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Smallville: KANDOR–A Second Chance

November 9, 2009

907Smallville0065Season 9 Episode 7

Recap and Review by Holli aka baudyhallee

Written by Turi Meyer and Al Septien, their first this season, and directed by Jeannot Szwarc.

RATING:  SUPER MYTHIC. Why mythic?  Anytime you have Black Zero, Kandor, Birthright, a ‘bottled’ mention, Krypton, Rao the red sun, Book of Rao, Jor-El – renowned scientist, Zod – military hero, Kryptonian Ruling Council, Lara, Stones of Knowledge, orb, blue kryptonite and 1930s.  Honey, that’s mythos.  Going back to The Source.  Could be the one in the Fourth World at the rate Peterson and Souders are going.  But basically, it is the comics and the Donner films.  There are not enough superlatives in the world to describe the sight, sound, and feel of this episode.  How they do feature effects, costumes and props on a television budget, who knows?  Everything came together in this episode.  It was fast moving and had me on the edge of my seat.  Lots of detail to keep any geek happy.  Acting was phenomenal.  Bravo, Smallville!  Is there an Emmy for best score?  Louis Febre deserves it.

RECAP: Yep, we had one but it ties in nicely with the progress of this mythic season and Callum Blue had the voice over honors.  The Blur saving the train from SAVIOR, Lois telling Clark she’s seen a new side to him in RABID even though he wasn’t wearing red and blue, Clark and Lois in the healing rain, blondie telling Clark in CROSSFIRE “What do you want?,” THE KISS, Clark in the FOS in ARRIVAL introducing Jor-El’s AI, the lawn Zod symbol from DOOMSDAY, Stuart with Tess explaining the Kandorian crests all over the world in METALLO, reminder of DNA being taken from the Kandorians before their arrival in SAVIOR, Alia fight, Clark and blondie discuss Kandorians on Earth, Zod thinking the S symbol was Jor-El who has powers, Zod killing, we see Tess shooting someone (could be the Toyman), Tess being badass with the coffee toast, the future connecting with the present, Clark being the Blur.  “There’s nothing more important than finding the Kandorians.”


Kandorian border, twenty years before the destruction of Krypton.

907Smallville0071The red sun of Krypton, aka Rao – also the name of their god and the company that Zoddie is running now.  The bombardment of Kandor.  A foxhole outside the city.  Soldiers doing their duty.  A drill like apparatus goes into an arm and we see a family crest.  We see ‘Faora’ and Alia, who doesn’t like needles, get the same treatment.  “Small price to pay for immortality.”  Our first clue that DNA was taken from these people.  More bombs as all crouch.  Zod appears and starts giving the medic hell.  There’s a civil war going on.  “The forces of Black Zero are closing in on Kandor . . .”  There’s no time, but apparently Zod needs to give his sample.  Zod rolls up his sleeve.  “There’s a war to be won and we want to get back to our families.”  Families?  Zod has a family and a heart?  Before the medic can get what he needs, Jor-El grabs his arm.  Zod seems pleased to see him.  “Call it a mission of redemption.”  Jor wants all the blood samples.  The project must not go on.  The Ruling Council will not like that.  Zod speaks up, “Medic, when the most renowned scientist in Kryptin [cringe] tells you to stop, then you stop.”  There’s a poke to make his point.  Zod is a poker.  There’s an agreement between Zod and Jor-El.  Zod rallies the troops saying if the Ruling Council wants his blood, let them find it on the battlefield.  They begin to move out.  Jor-El thanks Zod for his backing.  Zod tells him the Council won’t like it and is Jor sure about what he is doing?  “The Council can do what it will, but I will not allow my life’s work to be used for an atrocity.”  Jor-El was always a bit of a rebel in the comics, doing things that no one else did in their culture.  The Council and he had a precarious relationship.  There’s a huge flash of light and as Zod and Jor-El peer over the top of the trench, we see a mushroom cloud over Kandor.  Julian Sands portraying Jor-El whispers ‘Kandor’ as we heard it from the orb.  Zod visibly upset makes a lunge as Jor grabs him and throws him back down into the trench.  Debris from the bomb comes at them.  “Zod, there is nothing you can do.  Kandor is gone!”

There’s black and then we see Zod talking to his troops present day in a warehouse somewhere.  “None of you remember that tragic day because the moment your blood was taken was the last moment you remember of Kandor.”  Yep, they’re replicants.  He has not forgotten because his blood was taken later.  “Each one of you, the last sons and daughters of Kryptin [cringe] are all that is left from our beloved homeland.”  He will not allow their ‘birthright’ to be denied. He tells them that Jor-El came with them in the orb yet he stole their powers and now he’s flaunting said powers all over the city.  “Leaving his mark for us to see.”  Zod’s whipped himself into a frenzy.  They will find Jor-El and have him give them the powers.  “We will be gods on this planet and Kandor will rise again!”  Credits.

