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Smallville: Disciple – The Good, The Bad, and The Zodly

January 31, 2010

Season 9, Episode 10

Recap and Review by baudyhallee

Written by Jordan Hawley (RABID) and directed by Mairzee Almas.  Guest star:  Steve Bacic as Vordigan the Dark Archer (aka Merlyn in the comics).

Rating: Some parts were better than others. The story was a 7.5.   Clark had a mini arc, a growth spurt, in this episode.  He gets a 10++ Episode was not as tight as others have been.  Unfortunately we didn’t have that much information in regards to Vordigan.  A figure in the dark most of the time.  Shame.  Bacic is really better than that.  Clark, Lois, Zod were solid story.  Ollie as wimp ass Clark just doesn’t cut it – it didn’t work when Clark was doing that crap.  Blondie was there for her usual exposition – but unnecessary as Clark is thinking and figuring out things on his own now.

RECAP: ( click link to view) Clark with superbreath clearing Jor-El’s symbol in the desert.  Faora asking why they don’t have superpowers.  Kneel before Zod!  Chopping off a head.  Kneel before Kal-El.  Blondie spying on Clark and he’s calling her on it.  Ollie burning his suit.  Blondie claiming she made GA a hero again after torturing him.  He says thank you.  (shudder)  Mia becoming Ollie’s sidekick.  Lois talking about Clark’s secret.  Clark in the glasses.  YEA!!!  Clark asking Lois out for a meal.  The IDOL kiss.

The recap’s first few scenes tied nicely into the last scenes in Act 5.

Metropolis at night. The Daily Planet is having a Wishing Well Foundation fundraiser.  Clark and Lois walk out together.  Lois takes control of his umbrella.  Apparently Lois had a crantini as all the bar proceeds went to charity.  Even though she finished the night off with 2 hours of coffee, she admits to being a little nervous and there is the telltale talking-a-mile-a-minute.  “It was our first public outing as kind of like a couple.”  Clark is quick to rebut.  “Emphasis on the ‘kind of.’  You wouldn’t even let me help you with your coat.”   She gently pokes his side.  “I held your hand.”  Clark grins, “Only when you were taking hors d’oeuvres out of it.”

Lois appears concerned about how she and Clark are perceived as a couple by the likes of Tess, their boss, and Oliver, their friend.  “Awful lot to get your head around.   Clark Kent and Lois Lane.  Who knew?”  Clark gives her a grin as he looks at her adoringly.  “I did.”  He offers to take her back to farm.  “We could take a walk.”  He gives a little shrug.  “I could give you Clark Kent’s tour of the galaxy.”  Lois hands him back his umbrella and acts as if she’s going to open her own car door.  “Smallville.  The only planet you know about is the one you read at the breakfast table.”  Clark steals a kiss and waits for a reaction.  “Okay, then.  That was PDA #4 on Date #5.”  He gives her an incredulous stare.  “I’m just keeping track.  Trying to not rush into this ‘relationship’ like I’ve done before.”  Clark looks puzzled.  “Lois, there’s nothing we will be doing in five weeks that we can’t do tonight.”  She opens up her heart.  “I know. It’s just that . . . this is THE ONE.   You’re the one I want to get it right with, okay?  So . . .”    Clark looks a bit expectant.  She gives him a smile.  “Night.”  He looks into her eyes.  “Night.”  There’s some eye-love going on here.  Clark has just told her he’ll wait.  No pressure.  Durance and Welling make us want to watch them stare at each other for the rest of the episode.  But Clark hears the finely cued scream for help.  “I’ll see you tomorrow morning,” he says before he runs off.  Lois is left standing by her car.  She takes a breath and nods her head as if knowing that this won’t be the last time it will happen.  We wonder if she thinks he’s leaving her for no reason.  Clark needs to work on his exits.  But in the next frame, we see her smiling.  “Don’t worry the galaxy will be there next week.”

Sidebar:  THE couple of the comics seem not to be entirely in sync.  They are just starting their dating relationship – and we are loving every second and nuance of it.   Clark is self assured and steadfast in how he feels.  Obviously, after that declaration.  (He could have told us in Season 7 or during the Arc of Suck in Season 8 and saved us the torture – but he wasn’t written that way.)  Clark definitely looks like a man in love.  He’s just beaming with it.

But our couple is in two different places.  Clark Kent is a man who thinks with his heart first and has a keen Kryptonian mind.  Clark knew what it was like to miss Lois Lane for three weeks.  Look at the decisions he made when he couldn’t find her.  When she returned, he made the commitment to return to his human life.   In PANDORA, Clark also experienced what it was like to be without Lois Lane for an entire year.  That was even worse.  But he also got a bonus from that kryptonite infested electrode.  He experienced love and lovemaking with Lois Lane . . . from her point of view.   And that is why he went from 10 to 110 asking her if they could be a couple.  He already knew how he felt about this incredible woman.  I think we are seeing Clark’s iron will emerging before our eyes.  He promised Lois they would do it right and take their time.  But we’ll forgive him if he keeps testing the waters for her to catch up and know it will be okay no matter what the pace.

