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SAVIOR Review and Recap

September 27, 2009

by Holli aka baudyhallee

Media: Screencaps by OSCK- view over 3900 HD caps from the episode in our gallerySmallville.S09E01.mkv_000376918

Season 9 Episode 1

Written by Brian Peterson and Kelly Sounders, the sole Executive Producers, and my two favorite people right now.  Directed by Kevin G. Fair.

Welcome to the ninth season of Smallville.  It’s a new day.  Lots of changes onscreen and behind the scenes.  Tom Welling now has a well-deserved Co-Executive Producer title.  And if you are someone who reads credits then you see there are some new names with Producer attached to them.  Many of these people have worked on the show for years.

If the premiere is any indication, Smallville, the show, never looked so good.  This is not your tween’s Clark Kent any longer and it’s not your father’s Superman either.  It’s beautifully filmed and scored as it has always been.  But this premiere episode felt like a feature film.  It’s grittier, smarter, and has maturity.  No more melodrama.  Thank you, Brian and Kelly.

Within this episode, PS has laid out their outline for most of the season.  They actually show it to us in the last seconds of Act 5.  This is a bold and very smart move.  It gives us hope and makes us wanting more to see how they accomplish this story arc.

Last season we saw how Clark was maturing into manhood and his hero role by working at the Daily Planet with Lois and establishing an identity known as the Red Blue Blur.  This season he is a man.  I’ll let you savor that one for a moment.

RATINGOn a 5 scale, this episode was . . .  a 10. Yes, a premiere episode.  There was one barely noticeable glitch but I’m watching this on a loop.  It’s no hardship, believe me.  Very much the contrary.  The writing was great.  The opposite of what fans refer to as Failsday, season 8’s finale.  This was the kind of episode we knew Peterson and Souders were capable of.  The actors are re-energized with this new era of storytelling.  Everyone did a fantastic job with the material.  The cinematography, incredible as ever.  Special effects, outstanding. Production is exceptional as always.  And the score, Louis, you are a wonder. For a premiere, it didn’t feel rushed at all, jam packed, yes, but not rushed.  There’s a lot in this first episode.  If it had been feasible, could we have gotten a 2 hour premiere?  Maybe combine it with the second episode — which is a definite do not miss.  Since the CW moved the show to Fridays perhaps this was seen as too big of a risk.  A great beginning for a new season/era — the bar is set very high.


We see Clark racing to his first day at the Planet and his relationship with Lois.  They developed some intimacy last season.  Clark’s heroics and Lois’ faith in the Blur. Their last convo which included phone booths.  Tess’ introduction to the series and how she knows Clark’s secret of being otherworldly.  Clark’s battle with Doomsday. The orb and how it has life within it.  The Legion ring; Lois picked up and then disappeared.  Lex dying in an explosion that Ollie ignited.  Clark and Ollie’s distancing.  Separate identities discussion.  Jimmy’s death (a moment of silence, please) and how it effected so many characters.  Watchtower (the apartment) introduction.  Clark turning his back on his emotional attachments to humanity to become more Kryptonian minded.  Clark Kent, the farm boy, is dead.


Justin Hartley had the episode intro honors.  Metropolis at night.  The Watchtower.  Yea, blondie gets the first scene.  She apparently has been on a maniacal search for her missing cousin for the past three weeks.  Yea, this is the same person who watched someone else put up a missing person’s picture of Lois.  She’s ripping someone a new one on her cell phone and then does her Choogle thing while telling her target that she is hacking them because they won’t give her satisfaction.  This character is . . . dumb, and annoying and arrogant.  And I’m not satisfied because she’s still alive.  With all the death anvils last year, we should be watching Clark and Lois smooching it up on her grave.  Maybe Barbara Gordon could be smirking in her wheelchair, too.

Blondie has a gun.  There’s a scary thought.  Apparently guilt ghosts are haunting her and the gun helps her sleep at night.  Dr. Emil Hamilton Smallville.S09E01.mkv_000135677enters with hands raised and the knowledge of the exact weapon she is holding.  I love Emil.  He can out geek and out think blondie with his brain flatlining.  And he points out how ineffective a gun would be against ghosts.  She’s been calling Ollie and getting no answer because Emil has GA’s cell phone.  He tells her all the JLA are gone.  She argues [rolling my eyes] that they are not gone just off the grid.  Blondie, these are people, not avatars in TRON.  HeSmallville.S09E01.mkv_000171462r people skills are sorely lacking.  Emil tells her the heroes have disappeared because of their guilt over Jimmy’s death.  [Will blondie ever take responsibility for the torture and death of her husband by her boney lover and herself?]  Blondie continues to argue that Clark is carrying out the good fight while Emil points out he’s doing it sans sidekick.  heheehehe Superman doesn’t have  a sidekick.  Lois never was one.

