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Season 9 Fans are RABID for Smallville

October 13, 2009
Wallpaper by Erika- Click to view in her gallery DO NOT REPOST

Wallpaper by Erika- Click to view in her gallery DO NOT REPOST

Season 9  Episode 3

Review and Recap by baudyhallee aka Holli

Directed by Michael Rohl  and written by Jordan Hawley, Supervising Producer.  This is Hawley’s writing debut for Smallville.

RATING:  SUPER. I don’t know how they are doing it, but each episode this season gets better and better – and they started at a 10 out of  5.  This season you can’t see the budget.  The scripts are tight, action packed, full of continuity and character development.  Yes, even on an episode about zombies.

I can’t sing enough praises for all the wonderful work that has been done on this episode from writing, direction, lighting, makeup, sound, score, stunts, and special effects.  Did I forget the actors?  NO WAY.  They are embodying these characters with passion and respect; delivering line after line, nuance after nuance.  The fans are thoroughly enjoying these mini-movies week after week.  It’s that kind of quality.

A word about zombies.  Some people like George Romero’s slow walking, gut ripping zombies.   And others like speedy, angry, virus zombies as in Resident Evil or Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later.  Smallville uses the latter premise.

There was no recap tonight, treating fans to a full 42 minutes of episode.  Thanks..


Clark Kent.  Yea, on a show about said character.  Winner already.  Clark awakens with a groan.  Something is amiss.  He’s wearing an A-shirt [hate the term wife beater] with a light blue unbuttoned dress shirt.  Clothes and colors are important on this show.  Clark is not feeling so hot.  He has a hematoma on his forearm and he has a untied tourniquet in his hand.  He’s in the Watchtower.  His cell phone is ringing.  He sees a syringe oozing green goo.  [That ain’t good.]   He slaps it to the floor and picks up his phone.  It’s a text from Oliver, “I LOST HER.”   Clark is not happy.  He goes outside into the sunlight a little wobbly and out of breath.  We hear a car door chime ringing.  There is no one on the streets of Metropolis, just abandoned cars and some debris.  Clark seems to be the only living soul.  He turns on the superhearing and we hear some hard driving rock music playing.  Clark’s first word.  “Lois.”

He superspeeds to the Daily Planet.  The clock on the wall says 5:30.  We hear the music blaring from the bullpen.  The office is in disarray and there is a bloody handprint streaked on the glass wall.  We hear the whir of a copier.  Clark walks around his desk to find Lois standing with her back to him.  “Lois.”  We see her hands splayed on the glass and then there is like a puddle of spit.  “Lois, are you okay?”  She turns abruptly and we can see she is grotesque.  Red eyes, black ooze coming from her mouth.  Clark’s face reveals shock. She’s angry and rushes at him biting.  Credits.  Ahhh, a real teaser.

Awesome makeup.  No nice-nice, just sheer horror.  Durance and Freeman must have had a ball being zombies.  Effects and acting were superb.


The Daily Planet 12 hours earlier.  It’s night.  Clark listens to local weather stating it will be sunny.  The police scanner is also feeding him info.  Lois enters from the copy room and talks to someone at a desk.  Clark turns off the radio when he sees Lois coming and he closes the police website on his monitor.  While doing this, he knocks his cell phone on the floor and picks it up.  Lois sees the bumbling and thinks he’s avoiding her.  She checks her Blackberry.  There are no calls or messages from the Blur.  Clark notes her sigh.  Lois starts to appreciate her Friday night and being with Clark.  “Almost like you never left the cockpit.”  Clark reciprocates with him liking his co-pilot.  Partners.  Lois slings a gym bag full of stuff on her desk.  Comfort food, animal slippers and a CD of Lois’ fav music.  Clark wonders if anything is wrong.  She tells him that she isn’t on the Blur’s to-do list and she hasn’t heard from him.  “I didn’t know you two were seeing each other.”  She tells him they’re only looking.  “A girl’s gotta hope.”  This is the triangle built for two.  Clark seems pleased that she likes the Blur’s attention.