Lois thinks first and often.  She uses her analytical mind to protect her good heart.  She has a fierce bolt reflex.  She’s already thought that if they take one step at a time, then they’ll get it right.  She’s been impulsive in the past and she doesn’t want to make a mistake with Clark.  Just as Lois has seen into the Blur’s heart, she’s allowed Clark to see into hers.  That’s something she’s given to no one else.  The reflex is being calmed by his mild mannered pursuit and his attentiveness.  Like the knights of old, Clark Kent is a chivalrous man.  He wants to take care of his lady.  He knows she can do things on her own – it’s part of who she is, but Lois has to learn to allow Clark to care for her and to protect her.

Lois tries to start her car.   “Dammit!  I knew I should have changed that alternator myself,” she says as she exits the car and expertly opens the hood.  While peering at the engine, an arrow appears beside her.  We see a hooded figure with a bow against the full moon on a nearby rooftop.  (Is there ever a moonless night in Metropolis?)  “C’mon, Oliver.  Jealous much!”   The man pulls an arrow from his quiver and aims it at her.   Lois realizes she’s in danger.  “Oh my God!”  She takes off running down the street in heels and evening dress.  The arrow goes through her chest as Lois Lane falls to the cold pavement.  Her blood drips in the moonlight.

Where’s Clark?  Hello!


Brownstone apartments in daylight.  Ollie has a place to live besides Luthorcorp and the plane.  [Uhh, shouldn’t Lois have her own apartment where she doesn’t have to sleep on the couch?  (Freeloader blondie takes the bed – even though she has her HUGE clubhouse.)]

Mia comes in dressed in like a ninja to impress her mentor and he goes ballistic on her.  He doesn’t stop choking her until he rips off her mask.  “It’s like you’re someone else!”  Oh, angsty, paranoid Ollie.  Yea, not what I signed up for.  Phone rings.  It’s blondie.  Oh this just gets better and better.  [sarcasm]  She’s upset about something.  (It might be about Lois but with blondie, who knows?  She only thinks about Lois when it’s convenient for her.)

Daylight.  Kent Farm. Clark blurs down the lane.  He’s getting wiser about changing his clothes before entering the house.  (You never know where Lois might be – but with his superpowers, he should.  Stay tuned.)

Good God, it’s Zod!  What the hell is he doing in the Kent farmhouse?  Well, it’s official, folks.  Every one of the regulars knows Clark’s secret except . . . yep, you guessed it.  Lois Lane.  Since most of the one-episode people find out his secret too – it’s the Anyone-But-Lois show again, but in a different format.  (Previously it was any female who happened to stumble into an episode got to straddle Clark – but wait, that might not have ended either.  Be patient . . . or not.)

So while Zod does ‘alas poor Yorick, I knew him well’ with an apple, Clark calmly asks him what he’s doing there.  Zod has been studying again.  He mentions the Apple of Discord that started the Trojan War.  (Greek mythology again)  Apple falling from the tree of knowledge designating the fall of man.  (secularized bible comment)  “Humans hoard knowledge where as our own Kryptonian religion teaches that knowledge should be shared by all.”  Clark is smart now.  He seems to be staying one step ahead of Zod thanks to the information he received from Lois.  “I’m sure you didn’t come here for a Sunday School lesson.  What do you want?”  Ooo, I like direct Clark!   And the fact that he’s holding on to the morning mail makes me think he will hold onto humanity no matter what.

So because Zod had the Kandorians bow down before Kal-El under his direct order, he thinks Clark owes them something.  “Our people have assimilated well.  They don’t need my help as much as the humans.”  Zod is insistent.  “No, we need it more.”   Since they don’t have any powers here (which is why they are assimilating well), Zod (he says they) expect Clark to get them, to be their leader and mentor.  “I can’t help you.  I don’t know how to give our people my powers.”  Zod wants to solve that mystery together.  “Earth is not another Krypton.  And trying to make it one . . is a dangerous plan.”

Sidebar: Prophecy of Rao introduced in Season 7.  Rao’s prophecy was a legendary Kryptonian prophecy written on the ancient Scrolls of Rao. They foretold a new beginning for the planet Krypton, stating that one Kryptonian would arise from the ashes of Krypton and start a new Kryptonian paradise.

And a door would open to the sky… Abominations created of cold intelligence would walk the planet, and the rebellion of evil would tear the world apart.

