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Smallville’s METALLO Rings True for Superman Fans

October 3, 2009

Season 9 Episode 2   Review and Recap

By Holli aka baudyhallee

Mairzee Almas, who is straight up terrific, directed tonight’s episode.  This ‘second half of a two-parter’ was written by Don Whitehead and Holly Henderson, who have been on the Smallville writing staff since Season 7.  Mostly they have written Chloe-centric episodes since their debut in GEMINI.  Some fans were worried that Lois Lane would not get her due – this was totally unfounded.  Perhaps it has to do with Bryan Q. Miller being this season’s Story Editor.  BQM is known for his tight, insightful, and mythos oriented scripts and also for writing a few comic books.

Rating:  SUPER. Yea, the numbering system got all shot to hell last week.  On a show with Clark Kent, SUPER is primo.  The best of the best.  Brian and Kelly, we can’t thank you enough for this amazing season you have brought us.  Thank you to cast and crew for this gift.  We’re very anxious to see what else you have in store for us.  Let the superlative hunting and usage commence!

Brian Austin Green was phenomenal as Corben/Metallo.  Can’t sing his praises high enough.  All the emotional range was there.  His background story and its presentation wove beautifully with the present state of Clark Kent and his current circumstances.  If they want to bring Green/Metallo back, by all means do so.


Lois Lane, wearing her signature purple, walks into a neglected Kent farmhouse.  Yea, this episode is already made of win.  Lois is looking for Clark.  Mrs. K mention [YEA!] as Lois wipes away the dust.  Shelby appears!  [Oh yes, baby! Everybody loves Shelby and even though he/she has had a sex change operation, the canine still loves his LoLo.  Also, Lois doesn’t appear to be allergic to Clark’s puppy any longer.  Maybe she outgrew it.]  “Smallville isn’t the same without Smallville, is it?”  Yea, everybody misses Clark – Kal-El is great, but it’s Clark Kent we relate to.  Lois notices a full bowl of food on the floor and wonders who has been feeding the dog.   Yea, Clark is really giving up human life.  Hehehe
902 Lois and Shelby at the Kent Farm

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Corben calls her from in front of the now famous jewelry story.  It’s a breezy night.  There is some verbal sparring.  Corben has a major crush on Ms. Lane.  He’s on the street – not writing about a crime that has been committed, but trying to get evidence against the Blur.  The story is his and he’s surprised that Lois is willing to share one of her hero’s stories with him.  She tells him that the Blur saves more people before breakfast than the cops do in a day.   While Corben tells her the Blur is a vigilante, Lois draws the S symbol on the dusty Kent countertop.  “Superpowers and a thing for the letter S,” states Corben simultaneously.  We also see that Clark has marked his favorite phone booth.  “Well, then he’s done a SUPER job of cleaning up Metropolis.  Thanks to him the city can sleep safe at night.”


Corben is concerned with accountability as no one has seen the Blur’s face.  Some fans would state that Batman has had this dilemma (by his design actually) but never Clark.  That is true, but we are looking at an antetype.   We are seeing Clark after his fight with Doomsday on the show and his Clark Kent persona was declared dead.  Still most fans know the solution – get a pair of glasses!

Tonight’s villain accuses Lois of ‘soft hearted, hero worship.’  To which she quips, “At least I have a heart.”  This episode had loads of heart (and heart references) especially for our hero and his villain.  “You’ve got to lighten up . . . spend a little less time on the dark side . . .”   [Paralleling dialogue for our hero] John believes there is another side of the Blur and he’s going to expose it.   He looks at a picture of his sister as the wind catches it and it flutters into the street.  Without thinking, he goes to get it and gets hit by a truck.

Blood is everywhere [and this is not the last that we see of it].  Through blackouts we see what a traumatized condition Corben is in.  He reaches for the picture.  There are glimpses of bright lights, but no faces appear.  [This is different from the previous trailers we have seen.]  He awakens on a gurney in an abandoned building.  His pain is excruciating, physically as well as mentally.  He is bandaged and bloody.  We see huge cases with Luthorcorp insignias and medical equipment strung everywhere.  He calls out but no one else is there.


Pulling the bloody bandage from an elbow, he sees a make shift apparatus with gears, tubes and wiring.  Of course there is green goo pumping in his veins now.  This is not Lex’s handiwork.  Cyborg was created by Lex.  True, Baldie had access to the funds to have a pristine lab create him, but this . . . looks like backstreet butchers with highly advanced technology.  Kudo’s to the special makeup personnel.