Smallville.S09E01.mkv_000226517Same night with the monorail racing through the city.  We see a purple lightning bolt and Lois appears on the train. [CRUSADE callback]  She has bandaging on one hand and the Legion ring on the other.  She is not wearing the same clothes she wore in DOOMSDAY.  This seems to be new info to her.  A blue lightning bolt appears and this sets the train off its tracks.  Masked no-name ninja chick with Kryptonian blue eyes sees Lois immediately.  I’ll call her Alura, just for fun. [wink] She might have powers if that telescopic vision of Lois is any indication and she tosses other humans aside Smallville.S09E01.mkv_000299924like rag dolls.  Lois puts the smack down on her as the train goes off the tracks. If Alura has powers, she is not using them against Lois, so she doesn’t want her killed.  Train tumbles towards the earth below.  Lois is knocked out.  Great visuals of train wreck and the train is stopped before it hits the ground.

Clark is back in black!  As was Superman after he fought Doomsday.  Clark catches the train and looks through one of its windows to see an unconscious Lois.  He had been searching for this woman without a trace of her for three weeks.  Had probably thought she was dead because of Doomsday.  Louis’ score is wonderfully poignant and epic during the transitions in this scene.  You can see the shock on Clark’s face.  He has a small smile and there is hope in his eyes.  Lois is back.  He sets the train down.  He continues to stare at her and when she rouses, he realizes she mustn’t see him.  Lois rises from the wreckage and goes out into the street.  She is greeted by a fiery S symbol on a door.  She approaches it as the camera pans up the side of a building. We see Clark atop the skyscraper watching over Metropolis and Lois Lane.  His long black trench coat and grayish S symbol on his chest allows us to see how much anguish he has had in the past weeks.



New pics from previous seasons and also some from this season.  A lot of Clark being heroic. Callum Blue who plays Zod is after Cassidy this season. The creation of the Fortress in S6, Clark in the FOS think tank from this season, the almost kiss from S8, Clark bus stop in S1, flight in S4, Justice walk S6, missile ride in S5 and then him watching over Metropolis ends the credits.  Are you ready?


The Fortress at night.  Clark is in the circle of knowledge with Kryptonian symbols under his feet and swirling around.  He seems to be taking it all Smallville.S09E01.mkv_000435434in when he has a flash of Lois’ face from the train.  Jor-El asks why he is distracted. He thought his son was ready for training.  Clark gets a little snippy with Big Daddy J for calling him out.  “You had cleared your mind and heart of those who had kept you tethered to the human realm.”   Clark had had complete focus before — he saw Lois.  He asks why he can’t fly.  Jor-El tells him his powers lie within him, but he still sees himself as a human.  Clark tells him he’s wrong that he has given up everyone.  He wears the family symbol to remind him that he has a different destiny.  His father tells Kal-El that he might have tried to move on too quickly.  “The test of a true hero is to struggle with feelings of loss and to overcome them — not to avoid them.”  Busted, Clark.  “Something or someone is holding you back.”  Clark tries to assure his father and possibly himself that he won’t look back and that he can do this.

Smallville.S09E01.mkv_000582248Metro Gen the night of the train crash.  Commuters are being treated.  Blondie bursts through the doors and finds Lois in bed and patient gown.  Lois with unbandaged hand starts to get out of the bed and take her IV out.  You can’t keep Lois Lane down for long.  Blondie calls her cousin, Lo, twice.  The last thing Lois remembers is Tess rambling about the orb and their fight and then she was on the train with ninja woman coming after her.  Blondie begins excuse making (lying) to her cousin about the alien orb.  Lois wants to know where blondie has been with boney boy and blondie sidesteps that Davis is gone.  Lois immediately believes it was the RBB who saved her cousin as he promised.  A man of his word.  She is excited that he’s still alive and realizes he saved the train.  All blondie can think to say is, “You’ve been talking to the Blur?” with her face looking like she’s smelling a turd.  Lois kind of shrugs with a grin that he confides in her.  Blondie doesn’t look all that happy about it.  Too bad.  Lois notices the time. It’s almost midnight.  Lois goes for her clothes to meet the RBB.  Blondie wants her to slow down so she can tell her something important.  So tell her already, dunce!  Lois knows RBB is the only one that can save her from ninja woman.  Which big bomb was blondie going to drop on Lois?  There are plenty in her arsenal.  Lois agrees a little too easily that she might be going a little crazy.  She asks for a sedative and blondie says she will get her two. [Because more drugs are better (sarcasm)]  Bet she just walks into the pharmacy storage like Davis did.  Lois grabs up her things but leaves her jacket with the Legion ring sitting on it.