Zod bareface lies to Clark.  “Our people, they don’t’ want to conquer.  But if they don’t get their powers soon, they will do whatever it takes to get what they want themselves.”  (they=Zod)  Zod whispers the Kandorians have to defend themselves because the humans are a brutal people.  And if the Kandorians are discovered, the humans will hunt them down like animals.  Clark says he won’t let that happen.

Zod can see he’s not getting anywhere with that sob story so he changes tactics.  “You are reluctant to take action because you don’t trust me.”   So he pulls out the “You think I killed Jor-El.”  Clark makes good use of his blank face as if waiting for a confession.  Zod digs out his tearful dead son routine.  “I would never deprive anyone of his father in his life.  You must believe me.”   Well, that used car didn’t get sold.

Clark’s phone rings.  He walks away from Zod, not exactly out of earshot.  “Hello?  Lois!  Is she all right?  I’ll be right there,” he says with great concern.  Then he zips off leaving Zod standing in the house looking like he just saw his next move in their game.

Sidebar:  Okay, so Lois got shot through the chest with an arrow and was left unconscious and bleeding at night.  She had to be taken to the hospital, by whom, a passerby?   Had to be in the ER and surgery.  Admitted to a bed.  And Clark knew nothing about it until he got a phone call from blondie . . .after she called Ollie first.  WTF?  So all knowing blondie decides when Lois’ boyfriend gets the info. . . like AFTER her former boyfriend?

Can we talk about giving a character something to do in an episode that Clark should be doing?  The guy has superpowers, right?  Lois is his number one woman.  Hello!  If a character has nothing better to do than make Clark look like a dumb ass and to spout exposition – don’t have them in the episode!

Lois in her hospital bed with a sling around her arm obviously in pain.  Clark flings open the door.  “Lois!”  She gives him a grin.  “Clark.”  He approaches her.  “I’m so sorry.  I shouldn’t have left you last night.  This never would have happened.”  He has his hand on her good shoulder.  “It’s not your fault that I had a bad alternator, Smallville.”   Lois doesn’t let him blame himself for everything.  Yes!

She tries to reassure him that the psycho wanted to get a headline.  “So he shot the Ace Reporter.”  Clark asks her if she saw the guy.  “Yea, he was dressed up like Green Arrow.”  (Gawd, I hope she didn’t think it was the guy she kissed in the alley!)  Clark sits beside her on the bed and puts a lock of hair behind her ear.

Oliver in the hallway. Sees the couple’s concern for one another.  Awaiting blondie makes a lame attempt at flirting.  Using Chloe-speak, she reminds him that it’s been years since he and Lois were an item.  He wants to know if she knows anything.  That’s like throwing gasoline on a fire.  Exposition is her forte.  Without concern for HIPAA regulations, she tosses Lois’ x-rays up on the monitor to show him where she was shot.  Ollie knows that this act was done by an expert.  It’s goal is to ‘take down your enemy without killing them.’  So blondie took pics of the weapon on her cell phone.  The police analysis is in her possession.  Ollie gets a knowing look and leaves her.

Luthercorp. Ollie looks in the secret hiding place where the arrows used to shoot Lois are kept.  “Vordigan.”

A shirtless male body.  Well built with scars.  Wraps his hand and abs with gauze.  A Celtic tattoo on his back bears the same markings on the arrows Ollie uncovered.  Another casing of ancient arrows.  We see Vordigan as he stands in front of a mirror.  His face is scarred.  He pulls his hood over his head.  Great shot of the villain – get to see him from all angles.  Much appreciated.


Metropolis General.  The indomitable Lois Lane is typing on her laptop looking for arrows of the past.  She will solve her own assault.  She sees flowers coming through the doorway.  “Clark!  Thank goodness.  A girl can’t live by only Blackjack alone.”  (Yea, I think she misses him.)  She closes her laptop quickly.

It’s Zod!  So where the hell is Clark?  He’s giving Zod ample time to visit Lois?  Really?  Is he busy?  Is he trying to fix the tractor?  What?  And Lois – is she on Demerol or just extremely happy that she and Clark are in a relationship?  Everything is sunshine and roses?  She was just investigating her own assault.  Either Lois instinctively knows to play it cool with this guy or she may have a memory of the future stashed away somewhere.  We don’t really know.  Lois is all smiles and not her usual, ‘her face says it all.’  Kind of like she was with the cop in PLASTIQUE.

Zod is all politeness.  When Lois tells him he has the wrong room.  He apologizes and says he’s an old friend of Clark’s.  He was giving blood and thought he’d stop by to see how she was recovering.  (Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.)  Good thing that hospital tray is between them.  Zod is a in your face guy.  Callum looks as if he’d eat the face off of anyone when Zod gets too close.  YEA!

