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Smallville: ROULETTE, GAME ON!

October 26, 2009


Season 9 Episode 4

Review and Recap by baudyhallee aka Holli

Written by Genevieve Sparling and directed by Kevin Fair.

RATING:  GOOD Clark stuff. That distinction has to be made.  Blondie Knows Best Plot = FAIL.  A Clark lite episode.  There may have been some production schedule problems.  Tom Welling may have originally been scheduled to direct the next one.  He doesn’t.  Oliver heavy (and we mean heavy, he ain’t our brother).  Blondie is the root of all evil.  Emo song in the teaser.  Easily fast forwarded through some scenes after watching live, a first this season.  Beautifully shot, well acted, and story brought up some good points.  I had been enjoying Louis’ score so much this season and they pulled a revival of the angst song.  Even if it was for Ollie instead of Clark.  Still grated.

RECAP: Yea, apparently we’re not smart enough to see that Ollie is on the downward spiral so we have to rehash his fall and have to witness what a beacon of . . .bullshit blondie is.  Oh, yea, Oliver and Lois dated once upon a time, broke up amicably twice, and have a friendship.


Roulette wheel spinning, emo song playing.  Daisy by Brand New in case you liked it.  The bass and drums were good.  Ollie betting all his money and the car, too.  Woman with red dress and huge Chinese dragon tattoo.  He’s trying to find a game to satisfy that giant hole he has inside.  Owner of the club, woman in red dress, Roulette aka Victoria, pulls him aside and plays three cup Monty.  Usual Ollie flirting.  Ollie is told he can only choose one.  He does and it’s a red pill.  Well at least it wasn’t blue.  He must be okay in that department.  He has nothing to lose or so he says.  Takes pill; goes wobbly.  What do I notice?  The rock music poster on the door as Ollie falls out of it.  A woman screaming openmouthed into a mike is wearing leather and fishnet hose.  If you pause on it, you can see the future.  Loud and Proud.  Go Dinah!  He really needs his soulmate right now.  [Love those little extras to look at when you’re bored.  Thanks.]

He falls into the street over an open grated manhole.  Roulette comes out to stare.  He passes out.  There’s a great shot from the sewer system perspective that makes it all interesting.  Screen goes black.  We then see Ollie waking up in darkness.  He’s coughing.  He’s livin in a box, but not a cardboard box.  It’s wooden.  He feels something by his side.  It’s a flashlight with a wire ring on it.  He turns it on and there are the words, Game On, in dripping red paint on the lid.  Credits roll.  Where’s Clark?  Where’s Lois?


Kent Farm at night. Ahhhh, this is better.  The Blur arriving with a whoosh after a Hard Day’s Night.  He’s a little grimy.  He swings open the door to find Lois Lane folding her laundry in his living room.  He looks down at his clothes, sees Lois hasn’t noticed the door opening, superspeeds off camera, and gets back in the gray tee in time to shut the door.  He’s all cleaned up.  Lois turns around.  “About time you got home.”  He gives her a nervous Kent smile.  Trying to act normal.  He was almost busted, yet he seems happy that she’s there. It’s not unusual for Lois to be at the farmhouse.  She used to live there – and apparently her apartment, where she sleeps on the couch, doesn’t have laundry facilities.  She’s been talking to Shelby to pass the time.  Clark’s comeback.  “Shouldn’t you be riding a mechanical bull somewhere? It is Friday night.”  She corrects him.  “It’s movie night!”  She’s brought shark movies.  He’s not sure about this.  Maybe he just came home to take a shower before he went out again on patrol.  He wonders how she’s going to get her laundry done.  Maybe they should make movie night another night.  She tells him she’ll multitask.  “You should try it sometime.”  Clark/Superman was a multitasker before the term was created.  “I hope I have enough detergent.”  So he’s not kicking her out.  “How do you even have anything left to wear?”

Lois Lane picking up a laundry basket.  “You know, most guys wouldn’t complain if I suddenly found myself shirtless.”  She gives him the smirk.  He takes the hit, but then thinks that he wouldn’t complain either.  Welling does this so well.  This causes Lois to rethink what just happened.  She just got ricocheted.  She passes him as he goes into the living room.  He picks up some clothes on the couch and a red bra with lace gets stuck in his fingers.  It’s probably the largest cup size he’s seen.  She takes it from him and flings it.  Lois rescues him as he still stares at it.  “Poor, Clark, here.  FYI, that did not just happen.”  He really doesn’t know what to do.  Then she grabs the big guy by the shoulders and manhandles him to sit on the couch.  Any manhandling between Clark and Lois is good.  She leans over.  He’s trying to keep his eyes on hers, but she’s is wearing the V neck blouse.  “C’mon!  It is called Smallville for a reason, Clark.  What else do you possibly have to do tonight?”  He gives her a grin.  She clutches his knees and gives him a wink.  “It’ll be fun.”  She’s off to put the movie in.  He’s perfectly still listening for any distress in the area.  Of course there is.  A woman is screaming for help.  Clark gets off the couch and tells Lois they need popcorn.  “Don’t forget the extra butter,” she says kneeling on the floor.  He takes off.