Lois running down the only street in Metropolis.  I love that we have a more athletic Lois on the show.  She matches Clark’s physicality perfectly.Smallville.S09E01.mkv_000709375 The street looks great in this scene.  You can make out so much more detail.  She goes into THE phone booth and picks up the phone.  It wasn’t ringing.  It is now after midnight.  She reasons that he may be present if he’s not calling.  She does not realize it’s been three weeks later.  Blondie couldn’t get that bomb out of her mouth.  She calls out to the RBB.  She thanks him for saving blondie.   With tears in her voice she apologizes for being late and promises him that he can trust her.  “Please!  I know you’re out there somewhere.  Where are you?” [cues up the Moody Blues]

The Statue of Liberty and we see the Ultimate Immigrant standing on the head.  With determination, Clark falls off spread eagle and plummets Smallville.S09E01.mkv_000728144below.  He’s an eaglet trying to fly out of the nest.  We can see the cement coming up to meet him and then BAM he’s back in the circle of knowledge at the FOS.   He’s not happy about the mind games.  “But just as your passion will be your greatest strength.  So too it will be your greatest obstacle.”  Clark mentions Jimmy’s death and how he can’t afford to let that happen to someone else.  “Kal-El, you do not need me to tell you what is standing in your way.  You already know and you know what you need to do.”  Clark with a raw whisper.  “I have to say goodbye to her.”

Superman fans know that Clark and Lois never say the word ‘goodbye’ to each other.  So this will be interesting.


Tess’ mansion with Zod walking the halls and bursting through the office doors.  He’s looking for his fellow Kandorians.  Wearing military fatigues Smallville.S09E01.mkv_000826825and carrying a canteen circa Earth’s 40’s, he inquires about ‘the woman’ meaning Tess.  She has not spoken yet.  They are watching her on a monitor.  Zod gives permission for two soldiers to speak.  They don’t trust Tess and Zod knows they don’t trust him.  He has the Zod symbol on his dog tag but their flag is the orb symbol.  They want to know why they do not have powers under the yellow sun as they should have.  They want to know how they got there and if this was a secret mission.  Because they question his authority, he tells them to “Kneel before Zod!”  He gets slapped to the floor by the male soldier.

Metropolis.  The sun is shining brightly through the train windows as Lois enters.  She’s leaving a VM on Ollie’s phone.  She’s lost one hero already, blondie thinks she’s nuts [nice cuz] and then there’s the ninja after her.  She finds the ninja mask on the train.  A man is standing in the open doorway of the car.  Lois thinks he’s a cop.  She tries to talk her way out of the situation.  He blocks her exit and asks her name.  “Lois Lane.  Daily Planet.”  He knows the name and informs her she’s been missing for 3 weeks.  She wants to know today’s date. It’s Friday, September 25th.  Lois picks up a used newspaper on a seat and looks at the date to verify.  Unless an investigator left it at the crime scene, the accident happened on the 24th before midnight (when Lois was in the hospital) and not on the 25th.  Do they have future newspapers?  That’s too early for an early edition, right?

She had been MIA and her nSmallville.S09E01.mkv_001031447ame was on the list of crash victims.  She doesn’t know where she’s been.  He wants to know how everyone in the crashed train survived.  Lois gets her own small smile on her face and chalks it up to a modern day miracle.  The man, John Corben, sees an S symbol burned into a window.  He says the Blur is a vigilante.  Lois defends her hero.  “The ends don’t always justify the means.”  Lois tells him to change his day job as a cop.  She still refers to the hero as the RBB.  Corben tells her things have changed. It’s now the Blur, no more red or blue.  “Now he feels the need to leave his mark all over the city . . . to prove something.”  Lois hears a police radio and Corben kisses her.  She pushes him away as a cop enters.  He tells them to leave the crime scene.  Corben is impressed with her.  She puts her boot heel into his foot.