Egotist Zod tells her Clark must have mentioned him.  “I’m Zod.”  Lois subtly snarks him.  “Can’t say that he has.  And being I’m a championship wrestling fan, I would definitely remember a name like that.”   Get this.  He’s heard all about Lois Lane.  Like Clark is a blabbermouth.  “Is that supposed to impress me?”  Zod chuckles.  That can’t be good.  “That Clark Kent.  Can’t stop talking about you!”  Lois smiles and says “Really.”  Not a gleeful ‘really,’ there’s a hint of disbelief.  I think these two are playing each other to see who cracks first.  Now that Zod has seen her, he can see that Clark is not exaggerating.  Always with a smile, Lois asks.  “How do you know Clark again?”  Zod says they have a lot of history together.  Which is the exact same thing that Clark told her in the future when she asked him about the Zod guy.  But she supposedly doesn’t remember that.

Zod tells her that they’ll go out one night and he’ll tell her all about the real Clark Kent.  “Tequilla’s on me,” says Lois as if she’s lapping this up with a spoon.  “I’m not sure that Clark’s parents know the real Clark Kent.”  Zod chuckles.  “You mean his adoptive parents.”  Lois states a fact.  “His only parents really.”  Which ought to put a shiver in Zod’s heart if he had one.  “I don’t think he has any idea of who his birth parents are.”  Zod grins and agrees.  “Okay,” says Lois smiling as if to say, ‘Okay, you can leave now.  Game over.’   “Okay,” chuckles Zod.  He’s not quite done yet.  He pulls out a charm which he says came from the kid’s sale on the second floor.   It’s the Kryptonian letter R in a circle.  “Interesting shape,” says Lois as she tucks it away.  She’s not smiling.  “Thanks.”  Before he leaves, Zod moves in for the kill.  “You tell that Clark Kent that he’s a very lucky man.’  Lois gives a small huff.  She looks Zod straight in the eye.  “I will,’ and then she grins at him.  Zod chuckles again as if enjoying their play.  Lois looks at the charm once more and opens her laptop.  Maybe she’s researching Zod and/or the charm now?

Sidebar: We’re not certain how much Lois remembers from the future.  She still could have memories that she didn’t recollect while connected to the Summerholt machinery.  Also Lois’ remarks in PARIAH always come into play when dealing with anything about Clark’s secret.  She will wait for him to tell her.  That doesn’t mean she wouldn’t try to find out about what’s going on.  I don’t think that they will pull a Silver Age stunt and have Lois confronting Clark about his secretiveness.  Blahna has already covered that ground.  So us being privy to Lois definitely knowing or not knowing – doesn’t really matter at this time.  It brings great tension to the show.  Does she?  Doesn’t she?  The main point is – Clark and how he handles his secret with Lois.  Why isn’t he telling her?  To protect her?  That obviously isn’t working.

The real dilemma, in my opinion, is that EVERYONE but Lois knows the secret.  Now when Clark goes to tell her – that’s going to make that event pretty meaningless.  And it is a HUGE event in their relationship.  So what are the Powers That Be going to do?  Mind wipe Lois?  Why?  She’s supposedly the only one that doesn’t know.   Since everyone knows – there should probably be a massive mind wipe.  Magic?  Kryptonite?  Hypnosis?  Whatever?  Maybe Clark could give the short list to whomever is going to be doing the brain change.  Let’s see:  Mom.  Blahna (so she will remember never to come near him again or he’ll die).  Justice League.  Lois could or could not be on the list – it doesn’t matter.  She’s going to figure it out anyway and wait for Clark to tell her.  Only hopefully by then, not so many people will know.  If not a mind wipe, then a whole lotta deaths.   Nah, better not do that – then Clark will get the guilts again – and we’ve had enough of that.

Moving on!

Mia at brownstone. She’s looking at Ollie’s own Wall of Weird as he marks on photographs of himself.  So Ollie is not handling his own secret identity very well.  Since Mia has picked up all this being related to Lois being shot, he decides he can’t be her mentor anymore because that would put her into too much danger.  Déjà vu!  “Get the hell out of here!”  She leaves in a huff.

Watchtower at night.  Blondie gets a flesh wound from the Dark Archer.  Took as much time as the Doomsday fight to get that done.  Scintillating. (sarcasm)  Clark bursts in.  Where the hell has he been?  Archer did go through the dome – that was pretty cool.  Blondie thinks it was Green Arrow who attacked her.  Yea, she knows it all.


Metropolis at night. Mia is walking down the infamous street.  She hears someone closely following her.  “Oliver!”  She turns.  It’s Vordigan.  “Oliver’s got a greater destiny and you’re going to help me fulfill it.”

