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Smallville: Can You Read My Mind? Season 9 Episode 4 ECHO

October 18, 2009

904Smallville0015Smallville: Can You Read My Mind?
Season 9 Episode 4 ECHO

Review and Recap by Holli aka baudyhallee

Written by this season’s Story Editor, Bryan Q. Miller, who made his season eight debut with COMMITTED, BULLETPROOF and HEX. In the past year he also wrote comic books for Batgirl and Teen Titans. Directed by Wayne Rose, who has been a second unit director on Smallville and Battlestar Galactica.

Rating: GOOD. A solid episode. If this epi had been in the dreaded season 7 or in the uneven season 8, this would have been a great episode. But, it follows three EPIC episodes in season 9. Like Clark falling off the Statute of Liberty in the recap, it’s time to bring it down. Not in a destructive way – but more like in a Springsteen or U2 concert when the band has the crowd soaring and they change modes. The song that follows the soaring is not a bad song, often it is a favorite; it’s just a different energy. It’s a transition. That’s what this episode was. In Miller’s role as Story Editor, I admire him for ‘taking the hit.’

Where RABID pushed all our emotional mythos buttons, ECHO is pumping us full of information for episodes to come. Much like Jor-El in the Fortress, but more about that later. There were some awesome anvils in this episode. Everything was top notch again. Lots of special effects and stunts. Great acting and second unit shots. Always good to see more of Metropolis.

RECAP: (Yes, there was one but mostly to reinstitute Clark’s training, Ollie’s fall from grace and Toyman’s debut last season in the episode-that-shall-not-be-named.) Important points to bring it all together for this episode (and season). Clark’s mental trial of falling off Lady Liberty with Jor-El’s voice over, “The test of a true hero is to struggle with feelings of loss and to overcome them — not to avoid them.” Clark’s adamant statement he won’t turn back and that he can do this. Ollie in a hospital bed telling blondie about Toyman. Ollie’s purchase of Luthorcorp and his face to face with Toyman. Creepy. Humungus, er Lex, blowing up in the tractor trailer because Ollie shocked the monkey. The two blonde murderers from last season sniping at each other. Clark telling the JLA that Oliver crossed the line which was just before he got shanghai’d by said friends and an arrow in his back for his trouble. Ollie telling Tess he’s afraid of her before she used him like a Bob [wink] and called him a backscratcher. Ollie wanting to reconcile with Tess, but it’s too late. Clark wondering if there is anything of the hero left in Mr. Queen. Ollie burning his gear. “Now I know who I really am.” Uhhh, no you don’t, Flaskman.

Lots of Ollie in the recap. Not the best decision. Let’s not get into any weird version of ‘World’s Finest’ on the show. We still haven’t gotten to Superman yet.


Duct taped hostages in a garment factory. No, it’s in Metropolis, not Cuba. (There’s another sin we can lay at Ollie’s feet.) Shudder. They are not alone. There’s a guy with a mannequin mask on his face in a dynamite waistcoat sitting in a chair. Great shot of Metropolis and a helicopter speeding across the skyline. Louis Febre’s music gives us a sense of urgency. We hear sirens, see police and emergency vehicles approaching the factory. Cops on the scene go immediately to work as we see the helicopter approach. And zip, there’s the Blur in broad daylight on top of a nearby building. YES!

The hostages inside are supersped from the building by the Blur. He leaves a burning S symbol on the floor. [concrete burns?] Camera focuses on dynamite guy who hasn’t moved a muscle. Clark in the shadows of the factory. “Don’t bother pulling the trigger.” He zips in front of the guy whose arms are slack at his sides. He rips off the dynamite waistcoat and slaps the guy across the room. [Was he having Metallo flashbacks?] The mask has fallen off and we see it’s another duct taped hostage. Whoops. Bad thinking there, Clarkie. The mannequin mask on the floor has a timer inside and we see it begin to blink, announcing detonation. Clark hugs the dynamite to his chest to take the impending impact. The explosion sends cops outside the warehouse toppling. Clark with tattered t-shirt (which we do not see enough of) looks like he’s taken a wallop. Then the sound goes dead.

Some fans thought this had something to do with their station transmission, but it was not. This is the intro to a new power. Clark can hear all the things going on around him plus people’s thoughts. It’s like a ringing in his ears. An echo.

