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Smallville: ABSOLUTE JUSTICE delivers a heroic evening

February 9, 2010

Season 9 — 2 hour Event

(originally episodes 12 Society and 13 Legends)

Recap and Review by baudyhallee aka Holli

Behind the scenes:

It’s a new day on Smallville.  We have a two hour event with a two word title.  Who woulda thunk?  The episode schedule has been flexible enough this season to film a few episodes out of airing order.  IDOL being one and WARRIOR being another.  WARRIOR was supposed to air as episode 11 before this event (but was actually filmed after ABSOLUTE JUSTICE).  Due to the Haiti Telethon, it will be presented next week on February 12th.

Written by Geoff Johns (LEGION).  Comic wunderkind.  Johns has often stated that he’s more interested in the ‘other’ characters in the DC Universe than Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman.  He presented us with the future residing Legion of Superheroes last year.  This season we will meet those Golden Age mystery men, the Justice Society of America.  In the early comic years, in order to be a character included in the JSA, you couldn’t have your own featured title.  So it definitely is about a team of ‘superheroes’ who were the lesser known characters.  Johns is dealing with something he truly loves.

To present this many characters in one hour had to be grueling for an aficionado, so the addition of a second hour was brilliant to begin with and to combine the two was sheer genius.  A job well done by one and all.

Directed by Glen Winter (1st hour) who is the Master and has given us so many great points of view and Tom Welling (2nd hour) whose episodes are always well thought out and visually appealing.

Rating:  10 out of 10 because it is a cohesive story.  However, there was a weak teaser.  From Act One to Act Ten, it held our attention and gave each and every character equal standing.  Brian and Kelly (Executive Producers) should be commended that this story not only adds to the Smallville lineup of characters, but also returned some characters to their iconic alignment.  Seeds of future mythic storylines were hinted upon and fans are ravenous to see how these unfold.  Casting and acting were tip top.  Not enough praise for that.  Production was great considering the budgets they have.  Bravo!

Sidenote:  Johns said there are 48 Easter eggs (comic references) scattered throughout the event.  That tells me one thing:  Man, this is gonna be a lonnngg review.  Oy!


Metropolis at night. The Gargoyle Building.  Blondie on her cell phone listening to Clark’s voice mail greeting.  She’s exiting Radu’s Internet Café.  Doesn’t she have enough computers?  Radu was Kyle Rayner’s landlord who knew he was the Green Lantern.  (the hunt begins)

Blondie is trying to call an official meeting of the ‘super gang.’  I hate Chloespeak.  She thinks they should be taking things more seriously.  If her dour expression and attitude is any indication – she needs to lighten up!  Her phone goes out as do the lights on the street.  Electromagnetic pulse?  We see a figure on a fire escape with a glowing staff.  Blondie starts running and, of course, runs into the guy in a ‘dark’ alley.  He’s on the ground now and she asks him who he is.

Welcome to the Star Spangled Kid, Sylvester Pemberton.  (Some of his wardrobe and the staff are more like Jack Knight’s AKA the second Starman’s stuff.)  He’s also trying to put a team together.  She plays dumb.  He knows they call her Watchtower.  He tells the denying techno geek that technology makes hiding harder.  With all her electronic snooping, someone is bound to turn it back on her.  Oops, blondie does it again.  Arrogance is not a firewall.  He tells her she’s lucky a friend did it first – and she responds hostilely that friends don’t sneak up on each other.  What sneak, he has a bright Cosmic Rod?

The temperature drops fast and he grabs blondie with one arm and puts her into a dumpster.  “Stay down, Ms. Sullivan.”  For the next 50 seconds we experience blondie in a dumpster while a fight rages outside.  There is snow blowing though the dumpster vent.  (Since when do dumpsters have front screen vents?  To smell the garbage better?)  This would have been more interesting if blondie saw a blood red heart inside her shelter that said ‘Doomy loves Chloe’ but sooo not our luck.  You’d think she’d be screaming her lungs out since Doomy put all his chum in dumpsters.

Ice spears pierce the steel of the dumpster totally missing blondie.  Darnit!  We hear a howling scream of pain outside and then all is quiet.  Blondie lifts the frozen lid and walks over to Pemberton’s bloody body.  She starts screaming for help in a back alley of Metropolis.  Yea, like that’s gonna work.  Her phone is probably dead because of the EMP.  She doesn’t even reach for it.  With his dying breaths, the Star Spangled Kid tells her, “They came after us.  They’ll come after all of you.  Check . . .”   Blondie screams ‘Check what?” several times.  “Who are you?  Who’s coming?”  Louis Febre’s score builds tension just before the credits start.

The perils of blondie in a dumpster for 50 seconds made me start to worry about the first hour of this event.


Met Gen. Daytime. CLARK! (the star of the show)  He’s there to see blondie.  She’s okay.  Immediately she’s after him about not answering her messages.  So he’s protecting Metropolis, chasing Lois Lane and helping the Kandorians.  He’s got a busy plate.  He’s trying to help his fellow aliens acclimate to Earth and have them fit in.  J’onn Jonz mention. YEA!!!  They are carrying on this convo in the middle of the hallway entrance of Metro Gen.  Real top secret stuff, huh?

They see SSK’s shirt with holes and blood on it being held by a policeman.  Blondie tells Clark, “His name was Sylvester Pemberton, but other than that, I haven’t got a clue.”  Wrong!  SSK saved her from somebody, right?  He died in that protection.  And he gave her a warning, because he knew who she was.  Who THEY were.  Argh!  She just can’t keep from hiding her info no matter who it hurts.  She’s like a squirrel hoarding data nuts.

A nurse hands SSK’s phone to the officer and blondie whips hers out.  Apparently Cosmic Rod EMPs don’t fry electronics.  Huh?  She talks to the cop and does a data clone of the info on SSK’s phone with her handy dandy device.  I wonder if there is an app for Cosmic Rod EMP protection?

Clark hears a girl wearing a red and white striped shirt become upset over the death of SSK.  Compassionate Clark asks if she is all right.  In disbelief, her voice wavers in saying, “My friend was murdered.”  Clark tells her he’s sorry and offers to sit down and talk.  She sees his press pass and glares at him.  “What is wrong with you people?”  In confusion, he asks, “Us people?”  Apparently he’s still got his mind on the Kandorians.  “The press!  Haven’t you vultures done enough to Sylvester!”  Clark tries to explain he wasn’t looking for a quote.  “Just stay the hell away from me!”  Little sister means business.

Blondie asks what the drama was about.  Clark explains the girl has problems with reporters and she’s a friend of Sylvester’s.  Now blondie tells Clark about Sylvester knowing Watchtower (her), his ‘weird’ uniform, and his weapon that could control light.  He was killed by ice by someone or something.  No mention of the save and his reaching out to her to warn her.  Nice.  She’s getting Wall of Weird flashbacks (remember when she thought meteor freaks were monsters).  “But this is a job for Clark Kent.”  (Thank God Lois names him Superman!)   He needs to go check out Wesley Dodds as that’s the last phone call Sylvester made.  Dodds probably doesn’t have a computer she can hack into.

Enter Sandman. (Lois would like that.)  We see Dodd’s apartment is scattered with coffee pots, coffee, clocks and timers.  There is a WWI gas mask, trenchcoat and gas gun hanging on a mannequin.  No fedora seen.  Dodds is sitting in a chair with a book of Criminal Psychology in his hand.   He’s sleeping which means he is prophetic dreaming.  That’s not good.  He sees his friend, the Star Spangled Kid fighting Icicle and the villain laughing in victory.  An alarm is buzzing as he automatically takes a sip of coffee.  He dresses in full regalia.  Ah, there’s the fedora as he looks into a full length mirror.  Great shot!

Icicle is there taunting him.  “But that’s what you do, you dream about killers.”  The evil cold one freezes the gas mask.

Watchtower.  Daytime. Oliver enters as blondie climbs down the stairs.  “I got all ten of them [messages].  Where are the other Super Friends?”  Are anvils eggs?  She says she’s waiting for them to ‘pay’ her back?  Do they owe her?  “The team needs structure.”  She wants them to kowtow to her.  “You’re really on a kick lately, Chloe.  Personal phone conversations, bank records, Amazon Wishlist.”  She moves a mouse to show him something on a screen and then haughtily walks away.  “Big sister’s watching.”  Ollie’s jaw drops.  “Is that MY email?  Chloe, I’ll have you know that those messages between me and Canary were purely platonic.”  Don’t apologize to her!  She’s spying on you!  They have antivirus, anti-malware and firewalls for that stuff.  She’s hacking into your personal information.  Kick her ass!  (She already stole Lois’ identity in Season 3.)

She doesn’t want to talk about his virtual love life.  (at least he has one)  He must focus on the job there.  Crack that whip!  Ollie probably wishes it was a whip and Canary . . . but I digress.   Psst, Ollie.  You’re not allowed to have a life outside of blondie’s search domain.

She’s assigning Ollie with Sylvester’s case.  “. . . and he had a long criminal record.”  Oh really?  We see Sylvester’s dead body in the morgue with the coroner’s report.  This is the guy who saved your butt, blondie, show some respect!  “Fraud, embezzlement and assault.  He didn’t have any family, but he did have a friend show up at the hospital.”  Sylvester had a sister in the comics – also associated with the JSA.  Using the hospital’s security cameras she does that face recognition thing and pulls up the red striped girl’s info.