Black Zero has had a few incarnations throughout the years but generally they are a terrorist group that ends up destroying Krypton.


907Smallville0115Watchtower. Blondie tippy tappy typing on all her keyboards.  Clarkie zips in wearing dark colors.  So in Chloe-speak, she remarks that he got there so fast because the “I-Love-Lois show is pre-empted this week.”  (And sadly it is.  But let’s see if Clark remains the strong, passionate guy he was last episode when Lois was present.)  He tries to placate blondie with a reference of how he always speeds over when she calls.  She’s not buying it and he knows it.  He admits he might be responsible for Lois being missing.  (Is she passed out in the throes of . . . y’know.  Always be a finisher, Clark.)  “I was wondering why she skipped town without saying goodbye.  What’s up?”  Clark in true form with his gosh, shucks routine.  “I kissed her.”  Blondie knows that would definitely send Lois packing.  Clark looking confused.  “No offense to you, Clark.  But Lois’ typical response to intimacy is usually to blow out of town.”  He seems to be disappointed about that.  We didn’t get to see the aftermath of said kiss, so who knows what happened.  He doesn’t understand what happened when he went over there.  “I went over there to talk to her and the next thing I know, I couldn’t stop myself.”  Ahh, it’s refreshing to see a Clark Kent so enamored of Lois Lane.  It’s definitely good for his character.  “I’m not surprised, Clark.  You’ve had feelings for Lois since like the 1930’s.  I was wondering when you were going to make your move.”  Yea, so were we.  Her advice to him is to give Lois some space.  He nods.  Loving the strings used.  Good to see a Clark Kent leading with his heart and passion.

Blondie’s Luthorcorp mole (Stuart?) has dug up more info on the Kandorians.  Tess has teams around the world trying to find them.  They’ve been in the Turkish desert and she wants Clark to check it out.  Clark can’t fly.  Frown, so he’ll have to fly coach.  She tells him no.  She’s getting bossy again.  She tells him Oliver can fly him there.  “I’ll do this by myself.”  YES!  Go Clarkie!  She laughs and tries to cajole him.   Clark goes to make his point when Oliver arrives.  Clark realizes that blondie has made arrangements and he’s not too happy about it, but he agrees.

907Smallville0215Villain music. Tess in her limo reading the riot act to someone at the Turkish desert dig.  The voice on the phone tells her that whoever was there is either dead or buried.  She tells him, “Well unless you want to end up the same way, I suggest you get the job done.”  Chauffeur opens the door for her and we see Zod standing by the road.  He’s looking at Clark’s latest marking.  (Great shot through the car.)  “I received your message,” says Zod as he tosses Kandorian Billy Zane’s dog tags at her.  (see CROSSFIRE)  The Game is on!  Zod admires her flare for the dramatic.  “But I’m glad his untimely death got your attention.  I won’t be toyed with.”  Zod gets up close and personal and tells her of Jor-El and how he took their powers.  “You know him as the Blur.”  Tess is standing like David Caruso on CSI Miami – so Zod can’t see her secret smile knowing he’s wrong.  “You help me find him and I’ll give you what you always wanted.”  Hmmm, what was that again?  Lots of sexual tension here.  He reminds her she opened the orb. “ . . . the bottled up hopes and dreams of Kandor to work with us and now you can.  By my side as equals.  Together.”  All in dark whispers.  Callum does this thing with his tongue before he does a ‘biting’ line – which always reminds me of a cobra.  “Intimately.”  Sexy Zod.  Tess looks him in the eye.  “I’ve already got a team on it.  I’ll let you know when we find Jor-El.”  She sashays off and he watches her bum.

907Smallville0242Turkish desert. Ollie is talking double time as he and Clark walk.  “Y’know, Clark if you wanted to bury me in the desert for going on that date with Lois, we could have at least taken me to Nevada.”  It’s a long shot so we don’t see faces.  Shucks! “Oliver, let’s not.”  (Same thing Lois said to him in CROSSFIRE)  The billionaire says he still would have put up a fight but they could have at least seen some sights before they got down to business.  “Maybe a little Blue Man Group.  Maybe a little Carrot Top.”  Clark keeps on walking.  “Y’know what I’m getting you for Christmas next year. . .a sense of humor.”  (Clark is always telling Batman that.)  They’ve reached the exact coordinates that blondie gave them but there’s nothing to see.  Clark looks deeper.  Using the x-ray vision, he sees something.  He brushes away the sand to find something crystal-like.  He determines that the symbols were brands in the earth.  “Out here the temperature would melt the sand into glass.”  Thinking Clark!  He takes a deep breath and super breaths the sand away from the giant S symbol.  Love it!  Ollie is amazed.  “Who puts your shield out in the middle of nowhere?”  Clark crouches down and picks up dogtags from beneath the sand.  There’s the S symbol as Clark reads the back.  “Jor-El?  My father . . . is here on Earth.”  The music is so Superman.