Lois’ computer beeps telling her there’s a fire somewhere.  Clark offers to go get coffee for them since it’s going to be an all nighter.  She gathers her things not looking at him.  “That’s what I love about you, Smallville.”  We hear a whoosh.  She tells him, “I’ll have mine black” and we hear another whoosh.  A coffee cup appears in front of her.  She takes it from him.  “That was quick.  Do you smell smoke?”  He denies he does, but notices he has soot on his hand.  He wipes it off on his pant leg as Lois informs him the Blur put out the fire in three seconds.  “He is so amazing.”  Clark without thinking.  “Two seconds.”  She looks at him as he says, “Not as if anyone is counting.”  She looks slightly suspicious.  Her terminal beeps again.  Clark reads about a high speed motorcycle chase.  Lois bends to read it too as Clark freeze breaths her coffee.  [Squee!  A first.  Training with Big Daddy J is obviously paying off.]  Lois takes a sip and  remarks it’s ice cold as Clark anticipates her response.  Welling gives an incredible reaction of ‘how could that happen?’  Real Clark hiding his abilities.  She tells him she’ll get her own coffee as he zips off to take care of business.

Thank you.  This is the Clark that we have missed for almost 8 seasons.  A Clark Kent enjoying and using his powers to live in an everyday human world.  Welling is perfection in this role.  Since they’ve allowed Clark to be a man, Tom is really running with it.  Fans are  enjoying his performances and his character’s development this season.

Clark sees the motorcyclist approaching and shoves a big rig ladened with pipe across the road.  The biker stops on a dime and takes off his helmet.  It’s Oliver who has hung up his bow since the death of Jimmy Olsen.  He greets Clark as a buzzkill.  He tries to convince Clark that he was betting on Doomsday.  Continuity.  Ain’t it great?  Clark isn’t buying it and tells Oliver that Jimmy’s death affected them both.  Oliver equates Clark to God who he thinks has a sick sense of humor.  Clark reaches out to Oliver, not in that whiney way he used to have, but man to man.  He tells Ollie that he should have listened to him in regards to Davis.  “I should have gotten rid of Davis instead of believing in him.”  Clark Kent admits wrong.

Even though these are words Oliver would have loved to have heard weeks before, he turns and heads for his bike.  “It’s a little late.”  Clark is trying to make amends by being the hero he should be.  Ollie tosses Clark’s abilities in his face, claiming the GA is only human.  “You were meant for more than this.  This isn’t you.”  Ollie turns on him asking him about the S symbol and if it stands for superstar.  “It gives people hope,” retorts Clark.  Ollie spews at the Blur about being a modern Jesus trying to save ‘us.’  Clark tells Oliver he needs help.  Oliver takes off on his bike with a quip about not everyone believing in the second coming.  Ollie cannot be reached.  Clark watches as a police vehicle tears off after the former hero.

Tess mansion.  Red is looking at symbols in Brazil, Mongolia, and finally the S symbol in Turkey.  [Is it on Mount Ararat?]  Orb minion, who is still employed, enters with news about twelve missing ex-Navy Seals who haven’t reported in.  She’s got them searching for Kryptonians.  We hear gunfire and yelling in the outer hallway.  Orb guy goes out with gun ready to find a body on the floor.  There’s a bloody chunk out of its face.  Tess whimpers.  Orb guy gets something on his ear piece and then the lights go out.  We hear knocking against a window, Orb guy takes a look.  He turns to tell Tess it’s okay, it’s just the wind, when a zombie bursts through the glass to wail on him.  It’s one of the ex-Navy Seals.

Tess runs into her office but doesn’t lock the door.  She grabs her cell and dials 911 and it’s busy.  [that’s bad]  So there’s something going on bigger than just at the mansion.  She hears growling behind her.  Same disgusting black slobber, red eyes and rage.  He attacks her.  She hits him in the head with a whiskey decanter.  She runs for the other door, but there’s another zombie who tosses her high into the air, breaking the glass desk.  [Really need to get a wooden one – glass is always breaking at the mansion.]   Tess gets Lex’s sword and starts slaying the zombies, but not before second zombie munches with sound effects on her neck.  She slits its throats and it falls to the floor.