Courtney Whitmore, sophomore at Blue Valley High School.  Wally West, the first Kid Flash and third Flash, went to Blue Valley High also.  Apparently blondie judges Courtney’s attendance record.  She hasn’t been to school in three weeks.  Blondie doesn’t think she’s the killer but she might know about the glowing staff.  She hands the pic to Ollie.  She’s barking out orders.  “We need to get it!”

So let me get this straight.  She doesn’t warn Clark or Ollie about whomever this Check thing is that’s coming after them.  Oh yea, she is sooooo smart.   She’d rather revel in bossing everyone around like pieces on a chess board.

Wesley Dodds’ apartment. Clark walks in calling out to the occupant.  The music is ominous.  He sees the disarray that was Dodds’ life, but there seems to have been a struggle also.  There is blood dripping on the snowy television screen.  (Aerial – not cable – probably no computer to hack into.)  He sees the body on the floor with huge holes in the chest with ice around them, discolored with blood.

Wes did not go down without a fight.  With a bloody glove, he wrote on an overturned table, ‘JSA.’  Clark peers at it as the music swells.


Met Gen.  The Morgue. You remember, where Doomy liked to hang out.  Blondie must like it, too.  Dodds’ toe tag indicates he has gunshot wounds and that he died on 12/9/09.   Dr. Emil (YEA!!!  I love Emil!) reports, as he examines the body, wearing the usual latex gloves.  “No bullets.  Just residual ice again.”  In Chloespeak, she ascertains Dodds was killed in the same way as Pemberton.  Genius! (sarcasm)  Emil tells her the weapon is more of a ‘who’ than a what.  There was human DNA in the wounds.  Blondie actually uses the term ‘metahuman.’  My, how we’ve matured.  And refers to her ‘ride in the frozen dumpster of Doom.’  Ahhh fond members abound.  (not)  While blondie examines the gas mask.  Everything belongs to her y’know so it’s not tampering with evidence.  And she is a highly qualified . . .  nib nose and electronic stalker.  That’s it, blondie, leave your finger prints on there so the cops can drag you in for questioning.  Talk about criminal activity.

Emil lets it slip that Clark saw the letters, JSA.  “Do you have any idea what that means?”  blondie’s eyes flutter.  She needs another data fix.  She blathers about a score to settle.  “What was Clark able to dig up?” asks our physician who knows who the real star of the show is.  Well, she’s off like a shot because, y’know, no one can know anything she doesn’t.  Clark might dig something up at the Daily Planet archives.  The paper in boxes stuff.  They’ve only got 1 year of electronic data on their servers.  Oh my!  What will she do?

Emil tells her he will run more tests as she dramatically leaves him with the resounding letters of ‘JSA.’  Whatever.

Checkerboard floor. Blue lit room with a white haired figure with an ice cream dip curl is placing pictures on the floor.  We see Sylvester, Dodds and Courtney.  There are others.  We see our villain smile as he X’s out the SSK’s and Sandman’s faces.  The makeup for Wesley MacInnes’ Icicle was perfect.  He examines Courtney’s picture more closely as the camera pans to reveal the Checkmate symbol.  A knight chess piece in a gun site.  Louis just nails these scenes with musical punctuation.

Daily Planet. Clark is blowing dust off a box in the DP archive room.  Blondie admits she couldn’t find anything online besides Sylvester Pemberton’s rap sheet.  Well heck, why dig deeper?  Clark finds a file with Sylvester and 12 other known criminals including Dodds.  Blondie relinquishes another piece of info – I bet that hurt.  “He did mention bringing a team back together.”  Clark surmises that the group must have broken up.  Blondie pulls out an old reel of film and they put it on an ancient projector.  Not on YouTube, huh?

The aged black and white shows us the ‘team’ being arrested one by one.  Most of the time with brutal force.  Clark states they were systematically caught and taken down.  “The crimes don’t match who they are.”  Blondie adds her snide two cents.  “They were called con men for a reason, Clark.”  Our hero has the files on each of the ‘criminals.’  Pemberton was accused of embezzling from his own company.  Wesley Dodds was in international business and had no prior record until a student demonstration that turned violent and a young woman was killed.  Clark watches the film of the people and their plight as it continues to show, each of the (so far) men in the files.  “Al Pratt, physics professor at Calvin College.  Arrested for assaulting police officers when they went after Dodds.”  (Al Pratt AKA The Atom.)  Grant’s gym.  Blondie recognizes Ted Grant, former heavy weight boxing champion.  “How is he involved with these guys?”  (Ted Grant AKA Wildcat)  We see a man carrying a gleaming WWI helmet with wings.  “Jay Garrick, a research scientist.  He’s charged with fraud and resisting arrest.”  (Jay Garrick AKA the first Flash)

Tom brilliantly shows Clark’s concern as frame by frame and file by file, something just doesn’t seem right to him.  Blondie knows Alan Scott to be the CEO of a broadcasting company.  We see the Green Lantern ring on his finger as he hugs the bars of his cell.  “Arresting for aiding and abetting,” continues Clark.  “Chloe, they have no connection besides their arrest.  They don’t even sound like criminals.”   On the footage, we see an older woman with a tornado shape on her apron as she scrubs a pan.  She is taken away by the police as she struggles.  The tornado is actually red as we see clearly in the last few frames.  (Thanks Glen!)  Blondie starts chuckling, “And I gotta say that Abigail Hunkel doesn’t exactly strike fear in this hero’s heart.”  Well first of all, you’re not a hero and secondly, don’t mess with Ma Hunkel, the Red Tornado!   She’s more of a true blue, honest to goodness hero then you will ever be, blondie.

Clark reads in the arrest reports that each of them tried to take the fall for the others and then they tried to protect one another.  While little Miss Smarter than Two Kryptonians comes up with this line.  “Well, I guess during the Golden Age of robbery and racketeering, there was honor among thieves.”  Clark tries to get her to see something different.  “This goes beyond honor.  There were missing witnesses.  Circumstantial evidence.  Accusations of jury tampering. They stood by one another and in the end none of their convictions held up.”  We see a man dragged out in a straight jacket as his wife looks on.  Blondie wonders why he admires them.  “I admire their loyalty.”  Well she has none of that, so more Chloespeak about her getting the info the old fashion way.  Then it’s on to bossing.  “You need to go and warn Carter Hall.  He’s the next name on Pemberton’s call list.”  More squeezing out info one brick at a time.  On the film we see, Mr. Hall do a Sean Penn at the camera.  Blondie wonders what kind of team it was.  The music swells heroically as the camera concentrates on Clark.

Awesome old time footage.  Can’t praise the cinematography in this event enough.  Very well done.

The Brownstone. Clark zips to the front door and enters.  There are dust cloths over everything.  “The museum is closed . . .permanently.”  We see Carter Hall (AKA Hawkman) dressed in jeans and a leather jacket.  Clark explains the door was open.  “It wasn’t supposed to be.”  Clark tries to introduce himself as being with the Daily Planet and extends his hand.  Hall keeps his hands in his pockets. “What do you want?”  Clark explains he’s there to talk to him about his friends’ murders.  No real reaction from Hall, but we hear a voice behind him.

A man clutching a bowling bag is speaking gibberish.  “Red, white and blue.  Too much red.  Stars and STRIPE.  Stars and STRIPE.  Sandman doesn’t dream anymore.  Is Mr. Terrific so terrific?  I don’t think so.”  Clark asks who the man is.  “Who is that?  Who is that?  Kent Nelson.  Dr. Kent Nelson.  But the doctor is out!  He’s gone bowling.”  Hall explains his friend is very sick and he hasn’t spoken to Pemberton or Dodds for years.  Clark can’t see the man’s face since he has a cap on and is hunched over the bag.  Clark tells Hall that Pemberton called his phone several times in the last few days.  “I didn’t answer.”  Clark takes a deep breath and gives it a go.  He states he understands Hall not wanting to talk to the police considering his past.  “You don’t know anything about my past, kid.”  (Which is an inside joke – he’s had many pasts.)

“No he doesn’t.  Tick tock.  The Hour Man has run out.  The Atom has split.  No, he doesn’t.  He doesn’t, Nabu.  Stop whispering!”  Clark takes a closer look at the bowling ball the gibberishing man clutches so tightly.  With his x-ray vision he sees a helmet and the helmet turns and takes a look at him.  Light flashes from its eyes and it startles Clark.  “Shh, shh.  Be quiet,” says the man.  Hall steps in front of Clark’s line of vision.  “We have nothing else to say.”  The manic man continues, “No looking.  No looking.”  Clark seems really spooked.  “Thank you for your time,” as he makes for the door.

As soon as the door shuts behind Clark, the man with the bag gets up and announces, “The helmet has something to say.  It whispers.  It whispers he can help.”  Hall hangs his head and then pats his friends on the arm.  “We only help ourselves, Nelson.  Like we’ve always had to.”  As Hall leaves the room, Nelson shouts after him.  “Maybe.  Maybe.”  And then more quietly as he clutches the bag.  “Maybe not.  Maybe not.”  Brent Stait gave a fantastic performance as Kent Nelson AKA Doctor Fate.  Riveting to watch.