Woman with mugger in her car.  He’s in the backseat so it’s not a carjacking.  Back window explodes and guy goes through it.  Unseen force at work.  Roof caves a little.  Waitress gets out of her car to find mugger secured on the roof.  Great scoring by Febre.  Very heroic.

Lois sits on the couch with remote in hand.  We hear the superzip and Clark walks in carrying a bowl of popcorn.  Lois is appreciating the view as he sits close beside her.  (Some day, baby, some day!)  Red bowl with roosters.  [grin] “See, we’re already having fun,” nudges the cross-legged Lois.  The movie is heard in the background as Clark does the nervous guy leg thing.  Lois stares at it then looks over at Clark.  He looks down at his leg in motion.  He does the closed mouth grin again as he stops it.  Lois continues to watch him as she eats a kernel of popcorn.  Her attention returns to the movie as he glances at her.

So boyfriend doesn’t mind her there.  He is just not sure how he’s going to handle his other job, too.  The Daily Planet gives him all kind of excuses to take off, but the farm on a Friday night alone with Lois and a movie.  Not so much.  Yes, there is a reason why they call the rural hamlet, Smallville.

Ollie in a box. [Is that like Man in a Can?]  He’s pounding on the lid.  He’s yelling in case there is someone to hear.  He’s forcing himself to think it through.  The lid won’t budge.  He seems to have the will to live.  Or maybe he’s picky about the way he does bite it.  With flashlight in hand, he finds an inside hinge.  Removing the ring from the torch, he straightens it and shoves it at the hinge peg.  Apparently only one hinge was necessary to free him.

He jumps out of the coffin shaped box, barefoot.  Why barefoot?  He’s wearing Lex’s white shirt and suit.  Something Lex wore in the future.  It would be symbolic of Ollie murdering Lex (supposedly) – but no one had seen Lex in it yet. Who changed his clothes?  Did he get the “Nightwing treatment” when he was unconscious?  “That’s the last time I trust a woman with a dragon tattoo.”  Perhaps a reference to Shado, who in the comics did rape him (as Nightwing had been) and conceived a son.  Yea, this whole kidnapping and mental torture is just too creepy. . . and dumb.

Ollie hears banging and muffled cries.  He sees a similar box via flashlight.  Walks cautiously over in his bare feet.  Why?  Were they planning on doing a John McClane and just didn’t have time?  It’s Smallville.  There is always broken glass.  The plaque on the box says Alexander Luthor. Of course.  “Lex.”  Ollie takes the flashlight and breaks the padlock off the box.  Interesting that his box was not padlocked.  So he’s saving people, even Lex.  Still got the hero in him.

The box is empty, of course.  Two speakers laugh at him.  Ollie thinks it’s Toyman.  Laugh wasn’t maniacal enough to be Schott.  A disembodied voice sneers at him telling him it isn’t Winslow.  “Care to guess again?”  Ollie wants it to end now.  The voice tells him to say the safe word and it will stop.  Ollie never got a safe word and he says so.  “Because you didn’t ask.  If you don’t care enough to learn the rules, you can’t complain about the game continuing.”  WTF?  Some fans had suspicions about blondie’s control freakism.  She’s a den mother without a cub scout troop.  She has no real purpose besides typing on a keyboard and lecturing anyone within earshot.  So we have some crap thinking, superior minded lecturer who’s kidnapped and tortured Oliver.  That was too easy to figure out.  And we see that the writers did go there.  Blondie is a loose canon and a Mary Sue.  But let’s continue on to see how far she (and they) will really go and whether she actually is smarter than two Kryptonians.

Ollie is pissed.  “Who is this?”  The voice sneers at him again.  “I’ll give you a hint.  Who did you destroy?”  Well, that’s easy enough.  Ollie destroyed himself and Green Arrow.  And we know he didn’t hire anyone to do this crap to him.  Lex is dead or purported to be dead – but with clone technology, that’s a moot point.  So it has to be blondie.  She’s the only one who gains from this.  She gets her remote control hero to boss around.  Thank God it’s not Clark!