Home of the bloodspot.  Blondie enters texting.  Monitors all over the loft come to life.  So while Ollie is AWOL, Dr. Emil has used GA’s money to set this up for her.  Whatever.  Instead of thanking him, she asks about his minion duties.  Dr. E a minion?  He tells her she made a valid point before.  “There are things . . . there are people worth fighting for.”  She blushes. “I don’t know what to say.”  Wasn’t he talking about Clark?  Dr. E would be more comfortable if they got to work.  So she tells him about Lois being missing for 3 weeks and ‘claims’ she was being chased by an assassin.  Blondie found the Legion ring at the hospital [didn’t return it even though Lois had it on her hand on the train – wonder if she’ll get that jacket back ever?]  Blondie dramatically tells the good doctor that her cuz has been to the future.  “Transversing chronal anomSmallville.S09E01.mkv_001178260alies.”  I love this guy!!!  He found two rips in the temporal aperture continuum.  Blondie needs that dumbed down for her.  [Yea, she’s smarter than two Kryptonians. Pfft]  So he puts it in daycare language.  “Two rips in the fabric of our universe.”  So the former Brainiac vessel does rudimentary math wondering if Lois is one, then who is the other?  Gee, blondie, do you think that your cuz might know what she’s talking about?  Masked ninja woman ring a bell?  Ding Dong!  “Maybe she’s not delusional.”  Hey, I believe in family as much as the next guy, but Lois needs to bitchslap blondie out of her life.

So Alura heat visions a Lois missing poster on a Metropolis street.  Yep, she has powers.


Tess mansion and the lady of the house looks all tattered and torn plus bruised.  Guess her last three weeks were spent in interrogation.  Her clock is flashing twelve and music is playing.  Zod is doing pushups on the floor by her bed.  No, he’s not naked.  It’s not Ollie!  [wink]  He apparently reads books and periodicals as he exercises.  He introduces himself.  She wants to know why the leader is imprisoned with her now.  He needs to know the circumstances around their arrival.  Zod is shrewd and can see that physical abuse is not the way to go with Tess.  He says he would have used a more emotional approach.  That scares the hell out of Tess since it’s true.  “You’re not the same voice as the orb.”  The plot thickens.Smallville.S09E01.mkv_001259007 Remember the orb spoke about the Savior of Kandor.  She realizes Zod doesn’t know who it was.  She has something he needs.  Tess tells him that he was to save Earth from its own destruction.  That they would have certain abilities.  She knows Zod is clueless why they are there.  And when his people find out, they won’t need him.

Callum does this remarkable change from fear to complete confidence in a few seconds.  Tess offers to work with him on escaping.  He tells her she would be shot.  She gets a homemade garotte from the bed as he basks in the yellow sun from the window.  He tells her the guards wouldn’t kill her.  When she attacks him from behind, he gets the upper hand and chokes her to the floor.  “I, on the other hand, will not hesitate.”  Great cat and mouse play.

The Daily Planet.  Clark is on the roof looking at the city.  Blondie bursts through the door to gripe about him being missing for 3 weeks but when Lois shows up for one day, he’s findable.   Okay, let’s get something straight here.  Clark is at the Daily Planet, where Lois works.  He’s not at the Watchtower.  So Clark has come to say goodbye to Lois.  Blondie again butts in where she’s not wanted but she has to have something to do.  I would think that she would keep away from that roof since the last time she got picked up in Zee’s death spiral.  [grumble. . . another waste of perfectly good death anvil . . . grumble]   Clark tells blondie leaving everyone behind is not what he wanted.  To which she replies, “I was lucky enough to be a part of your life for a little while, but we both know, you’d have to move on one day.”  A moment of clarity from blondie.  [Don’t worry it won’t last long.]

With that same small smile, Clark tells her he has started his father’s training and how distant his old life seems now.  She agrees he can’t look back.  “It’s the only way I can stay focused, by staying objective.”  He’s cutting all former ties.  Blondie asks why he’s skulking around A phone booth looking for Lois.  He answers that “it’s not like that.  Yes, I came back to find her, but only to say goodbye.”   Blondie brought the Legion ring with her.  Whatever.  And tells Clark Lois went to the future.  “Is she. . .”  Lois is fine and doesn’t remember anything.  Blondie tells him that someone followed her and that she might get killed.  Looks like Clarkie is gonna have to go to Plan B.  YES!!!