With sweeping strings, we see a Kansas sunset and an old red truck pulling up to the Kent Farm.  Out steps Jor-El from Krypton wearing human attire.  He walks through the gate.


907Smallville0325Kent farm. Blondie enters calling out for Shelby.  Yea, Shelby!  So she drives from Metropolis to take the dog for a walk?  Didn’t she just rake Lois over the coals for bringing Shelby to the Talon (that is located in Smallville – short drive) to look after him/her in METALLO?   Unfortunately, we don’t get to see our favorite canine.  [frown]  Shelby is a plot device.  [frown]  Instead blondie sees Jor-El and the great Exposition Race begins.  Okay, I know he needed to know this stuff. . . but blondie?  Yes, I know she’s the Exposition Queen . . . but blondie?  Not Clark . . . but blondie?  Sad, really sad.  Jor-El states he has no child but is totally accepting of his son when he sees a photograph and hears his name is Kal-El.  That happens within 30 seconds.  So Jor-El is very accepting because he may have retained some memory of the whole DNA orb thing which is where his memories start.  Whatever happened to the ‘donor’ Jor-El afterwards would not be in his memories.  But, he knows that his donor lead a life after he was ‘created.’  So he is accepting of information of his donor’s life.

Blondie doesn’t seem the least bit curious why Jor-El doesn’t remember sending his son to Earth or that Krypton was destroyed.  Hopefully Clark will find out that what he is dealing with are replicants.  Jor-El does refer to his wife Lara and blondie inquires if she’s with him.  “She wasn’t part of the experiment.”  Another clue that something is amiss.  Blondie informs him that they are looking for the other orb inhabitants.  Jor-El states that will be difficult as they are well trained soldiers under Major Zod, who happens to be the best friend Jor-El ever had.  Of course.

Flashback to Kryptonian Ruling Council putting the smack down on Jor-El for treason.  Well done!  It gave me goose bumps.  Even has what Brando referred to as hula hoops.  “The technology I created was intended to heal those afflicted by wars and disease.  Not to resurrect the dead through cloning.”  The Council wants to keep the strongest alive in case Krypton is ever destroyed.  He argues that having the orb sent to Earth will release superbeings onto that planet.  “The humans will be powerless against them.  We cannot doom another planet’s future to preserve our past.”  Female bureaucrat says he should have more faith in his own race.  “You leave us no choice.  The punishment for treason is death.”

907Smallville0420The ‘honorable’ Major Zod interrupts the closed session and demands to be heard.  His request is granted.  He tells them that even though he has driven back Black Zero and diminished their numbers, his accomplishments pale to what Jor-El has done.  “Jor-El is the truest hero I have ever known.  He has dedicated his life’s work, not to death or war, but to creation.”  He speaks of the brightest and most promising perishing when Kandor fell.  You can see this is personal for him.  “In an instant, Krypton lost mothers (his wife), fathers, daughters . . . sons. (his son)”  His voice nearly cracks on the last word.  “What good will come if you extinguish another life unnecessarily   I implore you all.  Let Jor-El live.”  His passion is noted by the Council.  They discuss as Jor-El silently thanks him.  They agree.  “Jor-El, the Council will spare your life.  But you are ordered to complete the orb.  You must include Major Zod’s DNA and your own.”  If the day that Krypton is destroyed – “our survivors on Earth will be lead by two of our planet’s greatest heroes.”

Stop. This clarifies what Jor-El said to Clark via the ship.  That he was to rule with strength.  Since Jor-El knew by sending his son to Earth that would probably put him into contact with the other Kryptonians.  Clark would have superpowers and maybe the others also.  So AI Daddy isn’t such a heartless bastard afterall.  He just doesn’t have additional information.  Looks like he needs an update.

Zod and Jor-El embrace arms.  “I, Zod, am in your debt,” says the grateful Jor-El.  “Never forget that, my friend.”  Uhhh, if he’s his friend then why would he have to pay the debt?  Zod is not what he appears.  Jor-El does look a little suspicious.