Ollie confesses he’s destroyed a lot of lives.  Condescending voice.  “Let’s keep this simple.  Yes or no answer.”  Warning bells should have been sounding in Ollie’s head.  Blondie attack!  Blondie attack!  So I-know-best-for-everybody sends in an attack dog through a window.  Broken glass.  I TOLD ya.  Ollie jumps out window and heads for an opened door, abandoned car.  How convenient.  Blondie thinks of everything.  Where’s Clark?  Where’s Lois?

Ollie safely in the car.  Dog gives up.  Big rig heads straight for car.  Plows into it with the sound of twisted metal and glass breaking.


Kent farm.  The movie night continues. Thank God!  Man, someone has been getting out the goodies – food, silly.  Lois dipping a cookie in milk as Clark walks in with a bottle of soder [wink] and a can of some kind of cola.  “Are you like this at the movie theater, too, Clark? I mean, these concession runs are sweet, but you’re up and down more often than the Cubs’ batting lineup.”  He sits beside her again.  He tells her it’s all the movie suspense making him hungry.  She puts down her glass of milk and takes the bottle of soft drink, which obviously Clark brought for him.  He’s stuck with the can.    “What did I miss?”  Lois does some hemming and hawing.  “There’s this thing about a boat.”  Clark’s head spins around to glare at her.  She hasn’t been paying attention to the movie either.  “And then just lots of dum-dum, da-da-da-da . . .”  Basically the Jaws theme.  He’s giving her the ‘unbelievable’ eye.

Clark Kent gets off the couch and does some questioning of his own.  His perception has just kicked into gear.  “Alright, Lois.”  She’s brought in every shark movie known to man and eleven loads of laundry.  “When I’ve seen you take socks to the dry cleaners.  Are you okay?”  There is genuine concern here.

Lois Lane tries to say she’s fine. You know he doesn’t believe her.  “Why wouldn’t I be fine?”  Clark waits patiently.  “I’m totally not fine.”  She gets off the couch and faces him.  “Even if it is stupid.  But it’s not stupid.”  She walks towards the kitchen explaining it’s Oliver’s birthday and they always go out for beer pong on their bdays.  She sees the clock on the wall reads minutes after midnight.  “He totally missed it!  How does a guy with nine phone numbers not return a phone call?”  Clark in his infinite wisdom about relationships, his previous experience was not good, seems to try to relieve her of any fears.  He walks closer to her.  “Probably just celebrating with someone else.”  Lois knows he doesn’t have a clue.  “Wow!  Tall, dark, and single. Go figure?”  Clark is looking pretty blank right now.  He knows he’s in trouble.  “Do you know something?  You would tell me if you did, right?”  He assures her that Oliver is just fine.  “But paying him a visit wouldn’t hurt.”  He thinks he can just zip over and check to be sure he hasn’t just lied to Lois.  The intrepid reporter has other ideas.  She’s going with him.

Ollie face down in a mudpuddle with water up his nose.  So how did he get out of the smashed car?  Thrown through the window?  Somebody moved the car or him or both.  Barefoot and grimy Ollie finds a nearby phone booth, dials a number, it rings then stops.  “Chloe!  It’s Oliver.  I need your help.”  (Yea, so did Davis and see where that got him?)  The voice on the phone tells him the call could not be completed as dialed.  He’s frustrated, griping. “C’mon, Mr. Queen, did you really think it would be that easy?”  He looks around.  He wants to know who it is and the phone clicks in his ear.  He pounds the phone and then sees ‘Roulette’ stamped on his wrist.

Ollie bursts through the doors of the club. He sees Roulette there and she acts as if she’s being watched so she kisses him.  Not suspicious.  Not suspicious at all.  Why would Ollie think it was all a farce?   Maybe because it has already been declared a game.  She tells her the gamesters are there and they will kill Ollie.  “Trust your instincts.  When the chips are down, they are all you have.”  A guy comes towards them and Roulette goes Hong Kong Fui on him.   Ollie gets pushed with glass breaking.  He knocks out a guy.  Roulette offers him her hand, “All in.”  They depart the club.  Even though Louis’ music conveyed menace quite well.  I wasn’t feeling it from the scene.

So hand in hand, barefoot Ollie and Roulette run the Metropolis streets from what or who we do not know.  The Invisible Blonde apparently.  Ollie wants to know Devil in the Red Dress’s name.  She tells him it’s Victoria but acts like she has an appointment.  He wants to know who’s behind the game.  She tells him they are some nasty dudes.  So she plays the victim.  She has to do her job.  Ollie very heroically tells her he will help her.  He wants to know what these people want with him.  She pleads ignorance as a tear falls from her eye.  Great shot of the Vancouver train on the location shoot.  Ollie is apparently the only one who can answer that question.  “Who did you hurt so badly that they would want to see you dead?”