We get some insight into Corben’s persona.  He’s a warrior.  He’s overcome pain before.  He has stamina.  Looking into a mirror, he removes the final large bandage across his chest.  To his horror and ours, he has tubes running from a piece of glowing, pulsing kryptonite into his skin.  There is no delicate surgical stitching.   His body is grotesque and his mental anguish is evident.



The Daily Planet globe turning in the morning sun.  It is magnificent.  The camera pans down and we begin to hear voices.  We see the flags on the roof as we did in CRIMSON in season 6 when Clark leaped with Lois over Metropolis.  Yea, give us that back.  The first strains of a mother singing Mocking Bird are heard.  To Kill A Mocking Bird is Clark’s favorite movie.  We hear children playing and parents loving them.  A man proposes.  Clark listens intently.  “If you promise to love me forever” is her reply.   A police radio sounds and Clark zips off.  He is watching over his city, alone.

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The Talon apartment. We’ve gone from Clark in Metropolis to Lois in Smallville.  Does that seem strange to you?  Lois is having memories from her trip in the future.  We hear Lois scream, “NO.”  Blondie is running again.  Zod puts dog tags on Tess as she salutes him.  She wears the orb symbol.  ZOD!  Comic fans will appreciate the next clip especially OSCK members.  A sea of red (blood) with the yellow sun shining into it.  A stake is slanted over it and on it is the tattered black S-symboled t-shirt.  So Clark at some time must have worn it in the future – probably before wearing the Zod one and again after Lois showed up.  Clark and Lois are intense in their love making.  Lois smiles at him.  Back to the Talon, we see Lois murmuring as Shelby whines and nuzzles her to awakening.

smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_000411577 smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_000412870 smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_000413329

smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_000414580 smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_000415080 smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_000416332

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Brief rant. WHY is Lois Lane sleeping on the couch of her own apartment?  WHY is blondie still living there when she has that big ole loft in Metropolis?  WHY does blondie still get the bed when Lois’s name is on the lease?  Why is blondie still living rent free with her cousin when she has her own paid for memorial to her great love and sacrifice for Jimmy?  GIVE LOIS HER OWN APARTMENT!  You hinted at it at least twice last season.  Lois Lane would be on that faster than a heartbeat.  End rant.

She pets the dog and thanks her/him for the wakeup call.  The ‘dreams’ are disturbing.  “At least I can rise and shine to a better world courtesy of the Blur.”  How true will these lines be for their future.  It appears that Lois is saving newspaper clippings of the Blur’s exploits.  She picks up a Coast City paper which reports the bombing of trains in Metropolis.  One by what police believe to have been a suicide bomber. [Yea, I read it.]   She gathers the clippings and puts them in her brief case as Shelby goes to check out the opening door.

Blondie wants to know why Clark’s dog is there.  Never calls the dog by name or really relates to it.  Lois explains that she found the dog alone with its food.  She thought Clark might have secretly come back.  Blondie sees through Lois’s evil device of loving on the dog.  [sarcasm]  Blondie lies and says she had been feeding it.  Lois had called Mrs. K and she told her that Clark was in Poughkeepsie visiting cousins.  Blondie calls Lois out on her missing Clark.  Lois starts her defensive tactics of protecting her heart.  We know she was in love with him last season, but then the guy just goes off without a word or a note?  That is not exactly signs that she made an impression in his life or so she thinks.  Lois deflects by stating that Corben is a hero hater and cannot understand how anyone can hate the Blur.  “Anyone who reads can see how great he is.”

Blondie indignantly mumbles something about the Blur spreading his wings.  [If only!]  Lois hopes he isn’t spreading himself too thin.  “He sounds a little lonely.  I can hear it in his voice.”  Blondie doesn’t miss a trick.  “Did he call you again?”  Lo, you just got busted.  Lois explains she is his only contact at the paper.  “So it was work related?”  Blondie, that really doesn’t matter, does it?  You’d hate it if he was talking to her about the weather.  “Sometimes I think he just calls to chat.  I think maybe that I’m the only person in his life that he can really turn to.”  Wow, Blondie doesn’t take too kindly to that bombshell.  Lois cuts off the convo as she has to meet with Tess regarding her employment.  She kisses blondie’s cheek as she heads for the shower.  Lois is always showing her signs of affection.  Blondie never initiates those to her cuz.
902 Clark Chloe and Shelby

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Kent farm. Clark enters the house wearing his black calling out for Shelby.  He whistles and the dog greets him.  Ahhh, a boy and his dog.  Nothing sweeter.  Clark kneels to pet the dog as Chloe appears.  Clark does not look too happy to see her there.   She’s disturbing his love fest.

