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Smallville – January 2010 Absolute Justice Preview

November 21, 2009

Preview for what will be coming on Smallville when the season resumes- we have a 2 hour movie to look forward to that should raise the roof! If you have not been watching this season- download the epis from iTunes or Amazon, read our recaps, buy/ rent the dvds you have missed ( we have a link to NetFlix here on our site) and catch up! Holli will have the review up for Pandora but it was amazing. Total modern age Superman with heart, strength and villains we have to defeat to save the world. It is time for Superman fans to watch this show! If the ratings continue to do well and the two hour tv event does well that will tell the studio and network that Superman is a viable tv franchise way beyond our origins story. Watch the trailer- we will post more as they become available during the break. I am guessing we will see a lot of press too- so tune in here to OSCK for tons of SUPER Smallville news!
Smallville – January 2010 Promo

Posted to TV Promos n Trailers by supernatural66 on November 21, 2009
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