904Smallville0059Pan to a phone booth outside the factory, and we see Clark Kent adjusting his tie coming out of it dressed in his journalist clothes. He puts his hand up to his cheek so no one will get a glimpse of his face when a red car speeds up and stops short of hitting him. [inside joke, er, story] A sun-glassed Lois Lane leaps from the car and tosses her shades inside. “Clark, did I miss him?” She’s running past him. “If by him, you mean me, barely.” With ponytail swinging, she informs Clark, “not YOU, the BLUR!” Clark says the Blur left before he got there. He starts with the lame excuses just in case she saw him exit the phone booth. “I was just trying to call you.” She doesn’t miss a trick. “From a pay phone?” she says walking double time in front of him. Yea, he has to keep up with her. “Apparently,” he replies. She’s wondering how he got there so fast especially since her mole at Metro PD leaked the story a few minutes before. He says that not everyone is as fast as Lois Lane. That got him a smile he doesn’t see even with super-vision.

904Smallville0073Louis has the bells going – and that can only mean one thing. Clark and Lois are gonna get close. Lois, in her pencil skirt and heels, tries to climb the bumpers of two police cars. She stumbles and falls into Clark Kent’s arms. With her hand on a huge bicep, she stares down at it. We get to hear her thoughts as does our hero. “Helllooo, Sailor.” [See Season 5, EXPOSED, when the reference was in reverse] Welling goes through Clark’s confused facial gyrations which are always a treat. Clark sets her down and she readily hops over the bumpers. “What did you just say?” She turns to look at him. “Nothing.” Her eyes give him the once over as she tells him to get his hearing checked. With a toss of her head and her ponytail sassily swaying, she thinks. “Hot Stuff!” as she walks away. Clark looks as if he’s not sure what is happening.


904Smallville0099The Daily Planet. Clark in the elevator alone. Lois’ voice in his head. She’s really loud and clear as he grabs his head. “God, I’m really draggin ass today. I should go for coffee. No, no. What I actually need is a B-12 shot. I have to keep up with Clark.” Clark is looking around the elevator. “You know you’ve got to remember what the General always says. On certain days you wear certain underwear and why of days of all days do you decide to go with a thon..” Elevator doors open and Lois is trying to lose a wedgie. Cue Clark Kent’s ‘Lois is wearing a thong! face.’ Very comparable to the HYDRO kiss face. Y’know the dude is very tempted to use the x-ray vision on that skirt if he hasn’t already. Lois gives him a big smile as she adjusts her jacket. “Hey, Smallville,” she enters the elevator. Clark is silently chuckling with a lip lick. [Chris!] As Lois scurries in front of him to press the UP button, he tries not to look at her ass. She does some lip licking of her own as he scoots over to make room for her. He’s smiling and decides to break the elevator silence. He says she’s in a good mood today. She’s complaining about the Blur not sticking around for a quote so they would know what happened. Always the Reporter. As they walk out of the elevator to their bullpen, Clark tells her the Blur saved all those people. 904Smallville0101

Again Lois is in the lead in more ways than one. She informs Clark that the bomber had the dynamite rigged to a timer. “Why would the bomb be on a timer?” Ahhh, see Clarkie is not thinking this through. He does not have the investigative mind of Lois or Batman, but there’s a reason why he has this new power. “I’m not a mind reader. Why would you take hostages and not make any demands.” Lois is checking her cell phone. She’s thinking about how she hasn’t gotten any emails or voice mails from the Blur. “Just be a big girl and get over the fact that the Blur has downgraded you from confidante to sidekick to . . nobody.” Clark is leaning onto her desk watching her lips not move. “Lo-is?”

She quickly looks up at him and says her computer is stuck again. She’s frustrated and sees Jeph drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee (product placement) and biting into a doughnut. More thoughts from Lois. “It doesn’t help that that stupid intern, Jeff, took the last stupid maple doughnut from the stupid doughnut box!” Clark takes it all in. He’s cost her a story and a snack. Which snack is this? [see Season 8, HEX] He zips off and returns with a doughnut for her with a bite out of it. Geoff is staring at his empty hand. Clark explains his eyes are bigger than his stomach. She refuses the offering at first. “No. Okay, I love you.” She says as she takes hold of the bounty he has provided. He’s smiling at her gleeful reaction. He says raising her blood sugar might keep her from punching someone. She’s already taken a bite and rolling her eyes in ecstasy. “True,” she says as she grabs his notes he’s been carrying. Clark saves the day again.

Lois, always moving forward, wonders why the perp committed the crime in the factory. Clark grabs back his notes and tells her the factory is owned by Queen Industries and it should get Ollie’s attention. Lois thinks – “That only matters if Ollie is sober enough to give a crap.” Clarkie, pay attention. Lois is not romantically interested in Ollie. Clark says (maybe without realizing he has heard a thought rather than speech) “You might be right.” Lois immediately wants to know what he said. There is an exchange of ‘what?’s’ and confused looks.

