tries to understand what she means.  He seems to dread what’s coming.  “It hurts me to be around you.”  Not vindictive but an admission.  “I have to leave you, Clark.”  She appears to have left off the words ‘for your own good.’  “Leave Smallville.”

You can see tears start to form in Clark’s eyes, but he’s not giving up.  He crosses to her.  “Lois, you need to sleep on this.”  He’s trying to stop her and maybe she’ll see reason.  “I promise things will look better in the morning.”  Hopeful that he can fix it all.  “No, they won’t,” says realistic Lois.  She heads for the stairs with the suitcase under her arm.  Clark stands at the couch trying to think of something to say to make her stay.  “Clark, I’m a big girl.  I can pull myself up by my own bootstraps.  Thank you very much.  It’s just . . . I’d hope that I might have been able to pull it off.  The whole making a home thing.”  Clark climbs down the first set of stairs.  “Lois, stop!  You are home!”  She turns to him.  Still calm and quiet.  “No.  A home is for real.  For always and forever.  Not this.”  Clark sees how hurt she is despite her brave front.  “Goodbye, Smallville.”  He climbs down the last few steps to stand beside her.  “Lois, you can’t go.  Not yet.”  He pauses before he says the words he knows she needs to hear from him.  “I promise we’ll be together .  .  always and . . .”  She doesn’t look at him yet.  “forever?”  When she does turn to look at him.  He’s smiling slightly waiting for her.  She looks him straight in the eye.  “Do you mean it?”  As if it just dawned on him, he did.  “I do.”  Relief flows over her face as she goes to him.  They grab each other into a kiss reminiscent of so many great panels in the comics.   Clark’s hand holds the side of her face as if he’ll never let her go.  She’s smiling as they finish.  They both let out a little sigh as Lois tucks her head under Clark’s chin.  He hugs her tightly.  He has his girl.  “I guess we can move my things out of the guest room now.”  Clark realizes what she means and before he can address it, she’s off and running.  He realizes even though they have an understanding, she still has to get out from under whatever whammy she’s in.

Lois Lane is tired of making a fool of herself because she knows Clark has a big secret.  She sees things and hears things and yet, she can’t admit to any of it, because Clark has not told her he even has a secret.  In PARIAH, she took her stance and she’s sticking to it.  But she’s not stupid and she likes to deal with the truth, but she has to play dumb until he’s ready to tell her.  She’s being very patient for an impatient woman.  Clark is patient with her, but Lois is just as patient with him – probably the only person she will ever be patient with or for.

Clark more or less admitted he loved Lois without using the L word.  Lois Lane is his home.  Saying they would be together always and forever is what Lois needed to hear.  She doesn’t want to be second string in his life.  As long as she knows they are together, then the rest she can deal with.  It’s what makes them so strong.  Clark will never lose his Lois again – he knows what his life is like without her, no matter what timeline or alternate universe.  He will use every power he has to keep her by his side.

Best loft scene ever!

One pissed off Clark Kent bursts through the closed doors of the Watchtower.  Blondie must have get-the-hell-outta-Dodge radar.  He’s obviously there to give blondie another round of – stay the hell out of my business.  And NEVER upset Lois like that again.  He needs to tell her, “Lois Lane is off limits.”  She really needs to hear it more than Zod ever did.

Meanwhile, Dr. Emil Hamilton is running around like a chicken with his head cut off.  There are flashing red lights everywhere.  Is blondie advertising?  Blondie has shut him out of all of Watchtower’s systems.  It’s all encrypted.  “I’m sorry to hear that Emil, but I have my own fires to put out.”  Always thinking about the Lois.  Yea!  Emil informs him that blondie is gone.  He’s ranting about trip wires around the system’s core.  He’s typing on every keyboard in the place, mumbling about firewalls.  “I can’t get into it!  I’ve tried every iteration.”  Concerned Clark gives it his best shot.  “Emil, look . . .I want . . .you to calm down.  Just try to relax for once.”