Condescending blondie informs him that Lois found Shelby with food, but don’t worry she covered for him.  She warns him that he is on Lois’s radar.  [Which probably makes him happy actually.]   He continues to pet his dog as he thanks her and says he will be more careful.   But blondie is never gracious, she begins to lecture him.  “What if I were Lois? [she wishes]  She would take one look at you and realize Clark Kent is the Blur.”  Oh, like that would be a baaaad thing.  Clark rises from his submissive stance to tower over her.  Clark states that his human side is dead and blondie rightly reminds him that feeding the dog is a very human and humane thing to do.   She gets into his face with an accusatory tone.  “Are you still reaching out to Lois as the Blur?”  1) that is none of her damn business and 2) she is creating a huge chasm in this friendship.  Clark asks if Lois told her about the phone calls.  Blondie throws Big Daddy J at him.  “Jor-El doesn’t need to know.”  Control freak blondie becomes heinous bitch blondie right before our eyes.  “You say you are turning your back on all your human [actually she turns her back while saying this] attachments, Clark, but apparently only when it SUITS you.”  Uhhh, it is his life, right?  He’s the hero.  She’s just the supposed sidekick that never existed until this show.

“You’re taking this all too personally, Chloe.”  Whoa!  Look at the insight on Clarkie.  You go!!!  He tries to be understanding, but she interrupts him.  Again acting as if she were his mother or something.  “WE both sacrificed a lot so you could become the hero you were meant to be.  Now quit backpeddling, Clark!  Commit to what you started before more people get hurt.”  She glares at him and leaves.  So apparently guilt ridden blondie doesn’t think that Clark should have a life outside her bossing him around and remote controlling his heroism.  Niiiice.  Can we get her killed off soon?


Metro Gen ER. Paramedics wheel John in.  Emil, physicist and master genius, is apparently working the emergency room.  He immediately orders x-rays as he questions Corben.  John doesn’t know who did this to him and he wants to know what it is.  Emil informs him that he cannot remove the meteor rock biogenic matrix because whomever implanted it, removed his heart.  It’s the thing that is keeping him alive.  John goes into denial.  He refuses sedative and tosses a guy through a glass wall and then shoves Emil across the room.  Emil!!!


Tess at bo stick practice.  Lois enters.  Physical violence and Tess are discussed.  Tess does her usual flirting.  Lois draws the line by giving away her memory loss of three weeks.  Lois is not interested in a rematch and tells Mercy she is not leaving the Daily Planet.  Tess reminds her she was fired.  Lois counters with taking the story about ‘ the Luthorcorp CEO and her plans to launch a hostile alien takeover of the world’ to the Inquisitor.  So Lo does remember the Regan clip from the finale.  Tess smirks and says no one would believe her, but that does not deter the Reporter.  “Do you really want the attention?”  Checkmate.  “I’ll see you at the office.”  She goes to leave and a young man arrives.  “Shouldn’t you be in school?”  He’s impressed with Lois which pisses Tess off.  Stuart is apparently Tess’s Chloe.  Oh goodie.  Two of them.  Are they a dime a dozen?  Always suspected as such.  He has word on her missing Kryptonians.  He shows her where they might be in Metropolis.  She seems pleased.

smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_000962670 smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_000969343

Metro Gen. Dr. Emil finishes speaking with the police as he gets out his phone.  We hear the Clark whoosh and the door closes.  Emil looks shaken as Clark looks at him stoically.  He sees the good doctor’s reaction.  It’s almost as if he’s thinking. “Hey, it’s what I do.”  I know that’s a Batman line, but it seemed appropriate since we’re not seeing primary colored, sunshiney Clark at the moment.  Emil makes a remark how blondie took years to ‘get used to’ his entrances.  Unphased Clark tells him he heard the police scanner.  Emil tells him that the man is a cyborg and that someone built him against his will.  “I’ve seen this before.  Lex had similar projects.”  Emil explains how they took the heart and replaced it with kryptonite.  It increases his strength and emotional instability and also could poison his mind.  The man could turn homicidal.  Clark goes to do what he can do as Emil shows him the no-name man’s keys.  They are on a Daily Planet key ring.  [I WANT ONE OF THOSE!  Hey Merchandising!]  Clark knows they give them to all the new employees there.  “Green glow is hard to miss.”  Clark asks for a favor.