Dead or Alive, baby.  I start to hear this song in my head.

You spin me right round, baby

right round, like a record, baby

Right round round round

You spin me right round, baby

Right round like a (broken) record, baby

Right round round round

Argh!  I could be listening to 80’s metal or something instead of watching this.  Maybe Clark or Lois will show up though.  I persevere.  At least it’s not blondie or blahna.

“I always figured it was easier to hurt the people that I cared about.  If you stick around long enough knowing that you’ll end up disappointing them anyway.”  The inevitable gunshots blare, more glass breaks, and our pawns run for it.  Victoria takes a hit.  Blood seeps from her body.  Ollie tries to get her to fight.  “Hang on. Look at me.”  From out of no where, a police car races down the street in second gear – dude, shift!  No gunman around.  They leap out of the car with guns drawn.  Ollie stands with hands in the air.  The cop is just screaming at him.  Ollie is unarmed and bloody.  That suit is going to be a bitch to clean.  Good thing it’s not his.  “You got the wrong guy!”  Cop tasers him.  Yep, blondie is involved.  She looovvess those things.  Used it on her husband once.  He falls unconscious.


Ollie’s Luthorcorp office and place of residence apparently.  He doesn’t have an apartment either.  Billionaire, homeless.  Blondie has two places she could hang her hat, but she’s sleeping in Lois’ bed while her cuz takes the couch.  Yea, I’m not giving that up.  Lois burst through the doors.  “Pants on, Birthday Boy. Party train’s arrived.”  Clark take note.  She doesn’t want to see Ollie naked.  “Lois, I think people would prefer “knock” over “pants on.”  Nah, he’s still not picking up the clues.  Clark is dressed in gray and black.  Oh, I’m sorry.  They’ve already checked Oliver’s jet and his apartment.  Last season those were one and the same until Tess let it go boom.  So who knows!  Clark sees a Roulette invitation.  He figures Ollie is out partying somewhere.

Lois doubts it as she slugs the man in black and goes for Ollie’s laptop.  Clark looks worried that’s she so sure and maybe for something else, too.  He is hiding something from her – and we’re not talking the dreaded ‘secret.’  He offers to take Lois home.  Lois types in a password and she’s in.  We see the people leaving the AOC from ECHO when Ollie was supposedly standing on a bomb.  Reporter wants to know why Ollie would be watching this when it almost got him killed.  Clark tells her they should respect Ollie’s privacy and goes to shut the laptop.  She knocks his hand away.  “I can’t imagine what he was going through just standing there.  It looks like he didn’t know the bomb got diffused.”  Clark is really looking worried now.  We see Ollie begin to move.  “But why is he . . .”  Ollie steps away from the pressure plate which would have released the bomb.  A look of horror is in Lois’ eyes.  “Oh my God!  He didn’t know.  Oliver, tried to kill himself.”  Clark tries to get her to leave and she brushes his hand away again.  It is then we see Clark appear on the screen.  Lois gasps.

She can’t believe what she is seeing.  She is hurt.  There are tears in her eyes.  “And you knew!”  Clark opens his mouth and then shuts it.  Lois rises from the chair looking him straight in the eye.  “Clark.  How could you keep something this serious from me?”  Clark looks from the laptop to her.  “I was trying to protect him.”  Lois is incredulous.  “From who?  His friends?”  She walks away.  Clark tells her to wait.  “I didn’t think he wanted anyone to know.”  You can hear anger and fear in his voice.  Lois turns to him.  “Well, I’m not just anyone.”  You can see in that moment that Clark was protecting her, too.  She’s not just anyone, especially to Clark.  She walks up to him.  “Clark.  You lied to me.”  She’s not vindictive.  She’s hurt and can’t believe he would ever do that to her.  “You lied right to my face.  You said everything was fine.  No!  Nothing about this is fine.”  With tears in her eyes she walks away.

Clark knows he shouldn’t have lied to her.  They had trust and now that’s been dented.  He was trying to protect Oliver and Lois.  There’s nothing he can do right now.  He sees the invitation and looks at it.  He has to find Oliver.