We see Emil’s fiercely typing hands stop and stretch.  He takes off his glasses.  (Apparently non uptight people don’t wear glasses)  He smiles and rips off his tie.  “Emil?”  The good doctor turns to Clark.  “Whatevs.”  Bwahahaha  One of the funniest scenes on Smallville ever.  “This place goes nuclear, it’s not my problem.”  He chuckles and takes off his jacket.  Clark notices his change in demeanor.  “I want you to go back to the way you were.”  Emil tosses his jacket at Clark.  “There are no backsies in this lifetime.”  Clark tosses the jacket aside.  “Where you going?”  Emil walks across the room to the mini fridge.  “I need a brew.”  Now Clark is the uptight one.  “I need to find out how to reverse this.  I think I breathed in some kind of new meteor rock.”  Emil laughs as he handswat opens a long neck.  “Dude, hasn’t anyone told you not to inhale?”  He takes a long swig.  “It’s like you and Lois do whatever I say but then I can’t undo it.  Normally kryptonite effects only me, not other people.”  Emil sits on a couch and puts his feet up.  It sounds like hypnosis to him.  “People are pathetic.  They’re open to suggestion.  I bet it’s great with the ladies.”  He has no idea.  “How do I stop putting people in hypnotic trances?”  (Chris had a good suggestion – get ugly.)

Emil sets down his Aguijon Cerveza (Sting beer).  (If they turn blondie into the insect queen – that would be bad – not badass – storyline dumbass death bad.)  Mr. Cool Calm and Collected tells our hero, “Well, maybe you don’t have to stop it.  Maybe you just need to chill.  Use it or lose it, Kent.  C’mon!  There’s gotta be something that you’re after.”  Clark looks at Jor-El’s dogtag.  “There is one thing.”  Then he zips off.

Meanwhile back at the farm.  Lois is on the phone in a bedroom looking into a mirror.  What is her fascination with mirrors this episode?  “Oh, Mrs. K, can I really?”   Apparently she got a yes because she’s all smiles.  “Thanks so much, but actually I’m wearing it right now!”  We see Lois Lane in Martha Clark Kent’s wedding gown twirling like a woman in love.  She found it in the back of Martha’s closet.  “I know.  Clark will just love it.  Thanks.  Mom.”  Music begins to play in the background – Love’s a Boomerang.  Lois is dancing in the Kent house.  Throwing paper.  Bouncing on the bed talking to her sister on the phone.  “Brace yourself.  I am getting married.”  We hear Lucy let out a whoop as Lois screams along with her.  Dancing again.  Bowing to her imaginary guests with her bouquet.  Looking at the framed photo which apparently will have a prominent place in the boudoir.  “C’mon Dad can’t you just hitch a carrier to Greece?  I’m only getting married once!”  Oh I hope we get to see Ironside sometime soon.  Boom, boom, boom.

Metropolis at night. The Blur meets with Zod.  “We need to talk.”  Zod walks away from him accusing Clark of isolating him from his people.  “You lost the right to lead when you killed my father.”   Was this what Tess was inferring?  She hasn’t seen Zod kill anyone (except maybe in the future).  In fact, if anyone (else) has blood on their hands – she does, remember Billy Zane Kandorian?  And I still think she killed Jor-El.  More about that later.

Zod talks about how Jor-El was a brother to him.  “We had our differences but I could never take his life.”  Clark tosses Jor-El’s dogtag at him.  “I want . . . you to tell me the truth.  Did you kill Jor-El?”  Zod’s eyes go purple blue.  “I didn’t kill him, but I know who did.  Tess Mercer.”  Clark’s been eying him to see if his persuasion power is truly working.  “How is that possible?”  Clark turns away from him.  “She obviously had her own agenda.  She was the only one who knew where he was.  She was the only one to finish the job.  You are his first born.  Only you can seek retribution.”  After a gulp, Clark says, “I’m not going to kill Tess.”  Clark still seems tormented.  “It’s the Kryptonian way,” says Zod.  “You cannot let his injustice stand.”  We get some insight into what Kryptonians believe justice, injustice and honor are to them.  “Kal-El, you knew when you started on this path that you had to get your hands dirty.”  How many characters with dubious morals have said that to him?  “You must avenge him.”  Clark almost nods and then rejects the thought.  “I can’t.”