Abandoned warehSmallville.S09E01.mkv_001515013ouse occupied with underground fighting.  Ollie is half naked.  Was there a doubt? And fighting for his life.  He’s not doing so hot, but he never loses his snark.  A round is called and a long legged woman comes out carrying the round card.  It’s Lois.  Apparently Lois gets results by dealing with footwork and investigation instead of letting her fingers do the walking on a keyboard or a grid.  Ya think?Smallville.S09E01.mkv_001547128

Ollie calls her ‘Legs.’  Not his best move and Lois tells him so.  She knows he’s been drinking and he wonders where she’s been.  His phone is MIA so he didn’t get her messages.  She found him via paparazzi and went undercover to get to him.  She realizes he’s on a death spiral, but she needs a hero right now.  She tells him about blacking out 3 weeks of her life, landing on a derailed train and the assassin after her.  Before she can elaborate there’s an explosion and Ollie covers her from the impact.  They both see a woman walk through the blown out wall.  Lois squints as if she might recognize her.  Alura fires up her eyes as Ollie grabs Lois and tells everyoneSmallville.S09E01.mkv_001626041 to hit the ground.  Clark appears behind Alura in the shadows.  She knew he would be watching Lois.  She was never after Lois, she wants him.  Clark grabs her and superspeeds off as Lois and Ollie look upSmallville.S09E01.mkv_001615280 to see a smoldering S symbol.  Lois gets her little smile on.

The Kent barn.  Clark throws Alura inside.  He wants to know why she followed Lois from the future to come after him.  “Because you betrayed us.”   She throws a punch at him and he sees she is wearing Jonathan Kent’s watch.  Similar to how he recognized Kara in the Phantom Zone via her bracelet.  Clark compares the watch to the one in his pants pocket.  For a guy who is severing all ties, he’s not making such a clean cut.  The date is set to one year in the future.  She tells him he gave her the watch.  She tosses blue kryptonite at him.  [We haven’t seen that stuff since season 7 – could be significant – get out your DVDs.]  She’s kryptonian, too.  She draws her sword.  He wants to know why she is risking her life.  It’s the only way to defeat him before he destroys ‘their’ world.  Smallville.S09E01.mkv_001759341She attacks and the fight is great.  Clark has learned some moves while in the Fortress and he’s much more agile, not the flat out farm boy brawler anymore.  He’s meeting her fighting style to fighting style.  At one point she pushes him to the ground and then approaches to kill and he kicks her in the face.  Oh yea!  She tosses a saw blade at him and cuts his face.  Eventually she lands in a stall and Clark finds she’s been stabbed through by her sword.  As she lies dying, she cups the side of Clark’s face with her hand and says, “I’m so sorry.”  It appears that Alura may have been/will be a relative or a close friend.  And why is she sorry?  Sorry she attacked him?  Sorry he will meet his future fate?  Good questions to keep us interested.


The fight warehouse.  Lois is trying to clean up Ollie.  Man, does she have a long road to haul.  Ollie wants her to put him down because he’s feelingSmallville.S09E01.mkv_001869450 really lousy about Jimmy’s death.  She doesn’t know the reason so she tries to get him to quit with the self pity act.  She talks to him about being a hero and the Green Arrow.  He sloughs it off as being a distraction and she was, too.  Nurse Lois gives him some pain for that one.  “You’re an obnoxious jackass.”  He agrees with her and not in a good way.  He won’t give up the road he has taken.  She tells him that’s okay, because Lois is wise enough to know you can’t change people.  She’s not going to enable him.  She looks at the S symbol.  “Y’know, maybe I don’t really need you, Ollie.”  She was asking him for some hero help.  “I’ve already found my real hero.”  Ollie looks at the S symbol as the music swells.

Tess mansion.  Zod and Tess plop in chairs simultaneously.  I chuckle every time I see it.  These two are going to be great to watch.  They already are.  The guy that cold cocked Zod begins to interrogate Tess.  Let’s call him, Basqat.  And the female that was with him before, we’ll call Faora.  Just for fun.  If they actually name them in another episode, we can always change it.  So Basqat wants to know when Tess joined up with Zod.  This before a ‘tribunal’ of other Kandorians.  She says she just met him.  He wants to know where the other hundreds of Kandorians are.  She explains she was taking orders and they are in error to think that a non super abilitied woman would Smallville.S09E01.mkv_002052967take up with one man instead of an army.  She places the ball in Zod’s court.  “Impressive,” says Zod because he is indeed impressed.

Faora banters that the last thing they remember was having their blood taken in camp before the battle in Kandor.  “How did we get here?”  Hmmm.  They can’t remember how they got there.  DNA and memory loss.  Yep, better get those Season 7 DVDs out and brush up on Zor-El and his experiments.   Zod doesn’t really know either, but he surmises that Kandor is destroyed.   They turn on Zod thinking he’s behind it all.  What did he do to the others?  Where are the others?