904Smallville0181Metro Coffee Shop.
Blondie has had to buy her own coffee for a change. Clark thanks her for meeting him. He knows she’s been busy. Really? Doing what? Spying on the JLA? Trying to out geek Emil? What? “What am I thinking right now?” Uhhh, did she think he was lying about the new power? “I’ve no clue. So far it’s only been Lois.” Excuse me, I have to savor that. [orgasmic sigh] So sourpuss mentions her Wall of Weird. This ain’t season one! Get over it! So in her own dogmatic way, blondie quizzes the Kryptonian’s brain for answers. He tells her that Loud Lois can’t speak with her mouth closed. Blondie refers to Jor-El as ‘dear old dad.’ She has no respect for anyone. No invitations to the ice palace for her! Clark gets one of his hearing headaches and says he’s going to have to bypass Lois’ inner thoughts – even though he doesn’t seem to be experiencing them at the moment.

When Clark first got the power, he heard the crowd outside the factory’s thoughts. And as blondie walks off, he hears nearby thoughts of people he doesn’t know. Maybe Lois’ thoughts are the ones that really mattered to him. [grin]

The crystal palace. Home of Big Daddy J. Clark arrives still in his street clothes. “Jor-El! Reading people’s thoughts. You said my trials had begun. Is this one of them?” BDJ makes no bones. “I planted within you the seed for this trial. Designed to self manifest when most needed. An event must have happened to trigger it. Some kind of error. Mistake in judgment.” Clark moves deeper into the recesses of the FOS, not backing down. “I don’t understand. I saved everyone in that factory.” BDJ tells him true. “Assumptions are flaws inherit in human instinct you have adopted but they are beneath you. What you have yet to nurture is your Kryptonian intuition.” Clark defends his adopted people. “You shouldn’t underestimate humans.” BDJ tosses it back at him. “Neither should you. Being able to discern why humans truly behave as they do, will help you to better protect them. This ability is only temporary. You must learn to focus, Kal-El. Perception can be the difference between life or death.“ Epic music rises using strings and horns.

904Smallville0239I love Big Daddy J scenes especially when it’s an exchange. Clark did make an assumption when he went into the factory. He thought the perp was the dynamite guy and that he would use a trigger. What does Jor-El mean by Kryptonian intuition? The closest I would guess would be mother radar. A new mother has no idea what her baby is trying to communicate – it cries for everything. So with experience she goes through a checklist. Hungry? Wet? Sleepy? Startled? Lonely? Sick? Babbling? Clark should have his own checklist starting. Detecting or Analytical abilities: Superhearing, x-ray vision, telescopic, micro and macro visions and smell. He should be using all these things to assess a situation. Like the new mother who eventually instinctively knows what her child wants or needs by the sound of it’s cry, Clark will begin to pick up some mad intuitive discernment when he superspeeds in on a situation. All because he is using more than one ability at a time. It takes focus. Perception has already bit Clark in the ass, remember Corben’s sister? He saved lives, but he let a ‘dangerous weapon’ get lose and it took life. The solution would be to take stick around for any cleanup necessary and that would mean someone could see his face. The face he presently uses for both reporter and hero responsibilities. He needs a disguise so he can do what he has to do with people seeing who he is.

Why a hearing thoughts power? So far Lois has been the loudest and most frequent person he’s heard. Didn’t hear Jeff’s thoughts. Maybe Clark is more focused on Lois. [smile] Although the power is temporary, could it re-manifest when needed? Like say, when Lois Lane has one of her future memories? Lois holds the key to this season and apparently the world.

One thing more while we’re on the subject of AI Jor-El. For a guy who picked the family to raise his son because they had so much love – he’s been pretty down on humans. But when Kryptonians who knew Jor-El speak of him, he’s like Clark. A guy with a big heart and a keen mind. So if we ever see a fleshy Jor-El, a lot of fans would like this addressed. Does AI Jor-El have a virus or is the cold just getting to him? It was good he said Clark needed discernment in order to protect humans.

Metro Gen.
Lois trying to interview a former hostage while Clark looks on. No matter what Lois asks, the woman is mum. Clark focuses and uses his new ability. (Quick learner) The woman is in the country illegally. She’s worried about being deported. Clark assures her that she is in no danger with them. “We’re not INS.” Lois looks at him wondering why he said that. The woman opens up and Lois takes notes.

Wanna know what Lois has written in the notebook? Queen Industries Factory Blows Up. Oliver Queen not seen in public. Who really is the bomber? Queen Stock Goes Down. Masked Man not bomber. Bomb was on remote –scribble-.