Back to the present at the farm. “If it wasn’t for Zod, I wouldn’t be here and neither would my son.”  Blondie offers to fill him in on what took place after that concerning Zod.  “I’m going to warn you, it doesn’t have a happy ending.”  Remember Zod went on to be a general and ended up in the Phantom Zone because he ended up destroying Krypton.  Also reference ORACLE, ARRIVAL, and ZOD.

907Smallville0468Ollie’s plane. “I can’t believe my father has been on Earth this whole time and Jor-El didn’t tell me.”  Clark is trying to figure out what is going on.  Would have really liked to have seen replicant Jor-El talking to the AI version in the FOS.  Oh well.  Ollie tries to clarify.  “So when you say Jor-El, you mean the dude in your ice crystal palace thingie?”  Gotta love Ollie.  Clark hasn’t trusted AI Jor-El much and with good reason.  It’s a computer.  But Clark doesn’t have all the pieces.  He’s working out of his heart and passion – which is where he usually operates.  “He must have known what it would mean to me to meet my real father.  To speak to an actual person and not some voice in the Arctic.  But again Jor-El kept me in the dark.”  Clark, FOS Jor-El is a computer.  He doesn’t have feelings.  He’s not jealous of your flesh and blood daddy.  He only knows what’s been programmed.  Ollie reasons that there must be some reason AI Big Daddy Jor-El didn’t tell him the truth.  “He’s probably afraid that in person he’s worse than I thought he was.”  Clark’s got his mad on.  “Do you really mean that or is that the anger talking,” asks the billionaire.  Clark confesses there’s a part of him that doesn’t want to meet him at all.  He’s confused and rightfully so.  Ollie says he can’t relate to Clark’s life except for growing up without parents.  “Clark, we don’t get a second chance to be with them.”  (Well Clark does but .  . y’know.)  “I’d go to hell and back just to wrap my arms around my old man just one more time.”    He leaves Clark to work it out on his own.  Ollie is a true friend.

Kent loft. Jor-El is going through Clark memorabilia from high school including his class year book, his Crow football helmet, state championship jersey Lois wore in COMMITTED, and his team photo.  Blondie runs up the steps telling him that Clark is incommunicado at the moment but is on his way.  “Then you’ll finally get to meet your son.”   Jor-El states he is saddened.  An emotion.  Clark did not grow up around his people and that he grew up alone.  Blondie sets him straight on that score.  “Trust me the Kents were the greatest parents you could have ever hoped for . . . on Earth.”  Jor-El expected as much.  He speaks of the right of passage of coming to Earth in RELIC, meeting Hiram Kent.  “I felt so much love in this house.  Perhaps that’s why I sent Kal-El here.”  Blondie asks the million dollar question.  If Jor-El didn’t know he sent his son to Smallville why did he show up there?   “I have many fond memories here.”  Tim Roth in Lie To Me would have nailed him against the wall on that one.  “I wanted to see the place again.”  Blondie plays cheerleader for the Kents, Clark and Jor-El’s AI guidance.  “I worry that he’s not the only one that I’ve influenced.  Perhaps I played my part in making Zod the man he became.”  Blondie tells him Zod is the only person responsible for choosing to become a monster.  She’s right.

A noise is heard in the barn.  Jor-El gives blondie the paralyzing pinch.  Is that Torquasm Rao or Torquasm Vo or Klukor?  That shuts her up.  Clark should learn that.  We see operatives with rifles enter the barn as Jor-El begins to take them out.  He is tasered.  So someone doesn’t want him dead just yet.  And he’s out on the barn floor.


907Smallville0569Luthor Mansion. The infamous wine cellar.  Tess is spouting Michelin ratings to a Kryptonian.  (Like he knows what the hell she is talking about.)  He asks who she is.  She says a friend.  “We both know that’s not true.”  Go Kryptonian go.  She’s just had him tasered, kidnapped and now he’s handcuffed to a wine rack.  She doesn’t expect him to believe her.  Good thing. She says she had to take drastic measures to protect him and Kal-El.  “How can you protect anyone when your only concern is yourself?”  Oh yea, likin Big Daddy J in the flesh.  She says his Kryptonian instincts (remember those from SAVIOR) are wonky because she’s not the enemy.  She tells him that Major Zod is searching for the Blur who he thinks is Jor-El.  Zod doesn’t know Kal-El exists.  “Why are you involved in our affairs?”  Good question.  Tess believes that mankind is doomed and that the Kandorians can save the Earth.  She confesses she released them all from the orb.  “You shouldn’t have done that!  We are abominations that should have never been created.” If the Kandorians get their powers then what she has done may destroy the planet.  So Tess goes into her happy place by DeNial.   “Not if they turn out like your son.”  Jor-El tells her they are not that much different than humans.  “Our sacred Book of Rao teaches that where there is light, there is darkness.”  Tess wants Jor-El to help her protect Kal-El.  “If not, Zod will find out about him.”  Is she threatening him?  Jor-El knows better than she that Zod may kill his son.  “For Zod is a foe not to be taken lightly with or without his powers.”  So woman who likes to play with fire, let the genie out of the bottle and opened Pandora’s box is still adamant for Jor-El to work her plan.  “If you want to save your son, you have to make a sacrifice.”  Mark those words.  “You must convince the Kandorians that you are the Blur.”   Jor-El takes the black jeans and black S symboled tee shirt.