Corben with stolen coat and bare feet returns to the scene of the crime.  We hear his thoughts, speaking to Lois on the phone the night before about the Blur.  The conversation is twisted into meaning something else now.  All of it derogatory to the Blur.  He finds his sister’s picture about to go into the sewer.  He picks it up.  “Becca.”  [wink] And then he sees the Blur’s insignia on the phone booth wall.


John enters a basement with a round furnace which we’ve seen in episodes such as DEVOTED and SPIRIT.  It has the year 1923 on it.  Don’t know what the significance of that is except for the end of the Ottoman Empire.  1938 is the year Superman was first published.  John has his own Wall of Weird or should we call it Board of Blur.  One prominent headline is the search for Lex’s murderer.

Green’s Corben is completely horrifying when he declares what has happened to him is ‘a gift.’  The DP totes Internet Scams and praise for the Blur as does a Keystone City newspaper.  There are also headlines wondering where the Blur was in an hour of need.  John is babbling about wanting to kill the Blur.  “And now I can do it with my own two hands.”smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_001176216


Daily Planet.  Lois is typing away.  City Editor informs her that she’s officially back and asks about Corben.  “Five bucks says he’s out stalking the Blur.”  He tells her she’s on the story now.  The one that took place in the ER.  She doesn’t appreciate getting Corben’s leftovers.  “Make a meal out of it, Lane.”  She’s slightly frustrated.  The phone rings.  “Daily Planet, Lois Lane your first choice in reporting.”

God love him, Clark pauses on that one.  Apparently he borrowed Emil’s cell phone to make the call.  [I guess he carries that voice modulator around all the time – real human of him, huh? Hehe]  “I need some information.”  Lois rises from her chair to lean against her desk.  “It’s you!”  smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_001189563Clark tells her something has happened at Metro Gen and she informs him she’s covering the story.  “Got any leads?”  Clark tells her he doesn’t have anything yet but the man’s keys.  He might work at the DP.  “Hey, do you want me to find out who’s missing their keys?”  That’s Lois.  Just dive right in!  Clark fumbles.  “No.  I just wondered if you noticed anyone.”  I guess taking any opportunity to talk to her is good, but he miscalculated slightly.  Pit bull on a pant leg – you said it yourself, Clark.  “I am so on it!”  Clark tries to deter her.  “No, Lois, listen to me.”  He tells her the man is dangerous and a superhuman cyborg.  “And I don’t want you to get hurt.”  Lois gets her little smile on.  “You really do care about me, don’t you.”  She kind of chuckles.  Clark, busted.  He stammers.  “Lois . . .”  She lets him off the hook.  “Okay, I’ll just keep my eyes open.  I swear.”  She reminds him if she does get info she can’t call from the bullpen.  “Then I’ll call you . . . at our phone booth.”  He has his little smile on.  “You think of it as ‘our phone booth’, too?”  Now he’s grinning.  “Just be there at seven.”  He’s got the HYDRO kiss face on.  He closes the phone.  Lois’ face matches his.  She hangs up, too.

Pit Bull on the prowl.  Lois is asking to see male coworkers’ keys.  Apparently the keys open the Archive Room.  No luck with her hapless counterparts, she moves on.  Blondie is sitting at Lois’s desk.  We know this because her name plate is prominent in the shot.  The cultists just got a bone.  You’d think TPTB would save themselves the aggravation or better yet . . .save the rest of us.  It’s a jungle out there.  Think Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later and you’re not infected.  [Oh yea, I just gave away the plot for next week’s episode.  It’s in the trailer!]

So all the billions of state-of-the-art blondie has at the Watchtower can’t hack into Lois’s computer at the Planet?  Since when?  Apparently blondie is running scans on Lo’s CPU and she’s found spyware which is copying to some mysterious drive somewhere.  She lies to her cousin about checking her email when she is discovered.  Wouldn’t Ms. Technologic have a mobile with apps for that?  Surely one of their sponsors do.  Missed opportunity for product placement.  [I really hated those – so don’t change.]  Lois tells her that they will debrief about the Blur when she gets home.  Blondie lies and says she wants to go to lunch.  Lois says she’s working on a job for you-know-who.  “Hunting down a real life Terminator.”  Good one.  Blondie thinks it’s too dangerous for her.  Lois tells her heroes can’t always do it alone.  “That’s why they need sidekicks.”  She gives her cuz a raincheck on lunch as the elevator doors come between them.  Someone finally shut blondie up!  Lois rules!!!  But unfortunately Clark never had a sidekick and Lois never was one.  She is his partner.smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_001279653