Everyone wave to Clark and Lois. Yes, I know it’s only half the episode, but that’s all we’ll see of them together.  I know it’s like Failsday aka DOOMSDAY but we don’t have months to wait to see what the writers are doing, we have a week.  This is actually good drama and building of tension.  Clark has it in his head, Lois and Oliver are close friends, but what if they got back together?  How many times did wimpo go back to blahna?  Lois doesn’t understand why Clark would resort to lying to her.  She doesn’t realize that he is absolutely crazy about her and has returned to have a real life with her.  Yea, it still sucks.

Oliver handcuffed to a chair in a dark room with a table. No hospital visit or behind bars for our fallen hero.  Cop says Ollie has no ID, no witnesses and no alibi.  He forgot to mention no gun and no shoes.  Ollie tries to explain what’s happening as a FBI agent interrupts.  He takes jurisdiction.  He’s brought in a laptop and shoes for Oliver.  Brown shoes with a once white suit?  Why not some other clothes too?  He apologizes for his treatment.  He takes off the cuffs telling him he knows who Oliver is and also about the game.  Ollie puts on the shoes.  G-man tells him they are targeting rich bank accounts.  He hands Ollie a laptop.  There’s one beep when he opens it up and we can see his account is already on the screen.  Wow, full service banking from the G-man!  Ollie types in his password which is a duh move and says his account is fine.  Why a billionaire would keep his funds in one account — it’s just hysterical actually.  Anyway, to serve the plot and not reality, Ollie tells him nothing has been touched.  “It’s all here.”  G-man leaves happy.  Ollie watches his billions disappear.  Gee, who woulda thought?  Ollie goes ballistic and starts banging on the locked door.  Gas appears from the ceiling.  Gee, who woulda thought?  Yea, I know I repeated myself.

The wall rips away and we hear the music indicate – it’s Clark to the rescue!  He heard him yelling just a few blocks away from the club.  “What is all this?”  Ollie looks around where he just lost everything.  “Game over and I just got taken.”

To add insult to injury.  Hereee’s blondie! Typing away at her keyboard.  Let us examine every nuance and word.  She’s all ‘OMG are you okay?’ when Ollie walks in.  Clark explains, “Someone has been using Oliver as a pawn in their game.  We need to figure out who.”  He hasn’t even paused after the last syllable and she’s already talking.  “Just tell me where to start.”  Talk about bare faced lying!  Something tells me she doesn’t want her supposed best friend to know about her fiendish plan.  There should have been some nuance that made the audience suspect blondie – even though it was entirely unnecessary because we already know she was behind it all.  But it makes the character look maniacally horrible – and maybe that’s the point.  The way she’s conducting herself, she’s all about the power and control – and I’m the smartest person in the room.  Clark hands her the Roulette invitation and tells her the woman’s name is Victoria.  So blondie asks them – what kind of game puts people through hell?  Really, she asked that of Clark and Oliver.  She is soo not over herself.  “The kind that begins with being buried alive and ends up with bankruptcy.”  Oliver failed to mention: drugged, manipulated, swindled, barefoot with broken glass at several locations, possibly raped, mentally and emotionally tortured, attacked by a dog, hit by a truck, almost drowned in a mud puddle, punched, shot at, watched someone die, tasered, arrested, gassed . . . did I miss anything so far?  Oh, there’s more.  Yea, more torture for us.

“That was quick,” Oliver’s response to blondie’s computer query.  Maybe Ollie is starting to smell a rat.  Blondie does her usual villain exposition.  “Chloe, get my gear.”  Ewww Ollie keep her away from your .  . .you don’t want to be throwing them in the barn, do ya?  Okay, so maybe you’ll b e tossing them in the jet.  Blondie tells him no – apparently she wants to play some more.  “This is my fight.  I’ll handle it as I see fit.”  Now there’s the Oliver we’ve known.  Clark reminds him that’s how he got in this mess.  Ollie tells him he’ll get himself out with his lawyers and calls Clark, Scout.   He seems to be back in Arrow mode.  Clark wants to talk some more but blondie stops him as Ollie leaves.

She informs Clark that he has bigger problems.  “Trust me.”  Ohhh, I wish she hadn’t said that.  She’s torturing Clark’s best hero friend so he’ll come to her for guidance and make her an important hero.  So she clutches onto our hero.  She actually shows Clark that she’s still linked into Oliver’s computers.  We see the scene from the AOC appear on the monitor.  Clark has info she doesn’t.  “Oliver was watching this on his laptop. It’s a long story about Lois and laundry and lacy things.”  We all saw how long he stared at the lacy things.  [grin] Blondie is disturbed that Lois saw the video as if Lois is messing with her stuff.  “Not only it, but me on it,” confesses Clark. Blondie wants to know about the fallout, which really means, how close is Lois to your secret?  “Let’s just say if there was an antilife equation, I think I’ve found it.”  Blondie seems okay with that.  So what if Lois thinks Clark is a douche – more hero stuff for her to take over.