Ollie on a wet Metropolis street. He’s talking to grumpy blondie on his cell phone.  He reports the glow stick is MIA.  “Oliver, WE have to track it down.”  (Psst, Oliver send Canary a text message.)   Courtney has the Cosmic Rod and is walking down the same street.  Oliver calls her by name.  She’s irritated that he knows her.   She’s just lifted it from the police lockup.  Ollie threatens her with the police as they near an alleyway.  She turns with staff ready aiming at him.  “Come any closer and I’ll give you my version of a slap on the wrist.”   He tells her two people were murdered.  She’s shocked to hear of a second.  He wants her to work with him to figure out who did it.  Kent Nelson dashes in and grabs the rod telling Courtney, “We help ourselves.”  They point the glow stick at Oliver and disappear.


Ollie and blondie in an alleyway.  How did he ever drag her from her keyboard?  “If someone is killing criminals from the past, why did they kidnap Courtney?”  These two are giving blondes a bad name.  blondie knows that Pemberton’s car got parking tickets in a lot.  They spy a Studebaker Silver Hawk parked at the back entrance of Grant’s Gym.  (yep, Wildcat)  Interesting info on the Studebaker line – Flight Hawk, Power Hawk, Sky Hawk, Golden Hawk as well as Silver Hawk.  For a guy who hung around Hawkman – yea, he might have driven this car.  Vanity plate says STAR.  Metropolis has their own license plates??

Ollie goes for the B&E kit while blondie opens the door.  Boxing glove hanging from mirror.  Stars and stripes shirt on front seat.  Pemberton appears to have been living in his car.  Ollie goes for the glove box and pulls out a leatherbound notebook.  Star Rocket Racer on the front of the glove box.  Inside the notebook:

A picture of Clark, blue shirt & red jacket.  Clark Kent AKA The Blur. Kryptonian.  Kal-El found by Martha and Jonathan Kent.  His craft landed in a cornfield in Smallville, adopted and raised by this family.  Imbued him with a strong sense of purpose, morality, and compassion.   6’3”/Eyes Green/Hair Black The symbol of his presence.  House of El.  Kal-El’s family crest with an arrow over the S Symbol.

A picture of blondie.  5’5”, 120 lbs, green eyes, blonde hair.  “Watchtower”—Chloe Sullivan.  – Informant for Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) and Clark Kent (The Blur)  — Best friend and side kick of Clark Kent.  Has possessed meteor powers in the past.  Currently nullified and dormant.  Independent, intelligent, curious and impulsive.  Her mother Moira Sullivan commited herself to a psych facility due to her ability to control the meteor infected.  –Briefly married to Jimmy Olsen.  Tragically he died of his injuries? Ollie’s got a big ole thumb.

Green Arrow & Oliver pic.  Queen, Oliver.  Green Arrow.  Using archery skills for good.  Metropolis Kansas.  President CEO Queen Industries.  Karate, Judo, Kickboxing.  Worth billions/playboy/master archer.  “Ollie”  6’2” 195 lbs  Green eyes, blonde hair, Human.  Words ‘Dead or Alive?’ beside the pics.

Martian Manhunter –Light to the Light, Big Green Buddy, AKA John Jones, J’onn.  Infrared, X-ray Vision, Electromagnetic, Spectrum, Microscopic, Heat.  Martian.  6’7”, 256 lbs.  Superhuman strength—one of the strongest beings on the planet.  Can operate under extreme conditions for an undetermined period of time without showing signs of fatigue.  Flight.  The Martian Manhunter flies by manipulation of magnetic fields and control of his absolute molecular movement (telekinetic effect).   Picture of J’onn with words Metropolis Police by it.

Dinah Lance.  The Black Canary. Aka Pretty Bird, Tag.  5’7”, Green eyes, blonde hair.  Dinah is a martial arts master.  She has been trained by former heavy weight boxing champion (Ted Grant aka Wildcat).  Dragon style kung fu. Pressure point fighting.  Amazon martial arts.  Black Canary possesses a metagene that gives her a potent sonic attack able to damage and stun forms or objects.   Her scream is able to shatter metal.  Two pics. One as Canary and one with her long dark hair.

Arthur Curry.  Aquaman.  Race Atlantean.  Son of a lighthouse keeper, Tom Curry.  AKA the Sea King, Ocean Wizard, Sea Marvel?. 6’2”/213 lbs/Green eyes/blonde hair.  Aquaman possesses superhuman strength well above 50 times human maximum.  2 pics, one in and out of the water.

SSK knew about them and had notes.  Blondie figures Courtney probably does too.  Even when said teen didn’t recognize Clark in the hospital.

The Brownstone. Carter is mad for Nelson dragging Courtney into this.  She reminds him she’s not a sidekick but a protégé of SSK.  “You’re a little girl,” he says as he takes her staff from her.  “Your stepfather must be worried sick.”  (Pat Dugan aka Special Tactics Robotic Integrated Power Enhancer or STRIPE – Sylvester’s sidekick)  He tells her to go home.  She informs him about the coroner’s report.  Ice around the wounds but no bullets.  “It’s him.  Isn’t it?”  Nelson chimes in, “Jack Frost nippin at our toes.”  She conveys Ollie knowing there are two dead.  He says the second death was the Sandman.  Carter tells her to look at Kent Nelson, who looks for the secrets of the universe at the bottom of trash cans.  “So Doctor Fate is incapacitated.  The Sandman and the Star Spangled Kid are both dead.  You were their leader.  What’s your excuse?  Please don’t make me ask another team for help.”  He mocks the fledgling Justice League.  Courtney is adamant.  She presses her point.  “Save your breath, I have enough guilt for a thousand lifetimes,” says Carter as he walks away from her.  “What would Shiera have done?”  Girlfriend don’t mess, I’m telling ya.  He gives her an ‘out of the mouth of babes’ look.

Rainy Metropolis. Clark gets into the screaming yellow blondie car.  Ollie is looking for Courtney all over the city.  “How did they know our identities?”  blondie informs him that they’ve been tracking them for a long time.  Cool as a cucumber.  She’s found Icicle’s file.  Joar Mahkent was the original Icicle.  What is with all these redheads going bald?  He was a cryokinetic hitman.  [Actually he had an ice gun which with constant use changed his DNA.  (Most mystery men and their villains either had gadgets or magic at their disposal.)  His son was born with the meta power of creating ice.]  His rapsheet shows he was involved with passing counterfeit bills and mail fraud.  US Marshall involvement mentioned.  Could The Icicle have been the one to help the government take down the JSA?  He’s now in the psych ward of Metro Gen recovering from injuries sustained several years ago.

The three heroes at the Brownstone. “We’re going to need him, Nelson,” says Carter.  The little man denies being good enough and sets the bag on a table.  “My morality may have wavered, but yours never did.”  Nelson takes off his cap.    “Do you realize how badly I wish I could remember, Carter?  I wish I could remember what my life was like before Dr. Fate.  I think I had a wife.  Her name was Inza.  And I had a family.  But I don’t know where they are anymore.  I scared them away.”  Carter puts his arm around his shoulder.  “Not all of them, my friend.”  Nelson toughens up as he begins to unzip the bag.  Bright light beams out.  He pulls out the helmet and begins to speak to it.  “Please Nabu, don’t whisper too loudly.  Don’t show me what could be or not be.  Fate is a fickle thing.”  The helmet wraps around his head as he screams.  Awesome effect!  More great effects as the helmet does it magic on Nelson’s scruffy wardrobe.  We see the ankh.  The key of life symbol.  Worn as a red tattoo by Jared Steven’s Fate.  “Greetings, Hawkman.”  With rock star worship, Courtney whispers in astonishment, “Doctor Fate.”

Doors of a giant closet open as Carter walks towards it.  We see the Hawkman paraphernalia.  Wings, helmet, breast plate, belt and mace.  “It’s been a long while since I made someone bleed.”  There’s even blood drops on the mace.  “Time to go hunting.”


Hallway convo at Met Gen.  Clark wonders what happened to the people since they were so close.  “They were criminals and they were caught.  That’s what happened.”  Blondie’s reluctance to see what’s right in front of her face makes me wonder if she has an agenda other than her selfish desire to control superheroes like her Mama does with meteor freaks.  Clark thinks Hall is hiding something in the museum.  “Reporter’s intuition?”  To which our hero replies, “Clark Kent.”  Again they are using the CK name as a replacement for Superman.  Clark has seen the helmet of Nabu and it has seen him.

Blondie picks up Mahkent’s chart in the hallway outside the Criminal Containment Ward door.  Nice.  Mahkent Senior has been in a vegetative state for the past decade.  Not the killer.  There’s a glow beneath the door and Clark opens it.  (If it had a heavy duty lock as it should, he would be the one to get it open.)  Doctor Fate appears to be using his manipulation of the magic of the Order on the Sr. Icicle.  Making sure he was in a vegetative state?  Gleaning info about who the possible killer could be?  Clark takes offense and grabs Dr. Fate’s arm. “What are you doing to him?”  Fate looks at him and we see the sky and then the S Cape flowing over air torrents.  YES!!!  (Jumping up and down)  “Your fate is utterly binding,” says the helmeted man to our hero.  Wow that’ll have us discussing that for hours on end.  “You are of value, Clark Kent.”

Clark pulls his hand away as if it were burned.  Well, there is magic involved.  But then Dr. Fate looks at blondie.  “But you.  You walk the same path as I do, Chloe Sullivan.”  Yes!  Blondie’s gonna go crazy.  She’s half way there now.  Oh, now she really doesn’t like these guys.  Clark asks him who he is.  While still gleaning info from Icicle I, he reaches out his other hand with a glowing ankh.  “Let me show you, my friend.”  With a burst of light, Clark is gone.  They left blondie at the psych ward.  Bwahahahaha

Watchtower at night. Okay, who let blondie out of the nuthouse?  Did Clark break the door?  Nice.  For some reason she’s changed cell phones.  She had that big old orange one at the hospital but now she’s put in the earpiece.  She’s calling Oliver telling him Clark’s disappeared.  Why did she wait to call until she got there?