Zod chuckles.  He knows how to get to the younger Kryptonian.  “I tortured him.  I beat him black and blue.  I threatened him and he still wouldn’t give you up.”  Angry Clark grabs Zod by the lapels.  He’s having trouble controlling his emotions.  “You’re the son he never met and he was still willing to sacrifice his life for yours.”  Zod is relentless.  “He died protecting you and you won’t even defend his honor.”  Clark through gritted teeth throws it back at him.  “You don’t think I want justice? You don’t think . . . I want . . . revenge?  You don’t think sometimes . . . I want . . . to be a killer like you.”  He shoves Zod away and acts as if he’s dizzy.  His eyes go blue.  He’s said too many ‘I want’s.’  Louis’ score is foreboding.  Zod has sent Clark off to get rid of Tess for him.


Tess’s office, Daily Planet. Blondie is typing on the same keyboard that her poor tasered husband did the night he died.  Apparently Crazypants has piggy backed blondie’s spy cameras in the Kent barn.  We see the infamous tractor that Clark will never fix – unless he flies that day, too.  Tess enters.  “And I can’t believe you finally can be of some use.  Go ahead, hack yourself silly.”  Is silly the same as crazy?  “You’ll never crack my system.”  Well those are fightin words to blondie.  Hacker Sue has brought a virus with her.  Crazypants tells her if she takes down the firewalls, Clark will be in danger.  So after some exposition regarding the towers, red sun and Kandorians, Tess says, “I’ve lost my faith in Zod.  If Clark joins them, he can rule over all the Kandorians. . . even Zod.  But you and I have to work together.”  So blondie lies to her that she’ll think about it and then she blams Crazypants alongside her head with a gun.  She turns down the offer to work with ‘the baddies.’  She should be looking in a mirror instead of Lois.  Before blondie can do virus damage, Tess kicks the gun from her hand – and the fight is on.  Not as good as the Lois/Tess fight in last season’s finale, but Tess does manage to face punch blondie a few times.  Blondie is definitely out of her league here.  Tess winds up with the gun.  “Should have aimed a little higher.”   Enraged Kal-El spoils the fun.

Kal-El tosses Tess into a gravel parking lot.  That’s gotta hurt.  “My father was murdered and I’m here to collect.”  Tess asks collect on what.  “Justice or vengeance.  It just depends on whose side you’re on.”  I think he’s liking this a little too much.  Flares of heat vision zap her way.  She rolls to safety.  But he’s not done.  He’s making a ring of fire with his eyes.  Great effect.  Tess isn’t denying anything.  “You confided in me, Clark.”  He did?  When?  “You revealed your powers.  You know I haven’t told anyone your secret.”  Like that’s gonna save her.  “Only to sell me out to Zod and the others.”  She’s running around.  “No, so you could lead them.”  Clark reminds her.  “You’ve seen the future, Tess.  You know what happens!”  Crazypants goes with her ‘perfect’ plan.  “Which is why you have to join the Kandorians and defeat Zod so he doesn’t take your powers away.”  Clark ain’t buying what she’s selling.  “He doesn’t take them, Tess.  Your tower does when it goes online.”  Ms. Demented thinks she’s had the best idea ever. (Hubris)  “No, the satellites just create a shield.  It filters the radiation.”  Clark is pissed.  “And blocks the source of my power, giving them theirs.”  So in the most lame lines done by desperate characters.  “You have to believe me.  I had no idea your powers disappeared.”  That’s really debatable.  Did she think he just gave up his t-shirt to blow in the wind or something?  Enraged Blur approaches her looking solemn as the grave.  “Don’t worry, Tess.   I’ll save your world.  Just not with you in it.”  His eyes flare as miraculously the blonde Mary Sue appears with green kryptonite.  Could there be a more blatant underscoring of the true nature of this character’s purpose?  Simultaneously their eyes flare purple and blue and then they are both unpersuaded.  Lots of looks pass between everyone.  Maybe I should just start calling blondie Writers’ Crutch.