She shows him a woman with a tattoo at the AOC.  Was blondie checking out the babes or what?  “That’s the assassin that attacked Lois and I.”  Oh, I love it when he includes Lolo.  Go Clarkie!  “I buried her before this video was taken.  How can she be on it?”  Lil Ms Know It All’s jaw drops.  She’s out of answers.  Let me just savor that for a moment.  Too bad Clarkie’s Kryptonian brain isn’t firing on all cylinders yet.  He does come up with a great idea.  He’s going to talk to Big Daddy J!  Yes!  Blondie goes back to jail, no $200.  Between Emil and BDJ, Clark has all he needs for info.  Yes!

Lois! Talking on the phone trying to get a GPS.  She’s trying to find Oliver via his car.  She spots it parked on the street.  Guess where?  In front of the Nib and Quill.  All the action takes place there.  What is with the yellow cars?  Byuck!

The still alive Roulette tells her to get lost.  It’s her car.  Oliver gave it to her.  “I’m sorry, but backing off . . . not exactly my strong suit.”  Fight ensues.  Lois kicks butt for 24 seconds.  When she punches Vic to the ground.  Vic pulls a gun.  Spoil sport.


Gearless and clueless Ollie goes to the club with a gun. No arrows available anywhere apparently.  No petty cash at Luthorcorp in a desk drawer for such an occasion?  Guess not.  He sees a woman in a red dress sitting at the bar.  The dress is covering the shoulder where any dragon tattoo might be.  He raises the gun to shoot.  We hear Ollie’s music when he’s failing.  And he is.  Ollie may be a lot of things, but a murderer when he just learned his lesson about killing.  Nope.  So he puts down the gun.  “I guess your luck hasn’t run out.”  He starts to walk towards her but then stops when she turns around.  It’s Lois with a gag in her mouth.  Uh oh, blondie is in trouble!  “Lois.”  We hear the pulling of a safety.  It’s Victoria.  She’s disappointed he lacks the killer instinct.  Whatever.  He tosses the gun per instruction.  Some game patter.  “Until your girlfriend showed up.”  Vic tells him she played the hand she was dealt.  In her line of work, she probably does have to go with whatever happens.  It is not the sort of thing that can be controlled.  Hear that, blondie?  Hello!  Not smart.

Okay, so if the purpose of the game was to get Ollie to come back to the Watchtower then why is Vic trying to kill him and wants Lois dead?  Doesn’t make sense.  She’s doing her job, will get paid plenty for it.  Blondie has no qualms about spending Ollie’s money for her whims.  With a cascade of gunfire, Ollie gets his gun and aims it at Vic who has a gun to Lois’ head.  Is it still a game?  Doesn’t matter.  Not to Lois.  Lois tells him to shoot Vic.  Lois is still tied up and feeling as if she might be dead any minute.  She’s not part of the game.  Do you think blondie gives a crap?  Probably not.  Ollie won’t shoot if it means Lois might die.  He sniffs the air.  There’s gasoline nearby.  Vic is going to torch the place instead.  How is this a coherent plot?

A tear falls down Lois’ face as Vic tosses her to the floor.  She’s knocked out.  Does this mean Clark will show up?  Lois always gets the concussion just before the Blur shows so she won’t learn the secret.   Vic takes off into the next room.  Oliver gets to Lois but the other room blows up.  Oliver takes out Lois’ gag.  Vic starts screaming for help.  There’s fire everywhere.  Vic seems stuck in debris.  She’s screaming.  She starts questioning his motives.  He’s not going to let her die.  She’s not stuck, just faking it.  Must be back on script.  Somebody turned off the gas to the fire.  He asks her what’s going on.  Her question was always the answer.  “Who did you destroy?”  Lights come on overhead and we see mirrors.  Oliver is looking at himself.  Vic’s monologue could be used for Clark also.  “I hear you’re some kind of hero.  One that tried to bury that part of himself.  You’ve just proven that the hero is still alive, Oliver.  Now it’s time to resurrect him.”

Cheesy.  And one unnecessary point in the knockout column for Lois.


Metro Coffee Shop. Blondie sitting getting her caffeine and reading the paper like an omnipotent angel.  cough*demon*cough.  (The Winchesters can tell you how those work.)  Oliver places a queen from a chess set before her.  Oh no, Ollie.  You have fallen on the blondie altar.  Poor sap.  Let us remind you, Green Archer, that more than one has met their demise there.  Is every one strapped in?  Puke buckets ready?  Here we go.