Bloody scene of the crime.  The place where Corben was operated on.  We see a Luthorcorp case and dog tags with the orb symbol on the floor.  The same dog tags Zod presents to Tess in Lois’ visions of the future.  Tess picks it up and puts it in her coat pocket.  Her-Chloe is with her.  He’s telling her all this was stolen from Luthorcorp in the last week.  Tess recognizes the equipment as being for several unrelated projects.  It appears they were building a Frankenstein.  Tess-Chloe broke through firewalls at Met Gen to get Corben’s x-rays.  See when he does it, it’s illegal, when blondie does it – it’s okay cause she’s helping Clark.  Yeaaaa, suuuure.  Tess says it is impossible to put that much turbo charged equipment into one person.  It requires a massive power source.  And why would you set the person free?  There are open books and papers on the desk and some have green goo on them.  There is a drawing of Corben’s heart apparatus.  “Maybe it was a test to see if it would work.  They could still be monitoring him.”  And then she makes the deduction.  “Zod and his people are one step closer to getting their powers.”


Okay, stop.  How do Kryptonians/Kandorians work with green kryptonite? Even replicants of Kryptonians/Kandorians are effected by the meteor rocks as witnessed by the replicated Zor-El in Season 7.  We have seen the dog tags of the Kandorians.  They are all different as they are their ‘house’ crests.  The only symbol that is recognized by all Kandorians is the orb symbol, which is what Tess found on the floor.  And it is that same symbol that she receives in the future.  So, if Kandorians can’t work with kryptonite, who can?  Someone who is not a Kryptonian/Kandorian.  Some other species.  They would not have a Kryptonian crest, so they are given the orb symbol as their mark.  Also, since the Kandorians do not have powers at the moment – and future Alura had some—it may be assumed that there is some blue kryptonite around these people.  They may not know what it is – but someone knows that it is a power source.

Metropolis clock at the DP.  It’s 6:55.  Almost Clarkie time.  Lois walks to her desk and she sees Corben who is in a bad way.  He has on a fatigue jacket on and he still has a bloody scar on his cheek.  She asks him what happened.   He’s intensely looking at this computer screen.  She tries to banter with him.  His voice is nearly maniacal as he asks why the electronic records only go back a year.  Despite Lois trying to instill some levity, he is desperate.  “Okay, it’s a new system.  They haven’t transferred it all over yet.”  [Good thing for Clark, huh.]  “There’s a hard copy of everything in the Archive Room.  What are you looking for?”  He’s nearly sobbing and seething at the same time.  “The Blur.  He didn’t come out of no where Lois.  There must be some kind of origins story.”  He walks away.  She reminds him that maintenance has already been there.  “Don’t forget your keys.”  The camera never moves from Lois who seems to be writing.  “I need to borrow yours.”  She makes the connection immediately.  “You don’t have your keys?”  She turns to look at him face to face.  She gives him a grin.  He sheepishly admits, “I must have lost mine.”  He grins back.  This may be the last we see of Corben’s humanity and it’s directed at Lois Lane.  She gives him her keys and tells him to keep them.  She’ll get them in the morning.  She leaves as he watches her.

Lois running down the one street in Metropolis.  She’s going for the phone booth with a mantra.  “Please call.  Please call.  Please call.”  Gotta love her.  The phone rings. She jumps at the phone.  She starts talking immediately.  She knows who the man is.  We see the gargoyle that Clark is fond of, as he listens to her.  “His name is John Corben.”   Clark looks worried.  “Lois, I told you not to . . .”  She asks him to please be careful and that Corben has a huge grudge against him.  We see a greenish glow on the metal of the phone booth.  “I’ll be fine.”  He makes Lois promise she’s going home and not back to the office.  He knows her so well.  There’s a pause.  “Lo-is?”  We hear Lois groan and then a muffle.  Clark’s voice holds fear.  “Lois!”  He’s on the move as we see the phone dangle in the booth.  “Lois!”  He zips into screen and he picks up the receiver and tosses it down.  He sees the green goo on the phone.  “Corben,” as the phone screeches in the background.  He looks determined and scared for this woman he cares about.


Bird’s eye view of the Watchtower at night.  Why did they waste money on this set if blondie isn’t going to sleep there?  Yea, I’m not letting that go!  She is, however, spying on the people of Metropolis on her many monitors.  Don’t you feel safe?  Clark wooshes in telling blondie that her cousin has been kidnapped.  She starts chastising him instead of being helpful.  “I told her not to get involved.”  Blondie does point out that this is Lois they are talking about.  But what does Lil Ms. Petty have on her mind.  “Y’know she just referred to herself as the Blur’s sidekick!”  Okay, we’ve made up a new game – it’s like reading Chinese fortune cookies and adding ‘between the sheets’ afterwards.  For blondie comments like this and her many sacrifices – you say – ‘because it’s all about me!’