I still believe that Tess killed Jor-El.  Notice how she conveniently missed being ‘persuaded.’  Zod certainly thought she had off’d Jor-El.  Like he said she had motive and opportunity.  She thought she knew everything and yet she missed some important clues while viewing the future in Lois’ head.  I guess she saw what she wanted to see.  (Very similar to blondie)  Like the red sun did the Earth any favors?  She never addressed the subject of Jor-El at all.  She changed it over to how Clark should lead the Kandorians.  The next scene did nothing to dissuade me from thinking Tess wasted Jor-El with her explosive GPS.

A gun being unwrapped from cloth.  It’s Alia in a warehouse.  Zod approaches.  “Alia.  Why did you call me here?”  See he doesn’t know why he’s there.  “I’m sorry.  I did it in the name of Rao.  Jor-El.  He thought we were abominations.  He would have destroyed us.”  It is Zod who says she killed him.  “Justice must be served.”  She hands her gun to him and then kneels before him.  She stares up at Zod who looks a little unsure, but then we see and hear the shot as she crumples to the floor.  It is an honor killing.

Okay, here’s my thinking on this.  Alia supposedly had powers under both suns.  That is a problem if the writers never wanted it explored later on.  Fans don’t miss much or forget.  So this is what I think happened.  Alia probably killed Jor-El in the future.  He may have known of her being a mutant – and Zod definitely made use of it in the future.  She was an assassin – and probably settled the war between Zod and Jor-El for leadership.  In this present timeline, Clark Kent has shown her that she can have a different life.  She misjudged him.  It has to be tenuous for him trying to make amends to the Kandorians while they are still soldiers in Zod’s army.  After Faora is beaten for her passport (we’ll see evidence of that in a later scene), Alia realizes Zod can never know about her powers.  He will use her and perhaps even experiment on her to see if they can gain powers through her.  So she confesses to the murder of Jor-El.  It is an honorable death – according to Kandorian customs.  It is justice.  It must be because they throw a big ass funeral for her (much better than her first one out in the back forty, I’m sure) in the final act.


Daily Planet Announcements page slapped down on the counter of the Kent kitchen.  Lane Kent with date photo is above the fold.  Clark is on the phone with his mother.  “Yea, Mom, about the engagement.  There was a miscommunication.  They’re going to print a retraction.”  Lois is trying to take a bite of pie, but the mortification is too much.  Clark is trying to make it better for her.  “Sure, I’ll tell her.  Okay, love you too, Mom.”  He clicks off the phone and gives Lois a quizzical look.  “My Mom says ‘When you’re ready, you can borrow it.’  Do you have any idea what she’s talking about?”  Lois is keeping her mouth shut even though her eyes indicate otherwise.  “Nope, it’s Greek to me,” she says throwing him a smile as she takes her plate to the sink.  “Speaking of Greece, your Dad left a left a message?“  Lois grabs the phone from him.  “Oh, y’know, I just need to make a few phone calls here.  Donna Reid on crack,” she says pointing to herself.  “I’m never buying chocolate from another fairy.  I promise you I wasn’t myself.”  She can’t look at him.  “I don’t know what she put in that stuff.”  Rather than let her lose face.  “That’s too bad.  I kinda liked your outfit.”  She looks up at him in an awe-like realization.  “You really are an old fashioned romantic, aren’t you?”  He gives her a glorious Kent smile.  “I guess it’s easier to complain about Valentine’s Day than it is to give it a shot.”  Clark agrees silently.  “Maybe I just need to trust that what we have is something more.”  Some eye talk as Lois’ cell phone rings.  And why are these two people standing five feet away from one another?  Hello!  Blondie has left twelve messages apologizing for what she said earlier.  Will we ever see that character eat crow when she needs to?  Probably not.  Lois goes on about moving in with him.  “We should talk.”  I just love it every time he says that to her.  It always reminds me of him in CRUSADE in the Emergency Room and her babbling away.  “You talk a lot.”  An observation that has never been disproved.