Kent loft. Blondie is still out as Clark calls her name and shakes her.  She awakens.  “What happened?  Tell me who did this to you,” says a concerned Clark.  She does.  “My father’s here? Chloe, he came all the way to the farm but he didn’t stay to see me?”  Blondie informs him that Jor-El seems to have some unfinished business with Zod who is also on Earth.

907Smallville0672Luthor fireplace. Tess races in to find Zoddie staring at the flames.  She makes a crack about her crack security staff who may be on crack.  “Why wouldn’t they let me in? We are partners now afterall.”  He wants a progress report on search for Jor-El.  She hands him the photo of naked BDJ in the burned S symbol in Turkey.  “Let’s just say the noose is getting tighter.”  Zod wants to celebrate.  He crosses to the wine he’s already been partaking of and pours another glass.  “I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me.”  Zod goes poetic about the wine cup.  “The wine-cup is the little silver well, where Truth if Truth there be, doth dwell.”  Tess is impressed with his knowledge of Shakespeare.  Zod goes in for the ‘kill.’  He much more likes the effects of wine than the Bard.  “With every sip, there is a new riddle.  A new truth.  Just like you, Tess.  Everytime we’re together, I discover something new.  I can’t wait to see what my next sip reveals.”  The guy is majorly hitting on her with low voice and invading her space.  “The bitter truth is . . that I’m not interested.  We’re keeping this partnership strictly professional.”  Shot down but not in flames.  “The lady doth protest too much.” (from Hamlet)  She gives him a triumphant grin as she tells him she won’t be revealing any more.  “Tonight.”  So she does leave the hook in the water to see if he’ll bite.  He takes a sip of wine, puts down the glass, and then stays in her space to get his coat.  Just before he exits he turns looking like he’s happy.  “But not to worry . . . I had my people grab something from your cellar.”  She tosses her wine glass at him and it shatters.  (Luthorcorp must own glass factories.)  The snake and the mongoose.  Mongoose got bit and she didn’t like it.  He’s gleeful as he leaves.  Tess’ reaction.  It’s as if she played her cards perfectly.  Uh oh.  That can’t be good.

Watchtower. Blondie bursts through the doors with an angry Clark right behind her.  “When you told me I could find my father, I didn’t think that it was because you WIRED MY HOUSE!”  She explains she set them up after he fought with Doomsday.  She says she wanted to keep an eye on his place until he came home.  He ain’t buying it.  YES!  Clark is not going to regress.  He’s standing his ground and thinking.  Man, deciding to go after what he wants and kissing Lois just does great things for this character.  “I’ve been home for weeks.  You didn’t tell me anything about them.”  He glares at Oliver – who knows what that look means.  “Don’t look at me, man.”  Poor Ollie.  Maybe he should tell blondie to buzz off, too.  Blondie apologizes.  She thinks the camera picked up something.  Clark, get those cameras out of there before you decide you can’t be without Lois ever – unless you want your own Pamela Anderson clips on the internet.  That would really crimp the whole secret identity thing.  They see Jor-El pinch blondie and gently place her on the couch.  “He sensed danger.  He was trying to save you,” adds Ollie.  We see Jor-El being taken down by tasers.  Clark is still angry.  “There’s only one person who would send operatives to kidnap him and it’s not Zod.”  Ollie tries to stop him.  “But going after Tess with all eyes ablazing is not a good idea.  You’re going to do something you’ll regret.  You understand?  Why don’t you just let me talk to her?”  Blondie agrees.  Apparently Clark ain’t buying that either.  He zips off.  So non mythos blonde has no more power over our hero.  It’s about time!

The warehouse. ‘Faora’, Alia and Basqat throw Jor-El, dressed as the Blur, to the floor and then leave.  Zod appears from the shadows.  “Hello, old friend.”


Zod is ticked.  He’s seen what the Blur has done for the humans of Metropolis.  “It’s time you do something for your own people.  You give us our powers!  Considering the last time that we met, I think it’s the least you can do.”   Jor-El is silent.