“I should never have called her in the first place, but I can’t let anything happen to her now.”  Blondie informs him that she’s been talking to Emil about Corben’s kryptonite heart and how Clark will be useless against him.  Clark pulls out an electromagnetic pulse grenade that the good doctor gave him.  Hehehehe  Geek that, bitch.  “I’m hoping it will stop him long enough for me to get Lois to safety.”   Clark is willing to face kryptonite to save Lois.

Choogle does her thing while ripping Clark a new one.  “You should have come to me.  Lois doesn’t have any experience dealing with these things.”   [How can she get experience if she never does them?]  Blondie truly is blahna 2K.  With her back to him, Clark confesses.  “Things have been easier with Lois lately.”  His reflection in the monitor reveals tears in his eyes.  “Talking to her just felt right.”  Blondie sees how he feels for her cousin.  He is a man trusting his gut and is torn up inside because he can’t rescue the woman he cares about most.smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_001633339

Blondie comes up with a video that John sent to his sister when he was in Afghanistan.  He’s very charming and loving and we see that he did truly have a heart.  He loved his sister very much.  She was his lifeline to the world.  He wanted her to stay safe.  Clark sees his humanity.  This man who has become a monster and could kill Lois.

Choogle pulls up info on Corben’s sister who died while he was overseas.  He recently bought the building she lived in.  [Where’d he get the money?]  Clark goes to check out the building in case Lois is there.  Blondie stops him.  She tells him to be careful.  He nods looking as if that’s the last thing he wants to do.  He zips off.

On Friday before this episode aired, I watched Superman/Batman Public Enemies and its special features.  Great stuff. Highly recommend.  It’s a little different from the comics, but it’s as entertaining.  Amazing art and familiar voices including Allison Mack as Power Girl.  Anyway, they interview Jeph Loeb [my fave Clark and Lois writer] because it is based on his and Ed McGuiness’s series and this is what he says about Clark:

“Kryptonite is not what his weakness is.  It happens to be a form of his weakness that you can actually physically defeat him.  The real way you would go about destroying Superman is through his heart.  He cares too much.”

The creepy basement.  Corben has Lois hostage at the Board of Blur.  Lois is trying to snark her way out.  John is sweating and breathing heavily trying to keep it under control.  He heard Lois talking to the Blur at the phone booth.  “Tell me who the Blur is and I’ll let you go.  I promise I’ll let you go.”  Lois says she doesn’t know who he is.  And she doesn’t.  Again the dilemma of Lois not knowing who the Blur is.  Even if she did know she wouldn’t tell.    “Since when did you become a living Lite Brite?”  [Love the S symbol beside Lois’ head in this shot.]  We see John’s pulsing green heart through his shirt.  “What happened to you, John, huh?”  She backs away from him and more so when he advances towards her.  Lois appears to be the last beausmallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_001813520tiful thing in his life.  “I’ll show you.”  He rips the shirt away.  Lois sees the monstrous thing keeping him alive.  She tells him to put his shirt back on.  He knows she’s frightened and vulnerable.  “Who is he?” he whispers.  Again she denies knowing who the Blur is.  She grabs a huge wrench. [Not the same pipe wrench used twice last year.]  He advances and screams at her.  “Who is he?!”  She swings the wrench.  He deflects it and slaps her into the air.  She lands on a raised grating unconscious.  Was there a doubt?  Head count!

John is seething as we hear the swoosh.  “Get away from her!” growls our hero.  Yep, he’s pissed.  He walks towards Corben but is repelled by the kryptonite.  Clark backs away even though Lois is on the other side of the room.  He goes to plan B.  Clark can empathize with this man who has lost so much.  “I don’t want to hurt you, John.”  Corben tells him that he already has.  His sister is smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_001860233dead because Clark saved a busload full of convicts and one of them got away.  “He murdered your sister.”

This speech by Corben does more to catapult Clark Kent into his destiny than any whiny, controlling speech by blondie.

“What gives you the right to interfere with our lives?!  And to change our fate?!”  Clark feels this man’s pain.  His voice wavers when he says he’s sorry for his loss and that his sister’s death was tragic.  Clark tries to tell him how the meteor rock is affecting his emotions and his mind.  “Control myself?  That’s easy for you to say.  It doesn’t take much to stay in control when you watch from the shadows.  You stand apart from the world while the rest of us live in it.”  Clark seems to try to reach out to him.  “Even when it breaks your heart.”

