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Smallville Premiere pleases network with solid ratings

September 29, 2009

By Kate Blake- Editor and Admin OSCKSavior009

The Smallville season 9 premiere on Friday night got a solid 2.5 million viewers for their debut on Friday night. This is down significantly from last year’s premiere- but remember this year it was on a new night and a lot of people who only watch Smallville on the CW didn’t even realize it was starting or that it had moved to a new night! I also have been receiving word from fellow fans all over the country that their markets did not get the premiere as it was pre-empted for sports.

Here is a statement released by the CW stating how happy they were with the results:

The premiere of SMALLVILLE scored our best performance in the Friday 8pm hour among adults 18-34 (1.0/4), adults 18-49 (1.0/4) and total viewers (2.5mil) in a year (Sept. 26 2008 – Smackdown).

Versus premiere night last year, Smallville outperformed our comedies by +25% in adults 18-49 and +25% in total viewers.

Read the bottom line- Smallville managed to bring in more viewers that the network has seen on Friday night since they let their contract to show wrestling expire. Smallville means the CW has 5 nights a week of valid programming. They gave up their weekends to their affiliates this year so Friday having a real show which they can sell ads on is critical especially in light of the lackluster performance of the CW all girl line up. The new series The Beautiful Life has already been canceled and there is talk that Melrose may not get a full season.

Did you miss the season premiere for Smallville? You can catch up online on the CW website – or you can download episodes on iTunes or Amazon. Both offer HD downloads now which are gorgeous!

I do not pretend to understand the CW business model which treats its prized properties like left overs to be pushed aside at every turn and ignored- but the good news is that since the Smallville ratings are much higher than all of the other girly shows- even on Friday night- you can be assured the producers will get the chance to finish this season and I am going out on a limb and predicting we will hear by March 2010 that Smallville will be granted their season 10 pick up. This year the show is giving us fresh takes on Clark’s story- it is finally an adult telling of Clark struggling with defining his hero’s role. Tell your friends if they haven’t watched in a while to add Smallville to their DVR list and catch up on DVD- this season should be great!

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