Green Arrow is back! He’s leaping off roof tops doing summersaults and talking in the deep voice.  Shut up blondie, I’m trying to enjoy this.  She informs the Emerald Archer that Clark’s been teleported by one of Pemberton’s old gang because he wanted to show him something.  “And he called him his friend!”  Yea, the JSA is losing points with Clark’s BFF.  She doesn’t share well.  Ollie wants to know where they would take him.  Blondie surmises the same place they took Courtney.  Yea, she’s got her mind set on these people being criminals.

Ollie’s been working fine on his own.  He’s GPS’d the staff via satellite and he’s following it.  He’s still leaping around.  Yea!   You don’t suppose blondie’s true meteor power is to make people stupid when they are around her. It definitely would explain blahna and why everyone thinks she’s a genius.

Courtney has changed into her Stargirl outfit and is walking around Suicide Slum.  (Thanks Geoff for making it singular!)  Ollie realizes she’s making herself a target.  He yells down at the teen from a rooftop.  “What the hell you doing here?”  Stargirl is livid.  She tells him to get out of there.  He leaps down and notes her American patriotism.  “Well, at least I’m proud of something other than myself.  I know what kind of hero you are, Green Arrow.”  Ollie is astonished she is talking down to him.  “Where’s my friend?  Where’s Clark?”

Icicle (Jr) shows up stating something smarmy as he knocks out Ollie and captures Courtney.  “Who are you supposed to be, sweetie?  The new Star Spangled Kid?”  Stargirl introduces herself as she tosses him off her.   Rock music blaring, snow blowing, they begin to fight with staff and ice spear.  Courtney has her own acrobatic moves.  She could have just zapped him with the Rod but that would deprive us of this great fight scene.  Since Icicle doesn’t need a gadget eventually he is able to shoot ice at an unarmed Stargirl.  Ollie with one arrow shatters the ice before it reaches her.  It also apparently subdued Icicle.

The fight was done in darkness.  It looks better that way with all the great effects.  Lights come one as soon as she starts to give the Green Arrow hell.  “This was my chance.  I was supposed to get the first shot with Sylvester’s killer.  He promised me.”   Ollie asks, “He?  He who?”  No time to answer.  The cry of a hawk and Hawkman grabs Ollie and takes him into the sky.  Awesomesauce!

Blondie is screaming into her headset then looks at that beautiful stained glass window.  It smashes to pieces as Ollie is tossed inside.  He’s all cut up.  Blondie loses her headset.  How will she survive?  She goes to Ollie.  “He’ll live!” booms the Hawkman from 20 feet in the air.  “Now stay the hell out of our business.”  He points the mace at blondie.  “Next time I won’t ask so nicely.”  Then he flies out into the Metropolis skyline.  (Full moon, was there a doubt?)  Flying, someone is actually flying on this show.  But it’s not Clark . . .sigh.


Watchtower at night (almost done with the blondie hour hopefully.  Where’s Lois? I want to watch someone with scruples.)  blondie is tending to Ollie’s wounds.  Ollie refers to ‘Pidgeonman’ having Clark locked up in a bird cage somewhere.  (Nah, I don’t think he watches old French films.)  He thinks the JSA doesn’t like them.  He says ouch because Mary Sue ain’t Florence Nightengale.  “I thought you said it didn’t hurt?”  That’s right, blondie, take the last bit of his male pride.  “I lied.”  She continues her ministrations as Ollie comments, “Much as I hate to admit it.  These people really know what they’re doing.”  He gets harsh treatment for his honesty.  She stops because she’s pissed he cut too close to the bone.  “Don’t you think it’s sad that a secret society of retired supervillains can actually come out of the mothballs and tear us apart like this?”  Well, geez blondie, look who’s guiding them around by the shorthairs.  They basically work blind because you won’t tell them ALL of what they need to know.  (BTW there is an actual Secret Society OF Supervillans in the comics)

“They know everything about us, Chloe,” reminds Oliver.  Whose fault is that?  “Yea, and we don’t know anything about them.”  Well, you would if you didn’t have your head in a CPU all the time – and actually saw what was right in front of your face – and listened to Clark and Oliver once in a while.  Oh, sorry, they’re just the real heroes.  So then she goes into how put upon she is.  Maybe she shouldn’t get the ‘band’ back together and maybe it’s a lost cause.  Oh go throw yourself on the floor and kick.  “When the chips are down, we’re always there, Chloe.”  She shouts back that they took Clark right out from under ‘their’ noses.  Huh uh.  YOUR nose.  Ollie took a fighting ‘star’ off of Hawkman and then Mary Sue Sullivan takes one glance at it and says it belongs in a museum.  How many museums can there be in Metropolis?  Ollie wants revenge for being thrown through a window.  Okaaaay.

Phone ringing. Metropolis Police badge. Gun. Comics. Mail.  “Detective John Jones.”  Yes, yes, yes!!!

Clark on the floor of the Brownstone.  He’s been knocked out by the magic.  He awakens, stands and starts pulling away the dust coverings.  First a display case.  The music is sad yet mythic.  We see (Ted Grant’s) Wildcat’s championship boxing gloves.  He trained not only Dinah Lance, but her mother Dinah Drake (first Black Canary), Batman and Selina Kyle (Catwoman).  Next is The (first) Green Lantern AKA Alan Scott.  His power battery, ring, and mask.  Later to be called The Sentinel.  Jay Garrick’s winged helmet can be seen.  The first Flash.  And a weapon of Hawkman’s is beside it.

Another display hutch is unveiled.  We see Mr. Terrific’s Fair Play weight belt.  Terry Sloane of the Golden Age.  Next Rex Tyler’s hour glass. The first generation Hourman, who was the Man of the Hour.  We see some Hawkgirl weapons and then some Hawkman weapons sitting side by side.  One of the stars Ollie grabbed is displayed.  A reverent lone covered case reveals Hawkgirl’s cracked helmet and Thangarian mace.  Shiera, Hawkman’s wife.  The damaged headcover does not go unnoticed by Clark.  He continues to explore to find out more about this team.

He pulls the cloth from the giant round marble table with the JSA insignia.  He takes away a final covering which causes him to look up in awe.  It is a painted portrait of the JSA.  Hawkman holds Hawkgirl’s hand as Doctor Fate is seated beside them.  Hourman, Doctor Mid-nite with his owl perched on his shoulder AKA Charles McNider (Later the third Doctor Mid-Nite, Pieter Cross, would save Lois Lane’s life after being shot in a war), Black Canary AKA Dinah Drake (Dinah Lance’s mother), and Mr. Terrific.  On the other side, the Star Spangled Kid, Wildcat, The Atom (Al Pratt, Silver Age Atom was Ray Palmer), Sandman and The Spectre AKA Jim Corrigan (who shares a creator with Clark Kent/Superman, Jerry Siegel), last but certainly not least is Jay Garrick the Flash sitting on the other side of Hawkman.  (The Silver Age of comics at DC began with the introduction of Garrick’s successor, Barry Allen.)

A montage of arrest film footage and the characters in the painting concludes with Hawkman.  Clark looks admiringly at these mystery men of yesteryear who still hold a strong bond.  A shadow falls over the portrait as Hawkman flies in.  The wingspan on that suit is impressive.  “Why’d you bring me here?”  Hawkman holds his mace menacingly.  “Doctor Fate says you’re a big deal.  I don’t see it.”  Fate appears out of no where without a sound.  “Clark Kent is not like the others.  His path is righteous.”  Courtney appears in full Stargirl uniform and staff.  “If Doctor Fate says he’s okay, it means he’s okay, right?”  She looks to Hawkman who is silent.  “Why have you been watching us?” asks the Kryptonian.  Stargirl explains that SSK wanted to bring about a new Justice Society with old members and the new kids.  The man of many lives tells her that people never learn and that this generation will make the same mistakes as the last.  He looks at Clark.  “You don’t even know who we are!”  Clark says Hawkman doesn’t know who they (JLA) are either (sorry, Clarkie, your BFF is not always forthcoming with the 411.  OMG, now she’s got me doing it!).  “But none of us here are the bad guys.”

An arrow hits the portrait Hawkman right in the heart.  Ollie.  “The Winged Warrior here threw me through a window.”  Is he still harping on that?  Next thing y’know he’ll start complaining about the mosquitoes again.  “I hope I didn’t make you cry.”  Gotta love Hawkman.  “Drop the mace, Conan.”  The GA/Hawkman bromance begins.  “I will, on your head.”  Ollie goes for it.  “Bring it, Big Bird!  Just for the record, you started it.”  Hawkman is not fazed.  “I’ll finish it.”  He’s not even looking at him when Ollie attacks from the side.  He punches Ollie and in midair grabs him and slaps him onto the table.  Mace ready.  Stargirl yells for him to stop.  Ollie pulls out his crossbow and chuckles.  J’onn arrives taking in the scene.  “I hope it’s not too late to say ‘we come in peace’?”  He’s wearing his dark blue leather coat (cape), green shirt with a red ‘X’.  YEA!  The three non combatants look at each other and at him.  Clark could have handled it.


