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Justin Hartley in Mega Fault

October 13, 2009

Mega Fault Trailer

Posted to TV Promos n Trailers by supernatural66 on October 13, 2009

By Kate Blake Admin OSCK

Justin Hartley’s TV movie Mega Fault aired this weekend on SyFy. He had fourth billing under Brittany Murphy ( Clueless) , Eriq LaSalle ( ER) and Bruce Davison (X-Men) . Not a bad cast but that is about the best thing I can say about the movie. Here is the premise- Murphy is a top notch geologist known for her earthquake studies, she is reporting to the FEMA director played by Davison, Justin plays her husband whose job in the movie is the traditional chick role of making sure he and their little girl make it home and through the movie in one piece. Eriq LaSalle must have really needed a paycheck to do this clunker. His part is that of the guy who starts the whole disaster rolling. He is a demolition expert in charge of taking down a mountain in the most environmentally irresponsible mining ever invented by man. Banned for over twenty years George Bush re-opened permits to allow mountain top mining- what this is is a technique where literally mountains are brought down to uncover the mineral deposits below them with horrifying environmental consequences. Read about it online. The consequences in this movie are that the explosions uncover a previously unknown underground deep fault which starts a series of earthquakes.

The science is actually ok- usually I rag on these movies for their sloppy research but this time my issue really is with the bad acting and sloppy storytelling. Murphy’s collagen filled lips never loose their lipstick even when going through all kinds of turmoil. Justin has one big action sequence- it follows though the world’s dumbest search moment. Who goes looking for a lost child by standing in the middle of a field and yelling? Well apparently he and his movie wife do as she repeats this at the end of the movie for their big reunion. Davison really tries to sell it, Justin is sweet with the little girl showing his daddy softness and is good in his small part but I have to give huge raspberries to Murphy and LaSalle. He refused to come back to ER for how long to do crap like this? I am reminded of an interview on Jay Leno with Patrick Stewart long ago. Jay pulled out this clip of Patrick in a god awful cheesy vampire flick. Jay asked him why he did this and Patrick responded “we needed a new water heater.

Next time producers? Let Justin take the lead and do the action- he is better at it and knows how to sell melodrama.  Erica Durance and Sanctuary’s Robin Dunne have a SyFy Saturday flick on the way- luckily they had Stargate’s Peter Deluise in charge of the production so hopefully their Robin Hood meets monster flick will be more entertaining and less cringe worthy.

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