904Smallville0252Next hostage. Creepy guy. He has described the bomber as short, fat, but also tall. Lois has some discernment of her own. She’s not believing this guy’s story. “Way taller than your boyfriend there.” Lois gets uh-oh eyes as Clark stands behind her listening to the guy describe the perp as thin, thin like a rail. On focusing, Clark hears the guy think about how exciting it is to be the center of attention. Our hero starts to talk the man down from his near orgasmic tirade. “It’s clear that this is the most excitement that you’ve had, probably ever.” Said calmly with confidence and authority. Lois looks up from her note taking. She knows men of authority. Has even rebelled against it in her youth, but she’s having a different reaction at the moment. “Now you can mislead us but interfering with a police investigation to keep yourself in the limelight will only land you in jail. Is that understood?” You can almost see him with his arms folded and the cape blowing behind him. It’s that good. Lois looks appreciatively at Clark with a small smile on her face. He’s nailing it. The man apologizes and admits he didn’t see anything. Lois grins from ear to ear but when she turns to Clark, she masks her admiration. Close up of Clark. Superman lives.

Dr. S E Bader has admitted Dustin Murphy with lacerations and internal bleeding. Oh yea, and liver hemorrhaging. Eek. Apparently it is July 24, 2009. Clark has the patient’s chart in his hands as the clerk thinks, “I don’t care how cute he is. I better not get fired for this.” The power of pretty apparently. Girlfriend is going to lose her job – violation of patient privacy and medical record laws. She may as well dial the cops herself. Lois approaches Clark with a paper bag. She remarks how she hasn’t seen him eat anything all day. “Owed you from earlier. Low blood sugar and all.” Clark opens the bag. “Ahhh, look at this.” He pulls out a maple doughnut. “Thanks for taking care of me.” Lois takes it from him. “Wait.” She takes a bite out of it. “Now we’re even,” she grins. Clark takes the doughnut while Lois takes the chart wondering what else he found out. Murphy, dynamite guy, just got out of surgery and is still unconscious.

904Smallville0338Lois says they’ve hit enough deadends and that they should go. “You’re absolutely right,” says Clark as he sees Lois’ reaction to that statement. She’s staring expectantly. He shrugs and says “Let’s just call it a night.” Lois does this sneering lip thing and tells him that’s good because she has plans. She hands him the chart and makes for a quick exit. He hears her thoughts about eating chunky monkey or rocky road ice cream . . . or both. He calls out to her. She turns. He tells he thought they could have something to eat together. “You said yourself, I hadn’t eaten all day.” Her eyes go wide for a second before the thoughts. “Is Clark Kent asking me out on a date? Like a date-date?” Shocker! Has he gotten a clue since Season 8, IDENTITY? Farm boy Clark steps in it. “I’m not saying we should go out on a date.” The former quarterback is fumbling. Lois thinks, “Oh.” He can’t get any traction. “Something like a date,” he winces. Lois smiles at him as if it’s no big deal. She reassures him verbally that it’s Saturday night in Metropolis and they would need a dinner reservation to get in anywhere. Clark needs a Statue of Liberty play to get out of this one. Lois to the rescue. She remembers the monster truck rally downtown. Clark immediately reiterates her thoughts back to her and adds. “It doesn’t start for a few more hours.” Lois looks up at him in awe. “Shut Up!” she thinks. He shoots, he scores. Power goes poof. Lois tells him the terms. Two car protocol in the beginning, no drama at the end. Sound dating edict. She gives him a little chuckle as she exits. He stares off after her as if she makes him go breathless for a second.


904Smallville045213:27 into the episode.
We get to see the location of the elusive Oliver Queen. Some south of the border country. None are mentioned. Mexico implied by the flag on the wall of a bar. Santanna-esque music playing. Beer, smokes, women and guns. Drunk rich boy Ollie stumbles up to the bar while women flock to him. He orders a drink with an umbrella. He really doesn’t care. He tosses currencies at the bartender. Big bads come in and apparently they are married to the women. So what does screwup Ollie do? He insults one of the women and gets hit. But before any real damage is done, automatic weaponry rings out. Tess badass has arrived. “Really?” She crashes the party as everyone leaves except Mr. Self Pity. There’s banter about her wanting more face time with him.

904Smallville0511Talon apartment at night. Lois making some cut off jeans. All her girlie date stuff is on the counter. She’s wearing a red plaid flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off. Blondie walks in with books. Since when does she not read digital? She wants to know why Lois is going fancy. In boots and a flannel shirt? What? “Monster trucks,” says Lois snipping away. Blondie realizes this is more than Lois’ regular visit to the event. “Who’s the Prince Charming?” Lois gulps. “I never thought I’d say this out loud, but . . . Clark Kent.” So Lois has been equating the Prince with Clark in her mind. Shock and horror on blondie’s mug. Lois explains that Clark miraculously picked her favorite thing to do. “We’ve been on the same wave length like all day today.” So her ‘loving’ cuz goes all snide and superior on her. “I’ll bet. Sort of like he’s been reading your mind. Like he’s hearing things you’ve never actually said outloud?” Lois putting on her new shorts and smiling. “Exactly.” Blondie tells her it’s the weirdest thing. Lois contemplating the farm boy journalist. “Me and Clark. I don’t know. I mean we certainly kick all kinds of ass at work but lately it feels like we’re more than just partners, y’know. Lois is tying up the big shirt as blondie looks like Mother Superior jumped the gun. So disapproving. Lois grows a little vulnerable. Her speech is softer, warmer. It’s as if she’s talking to herself. “I think I’ve gotten used to carrying the load all by myself. What if I don’t have to anymore, y’know. Clark and Lois versus the world.” Smiling, happy Lois apologizes for losing herself in her feelings. She hugs her still sour cuz and tells her not to wait up as she leaves the apartment. Blondie doesn’t do happy.