“This is our responsibility,” says a dewinged, demasked Hawkman with his fists pressing against the table.   Mace at the ready.  “The people being murdered were our teammates, our friends.  Once we find the Icicle we’ll fade back away.”  Clark tells him that they’re not asking them to.  Ollie picks up blondie’s mantel and tells Hawkman his justice is a little fuzzy.  He knows about their past.  “You mean what you’ve read,” says Stargirl.  Ollie tells her about the criminal records.  “They made those up!” she says with youthful zeal.  “It’s none of their business,” says Carter.

J’onn, the voice of reason.  “With all due respect, we’re making it our business.  Even when I had the power to leave Earth, I chose not to, for one reason . . . hope.  Hope for the future.  Humanity’s capacity for violence is great, but their capacity for hope is greater than any I have ever encountered.”  Take that Zod!  Clark reminds them there is a murderer on the loose.  “As long as you know something about it, we’re not going anywhere.”

The DP.  FINALLY! Lois comes into the bullpen ripping away a scarf, apologizing to ‘Smallville’, who has his back to her, about being late for breakfast.  She’s had a bad morning.  She was on her way to interview Michael Holt (the 2nd Mr. Terrific who at one time was the White King of Checkmate).  Her taxi ran out of gas so she helped push it.  A bus went through a mud puddle and got her all dirty.  She fixes two cups of coffee during her spiel.  Holt must be at Met U, he is a tech guru and Nobel Peace Prize winner.  She talked to the cleanup crew about the stains on her jacket.  “Clark.”  The guy turns around.  He has glasses on and he’s not Clark.  “Thanks, Lane.”  He takes the coffee offered and walks away.  Lois looks stunned.  Okay, I’m still trying to figure out the purpose of this scene.  Lois doesn’t know it’s not Clark until she sees the glasses.  Any tall man in the DP with a light blue shirt is Clark to her?  I know it has something to do with her not recognizing Clark and Superman are one in the same – but I’m confused.  Or is this some twisted way to show Lois wouldn’t know her own boyfriend?  ‘Splain please.  Then she realizes Clark blew off their breakfast, too.

A checkered box is plunked on her desk.  “What is this?”  Christmas came early even if Santa is MIA.  Looking at the address, she takes a letter opener the size of a Bowie knife and slashes it open.  Mad Dog Lane has arrived.  Inside is a note.  ‘The Truth Will Set You Free.’  She opens the metal box within and inside are the criminal records of the JSA.  Tess makes a snide remark about her muddy condition.  Honestly she wasn’t that dirty.  Apparently Tess hasn’t been to the Planet in a while.  “Print is dead,” says the boss lady.  We need Perry, like now!  “So is privacy,” retorts Lois.  Tess spies the opened checkered box.  She says she’s expecting a package and that the mail room probably gave it to the wrong person.  She holds out her hand as if she wants Lois to give it to her.  Lois holds up the address label.  “My name!  In Print!”  Tess gives her a little smirk.  You can see the wheels turning in Lois’ head.  “I guess I haven’t been having any problems.”  Tess agrees as she turns from her to leave.  “Not yet.”  What is Crazypants up to?  Lois looks after her as if she knows to keep an eye on her.

Met Gen. Icicle Sr. on respirator as Icicle Jr. frosts in.  He’s having a pity party.  What was done to his father was an injustice and the JSA took the only family he had left.  (In the comics Icicle II hated his father, so this has been changed on Smallville.)  He cries an ice droplet as he swears vengeance.

The JSA table room.  Hawkman tells the history of the JSA and how they cleaned up the streets.  A government task force found out about their activities.  Checkmate according to SSK.  But Hawkman never mentions the organization.  So Clark, Ollie and J’onn are in the dark about who exactly they were.  The agency wanted the JSA to work for them.  They wanted them to unmask.  The JSA refused and the task force went after them hard.  After uncovering their identities, the JSA was arrested and institutionalized.  Hawkman looks at Doctor Fate.  They stopped them from what they did best.  Doctor Fate adds.  They were ripped away from their families while trying to protect them.  They fought back for as long as they could.  “As I could,” confesses their former leader.  “I wasn’t the leader they thought I was.  I made too many mistakes.”  Clark takes that in.  He naively says, “I’ve made mistakes but I haven’t quit.”  Hawkman spits out at him.  “Haven’t quit!  You haven’t started!  Not as a team anyway.”  Clark tells him he’s making it too personal.  “That is our strength, not our weakness.”  Listen to him Clark – you’ve always thought your personal connections made you weak or at least you were told that they would.

Stargirl is one smart cookie.  She reminds Hawkman that there are many JSA members left and if they don’t take out the Icicle, he’ll go after the burgeoning JLA next.  “It’s obvious you still care about this team,” says Clark.  “If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have kept watch over all this.”  Hawkman thinks, “This is a temporary alliance.”  Clark asks him if he has any idea where to find Icicle.

Blondie comes in stating she has a couple of ideas.  So now she doesn’t think they’re criminals?  How did that happen?  “Unless this is costumes only?”  Does she have Ollie bugged?  How did she know where to go?  And her attitude!  “Who’s this, your secretary?” sneers Hawkman.  J’onn tells him she is their eyes and ears – and whatever she’s got shoved up their butts.  It should be noted that for at least one issue Wonder Woman was the secretary of the JSA.

She’s all I’m-smarter-than-you in tone.  She knows Junior has been to see Senior in the hospital and that he’ll need some liquid nitrogen to replenish his abilities.  J’onn asks her if she knows where the nearest liquid nitrogen depot is.  She doesn’t.  She didn’t look that up before she left the Watchtower?  Man, she was a lousy girl scout.  She wants to look at their computer.  Geek girl doesn’t have a blackberry . . or ten?  Oh, I get it.  She wants to tie into their information, too.  Data nut.  “Got one?”  Hawkman, give her the mace treatment and put us all out of our misery.

Oh, they’ve got a computer.  It’s a Commodore 64 or early Texas Instruments with a 6” floppy drive connected to their analog phoneline.  Bwahahaha!  Take that blondie!  Stargirl gives it a little pet.  It’s part of the family, too.  Blondie just doesn’t get it.

The DP at night. Crazypants’ radar is on.  She leaves the elevator and goes to her office.  On her desk is a white queen chess piece.  (Amanda Waller was the White Queen of Checkmate.  Let’s hope blondie doesn’t get that mythos role handed to her.)  Tess blinks once and stares at it.


Watchtower.  Courtney is impressed.  “So this is where you guys operate?”  blondie indicates not so much.  The teen sees all the electronics they use to fight the good fight.  Blondie uses it mostly to spy on her team.  The young girl knows something is missing.  “Where are the pictures or a place to sit down and eat?”  The JSA Brownstone was a second home to them, celebrating Thanksgiving there with spouses and kids.  “It was a family.”

Blondie avoids that subject like the plague.  She asks Courtney how she got involved with the Justice Society.  Talk about light switch Mary Sue!  Stargirl explains that her stepfather Pat Dugan was SSK’s sidekick.  She was hooked on being a hero the first time she saved someone.  “Family is not just about blood and watching people doesn’t make them part of your life.  Maybe if you made it a little more like home sweet home and a little less like nuclear war room.”

Using Windows products now.  Ollie calls in to see if blondie had Jr get the message that Sr took a turn for the worse.  He could be caught at Met Gen.  And the bromance begins.  Ollie and Hawkman on top of the Daily Planet.  Ollie hates waiting.  “But you love talking.  Shutup!”  Hawkman takes a little flight to the other side of the building to let off some steam.  It seems that the birdman asked to be paired with the greenster so he could keep him in line.  “Think of me as your parole officer but with a mace.”  After that the convo deteriorates.  Ollie brings up a good question – Why now for Junior?  Hawkman doesn’t really give a good answer to that.  I’m telling ya, Ollie away from blondie is a smarter guy.  I find it terribly ironic that Ollie will be calling his future team member and wife, Pretty Bird.

Clark and Doctor Fate at the Brownstone. Two of the most powerful beings on the planet.  Clark wonders why Fate has asked him to stay behind.  “What is it you want to talk about?”  He tells Clark that he is the hope for tomorrow.  He has seen it.  (Clark is known as the Man of Tomorrow.)  “I see everyone’s fate but my own.  Sometimes that scares me.  But when I see the future of someone, such as yourself, I believe in tomorrow again.”  I soo love that line.  Clark asks him what he saw in his future.  “You will lead this generation as Hawkman once led ours.”  Clark tells him he met the Legion of Superheroes but they were as vague as he is being.  “Then let me be specific.  Although Lex Luthor is your ultimate opponent, you will triumph over him.”  Clark states Lex is dead and Fate is silent on that response.  “And when you show yourself to the world, it will be a different age than ours, Clark.  A Silver Age of heroism that will start when they look up into the sky at you with hope for tomorrow.  You will help everyone to embrace it.”  There’s knocking on the door and a voice saying ‘hello.’  “Lois?” says Clark as he takes a few steps from Fate.  “What’s she doing here?  She shouldn’t be in the middle of this.”  He looks at Fate.  “She is the key.”  He raises his hand and the ankh appears.  It opens the door to let her in.  Clark takes one look at her and zips off.  (See, she’s the only one who can’t know he’s got powers – the JSA and everyone else on the show can. Oy!)

