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Smallville news roundup including sneak peek at season premiere

September 21, 2009

Spoiler clip courtesy of Chumpy on Divine Intervention from the season premiere Savior
901 Spoiler Clip

Posted to TV Promos n Trailers by supernatural66 on September 21, 2009

FROM E!Online:

James in Pocatello, Idaho: Smallville spoilers, please.

Doesn’t it feel like yesterday Smallville premiered for the first time? Here we are eight years later, with the season nine premiere on Sept. 25. How time flies. But we’ve digressed. We watched the season premiere and must say a couple things: First of all, Team Smallville isn’t messing around with the special effects. It looks like they pulled out all the stops (and the budget) on this sweet, first episode. Also, all of you Lois lovers will be happy to know Erica Durance (Lois Lane) is interwoven throughout many storylines and is front and center during most of the show. Set three weeks after the events of the finale, Clark (Tom Welling) is training to be Superman and is struggling with leaving his humanity behind. He’s frustrated with his inability to fly, but is told by trainer Jor-El it’s because, “You still see yourself as a human.” Meanwhile Clark’s relationship with Chloe (Allison Mack) is downright rocky, while he remains obsessed with Lois. Lois doesn’t have a clue where she was for the last three weeks, but when she returns it’s in the company of a freaky Kryptonic-ninja lady from the future who’s out to get Clark. And watch out for Lois’ scary dream sequence at the end of the episode: there’s sex, sweat, blood and death.

9.03 Rabid Official Episode Description

ZOD UNLEASHES A VIRUS INTO METROPOLIS — Zod (Callum Blue) and his soldiers release a virus into the air that turns humans into zombies. The only way to stop it is to make an antidote from the blood of another Kryptonian. After Lois (Erica Durance) is infected, Chloe (Allison Mack) pleads with Clark (Tom Welling) to donate his blood to stop the epidemic, even though it risks outing him to Zod. Michael Rohl directed the episode written by Jordan Hawley

Source: CW

Erica Durance Interview

By: Izumi Hasegawa

Izumi Hasegawa: Let’s talk about this Comic-Con reaction. We heard it went over very well inside the room.

Erica Durance: It did. I think there were like 6,000 people in there, which was shocking to me — it always is when you’re up there in Vancouver doing your thing, and then you come down and see how positive people are. People are so jazzed and so supportive of all of us. It was really nice to be able to have the whole cast down, and I think that was part of the appeal. And then, of course, they freaked out when Tom [Welling] came out, which was hilarious. It was so great.

IH: He hasn’t done any appearances here in a while.

ED: I haven’t seen all the appearances he does, but I think this was a big deal.

IH: The show is making it to the ninth year, which, for what you guys are doing, is very rare, especially a genre like this. Were you surprised when you got the ninth season pickup? Or were you thinking, “We’re definitely getting another season”?

ED: I never think, “Oh I’m getting another season.” I make the best of where you’re at and what you’re doing, because this business is so fickle and transient, and I’m just thankful to all the fans that watch it and keep it on the air. I think it’s helpful, because it started out with him young and all the characters young and growing into it, so it can have a longer existence and change, and bring in new characters, which I think people will see a lot more of in this season and get a bit of their pay-off for all their patience.

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