Zod rises from his chair and gives that searing look.  “You dare defy me?”  Even though he knows squat about their situation, he still will have the upper hand and their loyalty.  He reminds them that he has saved half the soldiers in the room.  He has risked and sacrificed for their survival.  He’s out combing the countryside looking for others while Basqat complains for 3 weeks in the mansion.  He grabs him by the throat and tosses him into a chair.  He calls out to the others.  “I have always been true to my word, and I will find the answers we are looking for . . or I will die in the quest!”  Powerful.  One soldier gets on his knee and bows before Zod.  Soon all the soldiers are kneeling in salute.  He is their leader.  One soldier in particular draws our attention.  It is Alura, a year younger than her former presence.

Zod turns his head and smirks at Tess.  She has a slight impressed smirk on her face.  She’s into powerful dudes.

Kent farm at night.  Clark sans trenchcoat carrying a shovel.  Apparently he has buried Alura’s body.  Blondie is in the barn.  Why?  He tells Smallville.S09E01.mkv_002176840blondie it’s over and that the assassin was Kryptonian.  “She told me that I would cause the end of the world.”  Uhhh, that’s not exactly what she said.  She said he would destroy their world.  The question is which world.  Kandor?  New Krypton?  Is the army in the mansion the true Kandorians?  Zod is only a major and we know he was a general in Season 6 when he took over Lex’s body and then was sent to the Phantom Zone.  Clark may assume that in the future he will destroy Earth, but that’s not the only bet on the crap table.

Clark tells blondie he only has a year to figure it out and stop it.  Blondie sloughs the end of the world off with a quip about not believing everything an assassin tells you.  And with a smile, no less.  Okaaaay.  Clark tells her Alura knew the future.  But blondie’s head is stuck in guilt in the past.  She can’t conceive in a future because she’s mutilated so many lives.

Clark asks her what’s on her mind.  She wants Clark to go back and save Jimmy by using the Legion ring.  Who’s being delusional now?  Clark tries to tell her she can’t ask that of him, but she interrupts him and then starts laying down the guilt trip.  He’s supposed to give up everything because he’s to save people like dead Jimmy.  “That would be changing destiny.”  Thank you, Clark.  At least one clear head in the barn tonight.  Blondie comes at him like one of those purse dogs with rabies.  “Not Jimmy’s destiny!  He didn’t deserve to die.  He died because you and I screwed up.  Because we made a mistake and now you HAVE to fix it!”  Excuse me, blondie, don’t be blaming Clark for your crap.  YOU are responsible for the deaths of Jimmy AND Davis.  So live with it!  Skank!  Sleep with your gun and your ghosts and your guilt and just don’t waste screentime.

“I’M NOT A GOD!”  Oh yes!!! Clarkie tell her like it is!  Don’t listen to her!  She got you in a mell of a hess last season with her boney psycho boyfriend and tasering her husband whose only mistake was marrying her.  “And the last time I tried to rewrite fate, my own father died.”  See he’s not lost those ties.  Jonathon was his compass and you just don’t avoid or shirk that off.

Blondie turns on the tears because he won’t obey her.  “I’ve given up so much for you, Clark.”  HE never asked you to!  “This is the only thing I’ve ever asked of you.”  That’s got to be a lie.   She asked plenty of him.  She begs and cries some more.  He softly tells her, “I can’t.”  See reason, Ms. Smarter than 2 Kryptonians.  Yea, right.  So she sucks it up and gets vindictive.  Calling him . . .  basically a filthy alien since he’s no longer human and won’t do her bidding.


Tess mansion.  Tess is alone in the now empty office.  The Kandorians and their accoutrements are gone.  Her orb minion from last season apparently filmed everything according to her orders.  Even her torture by Basqat and Faora.  She’s upset because the army just disappeared.  She wants video.  His orders were not to interfere in any way.  He goes to show her the footage but it’s been erased.  The Kandorians might be technologically superior, ever think of that, Tess?  They did supposedly come from an orb.  Hello!  This guy is gonna lose his job.  He can’t even find an orb in the backyard.

