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Smallville Spoilers News Round-up

October 27, 2009

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So Kelly and Brian are out stomping up Smallville to the press – here are some of the highlights from their trip around Hollywood’s bullpen:

TV Guide asks Kelly about where things are going with Lois/Clark & Jor-El: How are you approaching Clark and Lois (Erica Durance) finally being a couple this season?
They have their ups and downs just like every other couple. What comes out in the first half of this season is exactly what their issues are as far as their relationship goes. You get a little more insight, particularly into Lois. In the past, Clark was always hesitant to get into a relationship. He’s finally met his match in Lois and I think she’s even more hesitant in some ways than he is. The issues that she’s grappling with romantically will start to emerge more clearly over this first half of the season. Will she find out Clark’s secret now that they’re dating?
Well… there’s a really great episode called “Idol” that’s coming up that if you’re curious about Lois and Clark and the secret, you should definitely watch that one. As we know we have to line up with the mythos, in which case she doesn’t know his secret, but watch “Idol,” it’s very, very fun. I take “Pandora” to be the episode when Clark discovers the content of Lois’ visions. How does he come to discover it and how does it affect the future story lines in learning this?
It greatly affects Clark’s storyline and shines a big light on Zod [Callum Blue] and the other Kandorians who have come. It informs what Clark does from that point forward. He discovers it through Lois’ point of view, through her visions of the future. It’s Smallville, so we have to do something more visual than her just telling him. It’s not another power, there’s nothing unreal about it, but he gets to see the world through her eyes in a sense. With Jor-El and Zod coming back, that can change the Smallville mythology. How is the time-paradox going to play out?
There’s a little secret about Zod and the Kandorians: They’re not exactly the way you think they are; that has a great deal to do with how the mythos would play out. In Episode 7, which is called “Kandor,” a lot of their backstory comes to light and it sheds a huge light on them here presently. When will Clark meet Zod and what happens when they come together?
He meets him in the first run [Editor’s note: The first run of episodes concludes with Episode 9]. It’s a little prickly. They don’t have any reason to trust each other, so they don’t. A lot comes to light in the middle run about each other. The tables keep on turning. Will Clark get to meet Jor-El in person?
Tune in to “Kandor.” Here’s the tricky one. Will the Jor-El in the Fortress of Solitude get to meet the Jor-El who has arrived on Earth?
How would you explain that in a scene? [Laughs] That would be a writers’ nightmare. They don’t quite come face-to-face at this point.

Read more HERE!


General Zod Smoulders - Women Swoon - click thumb to read TV Guide Interview w/ the Sexy Callum Blue...Be Kind - credit OSCK w/ the Scan.

More From TV Guide:

On Smallville, will we see Clark wear a suit with some color this season? Or maybe wear his iconic glasses? — Sharlene

ADAM: Get used to the basic black, Sharlene. “He isn’t quite done with his suit yet,” says executive producer Kelly Souders. “This whole season is the alter ego before he starts transforming into the [Superman] that we all know.” As for the glasses, she says, “There’s a flirting moment with a pair of glasses. I won’t say that he’s definitely got them on, but I would watch the next little run. You’ll see it in the first nine episodes.”

Steve Bacic is The Dark Archer:

The character he’s playing is going to be the mentor to the Green Arrow (Justin Hartley), teaching him skills in archery. Hm, it sure looks like Oliver’s all ready for some major storylines this season.

Click HERE for more info!

From Matt’s MegaBuzz:


Tess is enjoying the Scenery

Are Tess and Oliver going to be hooking up this season on Smallville? — Kaitlyn

ADAM: Don’t look to see them getting BIZ-AY on screen any time soon. For what it’s worth, Cassidy Freeman shares your disappointment. “Tess is a sex goddess, but she never gets a love scene,” Freeman tells us. “She’s a temptress, but she’s kind of a prude.”

Speaking of Miss Freeman, she chatted w/ IGN:

IGN: Tess’ relationship with Zod has put her in a different position, as far as trying to figure this guy out. Will we see more of that?

Freeman: Yeah, absolutely. The stakes just keep raising all season with what they’re willing to do to prove to each other that they can either be trusted or manipulate each other. And our relationship does come back around episode 7. We come back together and sort of get to keep playing our poker game.

Click HERE to read her whole interview!