“Right.  When you asked me to move in with you here, I know it seemed like a good idea at the time.”  Clark tries to tell her it wasn’t his idea.  “And about the whole proposal, it was a dream come true level of WOW.  But, things are moving a little too fast for me.”  And the ball is in his court.  Clark takes it like a pro.  He grins.  Takes it like a good man.  “Right.  I don’t know what I was thinking.”  He’s almost laughing.  “We should just stick to our plan and takes things slow.”  Slow is fine – Glacial is NOT.  Let’s get it on.  Put some Marvin Gaye on.  Give yourselves something to shoot for.  “I am so relieved to hear you say that,” she beams.  He walks to her.  “We just have to continue to be honest with each other.”  Oops, she’s got that beginning of the pit bull in her eyes.  “Yea, about everything, right?  God knows I spilled my guts.  Clark, if you had a really big secret . . . would you trust me with it?”  He answers truthfully.  “You’re the most trustworthy person I know.”  So she knows he trusts her.  That’s not the problem.  “But I confessed to the whole world that I was talking to the Blur on national television and I really meant to keep that secret.”  She barely gets it out when he answers her.  “I don’t think the Blur minds, Lois.  You were doin the right thing.  You were protecting him.”  She’s trying to get to the heart of the matter. “That’s not the point.  Look, I know it sounds crazy, but I’m just afraid my big mouth is going to wreck our relationship one day.”  He smiles at her and takes her shoulders in his hands.  “Don’t worry, Lois.  It’s not going to be that easy to get rid of me.”  She smiles up at him as if she doesn’t mind that at all.  They hug.  Lois looks as though she knows she has to wait a little longer for him to tell her but at least he trusts her and he knows her heart is in the right place.  Clark holds her tight knowing he hasn’t told her everything.  He’s not ready.

Long flowing curtains blow in a wind. It’s Alia’s funeral.  She is carried out.  She’s in a white shroud with her Kryptonian crest on her chest.  Kal-El looks on as the procession passes.  Her shroud is lifted from her face as Zod heats her dogtag in a flame.  The crest is burned into her forehead.  Everyone is in black formal dress, except for what appears to be a priest of some kind.  Her body is aflame as the others look on.  Faora mourns with a battered face.  Zod walks past Kal-El to go outside.

Candles line a walkway as Kal-El approaches Zod.  “How’d she die?”  Zod in black leather and red Kandorian scarf admits, “By my hand.”  Clark asked if he killed her.  “She confessed she murdered your father.  She was one of the zealots who thought he would find a way to destroy us.”  Clark believes she didn’t deserve to die.  “You’ve gone too far, just like you did, when you sent me to see Tess!”  He’s yelling.  Zod reminds Kal-El that he wants to become one of them, that he wants to live by their ways but yet he rejects them.  Apparently when Kal-El came to them with his powers, Zod thought there was hope for all of them.  (Remember in the future timeline he fought them.)  “Because you were too weak to do it.  I had to kill one of my own soldiers.  To get justice for you,” said with a sneer.  Clark has listened and turns from him.  “This isn’t my kind of justice.”  Zod is yelling after him.  “In the coming days, you will see that there is only one kind of justice.”  Clark stops and turns back towards him.  “And then you’ll have to decide if you really are one of us.”  And it’s a stare-out.  Zod seems happy he’s won and turns and walks away from Clark.

Assimilating the Kandorians into the Earth’s societies is not going to work.  First of all, Clark can’t afford to have that many people know both of his identities.  There will always be those who will do anything to get their powers.  And after witnessing Alia’s funeral, we see that these people have their own traditions, laws, and history.  They are a community.  I suspect that the hunt for the Book of Rao will be paramount in the coming episodes – Zod will want it to gain power and Clark may find that he has a difficult decision to make.  Placing these people in a bottle so they can’t hurt humanity or themselves.

Watchtower at night. The Blur is staring at a graphic of the solar towers.  Blondie has a coat on and is carrying her purse.  Clark wants to know if blondie was under orders to protect him, why didn’t she allow him to kill Tess.  Which really isn’t the smartest question in the world, but they have to give blondie something to do.  She is the Mary Sue of the story.  We get this drivel about protecting him means protecting him from himself.  “You’re someone we all have to believe in.  Nothing can compromise that.”  How can we believe in a hero that has to be propped up by some self important Mary Sue?  We can’t.  And this is the failing of blondie’s character – Clark will never become Superman if he has even a hint of being dependent on her for anything.   The writers need to establish that Clark can think, feel, decide, and live without someone else’s guidance.  He has to be his own person.  Otherwise, it all falls apart.