Clark at Met Gen. He returns the chart and hears the unconscious dynamite guy saying he’s innocent and that the bomb was strapped on him. “He said toys weren’t good enough. Wants to play a game. He said Queen will pay for what he’s done to him.” Clark knows. Toyman. He zips off.

Somewhere in the Toyman’s hideout.
Amongst his toys and bomb paraphernalia, the Toyman laughs. The headline on the Daily Planet stating he’s still at large. Winslow Schott picks up his glasses and boutonniere. “Let the games begin.” More maniacal laughter.


904Smallville0580Back at the bar.
Ollie holds an ice pack to his head. Tess keeps watch at the door. Ollie’s theme music plays. He’s getting a beer while Tess reads him the riot act. “They could have killed you.” That idea doesn’t really seem to bother him. “You didn’t give them a chance, did you? And now we’ll never know.” She tries to get him to react to anything. He snarks about her wasting jet fuel to deliver a lecture. His business is failing and his stockholders are unhappy. He tells Tess to take over, it’s what she’s always wanted. Tess seems to have real concern for him with his vanishing and binges. “You’re punishing yourself. Why?” She moves behind him and puts her hands on his shoulders. A picture of the past. “Oliver, what did you do?” He killed Lex and he can’t tell her. She tells him no matter what, she will understand. “Just talk to me.” With tears in his eyes, Ollie turns and gets pissy with her. “What is it you want from me?” These two people know one another. Ollie may have had a chance to finally reach Tess – she was vulnerable before him, but he screwed it up. Not to show weakness, Tess replies. “I need your pretty face addressing our shareholders.” Ollie is hurt so he asks, “Is that all you want?” He’s handed the power over to her. It’s an imbalance. “I’ve learned not to expect too much from you, Oliver. Cheer up. You can fall down dead drunk when it’s done.” She leaves with wheels up in 20.

The Daily Planet at night. Great globe shot. Clark comes from the Archive Room reading the Winslow Schott addition of the Daily Planet. Blondie’s voice, “It’s a good thing he can’t hear what I’m thinking or else. . .” Clark walks into the bullpen. “Or else what? Chloe.” She just can’t stay away from Lois’ desk. “Or I wouldn’t have to tell you I don’t’ want you breaking my cousin’s heart.” So blondie is going to tear Clark a new one. So Clark is now a playa? “How as I supposed to react when I found out . . .” Here we go – it’s all about blondie. She accuses her supposed best friend of riffling through Lois’ brain throwing caution to the wind. “You can’t just trick someone into dating you.” HUH? When did that happen? Never. Is she disappointed that he never used those tactics on her? Clark is indignant. “I never tricked her into anything. And it’s not a date.” Somebody hit that Kryptomelon with a kryptonite stick. Stupid! Don’t be giving blondie any ammunition especially since she’s still confused about the name on her apartment lease. So blondie revs her den mother engines telling him Lois thought it was a date by the way she acted. And now he’s standing Lois up. Can’t this woman keep her nose out of other people’s business? Her faux concern is soooo annoying. She won’t even initiate a hug with her cousin and now she’s the defender of Lois against the ‘morally corrupt alien man’? C’mon!

904Smallville0643Clark explains that he asked Lois out ‘not-on-a-date’ before he knew the supposed bomber was an innocent man. Farm boy wanted to go out with Lois, but he was the one who has having trouble with the terminology. It was a date by any other name. Lois placed separate cars on the table. Not him.

He shows blondie the paper explaining it was the Toyman who bombed the factory and that’s why he didn’t call Lois back. “Last thing I need is for her showing up here and following me into harm’s way.” So Clark is trying to protect Lois even if it makes him look like a douche. They discuss Toyman’s insanity and how he wants to smoke Ollie out. Hypocrite says, “He was crazy before Oliver framed him for Lex’s murder.” Then she informs Clark that Oliver will be at a black tie gala for shareholders at the Ace o’ Clubs. Clark barks out orders. Yea, baby! He tells her to go back to Watchtower and be ready for when Schott strikes. He zips off to the Ace o’ Club in a suit and tie.