907Smallville0845Flashback to Krypton. Jor-El is putting the blood samples into the orb using the crystal panel.   He is being watched by soldiers presumably there for the Council.  Jor-El takes a crystal of blue (kryptonite) and shines it on the orb.  Thus nullifying the effects of the yellow sun when they are released.  He places the orb on a table.  “Kneel!” says Zod as he enters.  Jor-El tells him the Council’s demands have been met.  “And so are these, the Stones of Knowledge, the teachings of the 28 galaxies will be available to our people if ever they are resurrected.  All that is left is for you and I to include our DNA.”  Zod nods looking solemn.  “Which is why you will understand why I need for you to do this for me.”  They walk away from the guards as Zod reveals a lock of hair with a blue ribbon.  It’s blonde, too.  What’s with the blondes having dark haired kids and vice versa?  He explains that his wife gave him the keepsake before he went off to battle.”  There are tears in his eyes.  “So I could keep my most precious treasure near to my heart.  It’s all I have left of my son.”  Jor-El is concerned for Zod’s bravado under the noses of the Council.  “They will see you.”  Zod puts his arm around Jor-El’s shoulder and guides him further away from the guards.  “My friend.  I beg of you.”  He places the casing and lock of hair in Jor-El’s hand and closes his fingers over it.  “Use these fragile cells to bring my little boy back.  So I can hold him in my arms again.”  Jor-El shrugs and lets out a breath.  “But it is not an exact science.”  He explains there may be complications or mutations.  Zod stutters in burgeoning anger.  “Don’t give me excuses.  This is my son.  You can bring him back to me.”  Jor-El tells him what he told Clark in RECKONING.  “But we cannot change the past.”  Zod starts to snarl.  “After everything I’ve done for you.  How dare you deny me this request.”  Jor-El tries to get him to see reason.  “We do not have the right!”  Zod ain’t listening.  “Think of how you’d feel if you had a son.”  Zod realizes that’s not the way to work Jor-El.  He swallows his anger.  “I’m truly sorry,” says Jor-El sincerely as he walks away.  Zod allows him to take his DNA.  Anger is best served cold.  “You are as dead to me as my son.”

Jor-El of the past looks up at Zod as Zod in the present sucker punches Jor-El in the warehouse.  “Defend yourself!”  Jor-El confesses that he has no powers and that he used the blue kryptonite to take them away.  He also corrupted the orb so they could not rule Earth as gods.  Zod doesn’t believe him.  He wants to know how Jor-El harnessed the powers of the yellow sun.  “I shall never tell you.”  Zod slugs him again.  Jor-El is bleeding.  “You owe this to us!  You owe this to me!”  Jor-El looks him in the eye.  “Krypton is gone because you destroyed it.”  Zod thinks that is impossible and that he’s lying.  Jor-El tries to explain that they are replicants/clones.  “When we emerged from the orb we were shadows of our former selves.  But those we were created from stayed behind on Krypton and had full lives, spouses, children.”  How Zod in a military coup tried to take over Krypton, but on the eve of his defeat instead of surrendering, Zod chose to destroy the planet.  Apparently this rang true with Zod because he only wants to know how Jor-El knew that.  He didn’t call him a liar or deny that was possible.  “Because it is the truth.  We’ve been given a second chance.  To have lives here on Earth.  To live among the humans.  To be different.  To be better than we were before.”  Zod is pissed.  “This is the same selfish morality that kept me from seeing my son ever again.”  Jor-El tries to reason with him.  “Perhaps you are right.  Perhaps if I had given you what you wanted, you never would have betrayed Krypton.”  (Talk about a rock and a hard place)  Zod draws closer.  “Like you betrayed me?”  Jor-El confesses he feels Zod’s pain now.  “More than ever.”  Zod crouches beside his prisoner.  “How could you?  How could you fathom my pain if you’ve never had a child?”  After examining his face, Zod realizes Jor-El does understand.  He’s seen that look in the eye before in the mirror when he prayed Jor-El would bring his son back to him.  Zod has figured it out.  Their donors lived on, had families, spouses, children.  “You’re hiding something with selfless conviction.”  Zod realizes Jor-El did not leave the shields in Metropolis.  “You’re protecting someone.  Someone who did not come with us.  The same person who told you of Krypton’s destruction.”  (That would be a no.)  “Someone from the House of El.”  In calm terror, Jor-El denies it.  Zod continues.  “Someone you’d give your life for.”  He smirks and rises over his prisoner.  The music is mythic.  Zod leaves and tells his terrorist trio to release Jor-El.  “He will lead us to the one who will give us our powers.  His son.”  Good luck with that.  Clark barely has all his powers.