Clark informs her that Zod killed Alia, who was Jor-El’s murderer.  So blondie is all thrilled that Alia can’t kill her like she did in the future.  She’s all on board with the former future not coming to pass because her scrawny butt isn’t on the line anymore.  Remember in PANDORA how she ripped Clark a new one because he wouldn’t take Zod head on?  Clark assured her then with his wisdom, “If you change the present, you change the future.”   Clark wants to be sure about the future.  He looks at the graphic.

Gargoyle tower. Rock music blares as The Blur stands on the head of the grotesque.  The wind is flaring his coat.  He stares intently at the towers.  He appears determined and yet troubled with what he’s about to do.   He draws his chin back as he fills his lungs with air.  Clark Kent/Kal-El/The Blur/future Superman lets loose his heat vision on the building that would cause the Earth’s demise.  I’m sure Clark made certain that no one was in the building.  Zod was outside the construction wall giving an interview about the ribbon cutting to occur in the morning.  We hear an explosion as Zod says it will be the dawn of an age of infinite power.

A quarter moon smiles down on Metropolis as Kal-El of Krypton makes the only decision he can.  He has drawn the line in the sand.  He will save Zod from himself.  Zod looks up at his only hope to gain powers – and perhaps to save his people.  (if they have an expiration date)  As The Blur watches the towers fall below the Metropolis skyline. . .  Best superpower scene ever!

By taking out the solar tower, Clark has given Zod the only recourse he has left.  To find the Book of Rao.  By this act, Clark has revealed that aliens are among the humans.  This will bring out Checkmate, other agencies and also some loonies.   The hunt for aliens begins.  The Blur will not be trusted.  He’s hidden in the shadows.  People don’t trust what they can’t see.  This will force Clark to solidify his hero identity – with colors and no masks – and hopefully flying.

The city, for many seasons, has reported electrical rate hikes in the Daily Planet.  By destroying the solar towers, this appears to be an ‘act of war.’   Clark’s actions will be misunderstood by the general public.  This places a bullseye on Lois due to her speech in IDOL.  We’ve already seen Checkmate contacting her in ABSOLUTE JUSTICE.  It’s a good thing we’ve seen that Lois pretty much knows the secret, she will continue to protect the Blur and Clark.

Summary: Great, great episode.  So many things going on here.  Well acted.  I love that the actors can go from comedy to tragedy to drama.  Another episode watched on loop.  The storylines moved forward beautifully.  The music was superb.  Everyone gets an A+.


This time the aliens get abducted.  Lois receives a pawn chess piece.  She appears to be chained as a hostage.  Weird alien body experiments?  Lot of gore.  Clark and Zod fight.  Zod gets shot.   Can’t wait!

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  1. Christine permalink
    February 24, 2010 6:29 am

    Fantastic review Holli!

    I swear though Clark’s natural ability is to hypnotise the female population and most men too without the use of Kryptonite LOL

    I am really tired of them shoehorning Chloe into what should be “Superman” situations and all this blather about “saving him from himself” is totally BS, I hate that phrasing HATE IT.
    Yes Clark can make mistakes but they are HIS to make he’s the one with the powers and doesn’t need a glorified hack telling him any different.

    But I have to say I am lovin a total badass Zod and his evol snakelike ways, pushing Ka-el’s buttons about justice and retribution good gravy those scenes were killing me… thank you for a REAL villian SV

    Tess confuses me to no end though I like watching her she’s about as useful to the storyline as Chloe though I’d take Tess’crazypants’Mercer over Chloe anyday

    The Clois scenes IMO were just fantastically played by Tom/Erica … I loved every scene of them together the loft especially since it allowed Lois who under normal circumstances wouldn’t have voiced her fears so openly was given that chance and was rewarded with Clark’s response that they would be together always

    THAT MEANS FOREVER PEOPLE no take backs no do over’s this is it the end *raspberry*

    So now lets move on to the more “physical” aspect of this relationship pls

  2. February 24, 2010 12:12 pm

    Thanks Christine!