Clark is bandaging blondie.  WTF?  He wants his girlfriend to let him protect her so he leaves her in a hospital bed wounded.  She’s open prey to power mad Kryptonian replicants and ex-boyfriends who have copy cats shooting her with arrows.  What is wrong with this picture?

Blondie thinks her fortress of mendacity is off everyone’s radar but Green Arrow’s.  And of course her computer system is non-hackable.  Whatever!  “Going after Lois.  It’s been hard for Oliver ever since she and I . . .”   You and her what?  Did you do something offscreen???  You better not!  FOUL!!!  We want to see it all!  Of course if the writers can’t get you two in the same room or at least on a phone . . .  sigh.  Blondie thinks that Oliver’s dark half might attack her and Lois.  (She’s got a freakin flesh wound.  Lois was mortally wounded on an empty street with no Clark bursting onto the scene!)

Blondie is badmouthing Ollie right and left.  He’s psycho.  He’s got a split personality.  He bounced back too quickly.  Clark is not convinced.  I told ya he was smart now.  “Chloe, it would take more than a few drugs and some boxing gloves for him to go Jekyll Hyde.”

Speaking of egotists.  There’s something that blondie has to tell Clark.  Gawd!  I hate Chloe-speak.  She changed a couple of tires along the way.  Whatever that’s supposed to mean.  She confesses (or brags) her part in torturing Ollie into heroism during ROULETTE.  “I set the whole thing up.”  Gotta love Clark.  “What?!”  This is my favorite part of the episodes this season.  Clark telling off blondie.  “So you went out by yourself and you ‘saved’ him.”  She has the gall to ask him “Isn’t that what you do everyday?”  He looks at her likes she’s nuts.  “You should have told me,” he says as he walks away from her in disgust.  Then she tells him that anytime there’s a difficult decision to make, he just walks away.  “I do what’s right!”  You tell her, Clarkie!  Venomous bitch says, “You’re not willing to do what’s necessary.”  In whose judgment?  Hers?  No thanks.  “Pulling the trigger on Oliver.  Was that really necessary?”  To which she replies, “Not if it really shattered him.”  Argh!  Illogic overload!   Snippy asks where he’s going.  “To pick up the pieces.”  He zips away as blondie’s monitor tells her it’s found a match.

Brownstone in the daytime.  Oliver walks into an alleyway.  A hand grips his shoulder and he nearly goes Steven Seagal.  It’s Lois.  She’s there to find out who shot her.  “Somebody’s after me and I think they did this to you.”  Lois tells him she knows there are things that he has to keep from her.  Because she understands about secret identities.  Hello, Clark!  This is Ollie’s opportunity to tell Lois she was the only woman he ever cared about.  (Dinah, don’t start screaming!)  He examines her wound with deep regret.  “Ollie I understand you’re under a lot of stress right now but you have to pull yourself together.”  (Yea, I don’t think we could withstand another ROULETTE scenario.)   “You have to find out whomever attacked Chloe and I.”  So Lois tells him about blondie.  Oh goodie.  Ollie’s brain shifts into third gear.  “No lovers, no allies . . . no disciples.  Mia.”

Clark at Luthorcorp examining Ollie’s WofW.  (Psst, Clark!  You’re only yards away from Lois, man.  Listen for her heartbeat or something.)  Clark uses his x-ray vision to see the arrows Ollie had stashed away.  I love unsubtle Clark.  He rips away the metal like it’s butter.  Finds Ollie’s ancient arrows marked with the Celtic symbol.  So blondie bursts in saying, “I know you probably don’t want to see me any time this century.”  Understatement.  And why is she wearing purple – and a new outfit every scene?

Exposition Queen time.  Brotherhood of Sion (not another Scion, Sion plot!)  Master and apprentice archers, 13 Century.  Yada Yada Yada.  More Oliver trashing from blondie.  Important part is – Clark figures it out that it is Oliver’s old Master back to settle a score.  Go Clark!

Brownstone. Oliver bursts in screaming ‘Mia!’  Vordigan is a fan of the Field of Dreams film.  “When the Student is ready, the Master appears.”

In a park somewhere. Mia with a bag over her head with the Dark Archer prodding her down the trail.  He introduces himself.  He’s taught Green Arrow everything he knows.  Uhh, this is when Mia finds out about Oliver being Green Arrow.  See Clark, do you really want someone else telling Lois?   Well, she did say she would wait for him to tell her – but what if it’s Zod – and at the worst time ever?

He’s taken Mia to a hedgerow maze.  The bird’s eye view is the Celtic symbol of Vordigan’s tattoo.