If you’re not stressed out enough about how things are going in this season, TV Guide dropped this bomb on us:

Jimmy Olson’s death shattered everyone on Smallville last season. This year, fans will be lamenting more losses. caught up with executive producer Kelly Souders, who revealed that more people bite the dust in Season 9.

“You will see more people than you can imagine die in the first 12 [episodes]. Luckily it’s Smallville, so not all of them stick,” Souders said. The showrunner would only give three hints:

* Is this in the present or the future? “A little bit of both.”
* Might this be one of Lois’ visions? “There might be a few people who pass away in her visions, too.”
* Are any of the main characters the victims? “You can’t make me ruin that. I promise you all the people you love to watch, you will still be loving to watch in episode 18, 19, 20, 21.”

Daemon’sTV chatted with Executive Producer Brian Peterson and he dropped these nuggest about the next part of the season:

The last episode that aired was The Bomber.

Brian Peterson: Right. So this week which might not be relevant, this week we’re bringing more and more DC characters because we want to start kind of blending the worlds because as you said he’s just nipping on the heels of being Superman. So this week we’re bringing in a character called Roulette from the DC Universe who’s kind of a games woman. She ends up running a big arena called The House. Then we bring in the Wonder Twins and so Clark gets to mentor two somewhat ragged Wonder Twins. Then we actually quickly start to pay off the visions that Lois is having from her time in the future. That’s going to be in episode nine called ‘Pandora’ which is the final episode of our Fall run.

SM907-0018And then we bring in somebody from Oliver Queen’s past and we introduce one of his sidekicks Mia Dearden, Speedy or the newest version of Speedy. So that’ll be a fun arc that we have for her. We bring some old favorites back in like Zatanna and Martian ManHunter. So he’s in the thick of the universe that he’s going to be in when he’s Superman this season.

We saw Zod in the first episode, but then not a lot afterwards. Are we going to get to see more of him? Will he be in contact with other characters and can we expect a fight between him and Clark, a meeting or something exciting?

Brian Peterson: Yes. He has a season wide arc and so you’re going to be seeing a lot of Zod as he gets his footing here on earth and formulates his plan as to what he wants to do while he’s on earth. Then in episode nine, in ‘Pandora’, we get our glimpse of what the future would be if Zod gets his way on earth. So you will see him interacting with more and more characters as the season unfolds, for sure.

How is Tess kind of involved with him? We’re not sure what she’s doing.

Brian Peterson: Yeah, you never know what side Tess is on, do you. Tess firmly plants herself right in the middle of the Zod/Clark relationship and tries to – I can’t say a lot because I don’t want to giveaway a lot, but she has her own agenda in doing that and it will become clear, I think, as to who’s side she’s on as the season progresses.

You talked about the visions Lois has been having. We notice that as much as she loves the Red-Blue Blur she’s really attracted to Clark as well. Is that something that will continue to get explored?

Brian Peterson: Well, we’re actually trying to get into Lois Lane’s head this year which is somewhat of a hard thing to do for the writers sometimes because Lois is a very complicated character. Really, we’re trying to figure out what it is that makes her tick and we’re realizing that she’s got in a really bizarre love triangle between Clark Kent and the Red-Blue Blur, or the Blur as we’re calling him this year. Lois’s Achilles heel is that she’s always had a hero complex and she always falls for the bad boy hero or the hero, but she always falls for the hero. But here in front of her is probably the best guy that she’s ever going to meet in her life. So over the course of the season she’s falling even harder for Clark while still having that kind of pang of interest and mystery in this guy called The Blur. Everyone needs to watch episode eight which is called ‘Idol’ and Lois finally goes to therapy to deal with this issue. Lois in therapy is something everyone needs to watch.

Click HERE to read more!

Collider also talked to Brian:

Collider: So how has this season been going

Brian Peterson: It’s actually been phenomenal. I think the episodes have actually exceeded our expectations and we’ve been working so closely with Canada to make sure that the vision of each episode from start to finish is coming through and it has been. There’s been very…basically no moments where we’re like ooh, that’s not what we were looking at. So I think we’ve been incredibly happy. I think the fans, from what I’ve seen, seem to be responding in a way that we had hoped. So we’re trying to really this season take Clark from a place of being in indecision into a place of being in action. Trying to figure out exactly what that action means, how it turns him into a hero so that when we come out at the end of this season or next we honestly believe he’s gone through every trial possible before he becomes Superman.