He thought about who knew everything about him.  He lists all the things the JLA did while Watchtower watched it all.  Blondie goes into scold mode.  Was there a doubt?  She side steps what she has done and tells him that he had a death wish.  (so she tried to fulfill it for him?)  He had to face his demons.  “And I had to push you over the ledge in order to pull you back.”  Ohhh myyyy.  Definitely a demigod complex going on here.  So a three ton truck was better than a tricycle to make her point.  Maybe we need paper bags, I feel like I’m hyperventilating.  She tells him he fought for himself and a second chance.  In SAVIOR he admitted he didn’t believe in second chances or second comings.

“Chloe, I’m not the only one you put at risk.”  Her Omnipotence shrugs it off telling her remote control hero that she played her cards close to her chest as far as the club was concerned.  “And Lois was what?  Just another ace up your sleeve?”  Oh no, she didn’t plan that part.  Lois just barged into her perfect plan and that’s when Vic went off script.  Yea, it’s all Lois’ fault.  Darn her anyway.  Why would Lois want to watch out for her friend when blondie had everything under control?  The problem with blondie — she has no people savvy.  And she’s not the smartest person in the city let alone the universe.  She just thinks she is.  She’s got more arrogance than her Uncle Sam and is hellbent to control everything like national socialist.  So blondie put blanks in Ollie’s gun just in case.  No trust issues there, huh.  Her major project would have been an instant fail if he had shot Lois.  And what about the damage she’s done to Lois?  No remorse there?

“Does Clark know about this?”  She chuckles, “You can’t be serious.  Clark would never in a million years, would risk what had to be done.”  Straight out of the blahna handbook.  Can we please get a blondie free season ten – or something sooner?

Oliver prostrates himself at the blondie altar.  [buckets ready, here it comes!]  “I can’t expect him to know me like you do.”  Ewwww.  “The places that I sunk to, the depths you must have had to go to to bring me back.”  Accckkkkk  All Knowing gives him a small grin.  “Thank you,” he whispers.  Byuckkkk.  There goes my last meal!!!  Somebody save us!!! Not this crap again!!!   It gets worse!!!

He takes her hand. “You saved my life, Chloe. Both the myth… and the man.”  She smiles serenely at his worship.

Oliver, you are a dead man.  Dude!  Davis and Jimmy both told her what a hero she was and then — bam, they was D-E-A-D.   They both knew Clark’s secret, too, as you do  — another whammy on the death walk.

Can they kill Green Arrow?  Well, they killed the only Jimmy Olsen we knew on the show – until we heard his middle name, he was iconic Jimmy.  Somebody is going to die.  It’s the Smallville way.  Lois has visions of Clark (shredded tee shirt blowing in the wind) and blondie dying in the future.  We’ve had plenty of death anvils for blondie last season.  Never happened.  Davis, Doomsday and Jimmy died in The Cockroach’s place.  Should have called the show Death Anvils For Blondie.  BUT Smallville may have another twist – death anvils that actually come true.  Of course, they’ll have to send her off as a convoluted, ego maniacal, control freak, arrogant hero – but that’s never stopped them before.  Here’s hoping.

Also since blondie is a murderer, too (Sebastian from last season) and never has had to pay the price for that.  Could the writers please show that there are consequences to actions that are less than admirable?  I want Clark to have full knowledge of what his ‘bff’ has done and to tell her in no uncertain terms that what she did was wrong!  Or the writers could just kill her off.