Stop. The Stones of Knowledge were supposedly buried on Earth hundreds of years ago according to the Teagues – was it VERITAS?   Genevieve’s witchy family searched for them for centuries.  Since Jor-El had the stones before Krypton exploded, does that mean that the witch arc we had to endure has just been retconned?  I’ll take it.  The less blahna the better.  Secondly, Zod called in his marker for saving Jor-El from a treason conviction.  Jor-El already was against resurrecting the dead.  I doubt that Zod has friends in the true sense of the word.  He has people he uses when he can.  Jor-El is/was a man of high moral conviction.  He knows there are consequences to actions.  Zod doesn’t care as long as he gets what he wants.  If Jor-El had done what Zod wanted – that would mean there would have been two generations of Zod on Earth – that would not be fun for the humans and the lesser Kandorians.  Especially when Zod and Jor-El were to rule together.  The kid would have conspired with his father to take over.

907Smallville1012Luther mansion. Tess is looking intently at her laptop.  Does she have spy cameras of her own?  Clark bursts through the doors louder than usual.  She stands and closes her laptop.  “Just when I thought you had fallen off my radar.”  Who else did she have on her radar?  Clark still is angry.  He’s spitting between clenched teeth.  “Where is he?!  I’ve already searched every LuthorCorp facility, the Daily Planet and THIS house!  I found no one.  Where are you hiding him?”  Well, that was succinct.  Tess comes around the desk.  “I’m going to need a little more information.  Like a name.”  You don’t play games with Kryptonians with loaded eyeballs, sugar.  What is with these non mythos chicks that think they can manipulate Clark all the time every time?  “You know who I’m talking about.  His name’s Jor-El!”  Tess denies knowing who he’s talking about even though she knows how upset he is.  Stupid.  Clark tells her she’s lying because she’s got operatives all over the world tracking everywhere.  “You know everything!”  She still insists on taunting him.  “The only alien I know is right in front of me.”  Clark has had enough of her evil shit.  He grabs her by the throat and holds her up in the air for a bit.  “Where’s my father?  I want to see him now!”

So with her windpipe collapsing Tess gets seductive.  “Clark, I’ve waited so long for you to admit your true Kryptonian heritage.  I always hoped that you’d tell me because you trusted me.  But I’ll take what I can get.”  Is she kidding?  So apparently she had a time limit as to how long it would take for Clark to tell her – even set up scenarios so he would be forced to tell her.  And all because he trusted her?  Yea, happy place by DeNial.  Well, Clark doesn’t’ kills so he drops her on the floor.  “Where is he?  Tell me!”  She looks up at him.  “Zod has him.”  Clark stares back in shock.  She tells him not to worry because she had a tracking device on his father’s clothes.  “So we could locate him.”  We?  “You wanted Zod to find him.  So you could find the others.  YOU USED MY FATHER AS BAIT!”  Oh, I loves me a thinking and feeling Clark.  Tess makes the fatal flaw of using the age old blahna and blondie excuse.  “I was just trying to protect you.”  (Lois doesn’t try, she does protect Clark.)  He shoves her lying butt at the laptop.  “Find him!” he yells.  Tess is not too thrilled to be opening her laptop.  We see Jor-El’s location immediately.  Like she already had it up.  “He’s on your farm.”  Clark zips off.  Again a lingering shot on Tess as if her plan is going beautifully.

907Smallville1078Clark zips across the farm to stand by the fenceline.  “Jor-El?”  He gets a little smile on his face as he sees a man at the top of the hill.  He can see the man is in trouble.  He superspeeds to him to catch him before he hits the ground.  Jor-El has a bullet hole in him.  Embracing his father, Clark wants to know who did this to him.  Jor-El doesn’t know.  Clark is in terror and pain also.  “Okay.  Hold on.  I’ll get you help.”  Jor-El lying on the ground with his son holding him.  He places a hand on his son’s arm.  “Kal-El, I am so proud of you.  So proud.”  Clark pleads with him.  “Don’t go!  I can save you.”  Jor-El places his hand on his cheek.  “Save Zod.”  And then he dies.  “No! No!”  Clark grabs his father into his arms and then they switch to a long shot.  HUH?  Another second or two of Clark grieving would have been better.