Sidenote: The Silver Age did indeed follow the Golden Age.  The Superman movie with Christopher Reeve happened during that time.  Geoff Johns was Richard Donner’s assistant.   Superman was the main persona with Clark Kent as the secret identity.  Since 1986’s Post Crisis of Infinite Earths in the comics, we have had the Modern Age.  Where Clark Kent is the main identity and Superman is what he does.  This opens the character to more connections to humanity including marrying Lois Lane.  They have been married for over a dozen years.  When comic fans learned that Clark and Lois would be on two separate planets for over a year or more, an event that was planned by Johns, Paul Dido of DC comics assured them that the marriage was rock solid.  We have yet to see Kal-El of New Krypton acknowledge his feelings about being separated from his soulmate, his old job at the Planet or his old friends and coworkers.  He doesn’t even mention his mother, newly widowed.  The Silver Age was fine for its time.  A revisit has proven a disaster . . . Superman Returns.  Let’s hope Smallville’s Clark Kent stays a Modern Age character.

Lois enters the museum still calling out, “Hello!”  The dust cloths are intact and it’s dark.  “Careful, Lois, this is the part where the doomed girl runs into the guy with the hockey mask.”  We see Doctor Fate’s glowing eyes behind her.  “Greetings.”  Lois gives out a scream as she whips around to face him.  “What the . . . “  Fate cocks his head at her.  “What is this?  Reverse Halloween?”  They circle each other.  “Nice helmet.”  Fate says, “Thank you.”  Brent Stait delivers that line with just the right touch of humor and sweet politeness.  She tells him she was looking for Carter Hall.  “He’s not here.”  They’re still checking each other out, but Lois is backing towards the door.  “Apparently he was a part of a group of masked mystery men that were railroaded out of business.  I’m guessing you’re one of them?”  Okay, Lois gets the same info that blondie got, maybe less with no film footage.  Lois Lane has got it right.  These past heroes were railroaded.  Thank you for giving us iconic Lois Lane!

“I see your future, Lois Lane.”  She squints at him as if wondering how he knew her name.  “You are the one, he will need.  He is the one, you will need.”  Lois is still backing towards the door.  “What?”  Fate continues.  “The Savior.  The One who will heal us all.  The Sentient Power.”  He lifts his hand with the glowing ankh and shuts the door in front of her.  Lois lets out a little huff with her arms raised.  “I wonder if he does horoscopes?”  Pure Lois Lane.  Weird stuff happens to her and she just takes it in stride.

Checkmate. A panted, high heeled figure walks down a Checkmate insignia’d hallway.  A female voice fills the room where Icicle is sitting with all the JSA information.  “You’re taking this assignment too personally.”  We see the woman.  “That’s because it is personal, Waller.”  She turns towards him.  “AGENT Waller.”  Pam Grier is playing Waller and she is just ripping up the screen.  She even holds herself as the squatty character in the comics.  Her presence is menacing.  You would not want to mess with her.  Apparently Hawkman and the Justice Society left his daddy brain dead.  “And your mother died in child birth with hypothermia.  She froze from the inside out because you inherited your father’s frosty touch.  Who do you blame for her death?”  Icicle takes exception to that so he gives her a blast of blizzard.  Apparently she pulled him out of juvie to do missions.  He only wanted to get a shot at the Justice Society.  She tells him that the cold doesn’t bother her because she grew up in Chicago.  (comic canon)   He stops the freeze.  “I killed everyone you asked me to.  People I didn’t know Maybe they had families.  Maybe they didn’t deserve to die.  But I did it anyway.  I did you a favor.”  She waddles over to him.  “Let’s be crystal clear, Icicle.  No ones doing anyone a favor.  This is business.”  Junior gets all emotional screaming they took his father.  “If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have all this blood on my hands.”  He tells her it’s personal and if she doesn’t like it to get someone else to clean up her mess.”  She agrees with him.  It’s a black mark against Checkmate and should have been done years ago.  “Then let me finish it.”  He’s happy and apparently she’s happy, too.


The DP at night. Clark on cell phone as he descends the stairs next to the Atlas carrying the world statue.  He’s talking to blondie.  J’onn and Doctor Fate are at the liquid nitro depot.  Hawkman and Ollie are looking for Icicle.  He tells her about Lois.  Shutup!  Don’t tell her anything!  “I checked Lois’ car and apartment.  Someone led her to the museum.  Someone who wants her to get caught in the middle of all this.  It’s just a question of who?”  He looks into the bullpen and sees Tess rummaging in Lois’ desk. He doesn’t even say goodbye.  He just clicks the phone off.  “Should I even bother asking?”  Ooooo I like this Clark.  Tess has a file probably JSA related in her hands.  “You can either hand those to me or I can take them from you.”  He gets the file.  Clark looks into it.  “Suspicious much?  Maybe you two are really perfect for each other.”  Clark has the upper hand.  “You’re smarter when you’re leaving.”  But Tess doesn’t give up.  “I always thought it would be hard for you. Y’know, being boyfriend girlfriend with someone so nosy.  Maybe you’re not the only one with a secret.”  Clark wants to know what she knows about the file.  “Not much.  Just that your girlfriend is in way over her head.”  She leaves as Clark stares at the picture of a dead Sandman.

We hear the zip as Lois enters the bullpen.  “Clark Kent.”  He’s sitting at his desk reading.  “And to think I was actually looking forward to breakfast with the Daily Planet’s mild mannered no show.”  He gets out of his chair and goes over to her desk.  “Late night?  I heard you were working on some kind of murder case.”  She grins at him.  “Cases.  Plural.”  She’s got the metal file in her hands.  “And I’ve got my hands on a case full of classified intel.  Like double super classified.”  She kind of whispers and squints on the word super.  Clark is uncomfortable with this turn of events.  He follows her.  “Mind if I take a look?”  She’s ahead of him.  “Usually we’re a great team, but you already decided to go it solo today so I just followed suit.”  Clark tries to explain.  “I’m sorry that I was out, Lois, but maybe I could assist you.  It could be like Woodward and Bernstein.  Clark and Lois.”  Her finger goes up.  “Lois and Clark.”  Yea, it’s the hallway walk.  “If it’s so super double classified, how did you get on the case, Lois?”  She’s grinning from ear to ear.  When they get into the copy room, she turns to tell him.  “I was handpicked by an anonymous source.”  Clark does not look happy about that.  “Those people who were murdered, had criminal records, but it’s all fabricated.”  She hands him the files.  He looks at them.  “Clark, they were vigilantes like the Blur.  Part of an underground group of honest to goodness spandex sporting superheroes.”  She goes for the doors and closes them.  “I met one of them.  He was wearing a gold plated helmet and a cape.  Which actually looked pretty good.”  Clark notes that.  Lock that away and think red, big guy.  “And that’s all you know?”  Girl, is gonna tell him everything.  “No.  Their leader, a man called Carter Hall almost killed one of their enemies.  Someone called the Icicle.  He had a son and here’s the weird thing.  He was plucked from juvy by someone very high up.  Sealed records.”  She checks the doors with a glance.  “Now, I’m not supposed to know this but there were bad guys that these underground heroes fought and every single one of them were released from prison secretly.  They and their records went MIA.”  Lois has told him more info than blondie ever did about what’s happening.  “Someone’s collecting them,” he concludes.

Sidenote: Why Lois Lane?  Could it be that speech she gave in IDOL?  Do they think she has a connection to the Blur?  Do they want to draft the Blur’s services?

Liquid nitro depot.  J’onn goes John Woo (2 guns) as he and Doctor Fate walk through the building.  Doctor Fate says he’s interested in J’onn since he is not human.  “But you are forced to be.”  J’onn explains that he used to have special abilities like Clark.  Fate knows he sacrificed them to save Clark.  “You see what I see in Clark Kent but without the aid of the helmet of Nabu.  His magic reveals the fate of people around me.  I look into the window of the future and witness what might be.  But eventually it became too much.  I saw too much.  Before your people were destroyed, did you have a wife, J’onn?”   Jones looks solemn.  “And a daughter.”  Fate knows he misses his family.  “As do I.  We are in danger.”  There are sounds of struggle.  John goes to investigate with guns ready.  They find frozen bodies of watchmen.  “We’re too late.  He’s already been here,” says John.  “It’s not your fate to die this day, Martian,” growls Fate.  He ankh’s him.  As John falls back, we see his true Martian form.  He falls to the floor unconscious.  Doctor Fate is stabbed with an ice spear.  He dies saving John.  Icicle gloats over his victory.  The helmet falls to the floor.  We see Kent Nelson lying dead.  Icicle picks up the helmet.

Never thought we’d see J’onn’s true form on this show.  Awesome!  A cheering moment.

Courtney and Clark at Met Gen.  They discuss Doctor Fate’s death.  Hawkman flew off and Green Arrow went after him.  “And J’onn?”  Courtney walks with him to Dr. Emil.  Clark asks the doctor what he thinks.  “J’onn seems to be in some type of incubation.  The end result we can’t begin to guess.”  A monitor goes off in the room and Dr. Emil goes to attend to it.  Clark and Courtney look through the window.  “Part of me wishes Hawkman would find Icicle first.  He’d do what I wouldn’t.  And it’s wrong.”  Clark agrees.  “Sylvester said that.  The JSA has always done the right thing.”  She contines to talk about how things got turned upside down and how Hawkman crossed the line so many times.  “The line disappeared altogether.”  Clark turns to her.  “It’s up to you to make it right.  You’re the next generation.”  Courtney chuckles.  “Sylvester said that, too.  You’re a lot like him.”  Clark wants her to keep Sylvester’s torch burning brightly.  “Keep his legacy alive and you keep him alive.”  She nods.