Green Arrow shows up as expected. Voice from the darkness taunts him.  Apparently it’s time for Oliver to fulfill his vows.  “There comes a time when a Master knows his best years are done.  I was badly wounded for the first time, Oliver.  Because I wasn’t fast enough, physically or mentally.  I realized the process of decay has begun.  Our tradition dictates the Master must leave this world while he is still strong.  And respect it, as my chosen successor, you must complete your final test.  You need to kill me. . . . Some men don’t get to chose who they become.  Your heart is dark like mine, Oliver.”  (Man, the Bros Sion retirement plan sucks.)  The convo between Dark Archer is good.  Bacic puts great menace into the character.  Ollie denies he’s like the DA.  If Ollie doesn’t fulfill his duties, the DA will hunt down Mia.  So the game plan is, Ollie will take vengeance for Mia’s death – thus fulfilling his vows.  “I’m not going to kill you, Vordigan.”  So DA staples Ollie to a tree as he goes after Mia.

Keyboards and fingers. Does she ever jog?  Clark zips in and announces he has checked Oliver’s plane, boat (really?  After the way his parents died?)  and the usual places, there is no sign of the GA.  Blondie doesn’t understand why secret societies don’t have more websites and blogs.  Surely they twitter, right?  Clark is concerned.  “You’ve been looking at the world through a camera a lot lately, Chloe.  Maybe it’s time you actually go out and live in it.”  She can’t be bothered.  She’s looking out for people the same as he is.  (Wrong!  He actually operates in the real world, not totally in the virtual world.)  “That’s the problem with looking out for people, sometimes you lose yourself.”   She blows him off telling him everything is under control.  Bwahahahaha!

Survey says . . .an altar was bought by an Entrepeneur and shipped to Coast City.  Got that?  Clark knows there’s a naval base nearby and that there should be plenty of satellite coverage.  YES!  So they find the maze and there’s movement and it’s Mia.  Something’s not right about this scene.  Blondie reiterates the vows she already talked about in a previous scene with Clark.  Also – all this maze stuff is taking place in Coast City, home of Hal Jordan?  Really?  How did Ollie get there?  Flying commercial now is he?  Clark checked his plane.  Did he drive?  Metropolis is in the Midwest and Coast City is in California.  Also Dark Archer takes Mia off the streets of Metropolis (they only have one) and gets her to the coast?  I thought the Concorde was gone.  Clark zips off – well, he can do that.

The Maze. Some walking around, being chased, stuff like that.  Ollie gets unstapled in time to try and deflect DA’s arrows going after Mia.  Clark arrives in the nick of time, finally dressed as the Blur.  He takes the brunt of the arrows and saves Oliver.  The Apprentice has shot the Master exactly as he had been taught.  Vordigan is not dead.


Ace of Clubs at night. (24 mins sans commercials since they were last together in this episode.  Really?)  Completely healed Lois meets Clark out on the balcony.  She’s sorry she’s late for their date.  She’s been watching the monster truck finals, Gravemaker lost his drive train.  “He is never coming back!”  Clark big smiles at her.  “It’s okay, Lois.  He’s just a truck.”  (He? Clark, she’s got you doing it too! LOL)  “C’mon, that’s like saying Tommy Lee’s just a drummer.”  Nah, he doesn’t have a clue on that one.  “Sometimes I worry there’s no poetry in you.”  He encourages her.  “You just have to look a little deeper.”  Oh yea, Lois, go deep!  She gives him the big smile.  “What I wouldn’t give for a little x-ray vision.”  That’s right, keep him guessing.  It keeps him sharp.  Makes us wonder what you know, too.  “Might give me some insight into why I had to take a cab back from the hospital.”  She teases him and heads into the club.  “I’m sorry I didn’t visit you more at the hospital, Lois.  I was trying to get more information on Dark Archer.’  She tells him that’s okay.  “Lucky for you.  Your friend kept me supplied with flowers and gifts.”  She raises her wrist up for him to take a look at the charm.  Clark is spooked.  “Who gave you that?”  He’s got the blank face started, but you know he’s going crazy inside.  “You know.  Zod!”  You could almost see the chill go up his spine.  Never did he think he’d hear that name come from Lois’ lips, not in this timeline anyway.  “Really?  What did he have to say?”  Okay, is she on pain meds?  She’s awfully upbeat.  “Nothing but good things about you.”  Or is she playing naïve to the secret stuff to the hilt?  “We talked about getting together.”   Clark does not like that!  “No, Lois.  That’s not a good idea.”  Yikes, that’s like waving a red cape in front of a bull or Lois Lane . . .  “Why?  Are you afraid he’ll let it slip that you tipped a cow once?  Clark, there aren’t any secrets in your life worthy of the front page.”  Oops, that’s the same thing she said in INSTINCT when Clark asked what Maxima said to her.   She breathily tells him, “It’s okay,” as she gives his chest a little smack.  Uh, oh.  It could be Pit Bull on a Pant Leg time.

