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Season 10 Hope: Bring Back Perry White

December 10, 2009

Season 10 Hope: Bring Back Perry White

By Erika Blake
OSCK Founder & Admin

With rumors flying around that season 10 might get greenlighted soon, your admins here at OSCK would like to make a plea to the Powers that Be at Smallville to bring Perry White back onto the show as a full time cast member.

Perry can still be in his early stages and not yet be Editor in Chief. In fact, things at The Daily Planet have been running a bit too smoothly for our budding super-duo reporters, Lois & Clark.  Isn’t it time for the paper to get sold and fall into corrupt hands creating more chaos for our reporters in their work lives?

Now would be the perfect time to bring Perry White back onto Smallville as our future Editor in Chief to bring the paper back to it’s full glory. Also in order for Lois Lane to become her true full iconic self, she needs Perry there to be the new father figure in her life and more importantly a solid mentor for her career as a reporter.

We do understand that Michael McKean has been difficult to lock down as Perry White since he’s been enjoying a full career on Broadway. For all that we certainly loved him in his season 3 episode PERRY, I doubt that anyone at this point would be upset if they had to recast him. (Of course if they COULD lure him back, perhaps they could also bring Annette O’Toole back as well.)

Our recommendation if McKean is airtight not available? With rumors flying that HEROES is going to take its swan song at the end of 2010 – we suggest that they snatch up Jack Coleman as Perry White. Jack has the perfect blend of humor, snark, and commanding presence to take on the role.  Casting Jack would be a coupe for the series and would bring in a lot of disgruntled HEROES fans who stopped watching SMALLVILLE years ago. That’s our suggestion folks.

What do you think?  Who would you recommend as a new Perry White?

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  1. Ashan permalink
    May 3, 2010 1:44 pm

    Wow Thats A Great Thing You Said Up There and am sure perry be backin SE10 as he is there on season 9 ep 21

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