Lois in the DP archives.  She finds a file and quickly opens it.  “Those are classified,” says a voice behind her.  It’s Waller.  Lois turns to see her.  “I was wondering how they got here.”  The agent watches her.  “They were left for you, Ms. Lane.”  Lois goes into reporter mode.  “Who are you?”  Waller smiles at her.  “If I’m going to give you a front page story, does it matter?”  Yes, cause Lois has scruples.  “Okay then, why me?”  Waller tells her that she’s read her work.  “You pull more skeletons out of the closet than the organization I work for has hidden.”  And that’s a lot!  “You embrace the truth.”  Yes, she does.  “And the truth will set you free.  Your point is?”  Waller hands her a cell phone.  Lois takes it.  “I’ll be in touch.”  Waller looks serious when she leaves.  Lois seems to know she’s entered the chessboard.  Bwahahaha  Lois has better toys than blondie.

Sidenote: Lois doesn’t trust Waller.  I find her almost cheery attitude reflecting what she did with Zod in DISCIPLE.  We have seen Clark has matured and developed a better façade when confronting people.  His scene with Tess.  Lois has also grown.  She has had to.  She’d rather display her true feelings because it’s easier for her, but she also knows that weird stuff is happening and she has to be smart about it.  Notice she questioned Waller on why she was chosen for this ‘honor.’  Again Lois Lane has to present one face to certain people in order to find out what sea of trouble she’s landed herself in.  Does she trust Waller?  No, but she’s wise enough to live and fight another day – in order to gain knowledge on how to do that without collateral damage if possible.  Is she going to lose her integrity in the process?  No.  She told Clark everything.  She is Lois with him right down to her DNA matrix.  He’s her oasis as she is his.  The only people they can be their true selves with.  Doctor Fate’s prophecy is also a comment on their relationship as it progresses and why it works for them.

Telling Clark all she knew about this covert information, helps Clark put some pieces together.  He already knows someone is trying to put her in the middle.  He’ll be watchful.  And in some way, they will deal with it together.  Just as they deal with his secret.  Lois is already dropping hints she may know, but at the same time we aren’t sure if she does.

And yes, I did notice that even with the influx of numerous new characters, Lois Lane remains the one character who supposedly doesn’t know his secret.   I can just imagine Lois walking down the streets of Metropolis and people pointing fingers at her and snickering, “She doesn’t know.”   Let’s get this remedied.   Having potshots taken at Lois because of that damn secret will not be tolerated.

Also Waller may have stepped into it with thinking she can get info out of Lois Lane.  Lois rapidly recognized the truth about the JSA because of her ability to read people.  She’s read Waller.  She knows the inside machinations of government bureaucracy with her father being a General.  She has experienced black ops via his career.  She knows exactly what piece on the chessboard she is and how to make her moves count within the overall strategy.  Which means, she will not turn the Blur over to Waller and Lois would not allow Clark to be in danger either – especially if she knows the secret.  Waller may have met the one chess piece that will elude her while seeming to play along.  Lois’ agenda will be to protect Clark/Blur at all costs – and Clark in turn will protect Lois.

Met Gen Psych Ward. Daddy Icicle.  Junior enters.  He has the Nabu helmet.  “This is going to help me finish them off.”  So he kills his own father while saying he loves him.  He puts on the helmet and sees the battle that is yet to come.  The hospital window with its bright light reflects an ankh in the sky.


Brownstone museum. Hawkman smashes a display case to retrieve a weapon.  Ollie thinks they should regroup before going after Icicle.  Hawkman calls Ollie Robin Hood and keeps preparing for war.  The GA sees Shiera’s cracked helmet.  “Y’know it’s not what happened to you that destroyed this team.  It’s what happened to her.  Right?  Hawkgirl?  Was she your partner?”  Hawkman goes after more weapons.  “My wife.”  Ollie is all astonishment.  “You were married?”  As Carter admires a knife.  “Hard to believe?  For someone like me to know about love?  Well, I only know it ends.  And it always ends.  In every one of my lives, past and present.”  Ollie picks up on that hint.  “Shiera and I were born a thousand years ago.  We were cursed by one of our enemies.  Destined to fall in love only to watch each other die.  Lifetime after lifetime.”  He’s bitter about that.  Shanks displays his character’s torment in anger and mocking.  “Well the sooner this life is over, the sooner I see my wife again.”  He says while sharpening a blade.  This parallels what Clark said in PANDORA, “I died when you left, Lois.” And also when he sends Lois back to the present.  She asks him if he will see her again and he answers, “You will.”

This theme of wives ran through the event.  Most markedly with Doctor Fate, J’onn Jonz and Hawkman.  People who had found their soulmates and a part of their selves was lost without them.  This parallels the Clark and Lois relationship perfectly.

Ollie confesses he’s never had a connection like that.  At least not one that lasted.  “Because you hide it,” barks Hawkman.  “You don’t want anyone to know how important they are to you.  So you act like a jackass!”  See SAVIOR Lois Lane cleaning up Ollie scene.  Ollie knows he’s transparent so he tries to do the same for Hawkman.  He knows what it’s like not to care about whether you live or die, but Hawkman stuck around for Doctor Fate.  “He needed my help.”  Mr. I’m Experienced and I Wear Green tells Carter that Stargirl and his team need him.  “So shove the deathwish.”  Two very different men come to terms and a common goal.  Ollie hands Hawkman his mace.  “Thing’s heavier than it looks.”  Hawkman grasps it.  “You get used to it.”  They’re not just talking about the weapon between them.

Watchtower at night. Hawkman and something else head for blondie’s.  We see Ollie tossed inside, again.  They’re doing the bro banter.  Apparently Ollie threw up on the way over.  Talk of dry cleaning and dinner bills abound.  They are on the upper tier of the loft.  Hawkman looks down to see Stargirl and The Blur arrive.  Ollie asks after J’onn and Clark tells him there’s not much more they can do for him.  Blondie appears and says they’ll have to wait.  Hawkman tells them, “No more waiting.  No more pairing off.  We should have stuck together from the beginning.”

Helmeted Icicle arrives and puts a blizzard strangle on blondie.  Yea!  Go for it!  Hawkman actually reacts to that.  Clark nods to Ollie who moves into position. When the cold boy releases blondie (curses, foiled again), Stargirl runs to check on her.  Hawkman closes his mask’s eyelids and goes up into the air.  Clark steps forward and poses turning on his heat vision and aiming it at the helmet.  Hawkman swoops down glowing mace at the ready.  Green Arrow takes aim.  This is a very stylized fight scene because of the real life logistics.  Stargirl has the most movement.  She bangs the staff on the ground, it lights up and she flips into action.  The Blur’s heat vision is still working on the helmet as Green Arrow’s aim is true but it shatters on Nabu’s headpiece.  Hawkman swings the mace and Icicle is on the floor, but he’s not finished yet.  Letting out an arctic blast, he sends Clark and Courtney reeling.  With enhanced powers, he goes for the young teen.  She stares him in the eye, defiant.   Through the broken window, J’onn Jonz flies in and shoves Icicle across the room.  Clark and Oliver are now recovering.  Some rhetoric before the death blow.  “I killed you,” says Icicle.  “I’m Mars soul survivor.  There’s a reason for that.”  Icicle throws a blast his way.  We see J’onn’s intangibility (molecular manipulation).  Another squee moment.

While Icicle is distracted, The Blur throws some heat his way.  Stargirl picks up her staff and conks him one in the head.  Hawkman pulls out the spiked ball and chain.  Icicle is at his mercy.  The winged man snaps the weapon and the helmet of Nabu flies in the air.  Hawkman catches it as Icicle lies unconscious on the floor.  Hawkman takes off his own helmet as he stares at the last remnant of Kent Nelson.  “I’m sorry about your friend,” says Clark about the man who allowed Carter to carry on.  “So am I,” says Hall with tears in his eyes.


The Brownstone at night.  Carter is putting his wings and helmet away.  “You’re not like the others, are you, Clark?  Kids who are in it for the thrills or because they have a chip on their shoulder.  You don’t do this for glory or vengeance.“  The Blur kind of grins.  “I guess not.”  Carter approaches him.  “Your team is better than I thought, too.  Even I have to admit, Green Arrow has pretty good aim.”  He says as he looks at the arrow stuck in his portrait.  Clark chuckles.  “We’re not a team.  Not like yours.”  Carter wonders why.  “Because of you?”  Clark ponders that.  “They’re the best friends I have, Carter, but I don’t know if they’ll ever be what the JSA was.”  Carter grabs his shoulder.  “You have to trust them.”  Clark says he does.  Hawkman gives him sage advice.  “You have to remember they are people, too.  They’ll make mistakes.  We all do.”  He puts some weapons back into the display case.  “We all have to keep trying.  Isn’t that what you said?”  So the young leader has taught the senior leader a valuable lesson.