Luthorcorp. Ollie looking at his laptop.  Lois enters.  “So?  What was that about?”  I love Lois.  She’s direct.  Never have to wonder if she’s hiding having you mugged, drugged, etc etc etc.   She’ll just knock some sense into you.  Do you think that Ollie will tell her about blondie?  Nahhh.  “Uh-oh. I’ve seen that look before, usually right before you sock me in the jaw.”  She should anyway, just on general principle.  She’s tempted but knows he can’t answer questions if he’s unconscious.  She asks about the dragon lady.  He lies and tells her Vic was an old girlfriend.  “Oliver, you really need to take a dip in the sane chick pool.”  That would not include The Cockroach.  No, really.  Some nice banter then Ollie goes serious.  “But you would never fit into this mess I’ve made of my life.  I’m sorry.”   Lois puts it on the line.  “Was the mess so bad that cleaning it up was harder than throwing it all away.”  He shrugs trying to deny she knows what he tried to do.  “I saw the video.  That’s enough to send anyone on a binge.”  He lets out a breath.  “Why didn’t you come to talk to me?”  He shrugs.  “Pride?  Fear.  And, um, regret.  Lois the truth is, I’ve been fighting my demons for so long I just wanted this war to end.”  She shows him she understands.  “And you felt like there was nothing in life worth fighting for.”  He looks her in the eyes.  “I never felt that way when I was with you.”  She looks past him and gulps.  He reads her signals that it’s over for her.  He stumbles with words.  “I think what I mean is I lost sight of what was good in my life.  I know that things between me and you have changed, right?”  She tells him softly.  “Some things haven’t changed.  Ollie, I will always be here for you.”  He knows what she means.  Friends.  He gives her a little grin.  “And if you forget that again . . . I WILL knock you out.”  He smiles brightly glad that conversation isn’t so heavy.  She smiles at him, too, reminding him of their birthday tradition.  She’s brought the beer and the ping pong balls.  “Ready to get your ass kicked,” she says as she tosses him a brewski.  He catches it.  “Hey, I’m ready,” he grins.  There will always be chemistry between these two, but they don’t complement each other.  They don’t complete each other, but they are friends.

The Watchtower. A building not a person.  Chloe bursts through her doors sneering at Clark’s presence.  Jor-El knows about Alia.  Her tattoo is her family crest.  I wonder what a Kandorian tattoo parlor looks like.  Cockroach blonde thought Kandor exploded with Krypton.  So did Clark.  If Alia is here, there may be others leaving a Kryptonian symbol of their arrival.  Jor-El in the S symbol in METALLO.  Blondie is going to use Watchtower – now a computer apparently — to search the world for such symbols.

Grinning in sweet innocence she announces, “In other news, Oliver’s back.”  Clark seems suspicious of this sudden event.  He asks the perp what happened and she gives him a palpable reason.  All directed at Vic.  “Or he needed to get some perspective.”  And there you have it ladies and gentlemen – we have the Jor-El method of gaining perspective and The Cockroach method.  Which would you prefer?  Halogram globe pops up hundreds of symbols on the Earth.  Clark has his work cut out for him.

Gargoyle. Green Arrow with hood and quiver overlooks Metropolis.  He really needs to go to Star City.  We hear Clark’s voice behind him.  “I heard you were back.  Clark does look amazing – but he’d look amazing in a potato sack.  Oliver has a different opinion.  Must be a Hero Fashion Code.  “You do know, of course, you look absolute ridiculous in that, right? And I got a great tailor, hook you up with a little color, maybe.”  Note:  Dinah designed GA’s medieval look costume.  Clark chuckles and so does Ollie.  “Nice to see you’ve discovered something to start living for afterall.”  They shake hands.  “More like a rediscovery actually.  You’ve done a hell of a job keeping the world safe on your own, Clark. I’m here to help you now.”  Clark shows his pleasure at that decision.  “Good.”  They both look out at the city as the man in black speaks.  “Something tells me… soon the world will need all the help we can get.”  Great shot of our two heroes and the skyline.  Superman music swells.

The future that Lois visited probably did not have a Green Arrow who helped Clark.  Ollie did not have a great friend who supported him with love and understanding.  Lois was gone.  Clark would have lost everyone including Oliver.  Going Kryptonian as he vowed, he may have taken up with his own kind and remained under their influence.  Lois Lane has always been humanity to Clark Kent.  It is her love, integrity and fortitude that makes him fall in love with his adopted world’s people over and over again.


“There are moments that define a legend . . .”  We see Kal-El’s ship streaking through the galaxies, Blur saving the train, S symbol burned into brick wall, Blur on Lady Liberty,  “Then there are moments  . . .”  Lois in the DP.  Clark watching her.  “that are legendary.”  Clark and Lois looking at one another in the dusty newsroom.  Clark grabs her shoulders and goes in for a kiss.”

Next week looks great.  Lots of DC Universe characters including the return of Zod.  Lois’ visions are proving to be accurate.  Lots of plots to fit into 42 mins.

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  1. Liz permalink
    October 26, 2009 4:56 pm

    Great review! I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s beginning to loathe Blondie with a passion. She’s caught up to Blahna in my low opinion of her.

    Re: Oliver’s white suit. I didn’t think of Lex’s white suit of the future, I was reminded that the first time we ever saw Oliver was at the end of Sneeze(?) – when Lionel was bringing him a bottle of champagne to welcome him to Metropolis. There was Oliver with his bow and arrow dressed all in white.

    • October 30, 2009 2:22 pm

      Thanks for the comment, Liz. Am anxiously waiting for tonight’s episode to air.

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