Clark whooshes in time to hear the gatekeeper read names in his head from the VIP list. When asked, he gives a fake name. “You have a plus one tonight, Mr. Kinnair?” We hear a giant engine roar. Clark spins around face to grill with a monster truck. Lois drops to the ground from ‘Firestorm’ wearing a gold cocktail dress. Lookin fine. “Lois!” She calls him Smallville and tells her she can handle this. He’s done enough. He wants to know what she’s doing there. He thought she was safely tucked away somewhere planning his demise. The power kicks in. “Standin in the shadow of six and a half feet of handsome. No, Lois, he doesn’t get off that easy! Kick his ass!” Clark gets this look of fear in his eyes. [laughing] Priceless. Get ‘im, Lo! She starts with the list of things she had to do to get there and how that was not going to stop her from getting the story. “Or that the fact that Oliver returned . . . for an article? Clark! You can’t get rid of me that easily. I have the internet on my cellphone.” She walks past him, as he tries to calm her. “I can explain.” She chuckles. “I know how the boys’ club works. You wanted to scoop me on a story. Bros before Ho’s.” Clark gives as good as he gets with her. It’s what makes them a great couple. “Now wait a minute.” She approaches the gatekeeper as Clark hears her thoughts. “How could you be so stupid, Lois? This was never more than about a story. Maybe it never will be.” There is regret in her mind. She turns to Clark and makes him pay. She’s his plus one. “There better be an open bar in there.” She left her purse in the elevated, muddy truck. She grabs his arm and they enter the club.

904Smallville0707Clark is desperate to get her out of there. “Now, Lois, I don’t’ need your help with this one. I can do it on my own.” She looks devastated for a second. She adjusts his suit collar as she smiles at him. “Maybe you’d like to think that you can but we all know there is no way.” She starts to adjust his tie. He looks her square in the eye. “This is my headline.” The power fires up again. “My God, Lois, why would you let yourself get attached? You know better than that. They always leave.” Clark reacts knowing he has screwed the pooch on this one. He’s hurt Lois. The power leaves. “Y’know, maybe you’re right,” she smiles at him. “I’m going to get some air. Some really private air.” Clark’s eyebrows furrow as she tightens the tie knot around his throat. “I’m out of here. Good luck flying solo.” She leaves with a grin on her face. Clark touches his tie and watches her leave. “Lois.” He doesn’t look too happy, but at least she’s safe.

He focuses the power and listens to people’s thoughts in the crowd. Mostly shareholders not wanting to lose any more money. One comment, “So the devil came in a blue dress.” Tess, the devil, is at the podium. She introduces Oliver. More sarcasm from the crowd. “Look who decided to grace us with his presence.” Oliver greets them. He starts reading the teleprompter and there is some unusual language in it. He chuckles and says the writer must have a good sense of humor. The teleprompter tells him to put an earpiece on. Clark is watching the crowd as Oliver apologizes for the technical difficulties. There is a loud squeal and Clark’s newly acquired power vanishes. Clark with both hands on his ears looks shocked as he can no longer hear thoughts. “Thanks, Dad.”

Always thought of Jonathan Kent as his ‘Dad’ and Jor-El as his ‘Father.’

Winslow speaks to Oliver over the earpiece. He’s won the game of hide and seek and now he wants to play Toyman Says. Oliver is instructed to read everything the lunatic has written or he dies. If Ollie moves one muscle, Toyman will kill everyone in the room. Tuxed billionaire is told he is standing on a pressure plate of a bomb.


904Smallville0939Clark is working the crowd trying to find Toyman. Ollie is reading the humiliating prose of their captor. “I was unable to seek past my selfish nature.” Toyman is relentless in his prodding of Ollie’s last remnant of self-regard. While Ollie admits he committed a heinous act. Clark calls blondie and tells her to hack the security feeds into the building. She types furiously. “My name is Oliver Queen and I am a coward. I’m a thief and I am . . .” He sees the word murderer on the screen with a reminder of the bomb. Toyman nags him that he killed Lex. Toyman is irate. Oliver stares at Clark as he uses his x-ray vision to see the word ‘murderer’ on the teleprompter and the bomb below Oliver’s feet. There’s a time on it. Clark tells blondie the situation and that they have to get the people out now. Oliver grips the podium. Toyman screams, “Confess!” Louis Febre’s score soars with tension. Blondie moves a mouse on a DOS screen and gains access. (Last week she typed a paragraph to open up ports on a plane.) The emergency room alarm goes off and everyone is instructed to evacuate. Clark thanks Chloe for her work.