One of those traveling corridor shots with Clark and Lois disagreeing about Tess having a nervous breakdown.  “If you keep hiding secrets, Clark, they start to back up in your brain.”  Lois lists the whacko things Tess is talking about.  Alien orbs, now zombies.  That doesn’t even ruffle Clark’s hair.  He thinks there has to be more to the story.  Lois in her slit skirt tells him, “Sometimes you’re really gullible.”  He snarks back.  “Why don’t you get in touch with your new best friend, weigh him in on it?”  She snarks back she is not going to have a pity call to draw out Studly Do-Right.  Clark is sure the Blur would side with him on the subject.  [Dude, you can’t have it both ways.  Either you want her to know or not.  This cat and mouse game is gonna bite you in the ass . . . or get your laid.  Just remember this is Lois Lane you are taunting.  Be warned.]  Lois is amused and chuckles, “Why?  Because you have so much in common?”

Interesting bit here.  Lois sees two physicians coming down the hall towards them and she stops in her tracks.  She turns towards Clark and listens to what they are saying about Tess.  Dr. Coats from the Disease Control Agency tells a doctor Tess’ delusions are because of the virus.  Clark and Lois go to see the infected who is sleeping with her back to them.  Clark doesn’t think they should disturb her, but Lois wants to know what made Cruella snap.  She approaches the bed and asks what happened.  Tess turns and we see her red eyes with black circles and her blackened mouth.  There are scratches on her face.  She screams and pushes Lois across the room into the wall.  She continues screaming and Clark subdues her as the doctor rushes in with a sedative.  “It’s me! Clark!”  He says to the enraged monster.  He pleads for the doctor to help her.  The doctor gives her a shot to the neck.  She calms down and closes her eyes.

Lois starts to get off the floor as Clark goes to her saying her name.  He helps her up.  Lois looks traumatized at Tess’s strength.  Clark admits there is some truth to her story.  Lois is going to the DP to write the article.  Clark watches the doctor examine an unconscious zombie Tess.

Blondie’s Lair.  We see a map with lights on it.  When Emil bursts through the doors, she shuts down what she’s been doing.  She offers him Chinese food.  He refuses.  It’s the geek out geek contest.  He’s had kelp salad at a Korean macrobiotic restaurant.  Okay.  Nothing misses this man of science’s attention.  He noticed blondie’s startle when he came in.  He wants no secrets between them.  “Then you’re in the wrong business.”  He apparently finds that amusing.  Zippp, Clark wearing his reporter clothes enters carrying a Tess blood sample.   He tells blondie Tess has been infected and attacked him and Lois.  Blondie gives him a Yodaesque quip about how is that any different than usual.  Emil says they’ll get on it.  Blondie shows them she is already spying on Tess.  [Are we sure she’s not Lena Luthor?]  They see the zombified mercenaries come visiting.  “And not the friendly kind,” quips blondie.  Mack hasn’t had a good comedic line in a long time.  Her timing is impeccable.

Emil begins to explain viral rage and how it effects the brain and makes its victims more aggressive.  Blondie can’t hack into the disease control agency and Clark tells here about Dr. Coats presence at Met Gen.  He asks Emil if he can get anything out of the good doctor.  Emil says he’ll try but it is 30 minutes away.  Clark walks towards him questioning him.  “Do you get motion sickness?”  Emil in true nerd fashion.  “Not really.  Why do you ask?”  Clark grabs Emil to superspeed him off.  I love Alessandro Juliani in this role.  He does a Grover from Sesame Street move when being whisked away.  I laugh every single time – and I’ve watched this episode.  A LOT.  Blondie ends it with a cynical, “Really?”

Clark and Emil zip into Met Gen.  The camera angle is comic book classic.  Emil’s reaction to superspeed are so indicative of the scientist.  Clark nods at Dr. Coats and Emil walks down the hall to speak with him.  He inquires about Tess as Clark superhears in.  Good effects.  Coats explains the virus is probably airborne.  They have sent a quarantine team to the Daily Planet because that was the last place Tess was before she went whacko.  Which begs the questions – why would she do that?  And did she go there of her own free will?  We saw that it took a bite to give Tess the disease.  So is it really airborne?

Eavesdropping Clark says one word, “Lois.”