Sidebar: Clark needs Lois Lane.  Why?  She knows people.  She reads them very well.  It’s why she’s always jumping to conclusions and is a good investigative reporter.  Most of the time she’s right about her perceptions.  Clark likes to see the good in people.  He loves people, yet he doesn’t understand evil.  Zod made a move Clark never saw coming.  He’ll have to stick on Lois like white on rice.  1) to protect her and 2) because Lois may still hold some information in regards to the future.   We’ve seen Lois handle both Zod and Clark.  Zod thinks she doesn’t have a clue.  Clark knows Lois is smart, but he won’t approach her about knowing his secret – because he’s not ready to tell her yet.  Why?  We’re not certain.  Maybe it is because everyone and their brother knows.  Maybe he’s waiting for the right moment.  Good luck with that, Clark.

Lois sees Oliver enter the club.  She gives him a ‘good to see you’re alive’ grin.  He grins back as if he’d like to be with her.  But it’s over, at least for Lois.  She’s moved on.  She’s found her hero.  Placing a hand on Clark’s shoulder, she grins at him as he grins back.  “That’s PDA #5,” he says soft and low.  “Not that I’m keeping track.”  She takes his arm as they walk off blissfully.  Oliver stares at them and gulps.  He leaves the club probably always having a place for Lois in his heart.  (Go find Dinah!)

Brownstone. Mia training.  They discuss her coming back as his apprentice and her keeping his secret.  Ollie is worried about the ‘dark places’ inside him.  “That’s why you need me.  I’ll keep you in check.  There’s a dark place in everyone, Oliver.  What we do with it depends on, not who are teachers are, but what we do with the lessons learned.”  This was probably one of my favorite speeches of the episode.  Sidekicks and the role they play.  They make the mentors more accessible as characters.  Batman was a dark vigilante type character until he adopted Dick Grayson as his ward.  Robin brought a relationship that made the Dark Knight not such a wild card.  People could relate to him more.  Same thing for Mia and Ollie.  She will keep his dark leanings in check.  Blondie was never a sidekick.  She never abated anyone’s dark leanings.

Clark/Superman never had a sidekick.  1) he’s never had a dark side and 2) he had Lois Lane and the Kents.  Clark has always been an open, hopeful character.

The Gargoyle. Clark slaps the charm down beside Zod.  “Lois Lane is off limits!”  Oh yes!!!  Please, more of that!  Zod has overstepped his bounds.  And why is he at the Gargoyle?  “Rao charm for good luck is hardly cause for alarm.”  Clark is angry.  “Why would you give her some Kryptonian symbol?”  Zod always turns it back on himself.  “Rao symbolizes all that is good.  Once again you assume the worst of me.”  Clark is strong and adamant.  “We both know the only reason you visited Lois was to send me a message.  You can’t hurt me but you will hurt the ones I care about.”  Zod goads Clark.  “Living on Earth has made you mistrustful.”  Clark gets in Zod’s face.  “I trust those who trust me.”  Zod is smiling and that ain’t good.  “You trust no one, Kal-El.  Not even the woman you’re supposed to care for.  She has no idea who you are, does she?”  Clark is cool.  “Crossing that line is why I will not help you get your powers.”  That put a klinker in Zod’s plans.  He starts to get angry.  “I’m just trying to save OUR race!”  Clark ain’t buying it.  “You’re just doing this to save your army.  Without them, you ‘re just an officer with no one to command.”  Zod starts to argue.  “I do not do this out of ego, I do this out of desperation.”  Is he lying to himself?  Clark moves in again.  “Don’t act as if there isn’t an agenda you’re not telling me about.”  That shuts Zod up.  “You go near Lois again, I will destroy you all.”  Oooo gritted teeth on that one.  GO CLARK!!!  Zod is silent as Clark zips off – Zod startles at the gust of wind.  He turns and looks out at the city.  “You won’t have to.”

Oh yea!  I like that little line.  Do the replicants have a timestamp?  Ala Blade Runner.  Are they nearing the expiration date?

Faora waiting on the street.  Zod didn’t find what he was after and Clark didn’t recognize the symbol.  “We don’t’ have much time!  I guess the Book of Rao is not on Earth after all.”  Ahhh, so there may be a timestamp on their existence and the Book of Rao is probably that thing Jor-El took out of the Kent house wall.  Dammit, blondie knows about it but is keeping it to herself.  Oh, the world is not a safe place.  She’s going to get everyone killed.  Zod is livid.  “No, Jor-El left it here!  And when we find it, we will have the means to complete the tower.”  Zod seems to like being close to Faora.  “And we will turn the yellow sun red.”  He places a hand on her chest.  “And then Kal-El won’t be the only one with powers on this Earth.  He will be just one of many soldiers in my army or a prisoner in my stockade.”  Evil grins exchanged as Zod looks up to gaze at the tower almost completed.