The Daily Planet.  Lois is trying to get her password on her computer to work, but it keeps rejecting her.  She hears the chair squeak across theSmallville.S09E01.mkv_002330077 desk from her.  “Clark!”  She’s all smiles.  It’s Corben.  She thinks he’s stalking her and he tells her he’s not a cop.  He hears she jumps to conclusions a lot.  “Who the hell are you then?”  I love Lois.  She’s so straight forward.  Definitely something Clark needs in his life. Corben tells her he’s a field reporter and has worked in Afghanistan.  “Hope that gave me enough training to be your desk mate.”  Pure Lois Lane rebuttal.  “Don’t bet on it.  And don’t get comfortable in that chair.  Clark’s coming back.”  She has faith in Clark, no matter what clothes he wears (or if he’s not wearing any clothes).  Clark is supposedly visiting family indefinitely.  Lois doesn’t see that as possible.  Clark is always around.  She’s had experience with that.  And she knows he would have left her a note or something, right?   He never said goodbye to her.

Smallville.S09E01.mkv_002376874Corben not pleased with her Clark support.  “Supposedly you’ve been fired.”  She tells him it’s a minor technicality.  He hopes so cause he wants to get close to her.  He puts out his hand and introduces himself.  She shakes his hand.  “I’ll see you in the trenches,” he says as he creeps Lois out.  This is supposed to mirror ODYSSEY from last season, but no one is smiling.

Lois sees Clark’s name plate in the trash can.  She picks it up and stares at it looking sad.  You can almost hear her asking.  “What if he doesn’t come back?”   Her phone rings and she picks it up.  Guess who!!!  Everyone get up and wang chung!!!  “Lo-is.”  High atop a gargoyle with his phone to his ear.  Lois gets up out of her chair.  “Thank you for saving me out there.  I was afraid you had disappeared for good.”  Contrary to last they spoke, it is Clark who is fumbling with words and emotions.  “I should have.”  He’s got his little smile on.  He pauses and tries to form a thought.  “I’m supposed to.  But I can’t.”  Lois is smiling too at that announcement.  “Promise me this is just between us?”  We see Clark looking out on the city.  “I promise,” says Lois.Smallville.S09E01.mkv_002419083Smallville.S09E01.mkv_002431011

This scene is intimate yet huge.  Love it.  Pure Clark and Lois.

Lois will keep her communications with the Blur secret.  She won’t blab their private life with anyone including her cousin.  (unlike previous persons who Clark trusted)  Lois has already promised he can trust her when she was alone in the phone booth.  Clark knows this.  Lois Lane is the one thing that Clark Kent can never give up.  It’s the one thing that he is ‘selfish’ about.  He sacrifices so much for the world, but it’s Lois that keeps him together as a loving being.  Clark was avoiding his feelings of loss when he turned from his sense of humanity.  He was hurt deeply, and Lois’ presence takes away that pain.  She gives him hope as he gives the world hope.  Clark will realize that the only thing holding him back is himself.  And also that it is possible for him to have it all.  This is the season!!!
901 Lois’s Dream about the future

Posted to TV Promos n Trailers by supernatural66 on September 25, 2009

Lois’ Talon apartment.  She’s in her jammies getting into bed all smilely, warm and toasty about her convo with the Blur.  He’s back.  She’s back.  At least part of her day went right.  She begins to sleep and then there are flashes of a world we have not seen before.  The sky is filled with red.  Clark is jumping around in the black with a Zod crest on his chest and the building behind him has the orb flag flying. One of its towers has a red beam shooting out to the sky. The other tower looks as though it has been destroyed.  There are naked people making love which turn out to be Lois and Clark.  It’s about time!  Zod is putting a dog tag around Tess’s neck.  We hear the word ZOD resound.  Alura is ready to attack with her sword.  Ollie’s digging with a shovel.  Someone looking at their bloody hands.  There’s dripping into a pool of blood?  Blondie running.  Silver sheets on the love bed.  Blondie apparently dead on asphalt with liquid around her.  Clark and Lois still at it.  Sigh.  Alura raising her sword as she did in the barn.  Lois awakens shocked and frightened.

So in the future Lois just left.  Clark without Lois for a year joins up with Zod apparently.  He’s wearing black and Zod’s symbol.  The Kandorians have taken over and are doing something with the environment.  Turning the sky red?  There appears to be resistance as the one tower was damaged.  Clark made love to Lois while she was there.  He really missed her.  Zod indoctrinates Tess.  There’s lots of blood.  Blondie may die – but until I see her in a coffin and buried with a huge wake afterwards – I’m not counting my chickens.

The other thing that we have to keep in mind is the timelines.  There are several:

The present

One year in the future

Kandorians from the past now in the present and also will be in the one year in the future.