Lois enters Zombieland, formerly known as the DP basement bullpen, as the lights go off.  Are these zombies chewing the wires like rabbits?  The clock on the wall says 9:45.  Lights flicker.  Lois tries her desk phone.  No power, no phone.  Doesn’t try her cell though.  She sees her City Editor, Randall Brady at Ron Troope’s desk with his head down.  She calls out to him and then starts snarking to get his attention.  “I have a major news flash for you.”  He lifts his head in a quick start and spit flies from his blackened mouth.  He leaps from sitting position to the top of the desk.  Lois takes off running through the office.  She gets away only to almost run into a female zombie.  She back tracks getting a fire extinguisher and starts using it as a weapon.  Both zombies are down for a bit.  She hears a zip behind her and raises her weapon to find Clark.  His jacket and tie are off when he had them on in the hospital hallway.  “Lois, I’m going to get you out of here.”  She tells him he has no idea of what they’re up against and that SHE’LL protect HIM.  A second female zombie approaches and Clark lifts Lois and turns her in the other direction.  They both go running for the stairs.  Clark in front starting to swing at male zombies descending the steps.  Lois takes on Randall and 2nd female zombie.  She gets bit on her exposed thigh.  Clark is tossing zombies over the railing when more approach, he checks to see if Lois is watching and then slugs them onto the next floor.

It’s zombie bowling night at the DP.  Lois is holding her own despite being injured.  A rush of zombies from downstairs sends Lois crawling upstairs past Clark as he lifts a zombie and topples them all.  He turns to Lois.  “Are you okay?”  She sees the zombie pile below them.  She says it was close.  He sees her bit thigh.  He’s all concern.  “Let’s get you some place safe.”  He lifts her into his arms and they have a moment.  With his light blue dress shirt open revealing the A shirt beneath, he ascends the stairs looking very supermanish with Lois Lane smiling in his arms.


Luthorcorp with the helicopter on the helipad.  Female cop who pulled Ollie over for speeding is only wearing her shirt uniform looking very satisfied.  [Yes, Jody Thompson played Gia in FADE.]  She has Ollie’s wallet.  She’s found platinum cards, which shirtless Ollie rolls his eyes at and also a picture of Lois.  Heroes and the women in their wallets.  Tonight on Smallville.  He’s sucking down the cognac.  When questioned about Lois, he tells her.  “It’s someone I used to know,” but he continues to stare at the picture.  He tosses it down and takes another amphetamine.  Cop says something about not ‘speeding’ in front of her.  He’s been popping pills to stay awake for a few days.  They kiss and he goes for his belt buckle.  Something hits the floor.  He wants to leave it there but she kneels before him and picks it up.  (and he’s not even Zod)  She’s pissed because it’s a camera.  He thinks she’s kidding because he knows nothing about it.  Someone is spying on him.  She is indignant.  She tells him not to call or email her.  He says he never does.  He gets slapped and she leaves.

Ollie examines it a little further and decides it must be Mercy spying on him.  BUZZ! Wrong!  No washer or dryer for you, big boy.

Back at blondie’s.  Data on the big screen.  Her and Emil must be having orgasms.  She’s isolated a suspect enzyme from Tess’ blood but she can’t find a match.  He’s drawn up a map of the  infection area of the supposed airborne, deliberately released virus.  Sleep is induced by the virus so it can germinate.  That we know is true because Tess was sleeping before she turned.  Emil takes a gander and tells her he’s seen the same enzyme in Davis Bloom’s blood.  So all they need is a willing Kryptonian.

Clark rips his shirt to come to Lois’ aid.  He kneels down to apply the dressing to her thigh as she sits on Tess’ office couch.  She watches the boy scout.  You can see her wheels turning.  He looks up at her and they share another moment.  Silent with Louis Febre’s light piano notes playing.  “Do you think  they’ve quarantined the city?” asks the Reporter.  Probably says the hero as he checks his handiwork.  “It’s probably an airborne virus.”  Lois always thinking.  “You realize that means we both probably have it.”  Clark rises and looks down at her.  He knows that means only she could have the virus.  He gently tells her, “We can’t think like that.”  He walks to the window.  She tries to reason that they might not make it.  “Lois.”  He doesn’t want to discuss it.  He can’t think about losing her again.  She presses.  “It would just suck to go out without any . . . closure.”  She stares at him for a moment.  “Clark, do you have any deep dark secrets.”  He looks at her a bit wide eyed.  “Do you?” he whispers.

She confesses when she was talking to the Red Blue Blur for the first time in her life she was doing something that mattered.  “And I wanted to work with him because we did such good things together.”  She lets out a sigh.  Clark starts to walk towards her.  “But then I started to realize that I wasn’t just doing it to save people.”  She looks up at him.  “I was doing it for me.”  Lois Lane honest to the core.  Clark gives her a small smile as he stares down at her.  The score is beautiful.  Mythic and romantic.  “I just wanted to be with him,” she smiles still staring at Clark.  He smiles and kind of shrugs.  “We all get crushes, Lois.  It doesn’t make you a bad person.”

