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An Open Letter to Brian & Kelly

October 12, 2009

27675353An Open Letter to Brian & Kelly

By Erika Blake
OSCK founder & Superverses Admin

OSCK was formed 2 ½ seasons ago when Superman fans of Smallville felt utterly dismayed and betrayed by the portrayal of Clark Kent during the back end of season 6 and all of the way through season 7. Our mission was to let our voices be heard to the powers that be and let them know that we were very upset with the lack of direction and lack of respect that we felt that the show runners were giving to the legacy of Superman.

What a difference 2 seasons make. Last year was a transitional time on the series. We had new producers with a new vision and apparently the blessings of DC Comics to take the series onward. Even though season 8 was uneven storytelling wise, it was a vast improvement over the god awful season 7 that literally slapped Superman fans in the face (sorry Millar/Gough, I will NEVER forgive you for ACTION.) Clark was finally at the Daily Planet and most of the storytelling through season 8 smelled of Superman even if things were confusing to fans when they killed off Jimmy Olsen.

SM901-0004This year everything has changed and for all of the former members of OSCK who have abandoned the series, NOW is the time to come back to Smallville because THIS is the show that we fought so hard to get. This series is no longer about a mopy, whiney boy from Krypton with a wounded heart trying to find his place on his adopted planet. Instead, it is rich with mythos lore and this season already is proving to be a feast for hungry Superman fans eyes. This series is no longer catering to the teen crowd but is finally a series about the struggles and triumphs of adult superheroes. Unlike last season where they tried to make the villain Davis/Doomsday conflicted and likeable they’ve given us an all out terrifying menace of an enemy with the return of Major Zod played by the captivating and dare I say sexy, Callum Blue. (Damn you Brian and Kelly – Zod is NOT supposed to be HOT!)  Tess is tracking down Zod and his Kryptonians and will get embroiled in his machinations. Zod is utterly captivating and downright scary. They’re nicely keeping his storyline apart from Clark’s giving us a wonderful sense of anticipation with wondering how things will unfold when these two forces meet for the first time.

Clark Kent is first and foremost a MAN. As a hero he’s still wandering (or zipping) around in the dark trying to figure out his exact place in the scheme of things. Clark’s a fashion disaster with his makeshift black costume (black jeans, t-shirt w/ the famous S on it, a long trench coat, and motorcycle boots – Clark is obviously trying to be as cool as Zor-El looked in season 7 and is failing miserably, however, I’m not complaining about the lack of that red jacket.) Clark’s also zooming around Metropolis and leaving his mark everywhere which is causing people to question his motives.  John Corbin saw the symbol as that of a vigilante and Oliver sees Clark’s saves to be like Jesus Christ….superstar…  Until Clark is fully comfortable with his duel identities and can reveal his face to the world as a hero, his motives are going to be in question.  There’s a real struggle this season with him. He’s training with his father Jor-El who keeps insisting that in order for him to be humanity’s true hero he needs to shed all of his ties to humanity and be apart from them. This isn’t working well for Clark – he’s lost without any ties to the only life that he’s ever known. He can’t fly. His father insists that it’s because he’s still connected to his humanity, but we all know that until Clark finds the perfect balance between accepting his alien heritage and living as a human, he won’t be 100% happy and fulfilled.

SM901-0006Lois Lane is no longer the joke of the Daily Planet. With brass and balls she blackmailed Tess into giving her job back to her and she is fiercely digging back into her position. The season opened with Clark confiding in her as the Blur but put aside that veil once he returned to his place at the Daily Planet. Lois is conflicted by her feelings, for the first time in her life she truly feels like she matters to someone and that she’s a part of something special. Lois grew up without a lot of love and has always had to live wearing her own mask of invulnerability because growing up in the military showing your emotions is a sign of weakness. The one person who’s able to rip that mask off is her friend Clark who she confessed last season that she’s falling in love with. Things are heating up, not only is she having these wild weird flashes of herself and farm boy all hot and steamy in the sack but Clark’s no longer the wussy boy who she’s known all of these years. He’s got a commanding, heroic presence to him that has come from the confidence that he’s developing while training with Jor-El.  The traditional Triangle built for 2 has begun in force on Smallville with Clark having put Lana squarely into his past and is ready to embrace the future that he desires with Lois. He’s now competing with his alter-ego for her affections and it’s starting to drive him a bit bonkers. We’ve seen Clark fall in love with the wrong woman, now we’re finally being shown what it’s like for him to fall in love with the right one.