    I whole heartedly agree with you especially with heating up the relationship. They don’t have to go 110 right away, but 55 would be good. :D

    The great thing about the triangle built for two — they have 2 relationships to build. Clark/Lois Blur/Lois and then we get to see how those intersect.

    Very exciting stuff since we aren’t getting any Clark and Lois in the comics. :( It makes ya wanna kick somebody.

  3. Liz permalink
    March 3, 2010 2:00 pm

    I loved this episode. I don’t understand why people complain about what goes on in Smallville. Whether you love the show or you hate it. but all shows, movies, and cartoons have good and bad parts. Us fans of the show or movie need to just say that was a great episode or I hated that episode but to pick out the bad parts is pathetic.

  4. March 4, 2010 11:07 am

    Uh- it is called opinion- and picking out weak parts is part of a comprehensive review.

  5. ShadowPhoenix82 permalink
    April 17, 2010 6:58 am

    I don’t exactly understand all the hatred toward Chloe. Yeah, Chloe. The short blonde woman actually has a name. Regardless of your disinterest, would it have killed you to have used her name once? Also, you portray her to be some stone-cold bitch by birthright, but in this episode, she was as vexed as Lois was. Both of them were acting in an exaggeration of their interpretation of Clark’s spoken will.

    As far as Clark making his own mistakes…sure, that’s an opinion, but I honestly belief that Chloe’s presence in Clark’s life helps to maintain him as a hero in the absence of his father. She is the one greatest friend, honest sincere friend, that he’s had in the whole show, and I feel she’s as indispensable as Clark himself. She has his best intentions at heart, and Clarks situation is too fragile to allow him to just make all the mistakes he wants. He’s too self-depricating, guilt ridden, and sensitive. And important. We can’t allow him to give up on himself making mistakes that ultimately cause great pain to the world or his loved ones, and Chloe provides the logical checks and balances to his morality to make sure he doesn’t regret his snap judgments the next morning.

    I…Was loving this review until I had to bear through several paragraphs of “blondie” doing a groomless bridezilla rampage. I suppose I hated reading that as much as you all hated watching her on screen, and that’s understandable fair. Still, it’s no less disappointing how misunderstood her character is.

  6. April 18, 2010 3:27 am

    Hello ShadowPhoenix82,

    Thank you for your comment. It is appreciated.

    This is the OSCK blog. OSCK stands for Operation Save Clark Kent. It’s primary purpose is to keep Clark Kent and his destiny prominent in the mind of Smallville viewers. His destiny is to become Superman. The character that was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster some 70 some years ago.

    The presence of blondie within CLARK’S story is becoming quite the problem. Is Smallville truly going to give us Superman or not? We have witnessed for many seasons that they have to give her things to do. She was never in the comics. She has no place in Clark’s journey. He cannot become the man he needs to be if she is his ‘checks & balances.’

    Clark Kent has to stand on his own two feet, think for himself, and live out his life like any other being. Making mistakes is part of that and that only adds to the drama of the story. In fact we want to see that. Having a ‘safety net’ is only going to deter his growth and mutilate the decades old story that millions around the world know and love.

    Is the tv series Smallville truly about Clark Kent becoming Superman? OR is it a tease? A dangling carrot to the millions of mythos fans?

    As long as TPTB spend time trying to find blondie something to do in Clark’s life, the longer it will take for him to become Superman.

    How much longer must we wait for OUR Superman? The one who can think for himself, has a heart for people, has discernment & self discipline, and loves Lois Lane.

    Recently I added a Mythos Watch at the end of my reviews. It is astounding how many things Smallville’s Clark Kent doesn’t have that are iconic to the Superman character. It is truly sad and a damn shame.

    Superman fans are still waiting on Smallville to come through for them, but that does not mean that we aren’t frustrated and a little tired of being teased.

    When Smallville gets rid of the blonde, then we will know they are serious about writing the REAL Clark Kent’s journey to Superman. She is the speed bump to his smooth sailing into his destiny.

    BTW, blondie is not God Almighty so I do not blaspheme when I call her that. (She is a fictional character.) I’ve called her far worse, because in this season in particular — TPTB have made her despicable — and I quite enjoy not liking her for multiple reasons. But that gets old quick. So we really need for them to give us our Superman!

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