“You don’t understand,” she says rising from the couch.  Still with total eye contact.  It’s the same words he said to her in INFAMOUS.  She’s trying to tell him he’s special.  She’s face to face with him.  “I have never had this connection with someone before.  Now that I have this connection I don’t want to go back to the way things were.”  Lois Lane speaking from her heart.  She’s embarrassed to confess with tears in her eyes.  “I don’t want to be alone anymore.”

Clark looks moved.  This has been his fear the entire series.  That he would be alone.  Lois is an independent spirit and yet she yearns to be connected to someone . . . him.  She’s not talking about the Blur.  She is talking about Clark Kent.  Does Lois suspect that they are one and the same?  She has been to the future and she does have memories of that visit even though she doesn’t realize they are indeed memories.

As they stare into one another’s eyes, blondie cockblocker calls Clark’s cell right on cue.  It’s the only soap opera-ish moment in the whole episode – and with good reason as we’ll learn later.  Lois sighs and puts her hands on her hips as Clark looks at the text.  Blondie needs him at the Watchtower.  “We gotta go,” he informs Lois as they hear a growl and then a zombie body breaks through the glass door.  What is with glass on this show?  It’s probably more expensive than oak.

Clark stands defensively in front of Lois as Ollie enters cocking a shotgun.  Lois asks him what he’s doing there?  He informs them he was looking for Tess and that the building is Resident Evil.  More growls are heard as Clark leads them out of the office.  Three adults walk into the elevator lobby discussing the crisis at hand.  Great camera work as it circles our three heroes.  Lois states her boss was sleeping before he turned.  Clark adds it happened to Tess too.  Ollie surmises it incubates when they are sleeping.  Lois informs them that 4 million people are about to wake up and go to work.  “That’s a hell of a rush hour,” says Ollie.

Clark tells them to get into the elevator to be safe.  He doesn’t enter.  Lois is concerned.  “Clark!”  He nods telling her someone has to go for help.  “Please, be careful,” she says staring at him keeping it together.  He gives her a grin and tells her everything is going to be all right.  They can’t say goodbye or stop talking with their eyes.  Ollie sees this.  “Okay, good luck, Clark,” he says coldly reaching for the close button.  Lois lowers her eyes as if accepting whatever happens.  Clark stops the doors from closing.  He has some orders.  “Oliver, she’s in your hands now.  Don’t let her fall asleep.”  He lets the doors shut.

Back at the Geek pad.  Blondie is staring at a tube of liquid green k which she puts into a lead case as Emil inquires about the extraterrestrial specimen.  Clark zips in.  “You’re looking at him.”  Emil accepts the information.  “That explains a lot.”  Clark wants to know how they are going to draw blood since he is invulnerable.  Emil has connections at Luthorcorp and they have the liquid k which they will drip the needle in to get the required vial of Kryptonian blood.

So Clark is laying on the gurney we saw in the teaser and Emil is applying the tourniquet.  Clark is sacrificing for the greater good and Lois.  The scientist shoves the needle into a vein as Clark screams in pain.  Blood begins to fill the vial.  “You were right.  The reaction is quite intense.”  Blondie is trying to stop the procedure already.  Emil needs more blood in order to get the antidote to the populous of Metropolis.  Clark is sweating and trying not to flail too much.  He goes unconscious.  Blondie is still trying to cockblock.  Emil with his scientific mind knows they can’t stop now.  She thinks it is killing Clark.  We see the vial is full and Emil takes it out immediately.  He assures blondie that Clark will be fine and that his vitals are reviving.  She wants to stay with Clark.  She wants an excuse to touch Clark.  Emil tells her that she has to get on the jet and help him prep the antidote so there will be enough for everyone.  “Thousands if not millions may be unknowingly effected.”  So will blondie pay the price and do what’s right for the greater good or will she continue to fondle Clark while he’s unconscious?  Hey, it happened to Nightwing, Richard Grayson.   Just saying.