Got it?

Great episode which will keep us enthralled as the season unveils.  Brian Austin Green plays John Corben and be sure to tune in to watch him in next week’s episode, Metallo.


John Corben talking in front of THE phone booth that now has an S symbol on it.  He’s talking to Lois wearing purple at the Kent farm.  He jaywalks and gets hit by a truck.  He gets the million dollar man treatment on the Smallville budget complete with kryptonite heart.  The irony of BAG’s last role in Sarah Connor as a terminator hunter now being a cyborg on SV is not lost.  Apparently Metallo’s sister is dead because of the Blur.  He’s captured Lois.  What will the Blur do?  Will he continue his quest for knowledge at the Fortress, will he save Lois Lane, will he ever venture into the DP bullpen in his civvies again?  Metallo is going to show him what it’s like to lose someone he loves.  Woohoo!!!  I’m watchin!

Video Clips: Clips and trailers for season 9 in the Multipleverses Smallville Clip Library Links included here for the clips we have previously posted- video player included for the all new footage from the episode

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  1. Liz permalink
    September 27, 2009 5:51 pm

    Great recap/review! Based on this episode I’m starting to have good feelings about Season 9 – this after the debacle of Season 7 and a so-so Season 8. It’s going to be interesting and great fun to watch the developing Lois and Clark scenario.

  2. Christine permalink
    September 28, 2009 5:52 am

    Holli you kill me! Fantastic recap. Of course I love the
    “She has faith in Clark, no matter what clothes he wears (or if he’s not wearing any clothes). ”

    hmm wonder why that stuck out to me? Savior had a grown up feel and dare I say it an EPIC feel to it was well our shown has grown up! THANK GOD

  3. Sarah permalink
    September 28, 2009 11:20 am

    Great review, Holli, I enjoyed it so much! And I was yelling at the tv when certain people appeared on it, just as you were in your review…lol… Still can’t quite get over the change in Clark, I’m so impressed. And that fight scene? *whistles* He kicked the ninja lady in the face!

    It’s a whole different show and I love it :)

  4. Imzadia13 permalink
    September 28, 2009 2:12 pm


    This was another Outstanding review as reported by your ‘observant’ eye. You touched upon Everything that was important to me about this episode, as it may be the same for other fans with the ‘same’ interests as far as Clark’s and Clois’ future is concerned. I kept waiting for you to maybe overlook some ‘detail’, but you didn’t mis a beat.

    Yes, on Smallville, ‘Color’ has great symbolic meaning, and they hope that any fan who is aware of that will notice those nuances. The ‘Black’ that Clark is ‘Embracing’ does pay homage to his attire upon his return after his battle with Doomsday in the comics, but it also expresses his demeanor. His Grief is still fresh and although he isn’t wallowing in self-pity or guilt to the point that it’s affecting his “Blur” duties, he is showing that his focus has shifted.

    This premiere, though heavy with the repercussions of the events involving that whole Doomsday debaucle, was truly refreshing. It’s as if ‘the wind is coming in from a New Direction now’. Clark IS now a man. I Love him. I understand his struggle, but I can see his determination. Tom Welling also did a magnificent job expressing All of his Feelings with any connection to Lois in his face. It’s amazing how he can be Subtle yet the message is monumental, IMO. When Clark first saw Lois after the train accident, I saw on his face Relief, Gratitude, LOVE, Hope, and finally when she was rousing I saw a little Sadness because he knew he couldn’t let her see him. There could be no joyous reunion. He was in true ‘Hero’ mode.

    The Kryptonian Kandorians in military form were exciting to watch, and yes, the mystery about them was introduced. For some reason, I enjoyed learning that the kneeling before Zod ‘thing’ was a method of their military Salute. I used to think it was some form of tyrannical conceit identifying Zod’s power mongering personality.

    “Savior”, as a premiere, represents a giant leap as far as moving Clark’s ‘Journey’ along and placed this series where it should’ve been a couple of seasons ago, IMO. I was absolutely Thrilled by it. Holli, your Review would satisfy anyone who had the misfortune to have missed seeing it. Plus, it would whet their appetites to make them want to see what will happen from here during the rest of the season. GREAT JOB! Thanks.

  5. baudyhallee permalink
    October 10, 2009 3:44 pm

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I truly appreciate it.

    This season of Smallville is turning out to be spectacular. Each week is like a mini-movie.

    Glad you’re enjoying the show and OSCK Blog.


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