Clark turns on the EMP grenade behind his back.  Corben walks towards him as Clark slouches from the pain.  He rolls the grenade past John and near Lois.  The special effects are wonderful.  We see the pulse wave wipe out all the electronics, including John as he slumps to the floor.  He seems lifeless.


Clark goes to Lois and touches her forehead and hair.  “Lois.”  He looks relieved as his little smile appears.   And then he’s in pain again.  Corben has risen from the floor.  He tosses Clark across the room near the furnace.  “Now I’m going to show you what it feels like to lose somebody you loved.”  Corben turns towards Lois.  Clark looks amongst the debris.  “Lead.”  He picks up a plate that says Metropolis Lead Co.  [convenient]   “John!”  Clark uses his heat vision on the plate as he walks towards Corben.  It turns red as we see Clark’s eyes fade from fire to normal.  It’s a standoff as Clark superspeeds and slaps the plate on John’s chest.  It’s molded against the kryptonite heart.  “Who knew the mighty Goliath could be taken down by a simple stone?”

John goes to tear the plate away as Clark tries to warn him.  “John.  No!”  We see a green glow as Corben has torn the heart canister from his chest.  He sinks to the floor, not as a human but as a mechanical device.  Clark rushes to Lois.  He touches her hair again.  “You’re safe now, Lois.  I’m here.”  Thissmallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_002073780 is what we have seen countless times before between these two and it never loses its spark.  Welling and Durance are doing the mythos proud.

Lois starts to gain consciousness.  Clark begins to smile, then he gulps realizing she can’t see him.  When she does awaken, shsmallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_002077117e sits up and sees the Blur in the shadows across the room.  She smiles at him.  “It’s you.  You saved me.  After all our phone calls, I finally have you standing in front of me and I don’t know what to say to you.”  He is silent.  He can’t speak to her or she will recognize his voice.  Remember how Lois hates uncomfortable silences, but she gets the courage to ask the one thing she desires.  “Please, let me see your face.”  Clark starts to stride into the light.  You know he wants to go to her.  To show her who he truly is.  But he can’t.  Not yet.  He zips off.  Lois looks devastated.


Blondie at the Watchtower talking on her cell to Lois.  Clark is there admiring her view.  “This view really puts things into perspective.”  It’s good to see contemplative Clark.  “Jimmy knew exactly what he was doing when he bought this place.”  Blondie states she misses her dead husband.  “I took the easy way out.”  He apologizes for not being there when she needed him.  Why? [rolling my eyes]  Clark tells her he hasn’t done a very good job of burying everyone he’s loved in his past.  He walks away from blondie as he explains he’s been eavesdropping from rooftops on people who are connecting and living.  “Thinking what’s the point of protecting life if you’ve lost your sense of how to live it. . . .Maybe I can’t completely stay away.”  Blondie quips.  “Stay away from her you mean.”  [Louis, love the guitar in this part.]  He turns to her from across the room.  “Lois means something to you.  Something more.”  Clark is silent but thoughtful.  She asks him if his Clark Kent persona will return.  He doesn’t know but he can’t allow that life to interfere with his training again.

Blondie acknowledges that his pining for a life he’s given up is not helping his performance as a hero.  “Maybe I was naïve to think you could just turn a corner and never look back.”  OMG!  Blondie was wrong about something.  She admitted it?  Shocker.

She informs him that Kal-El needs his human disguise because Tess is keeping Lois at the DP so she can spy on her about the three week absence.  “We can’t let her get to Lois’ memories before you do.”
902 CLOIS Daily Planet

Posted to TV Promos n Trailers by supernatural66 on October 03, 2009

The light of day over the Daily Planet. We hear a familiar woosh as the camera pans down the building to the basement.  Great shot.  Lois picks up Corben’s name plate and tosses it into the trash can.  “Heartless bastard.”   She sits and opens a desk drawer with her back towards the entrance.  She has Clark’s name plate.  You can tell she misses him as she fingers it.  Clark appears in the doorway wearing his big city man clothes.  He watches her for a bit.  He takes in a deep breath.  “I’m going to be needing that.”  Lois can’t believe her ears.  She turns immediately, sees it’s him, and rushes to him smiling.  “Clark Kent!  You’re back!”  She hugs him tightly with her head resting on his shoulder.  Clark is stunned, but delighted.  “I was beginning to think that your family lived on some distant planet.”  We see Clark’s hand pressing her tighter against him.

smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_002330745 smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_002331996 smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_002338878

He’s all smiles.  With a chuckle, he grins.  “You must have really missed me.”  Lois realizes her error in decorum.  She pops out of his arms.  She starts to build that defensive wall as Clark looks slightly puzzled.  “Otherwise I didn’t realize you were even gone.”  He knows better.  But her reaction of missing him so much that she nearly leaped into his arms is not forgotten or has gone unnoticed.  He gives her his little smile.  “Missed you too, Lois.”  OMG!  He actually said the words.  It’s about freakin time!

smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_002384548 smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_002387677 smallville.s09e02.720p.hdtv.x264-ctu.mkv_002395184

He carefully positions his name plate on his desk.  Clark Kent is back!  And Lois Lane’s name plate is in view also.  He asks Lois from across the desk if anything happened while he was gone.  Sneaky Clark.  Gotta love it.  “Well you’ll never believe it, but I helped the Blur stop a homicidal maniac.”  No longer afraid, Clark sits back in his chair.  “Y’know I would love to hear about it.”  Lois dances around her desk and sits on his.  She is so excited her partner and best friend is back and that she can confide all these amazing things that have been happening to her.  She is giddy.  And Clark is just grinning from ear to ear at the wonder that is Lois Lane.  So full of life.  So connected to him.  “Well, it all started when this guy showed up with this major grudge against the Blur. . .”

Clark and Lois together.  Nothing beats that ever.

Tess mansion.  Her Lexness is holding Corben’s heart canister.  She’s talking to a new minion in a suit.  Orb guy has obviously been fired.  She comments about the power of the rock and whether Corben can be revived.  Minion tells her he’s more offline than dead since he’s more machine than man.  Tess-Chloe waltzes in and interrupts.  “You have the coolest stuff.”  Remember Tess didn’t let him see the dog tags either.  The minion takes the canister off in a case and leaves the room.  Tess reminds Stuart that “You work for me now.”  He has to knock before entering.  She wants to know if he found the Kandorians.  He shows her symbols on the Earth that showed up the same night as Zod from the orb.  They are similar to Kryptonian words for Blood, Nobility, and Family.  [sounds wholesome enough]  Tess surmises that they are family crests.  Hundreds of symbols have been found.  He shows her the S symbol and there is a body in it.  Big Daddy J?  A replicant of Big Daddy J?  And where did little boy Stuart come from?

Instead of the growling noise for evil we have heard in past seasons.  Louis is using a careening train sound.  Love it.


We’re all as excited about this trailer as we were after watching this episode.  We’re like Dracula on a day pass!  Great way to have the fandom stirred up.  This trailer is actually for the next two episodes.  RABID next week written by Jordan Hawley and ECHO, the week after, written by Bryan Q. Miller.  Here’s the play by play:

Clark wonders if he and Lois can get something to eat together.  BOY MEETS GIRL.  Not that he’s saying they should go on a date.  WAS NEVER LIKE THIS.  Clark and Lois are saving each other from zombies.  Zod has a sword and he uses it.  Tess kneeling before Zod.  Ollie with a rifle.  Blondie saying Toyman is back.  We see him at the Ace of Clubs.  Clark with torn away shirt saves Lois with ripped skirt.  He’s got her in his arms.  “Just something like a date.”    OH YEA!!!

MEDIA: For over 1600 HD Screen Caps from the episode head to the OSCK gallery

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  1. Mimi permalink
    October 6, 2009 6:35 pm

    Just want you to know that I love your reviews, especially your sence of humor. It is very refreshing and I enjoy them very much. I will be looking forward to reading them, Thank you!

  2. baudyhallee permalink
    October 10, 2009 3:42 pm

    Thanks Mimi for the feedback. I appreciate it.

    I am totally loving this season of Smallville. It’s never been better.

  3. eric p permalink
    June 20, 2010 6:11 pm

    “Okay, stop. How do Kryptonians/Kandorians work with green kryptonite? Even replicants of Kryptonians/Kandorians are effected by the meteor rocks as witnessed by the replicated Zor-El in Season 7.”

    It’s all about the super powers. depowered Kryptonians can handle meteor rocks with no problem (It’s a Smallville rule, in the comics, even depowered Kryptonians could be killed by green K) Clark did, back when Eric Summers “borrowed” his powers in Season 1. Zor-El had powers. These Kandorians don’t. Nuff Said. (Love your reviews. Pls continue next year with Season 10)

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