The DP elevator.  Lois is fighting off sleep.  Ollie is fighting off sleep for different reasons.  “God, Ollie.  You’re a mess.”  Justin just is sooo good in these scenes.  Even though Ollie is an ass, you just want to give him a hug.  “Yea,  I know.”  His voice cracks as a tear slides down his face.  He grabs some more speed.  “I’m sorry you have to see me like this, Lois.”

He looks into a reflective pane and asks Lois to tell him he’s full of it like she always did.  Still somewhat narcissistic,  “God, I miss you.  I miss our days together.  Deep down in your heart,   I know you do to.”  When he turns to see her reactions, her head is slack and he can’t see her face.  She has fallen asleep.  Nice going, Ollie.  Clark is going to be pissed!  The powerful alien is gonna go Kryptonian on you, Arrow.

He rushes to her calling out her name.  “Hey, wake up.”  Lois opens her eyes and they are red.   She’s a puppy zombie.  Not yet a full grown pit bull yet.  She begins her puppy growl and slaps Ollie across the elevator as she leaps through the skylight and into the shaft.  Ollie can hear her growls as he looks up at all the broken glass.

Clark awakens alone.  It’s the repeat of the teaser.  Only this time you get the feeling he know that something is going on with Lois.  This time when he reads Oliver’s note, you know what the cost is.

The prequel to the Arrowplane containing blondie and Emil.  They have managed to get some of the antidote into the Metropolis water supply.  Blondie can be really annoying when there’s someone smarter in the vicinity.  So Emil explains likes she’s a six year old that they are seeding the clouds so that the antidote will rain down on Metropolis.  Remember it was supposed to be a sunny day according to the radio.  So blondie types a paragraph on a keyboard so the red antidote shoots from the plane over the Big Apricot.  The graphics are well done.   Emil offers her a hand of thanks even if something goes wrong.  She is annoyed at his lack of faith in her perfect command of all situations.  “Nothing’s going wrong.”  Control issues much?   Emil states that Oliver had faith in blondie because she matched his confidence.  Which is presently in the toilet.  He is a major screw up at the moment.  He tells her she’s been betraying Oliver by tracking him and the League.  Through his belt buckle?  With a camera?  Are we sure she’s not a Luthor?  Or a perv?  Or both?

Emil asks her her reasons for spying and her answer is as much about the League as it could be about Clark and Lois.  “The longer they stay separated, the more vulnerable they are.”  She continues with her den mother philosophy.  “I not sure that you’ve noticed, but the people who can’t take care of themselves, are the ones that the world actually needs the most.”  Man, no one would want to be hoisted on that petard.  So blondie confesses that is her secret.  And Emil tells her she’ll just have to trust him to keep it.

Rock music blaring, Clark enters the bullpen.  Lyrics scream, “Messin with my head again.”  He approaches the woman at the copier not knowing what has happened to her.  “Lois.”  We hear her seething.  “Lois, are you okay?”  She turns and growls at him.  She is about to become Mad Dog Lane zombie.  Durance actually takes a gulp of air and we see how frightened Lois is.  It’s not all monster going on.  “Lo-is?” says Clark as if he feels her pain.  She grabs for him trying to bite him.  Clark keeps looking into her eyes trying to see if she’s in there afterall.  He knows she can’t hurt him.  Durance is just going for it.  Welling, the big man, is fending her off, but she’s giving her all.  She snaps at  him and the sound effects of the clanking teeth are disturbing but effective.

He pushes her away not hurting her.  She stares up at him.  The virus works on anger.  You wonder if Lois is thinking about five years of frustration with this alien farm boy waiting for him to mature into the man she always knew he could be.  She plows him one.  Lois Lane force of  nature sends the Kryptonian through a window and out into the street.  It is cathartic.  Clark gets up and there’s Lois standing in front of the DP not the least bit weary.  She goes at him with claws drawn and he manages to swing her past him.  Not deterred, she comes at him again.  He grabs her arms and gets her locked in his arms with her facing away from him.  She struggles, she screams and she fights him all the way.   Clark is just as determined.  These two people have very strong wills.  It’s one of the things they admire about each other.

Clark with concern and some terror for her tells her, “It’s okay. You’re going to be okay.”  Clark is a man of faith and hope and one day will realize his great love for this woman.  He won’t let her go no matter how hard she fights.  We see a storm form over the city.  There is thunder as Clark Kent holds onto Lois Lane for dear life.  The rain begins to fall as Lois screams and struggles.  She’s still trying to bite him, but the rain is beginning to work.  Her face is becoming clearer.  Clark watches in hopes of a sign she will be okay.  That what they have done won’t be in vain.