Lois Hard at Work and NOT thinking about the Blur...much

Yeah, because guys film near each other, I think, the same city. So I’m curious if you guys have ever been on location kind of run into each other? Have Clark walk in the background vs. some of the characters…you see I’m making sort of a joke but sort of serious.

Peterson: I can tell you there was a bit of a stand-off over the use of the Watchmen set and I think we won, because the Watchmen set is up there and we shoot one episode using part of the Watchmen set. Other than that, I don’t know. I don’t know that there’s been a lot of kissing of the different shows, but there definitely was a location…I wouldn’t say a battle…there was a location stand-off at one point.

I did a “Watchmen” set visit and I was up in Vancouver recently for another set visit and we drove by that “Watchmen” set and I couldn’t believe it was still standing.

Peterson: Yeah. And lucky for us it was because we actually got to shoot episode 9…part of episode 9 there.

Can I ask what you shot on that set?

Peterson: Oh is that spoiling it? I don’t know. Let me think. We shot…I don’t think this is spoiling anything. We shot a piece of the future in episode 9. We go to the future with Lois and see what her visions are. We shot a piece of the future there.

Of course I want to ask about Geoff Johns. He’s doing the Justice Society episode. Could you talk a little bit about that?

Peterson: Sure. He actually is working right now on it. And in fact it has become kind of a two-episode event now. So we’re working on two episodes where the Justice Society is featured and it has been amazing working with Jeff. He brings so much from the DC universe and the world and his knowledge is so amazing and on top of which he’s just a great guy, so it’s just been really fun to use everything that he brings and to enrich the show in a way that I think isn’t just a stand-alone like one episode or two episodes but the way that the Justice Society is introduced into our storyline really takes a kind of burgeoning league of heroes that we have and thrust them in a very galvanized solid direction. So I think coming out of mid-season, all of our characters will be actually in a little bit different place than they’ve ever been before, so that’s great. I think it’s very exciting for the show.

When did you guys realize it was going to be a two-parter and did you…I know that every show has like a certain budget they have to work with, did you guys manage to sort of raise the budget a little bit for the two-part episode or are you spending a little extra money on it?

Peterson: Part of the idea came from the fact that when we got the script it was fantastic, but we have so many characters in it that we really want to spend the time to be able to get into their backstories and get into who they are and give them all arcs. And we were realizing that actually is probably going to take two episodes and now we actually have two full episodes of it. I can’t really talk about it to be honest. I will say that there is a definite focus on these episodes and we’re trying to support them in the best way that we possibly can.

Click HERE to read more!


Dr. Daniel Jackson gets some wings

And finally in case you didn’t know already SOCIETY has become a 2-parter episode. We’ll have three Justice Society members, Hawkman, Stargirl, and Dr. Fate. Hawkman will be played by Stargate Alum Michael Shanks (I personally can’t tell you how excited I am about this, I’ve been pestering Kate for months that I wanted Michael on the series…my prayers got answered!)

Brent Stait (Andromeda) will play Dr. Fate and Britt Irvin will be Stargirl.

Geoff Johns tweeted this about Society:

Yes, Hawkman will have wings. And a big mace. Oh. And he and Green Arrow don’t get along. At all.

Oh and for the SOCIETY/LEGENDS 2 parter – crack out your oreos! According to Michael Aussielo:

Smallville’s upcoming Justice Society-themed two-parter has added another headliner. Exec producer Kelly Souders confirms that the highly anticipated eppys (titled “Society” and slated to air in early 2010) will mark the return of Phil Morris as Martian Manhunter.

Penned by comic book hero Geoff Johns, “Society” marks the arrival of Justice Society members Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and Stargirl. The abundance of special guest stars is what prompted Souders and fellow showrunner Brian Peterson to expand the episode into two parts.

“To be honest, there were so many characters and so much great story that people would’ve been robbed of some great moments if we kept it to just one hour,” says Sounders. “So now that it’s a two-parter, you won’t miss anything.”

Lois will be absent for the first of the 2 parters but will be back for the second half, which will mean that Erica and Michael will get to work together again having previously worked together on Stargate SG1!

And finally – if we comic fans aren’t excited enough about this episode – look at what Kristin on E! had to reveal about the 2-parter:

Gil in Phoenix: Am I sensing a Chloe-Oliver pairing on Smallville?

No. My Smallville source says that’s not in the cards. Source also says: “The two-part Justice Society episode is going to make Superman fans, no actually comic book fans. LOSE. THEIR. S–T.” You have been warned.

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