He sees Winslow on the balcony smiling like the cat that ate the canary. Clark grabs him and forces him against the wall. He wants to know how to disarm the bomb. Winslow is perturbed that he is interrupting his game. “This isn’t a game. It’s a man’s life!” Winslow tells him it is a game. “And Toyman makes the rules now.” Clark still believes in Oliver. He would never let the people die. “But you already know that. Don’t you? You don’t allow for human error. You have to control who wins. That’s why you put a time on the factory bomb. The pressure plate that Oliver is standing on is fake, isn’t it? It’s on a timer.” Look at the Kryptonian brain work. Schott stares back in disbelief that Clark has figured it out. He thanks Clark for being a fan of his work. Our hero puts the villain over the side of the balcony. “How long does Oliver have?”

Oliver stares at the word MURDERER on the screen. He’s lost hope. You know he’s thinking about letting the Toyman have his revenge. He’s ready to pay the price for his crime even if it means his own miserable life. Ollie lets out a concentrated breath.

904Smallville0951Clark has an epiphany. “I know the real Winslow Schott would want to live and dance on Oliver’s grave.” Schott starts the count down as Clark heat visions the face of the robotic toy off. He stops the clock on the real timer. He lets the body fall to the ground. “No one wins a game if you both lose.”

Oliver sweating bullets steps off the pressure plate. Nothing happens. Clark walks in and asks Ollie how he knew the pressure plate wasn’t real. Ollie takes out the earpiece and drops it to the floor. “I didn’t.” Clark realizes what Ollie was about to do. “Oliver.” The broken man tells him that he waited until the last person was gone from the room and he knew the explosion would not hurt Clark. Ollie was willing to give his life up. He never expected to live.


Metropolis at night. Oliver with glass in hand standing on the balcony of the AOC. Clark speaks with officers before joining Oliver. Clark informs Oliver that the real Winslow was found via blondie and the feed. “He’s on his way to Stryker’s as we speak.” Stryker’s Island is a prison in Metropolis. Good mention. Ollie tells Clark to speak his mind. “I haven’t been paying enough attention to everything. There has been danger all around me that I haven’t seen. Warning signs I haven’t noticed. And people in need that I’ve neglected. I didn’t realize how bad things are. I haven’t been here for you, I’m sorry.” Pure Clark Kent. Awesome. Taking responsibility. Man to Man.

904Smallville1022“With all due respect, Clark, I’m not sure I’m worth your concern.” Ollie tells him when he was reading the speech and almost decided to . . . “Y’know that speech wasn’t just a laundry list of my sins, it was a fact sheet.” Oliver talks about how he was five when his parents died and that he didn’t really know them that well. “Everything about my life is not really mine. It’s theirs. I didn’t earn it. And it’s all a lie. You of all people know what it’s like to wear a mask, right? That’s all this is. The Queen name. The Green Arrow. Masks. And I just realized there is nothing underneath them.”

Clark quietly tells his friend. “There is something underneath those masks. You’re just afraid to face it. You’re not running away from who you are. You’re running away from who you think you’re becoming.” Clark ought to know. “You don’t have to face it alone. Just because you’ve given up on Oliver Queen, doesn’t mean I have.” I loves me some Superman.

Oliver thanks him as police sirens wail in the city. They’re playing Clark’s song. “Go on. Get the hell out of here. Be a hero. Go!” Clark nods and zips off. The glass door of the club shuts behind him and we see a reflection of Lex Luthor. Febre’s howling train wail sounds as Oliver growls and tosses his drink at it. He is still gripped by guilt.

904Smallville1129Toyman in a interrogation room. The place looks deserted of the usual personnel. He’s screaming for a lawyer. Tess walks in with a case. This can’t be good. Schott recognizes her as Ollie’s business partner. He teases her about trying to kill her boyfriend and her being there for revenge. “Something like that,” she says as she closes the door. She pulls out a pistol. “Leave Oliver the hell alone.” She shoots the loony in the knee cap. He’s screaming on the floor. She puts the gun on the table as he calls her crazy. Tess tells him her backup story about the guard who shot him for trying to escape. He doesn’t want to go to solitary confinement. She tells him that’s exactly where he needs to be to play with his new toy. Tess opens the case to reveal Metallo’s heart. “It’s beautiful,” says the loony. She tells him what it is. “And you’re going to tell me how it works.” Full fledge evol from Tess! Thanks for no ambiguity.