Eventually Lois begins to grow quieter.  Clark looks hopeful as he holds on tight.  Lois Lane exhausted hugs Clark Kent’s arm as if it is her lifeline.   The overhead shot is wonderful as it shows us what Clark will look like in his blue uniform.  The light blue shirt is stuck to him as his A shirt line reveals the chest that will one day display a red and yellow family crest.

Clark coddles Lois, swaying her gently back and forth as she gulps for air.   We see that she has fully recovered.  Clark still won’t let her go.  Welling’s hand is huge on Durance’s arm.  Clark gently says her name as if a question.  “Lo-is?”  Is she really back?  She turns in his arms and we see a very vulnerable Lois Lane.  Never in the history of the show has she seemed so thoroughly soft and unguarded.  Clark Kent is the only man that Lois Lane will ever let into her heart..  “Clark?”   We are reminded of former Lois Lanes in this moment.  We see a bit of Hatcher especially.  The trust is palatable. It’s what makes their relationship great. “What happened?”

Clark smoothes her wet hair around her ear and cups her face.  They gaze into one another’s eyes.  “We made it.”  He smiles.  The iconic couple lives.  Yes, they have made it.  And it is a stirring moment.  They smile at one another.   Clark looks at her mouth and grins as if asking if it’s okay.  She lays her head on his chest as he holds her tightly but tenderly in the Metropolis rain.  There is tenderness.  This is the reason Clark could never be fully Kryptonian.  He loves Lois.  She is the best of humanity to him.  She accepts him for what he is.  She loves the man he is, no matter what he wears.  They both see the world in the same way.  Louis Febre’s score is epic and touching.  Clark has his Lois.  She is at home in his arms and he holds onto his home.  People walk past them in the rain, but they don’t see them.  They are together in the moment in their own world.  The yellow sun comes out to illuminate the rain drops.

This scene from beginning to end will never get old.  It is a piece of the Superman mythology that is more than comparable to anything that preceded it.  Well done, Smallville.


Night time in an alley.  Ollie sipping from a flask when he hears a zip.  He knows what’s there and doesn’t bother to look.  “Here we go.”  He’s been dreading this moment.  He has failed on so many levels.  Clark is not going to let him off the hook.  “You only had to do one thing, Oliver.  Keep her awake.  Lois almost died!  You’ve spiraled down so far, you couldn’t even protect her.  Is there any part of the person I used to know still there?”

Ollie ponders that question.  You know he’s been beating up himself probably more than Clark ever could.  (And Clark could do a lot of damage if he was that kind of guy.)  “Maybe not.”  Clark tries to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Clark is a very gracious man.  He knows how his own journey has been.

Oliver tells him that he took a look in the mirror and Clark was right.  He has been running away what he is.  “And now I know who I really am.”   Clark remarks that Oliver knows what he has to do.

Oliver thanks him.  For what I’m not certain.  For not killing him?  For forgiving him when he can’t forgive himself?  For being a better man and hero?  For saving Lois?  I’m not even sure Clark knows why he’s being thanked.  The Blur walks away.

Oliver takes his Green Arrow gear out of a bag and pours the liquor over it.  He throws a lighter at it as it engulfs in flames.  Who does Oliver think he is?  He’s lost so much and have just thrown away the best part of himself.

The Kent Farm.  Clark is cleaning out his wallet.  He finds a picture of blahna.  He smiles at it like it doesn’t hurt anymore to do so.  It’s all in the past now.  It was a nice time,  but it’s over.   He gets up and puts the picture in a photo album along with other memorabilia.  He closes the book on that part of his life.  No regrets.  He has moved on.  Great scene.  No dialogue but the entire intent and purpose is there.  Thanks.  Well ended.

Lois enters without knocking and says, “Hi.”  Clark’s jaw actually drops a bit.  “Lois.”  She just came over to say thanks and to apologize in case she tried to rip his head off or something.  He walks towards her.  There is nothing uncomfortable for him.  He’s at ease.  “You have a mean left hook.”  She tells him she doesn’t remember that.  “But I do remember seeing a whole new side to Clark Kent.”  He’s not shocked or appalled, just curious.  “What side was that?”  She gives him a big smile.  “I’ll give you a hint.  It starts with ‘H’ and ends with ‘ero.’”