Hawkman confesses he only learned to fly after his kingdom was attacked and taken from him.  It was then that he realized that it wasn’t the throne that was important. It was his people.  He stares at Shiera’s helmet.  “My wife.”  He then approaches Clark.  “You have the capacity to break the chains that are holding you down, Clark.  And when you do, what Doctor Fate envisioned will come to pass.  You will soar higher than anyone of us.”  He smiles at him.  And I’ve got goosebumps.  Clark takes it in.  “What about you?  You gonna keep your wings locked up?”  Carter goes from smiling to thinking seriously.  “No.”  He takes a resolving breath.  “No.  I am putting people under them.”  Blondie and Courtney found the remaining members of the JSA, their children and their protégés.  “I think the coming generation could stand to learn a thing or two from those of us who have done it before.”  Clark grins.  “Some of us already have,” says a female voice.  “Courtney,” says Clark as she appears.  They all look at one another.  “The Justice Society lives again,” says Carter.  Courtney is their hope.  She cocks her head and asks Clark what they call their team.  He thinks a moment.  “A work in progress.”

Sister Eye at Watchtower.  Blondie is cleaning up the mess.  We hear a zip and blondie thinks it’s Clark.  It’s J’onn.  Even though he is enjoying the return of his powers, it came at a cost.  Doctor Fate’s final act was to restore his powers.  Hawkman reports that someone worthy will be drawn to the helmet.  They’ll be the next Doctor Fate.  (In the comics, there have been more than several who have taken on Nabu’s mantle.)  J’onn speaks of working with humans on a more personal level as a detective.  He’s enjoyed that.  He will continue to protect and serve with every tool he has.  And his powers are many, rivaling and sometimes surpassing Clark’s.  “Doctor Fate was inundated with a constant flow of visions and information but there is a limit to how much knowledge someone can have.  It drove him to the edge of sanity and he fell off.  I don’t need my telepathy to know you run that risk yourself.”  blondie refutes what he’s trying to convey to her.  She never listens.  He puts his hand on hers with some fatherly advice.  “I only say because I care.  You and Clark, Oliver, you’re my family here.”  Ollie bursts through the doors with ‘anyone home?’  (blondie doesn’t live at the Watchtower, she hogs Lois’ bed at the Talon apartment while Lois sleeps on the couch.)  Ollie just stopped by to see if anyone was hungry.  Blondie’s confused.  J’onn smiles and says he could use some dinner.  She really isn’t a people person.  “Er . . .sure.”  Not said with much conviction.  She tells Ollie he’s buying.  John says he can’t afford to pay on a policeman’s salary.  Ollie tells him he can buy dessert.  John states that Mars didn’t have dessert but he has found he likes cookies.  We have seen his oreos on the show before.  At one point in the comics, he made Lois Lane snickerdoodles.   Blondie closes the doors of the Watchtower.

The Daily Planet.  A new edition of the paper is plopped in front of Clark Kent. The headline reads ‘Who was the Justice Society of America?’  And there are ten pictures beneath including Ma Hunkel’s.  No Black Canary, Spectre, Hourman or Doctor Mid-Nite.  Lois has gotten another front page.  Clark congratulates her as they sit at their desks.  “It’s hard to believe that a group of underdogs can be swept under the rug like that.”  Clark states that thanks to her the world now knows who these heroes are.  The same as she will do when Superman comes out of the shadows.  “Hopefully we will be seeing more of them,” says Clark.  “Y’know, the byline could have read Lois Lane and Clark Kent,” she smiles at him.  He nods knowingly at the jab.  “Next time.”  Lois says immediately, “Maybe.  It’s not every day that you get an exclusive with a helmethead that can tell you your fate.”  She realizes she just let the cat out of the bag.  Clark calmly walks over to her desk.  “Sooo.  He told you your fate?”  Lois looks at him and says, “Huh?”  She starts to hem and haw.  “Yea, he was just babbling like how’d I be there for him and he’d be there for me.  It just . . . sounded like a Valentine’s Day’s card.”  Clark nods wanting to know the important part.  “Who’s the him?”  She tries to slough it off.  “It’s ridiculous.  I quote.  ‘A Savior/Sentient Power’.”  She lowers her eyes as Clark’s expression turns to satisfaction.  She looks up at him.  “Do you believe in fate, Lois?”  She stands in front of him.  “Only the kind you make happen.”  Some eye communication and Clark seems pretty happy with her answer.  It’s what his parents told him.

Sidenote: If Lois doesn’t have a clue about Clark’s secret – does she think Doctor Fate was talking about the Blur?  Clark, mild mannered reporter farmboy is definitely not a Sentient Power.  (Notice Lois toned down the words that Fate used.  She went from need (as she professed in BRIDE) to be there.)  BUT if she does know secretly – then she knows Fate was talking about the Blur/Clark.  Does this mean we will be seeing the triangle built for two some more in this season?

Also, Clark Kent and the Justice League ‘family.’  Clark has always had family in his life.  The Kents and then Lois and the folks at the Daily Planet.  His being an alien on Earth and adopted by humans makes his story unique from the other mystery men.  Also the JLA formed in 1960, although originally having Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in its rosters, over the years have gone somewhat to the Justice Society’s rule of ‘non featured titled characters.’  Clark has often not joined in with the JLA and Batman has done the same.  On Smallville, Lois is his family.  It’s who he’s most emotionally connected to and brilliantly portrayed this season.  Thanks Brian and Kelly!

Icicle in the Checkmate room.  And it’s red and the air is wavy.  They are giving him the heat treatment.  Apparently our villain is having a bad day.  He’s been transferred to three different prisons before this one.  Covering their tracks?  He hasn’t eaten.  He hasn’t slept and he’s burning up.  A little torture is good for the soul?  He wants to speak to Waller now!  (Even Icicle’s frosty blues are red now – great attention to detail!)  She appears in all her menacing glory.  He tells the helmet messed him up.  She tells him she knows the capabilities of Doctor Fate’s helmet.  He wants to go out after the Justice Society to finish what Checkmate started.  He thinks he can still take the JSA out on his lonesome.  She tells him like it is.  Like it always was supposed to be.  “You knocked on their door.  You got them back into the game.  Back into the public eye.  That’s mission accomplished, Icicle.  That’s all I needed you to do.”  Icicle is shocked by this revelation.  “You don’t have the talent to take a team like that out.  There’s an army of heroes growing.  This generation and the last are coming together.  And I’m going to need them if we’re going to survive the Apokolips that’s coming this way.”  Icicle’s jaw drops.  “Apokolips?  This is not what I signed up for.”  Waller tilts her head.  “Oh but it is.”  She takes out a gun and points at him.  We get the classic Pam Grier/Foxy Brown shot.  “Welcome to the Suicide Squad.”  Icicle is defiant to the very end.  “C’mon!”  She shoots him.

In the hallway she stops.  “Well!  Agent Mercer.”  We see Tess eying her.  Waller waddles forward.  “It’s been a long time.   We have a lot to catch up on.”  She walks past Tess who turns and follows her leaving us with the sight of the Checkmate insignia.

Sidenote:  The Suicide Squad.  Think Dirty Dozen.  You get to live, but you’re sent on suicide missions, and when we can’t use you anymore, you’re dead.  In the past, many villains and even heroes have been members of the Suicide Squad.  Plastique and Parasite were once members.  Could Tess have been setting up her own cell of the Suicide Squad last season?  There were often people who had been in both the Injustice Society and the Suicide Squad.

And what about Tess?  Low level manager from the backwater becomes CEO of LuthorCorp.  How does that happen?  Well, if you have a government agency backing you.  They can open a lot of doors.   Regan tried to find out how she got the job and he was tortured about the orb and then killed.

Someone said (possible rumor) that in the script, Johns actually wrote Apokolips not Apocalypse (that’s so season 7).   IF that’s true, then we could very well be seeing Darkseid coming our way.  Probably in season 10.  Tess and the Kandorians plays into this whole Checkmate thing very well.  Tess had tried with villains.  Now she is going to save the world with an army of superbeings fighting against Darkseid.  But, she knows Zod has his own agenda and unfortunately, her superbeings aren’t so super.

Checkmate may have misstepped years ago by taking down the JSA and trying to make them criminals to do their bidding.  Now, they won’t be doing that with the JLA or the newly reforming JSA.  The heroes will fight the good fight because that’s what they do.

Dragging Lois into all this to get to the Blur will make Clark stick to her like glue.  For protection and also because she can give him information on what’s really going on from this very manipulative government agency.  Lois will protect Clark as well whether or not we know she knows the secret.  Look for more intrepid reporting and Clark really breaking out of his now confining Blur shell.

Summary: This double episode brought so many storylines together and gave us a view of an exciting future for the show.  The 2nd hour did better in the ratings than the first.  This could be due to the age group that watches the show.  This event was a fanperson’s dream, and it had a great story that fit wonderfully within this season’s story arcs.  Bravo Smallville!


Warrior written by Bryan Q. Miller, who introduced us to Zatanna Zatara in HEX.

During the midseason promos, we saw that Clark, Lois, blondie, and Zatanna are at a comic con.  There’s some magic involved which will prove problematic for Clark.  Rufied Clark is being straddled and kissed by Zee.  We all thought that tired scenario would be over now that he’s dating Lois, but noooooo.  Anyways, after the event aired, they aired a new promo.  It was more blondie oriented.  She and the guy who thinks he’s Warrior Angel are gonna ‘hookup.’

In an early interview, Souders and Peterson said about the ‘hero’ at the comic con was that they still didn’t know if they could use the name or not.  This was puzzling until we saw the latest trailer.  There’s a kid in it.  Think Captain Marvel/Billy Batson.  Shazam!  But this guy is turning evil.  So it’s not a hero like Captain Marvel, it may be a villain like Black Adam, a member of the Suicide Squad.

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