The Daily Planet in the light of day.
Clark at the copier in the copy room. He looks through the glass to watch Lois Lane arrive for work wearing her shades indoors. She’s got a mask of her own. As she takes her glasses off and reaches for the coffee, she sees Clark staring at her. She raises her cup to him. He seems quietly determined. He crosses into the bullpen telling her she missed all the excitement last night. Lois with a full cup of java now. “If I remember correctly it wasn’t my excitement to have missed. Was it?” She did expect to read his article this morning. He admits to her that he may have bitten off more than he could chew. Hey, he’s dealing with Lois Lane, what did he expect? She asks him what he has in his hand. It’s an article about the bomb defusion and it has a Lois Lane and Clark Kent byline. YES! “It’s me asking for help,” says Clark. “I didn’t exactly finish my story and I missed the deadline.” Okay she says as she takes it to her desk to start editing. Clark looks relieved. “I guess I’m not ready to fly solo just yet.” With red pen in hand, she tells him the sky is a big place. [grin] We can hear the mythos anvil music in the background. Clark watches Lois be Lois as she edits the article. She lets out a little wow as if impressed with his work. She looks up at him as he seems content to wait patiently while she does her thing. Her coffee mug says, Work with me, People. “There,” she says finally satisfied. She hands him the paper. “Looks like you’ve got one too many names on there.” Clark takes it. “I just thought you would want to have some creative input. Lois, I am sorry for letting you down.” By the look she gives him you know that means a lot to her, but she doesn’t drop the tough gal act. “Is this an olive branch? Cause there better be a whole tree in here . . . and maybe a new pair of jeans, too. You know it’s not everyday that Lois Lane allows herself to be stood up.” They are close and face to face. Clark quietly teases her. “Well, it’s a good thing it was only like-a-date.” She gives him a little chuckle. “I don’t even know how someone would get a second date after messing things up like that.” It’s give and take. She grins to herself. “Well, if people were to try that again.” She takes a step closer. “They might want to do it on a slower news day. Hypothetically speaking.”

904Smallville1297Clark not to be deterred agrees. “Well those don’t come around very often.” Lois agrees. The exchange is intimate even though it is taking place in a busy news office. This is their home turf. Clark confesses, “I’m sure people would make sure they got it right the next time. Hypothetically speaking, of course.” He gets a smile and a nod. “My thoughts exactly.” Great line to end an episode of Clark Kent hearing her Lois Lane’s thoughts.

The grin at each other as the camera pans out to reveal the silhouettes of Clark Kent and Lois Lane connected by the Daily Planet emblem. Fabulous shot! Le sigh.


A single episode this time. ROULETTE with Steph Song as the DC villain. Ollie gets caught up in a dangerous game. Lois gets kidnapped. The Blur does his thing. Looks like guilt is still riding Ollie hard.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Christine permalink
    October 19, 2009 7:13 am

    Hey I got a shout out!! HEE

    Nice review Holli!!
    Couldnt’ agree with it more!

    One small thing he didn’t say not everyone can be as fast as Lois Lane he says fashionably late as Lois Lane…

    On first view I loved the Clois but I was disapointed but couldn’t pinpoint why. It had all the great Clois chemistry I wanted but I felt let down… but then I rewatched it again FF through the Ollie/Tess/Toyman stuff and you know what it got better. I think the Ollie scenes dragged on way to long I think like you said after the high of the first 3 to take the pacing down was a little like whoa what happened can’t wait for your Crossfire review I know I’m kinda skippnig over Roulette but well Crossfire is the one I’m anticipating the most

  2. October 19, 2009 8:31 am

    LOL, Chris. Lip licking has become a sport now thanks to you. :)

    Thanks for the correction on the line. A Clark dig while he walks behind the skirt covered thong booty. He better be glad she’s ‘fashionably late’ otherwise she’ll see who the Blur is. He really wants to have it both ways, doesn’t he? :D

    I’m not ruling Roulette out as a good to great episode just yet. Sometimes when TPTB don’t spoiler us, that’s where the best surprises are.

    Really enjoying this season. Everyone is really excited with what we’ve seen so far. Keep it coming!!!

  3. Imzadia13 permalink
    October 19, 2009 3:58 pm

    Loved your Review, Holli. I also enjoy your particular ‘play-by-play’ of an episode spiced up with your keen, observant eye. You still manage to shine a light on story content emphasized by certain nuances I may have missed. It’s always more rewarding to go back and watch the episode again after reading one of your reviews. I was pleased to find that you’d paid special attention to the dialogue that was spoken inside of Lois’ head. (with only one correction) I had a lot of trouble understanding what she said in every instance partly because she was talking so much faster in her head. I truly appreciate your efforts to provide a clearer and more detailed representation of what we watched.

    • October 20, 2009 7:20 am

      Thanks imzadia13. I enjoyed Lois’ thoughts also. She has a lightning fast mind — and all that self talk — so Lois and so easy to relate to.

      Loved all the physical and mental displays of ‘Clark keeping up with Lois.’

      Next episode, Lois is kicking butt with the villain and that means Clark will be hero. Yea!!!

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