Clark can’t stop the construction of the tower.  He only needs to make sure that the Kandorians cannot turn the yellow sun to red.  The solar tower may serve the purpose of providing electricity to Metropolis.  How many seasons have we seen the rate hikes on the front page of the Daily Planet?

Also we’ve already seen Clark as a prisoner in Zod’s stockade.  Will we see him as a soldier in his army?  I don’t think so, but I do think that Clark through his leadership could cause a mutiny.  Zod is starting to go over the dark edge.


Well acted by all.  Callum just blows us away with his Zod.  Lex who?  Clark!  Clark is THE MAN!  Act five was just amazing.  Good note to leave on.  Lois.  Since we don’t’ know what direction they are going with Lois knowing or not knowing the secret – it was perfectly played by Durance, who may not know either.  At any rate, it is very entertaining and will keep us coming back for more.  Louis keeps pumping out great score.  Smallville has the hardest working crew in the business and we appreciate them all.


Get ready for ABSOLUTE JUSTICE!  Justice Society of America is coming in a two hour event on February 5th.  Everyone will be able to get their geek on.  Doesn’t matter if you’ve heard of JSA or not, there will be something for everybody.  Great casting line up:  Michael Shanks, Brent Stait, Brittany Irvin, and Pam Grier.  Great charcters:  Dr. Emil, Martian Manhunter, Amanda Waller, Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Stargirl, Inez Nelson, Sandman and Icicle.  Written by Geoff Johns and directed by Glen Winters (1st hour) and Tom Welling (2nd hour).  A MUST SEE!

If you’d like to take a look at what Smallville has in store for the rest of the season, drop by Superverses:

Or come listen to our blog talk about this two hour event on Saturday, February 6th.  More information will be provided on the website.

6 Comments leave one →
  1. Christine permalink
    February 1, 2010 8:00 am

    Holli great review as always,

    Here’s my two cents on the Clark not knowing about Lois being hurt… he left her at her car fine there was no need to “keep tabs” on her also I think like you said someone found her took her to the hosp they patched her up etc.. so here’s a question for ya when Lois was awake why didn’t she call her own boyfriend?
    Hmm it’s one of those SV scratch your head things, but I still think Chloe calling Ollie first was just so that he’d have time to get there (for the viewers benefit) cause he know Clark would zip by as quick as lightning

    • February 1, 2010 3:48 pm

      Hi Chris! Thanks for commenting. :D

      Clark is no ordinary guy. He is the Blur, the SAVIOR of Metropolis. He knows that people get in trouble in a matter of seconds. He has superhearing and other powers. He patrols the city. Yet, all night long and part of the morning he was unaware that the woman he cares most about in the world had been mortally wounded. He really didn’t have an excuse – he was not incapacitated in any way.

      That just really bothered me. Clark didn’t know Lois was in danger. It means his radar is off. But in order for Zod to meet with Clark and then Lois — they had to have them separated for more than half the episode. It just didn’t seem Clark-like at all. I know he’s crazy in love with her, but he dropped the ball so many times for a man who is courting the love of his life.

      My point in the review was, they had to give blondie something to do. Sure, she probably was at the hospital because she’s next of kin — but why did she wait to call either Clark or Ollie? She’s getting information and keeping it to herself — this is a pattern of behavior that we will probably see more of this season.

  2. Marinka permalink
    February 1, 2010 1:21 pm

    Another awesome review Holli,
    I agree ,noticing now some head-scratching moments, which I didn’t even realizid first, being all amazed with the goodness that Lois and Clark are in this one. The 10 to 110 part – so true, loved how you explain it.He saw what he’s like without her and doesn’t want to lose time anymore after finally opening his eyes. I can’t wait to see more of them :)

  3. February 2, 2010 4:27 pm

    Thank you, Marinka!

    After a two month hiatus, we saw the blissful portion of their relationship in the teaser. That shows TPTB mean business.. You can bet we will see more bliss in subsequent episodes..

    Soon, hopefully, Lois will lose her bolt reflex and they’ll both be closer to the same speed. I am also looking forward to this couple’s journey. TPTB seem really excited about giving us their version of the legendary relationship.

  4. February 8, 2010 8:39 pm

    Wow.. Great recap. This must have taken you a while to compile. Thanks!

    • February 10, 2010 5:28 am

      Hi Melany!

      Yes, they do take a better part of a day. The ABSOLUTE JUSTICE took much longer. You’re welcome. :D

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