907Smallville1115Kent Farm. Clark and Ollie on the porch.  “When my dad died, I kept thinking at least I’d have the memories of being with him here on the farm.  With Jor-El being gone, all I’m left with is . . .”  Ollie finishes for him, feeling his own pain.  “an empty feeling inside.”  Clark has Jor-El’s dogtags in his hand.  “I just had so many questions I wanted to ask him.  Figure out who he really was.”  Ollie tells him that he’s a chip off the old block.  After seeing how he saved blondie, Ollie declares Jor-El as well as Clark heroes.  “I’ll never be able to live up to everything he accomplished.”  Ollie brings some levity.  “I don’t think anyone wears that supershield like you.”  Clark is solemn.  “Still he sacrificed so much by sending me to this planet.  And then he sacrificed himself again to protect my secret.”  Ollie walks over to him.  “Of course he did, Clark.  You’re his son.”  Clark is still indignant.  “He didn’t have to die.”  Clark has asked blondie to scan all the footage she has from the farm.  She’s going to use the Watchtower to figure out what happened.  Ollie looks around when reminded of blondie’s spy equipment.  He tells Clark he knows they haven’t always seen eye to eye.  “But I’ve got your back.  Always.”  Clark nods.  He’s still serious.  “Good.  Because I’m going to need your help to find out who killed my father.  And bring him to justice.”  Ollie nods.

Watchtower. Blondie tippy tappy typing away on the farm footage.  Jor-El seems to have stashed something in a furnace duct at the house.  Closeup reveals green, octagonal shaped disk with Kryptonian symbols.  The middle has a triangle shape cut out.   Looks like Jor-El had another reason for coming to Smallville.

907Smallville1180Somewhere on the Kent property by a lake. Clark is dressed much as he was for Jimmy’s funeral.  There is a freshly dug grave and a large rock near it.  Clark has buried his father.  With his heat vision, he lasers the House of El symbol on the rock.  “I’m sorry.  I can’t give you what you want.  I can’t save Zod.”  Nearby Zod watches Clark.  He has found Jor-El’s son.  “You might remember him as a friend, but I know what he becomes.”  Clark has learned discernment.  Thank you!  The music soars and then grows dark as we see Zod is no longer there.  Clark looks out as he stands over his father’s grave.  The music transitions to hope as the credits appear.

COMMENT: Great episode.  No denying.  Loved Clark.  He has grown so much and truly is his own man now.  Thank You!  I do have a request.  Right now everybody and their brother knows Clark’s secret except Lois Lane.  That has to be changed.  It should be the reverse.  Lois should be the only one to know his secret.  It will be interesting to see how PS accomplishes that.


IDOL. (Next episode the Wonder Twins.  I admit I’m not a fan.)  Clark and Lois lift the lid of a crate and see men duct taped inside.  “There’s no way the drug bust is the work of the Blur” said by Clark.  “Lois, I wasn’t behind the saves,” says the Blur into his phone.  We see a car crash into a power tower.  Lois speaking into her phone.  “The Blur has an imposter?”  Clark looking up with people around.  EVER WONDER.  Blondie, “I’ve discovered five messy saves that obviously weren’t done by you.”  An office building, whose windows form the S Symbol.  Clark looking concerned or puzzled.  A kid spray painting.  Power tower falling with a ‘lighted’ makeshift S shield.  A girl in an aura.  IF YOU HAD A TWIN.  The Wonder Twins in the Watchtower saying “Powers activate” the usual fist touch and burst of light.  A mountain lion.

So apparently the Wonder Twins idolize the Blur and are screwing up their saves.  Lois is in peril.  She publicly defends the Blur and is being harassed by government officials about the Blur’s identity.  There’s more .. . but you gotta watch!

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  1. Christine permalink
    November 9, 2009 6:51 am

    Great review as always Holli, though I’ve told you before I am clueless when it comes to the refrences to the comic book lore. I just sit back and wait for the pretty one to appear. Though I did dig this episode more than I thought.. someone though made a good spec about the stones of knowledge maybe Jor-el placed them via a worm hole so that technically they were placed in the past?? Hmm oh well back to looking at the pretty

    • November 11, 2009 9:54 pm

      SV_Writers verified the stones placement in time theory on twitter today.

      Glad you enjoyed the episode. Clark is a man now and we get to reap the benefit. :D

  2. JaySin420 permalink
    November 9, 2009 4:53 pm

    Wow great review, I’m glad I just happened to come across this site. This episode was mind blowing, I felt like I was watching some weird mix of Smallville and Superman 1 and 2 which was just insanely awesome. And Callum Blue is just incredible as Zod.

    • November 11, 2009 9:56 pm

      Thank you JaySin. Yes it was an incredible episode with the mix of all that is good in the Superman and Smallville mythos. We’re all enjoying Callum’s Zod. Not a misstep or a bad note this season from the newcomer. :D

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog.

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