They connect on so many levels during this conversation.  “And I wasn’t even wearing red or blue.”  She chuckles.  “Well, you’ve got a long ways to go before you can do that.”  He does some chuckling of his own.  “Still, I think we make a pretty good team,” she says.  He totally agrees with her.  He has been looking at her as if she were better than pie.  She gives him another big smile for that answer.  She takes a step forward, and almost taps him.  “You never did tell me your secret.”   He opens his mouth and gets, “Well,” out before she interrupts him with an eye roll and tells him.  “Relax, Smallville.”  Before she can shoulder punch him like she used to do when they were ‘friends.’  He grabs her arm.  Clark doesn’t want to go back there either.  He feels connected to her, too.  They continue to look into one another’s eyes.  He gives her a grin.

She looks him straight in the eye.  “You keep the mystery.”  He’s intrigued by her statement.  “You need to work every last drop of it you got.”  He seems to understand what she meant.  She walks out the door as Clark watches her.  She stops and has to brace herself from the crashing wave of memories of the future.  Did her encounter with Clark propel them to the forefront?  Did their fun loving touching catalyst a memory?  We see blondie running, Clark and Lois making love, Tess kneeling before Zod in salute, Clark’s torn S shirt on a stick over a blood puddle, Oliver digging into dusty gravel, blondie laying lifeless on the ground.  Lois startles as her dark memories fade and the light appears around her.  She doesn’t go back into the house, but hesitantly moves forward leaving the porch.

Clark with a concerned look on his face approaches the door window.  Is he picking up on Lois’ demeanor?  How connected are these two people?

Dr. Coats dressed in olive drab goes into an empty warehouse.  Here’s a twist we didn’t quite see before.  Zod appears spouting Buddhist truth.  “Three things cannot be hidden: the sun,  the moon, and the truth.”  Coats kneels before Zod.  Coats was responsible for unleashing the virus.  He’s stripped of his family crest.  Zod is concerned about their anonymity and if the humans ever find out about the virus’ true origin, they will hunt down the Kandorians, who are currently powerless.  Coats tells him that there is a Kryptonian living in Metropolis that has powers.  He shows Zod the S symbol that Clark is leaving around town.  So they would have found him just from that alone.

Zod has this impassioned look on his face when staring at the El family crest.  “Jor-El, he survived.”  Coats tells him that Jor-El is saving people and not letting his fellow Kandorians in on the power secret.   He has betrayed them.  Coats tries to convince Zod that releasing the virus brought Jor-El out in the open.  He produces some of Clark’s blood that was used for the antidote.  “Track him and he’s ours.”  Coats thinks Zod sees the wisdom of his plan.  He asks Coats to kneel which he does gladly.    Zod pulls out a sword and crushes his head,  getting some blood on his face.  In a Highlander moment he turns his face to the yellow sunbeams coming through a skylight.  Can’t wait to hear Callum say, “Son of Jor-El.”


For some reason the CW has been doing combined trailers.  Last week we saw and heard Clark dating Lois.  None of that was in this week’s episode.  It will probably be in next week’s episode, ECHO.  Toyman visits, he’s still making deadly dolls and the Blur deals with him.  Also Clark will be getting a new power, probably temporary.  He is able to hear people’s thoughts.

Yes, this is a tougher, grittier, sexier, more epic, more romantic and less soap opera-ish, Smallville.  We all say.  BRING IT ON, SMALLVILLE!!!  You’re doing fantastic!

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  1. Natasha permalink
    October 13, 2009 10:35 am

    Thanks for the recap and review. It’s great to see positivity from people who are actually still watching the show. I agree that this episode, along with Savior and Metallo have been epic and so far this is the best first three episodes of Smallville in any season.

    • October 14, 2009 1:51 pm


      You are quite welcome. It has been a joy to watch the show this season. It’s really reaching its potential and often times surpasses it.

      Thanks for comment.


      Thank you for the excellent information. I stand corrected. To know the province it is in is amazing. :D

      Thank you for commenting.

  2. Serhan permalink
    October 14, 2009 7:18 am

    S symbol is not on Mount Ararat. Mount Ararat is on far east side of Turkey. Symbol is on Konya provinence.

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