Oliver has taken the brunt of the angst on the series and is in a downward spiral of self pity for his inability to save Jimmy.  Lois has dismissed him and Clark’s lecturing has rattled around in Ollie’s head as bitter reminders of what a failure he is in life. Oliver’s throwing a one man pity party that no one else is invited to. He’s so down on himself that he’s burned his Green Arrow costume and is drowning himself in booze and drugs. It’s rather nice seeing Justin getting some meaty material to work with on the show and get to showcase some real range and acting depth.

SM901-0002Chloe is fiercely missing her husband and pleaded with Clark to reset time and bring him back. Clark knows the dangers of resetting time and refused her request which has shoved a wedge between the two friends. She has resumed her duties as Watchtower, but it’s a rather lonely job since her main boss is MIA and she’s now working with Dr. Emile Hamilton whose leagues smarter than she is.  Chloe is rather lost what with now being usurped as Clark’s side-kick/confident (that job has now gone to Lois) and working with an anal retentive self absorbed co-worker isn’t a lot of fun.  This season, she actually can’t hack into every website that she tries to access and is faced with her own intellectual limitations. Emile is brilliant but he’s seriously lacking in people skills, ultimately I believe that once these two work out their pecking order and Oliver returns to the fold, Chloe’s going to really hit her stride this season. It’s just rather nice seeing her actually have to face some challenges for once and not always know the answer to every problem by herself.  It’s fantastic to see Clark thinking for himself this season.

With Lois’s scary visions of a future bathed in red light that include Chloe’s death, Clark’s S Shirt ripped and on a stick (ala the iconic symbol of the Death of Superman from the Doomsday comics that was the symbol of OSCK’s initial campaign,) Oliver burying something, pools of blood, Tess kneeling before Zod and becoming one of his minions, a world on fire…you can only bet that things are about to get crazy on Smallville – in the best way possible.

Brian and Kelly are crafting a season that promises to be rich in Superman lore by bringing in more DC heroes and villains all of the while writing their core characters in ways that are bringing them closer to their comic equals in the grand tradition of Smallville –by reinventing the mythos. This season already is showing us what Superman fans are craving in a film franchise, not a rehash of stuff from the Silver Age but stories that are rich in the Post-Crisis lore that are darker and yet have Clark happy and at peace with himself because he’s head over heel s in love with Lois Lane.

SM902-0012Growing up Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder were always my one and only visions of who could ever truly be Superman and Lois Lane…they have officially been usurped by a new generation of actors who have taken their legacy and expanded on it. Tom Welling and Erica Durance are finally being given the opportunity this season to showcase to the whole world why they are the heirs to the Superman legacy.  Both actors are flawless this season, Erica is bringing in shades of Margot and Teri Hatcher’s Lois’s into her performances and yet, she’s crafting a new Lois for a new generation, one who’s love for Superman isn’t corny but is deeply emotional and realistic. Tom truly seems to be invigorated this season he’s portraying Clark in every way that we know him to be loveable, sanctimonious, and heroic – all that I can think is that Christopher Reeve would’ve been proud of him.

Thank you Brian and Kelly – I haven’t enjoyed this show this much since the first ½ of season 6 which was when I fell in love with this series in the first place. Our two executive producers along with Tom Welling firmly in the co-executive producer seat are giving us a season that is proving week after week that our new show runners truly understand the legacy that they’ve been handed and are doing everything in their power to finally give us a series that no longer resembles ‘Dawson’s Creek’ but is the adult and modern vision of Superman that we always knew that this series could become.

Thank you Brian and Kelly for respecting the legend and restoring hope.

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  1. bertha maría permalink
    February 8, 2010 1:12 pm

    Erika you are amazing!!!! you can put into words, ours thoughts (I mean all Smallville’s fans).
    I read every information, review and recap, every posts from osck, and I don’t talk english!!!!!, so….

    REalmente me encanta lo que han hecho con esta temporada, yo sigo Smll desde sus inicios, también me cansé con blana (así es en español) y me re-enamoré de la serie en la 8va temporada.
    ¿No dan oscar por tan buenas actuaciones???

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