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Is Season 10 A-Go? WB Appears to think so

December 10, 2009 is speculating that Season 10 is ago after finding this Tweet online:

YVR Film the Vancouver-based production database, has revealed that Warner Bros. have purchased the buildings surrounding Smallville Studios (where the show is primarily shot), and are making the studio bigger.

This is further ‘proof’ that Smallville will be sticking around for a little while longer, as it is a long-term investment buying more buildings, given that Smallville Studios is already one of the largest exclusive-use studio spaces in Vancouver (housing the 50+ sets used by the Smallville team). The expansion also indicates a budget increase for the series, as shows traditionally recycle or re-decorate older sets to make way for new ones, instead of buying entire new buildings.

Given the series is almost entirely set in Metropolis, it makes sense the new sets will be urban. In recent episodes, Smallville has resorted to using greenscreen (and even the Watchmen set) to make Metropolis look bigger, so naturally it may be more cost-effective to just create a new city set. Personally, I hope they build a ‘City Square’ set, like Metropolis’ version of Rockefeller Centre. It would further showcase the scale of Metropolis, plus make for an incredible battlefield location.

With Smallville bringing in larger numbers on Friday nights than the CW has ever had before and even tromping Fox, they’d be stupid not to order the series for another year. Last year we received confirmation in February that the show was safe for season 9, perhaps we’ll get an early Christmas gift this year?

Can we also hope that along w/ a larger set for Metropolis Lois and Oliver can respectively get their own apartments  in the city? Lois is making enough money that she shouldn’t have to share the Talon w/ her cousin and it’s unseemly for Oliver to be hanging out in his plane and in dank alleyways.

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