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August 9, 2009

Thank you to all of you who voted! We have our winners list- many of these were neck and neck with only a vote separating 1st and 2nd place.


Best Actor Regular CastErica Durance

Best Written Character Regular Cast- Lois Lane

Best Guest Character Season 8Zatanna

Worst Guest Character Season 8
Lana Lang

Best Episode Season 8Identity

Worst Episode Season 8

Best Line for Season 8- “Nobody messes with Lois and Clark” — Clark Kent , Bloodline

Worst Line from Season 8
– “You’re a hero too Chloe” – Jimmy Olsen ( Doomsday)

Biggest Hero Moment Season 8- Clark, Lois, and Jimmy in the back room in STILETTO

Biggest Wussy Moment Season 8- Kiss on the roof of the DP in POWER

CLOSE Runner up was- Clark ditching Lois to avoid talking about their relationship in Infamous

Coolest Special Effects Season 8- Martian Manhunter taking Clark into the sun in Odyssey

Cheapest Looking Special Effects Season 8- The plastic boney suit in DOOMSDAY

Most Annoying Corporate Sponsor Award
Facebook – how many times DID Chloe mention keeping up on Jimmy on Facebook this season?

Best Appearance by Kryptonite Season 8
The reappearance of Lex’s Kryptonite Ring

Most Disgusting SceneClana Sex

Favorite Other Superhero on the ShowMartian Manhunter

This was one of the neck and neck categories- only one vote separating Martian Manhunter from Green Arrow

Best Plot Twist Season 8
Jimmy Olsen dumps Chloe for taking Davis’s side over his own- Turbulence

RUNNER UP- Jimmy Olsen figure out Clark Kent is the Red Blue Blur- Identity

Most Confusing Plot Twist Season 8Jimmy Olsen wasn’t really Jimmy Olsen

Best Villain Season 8- Tess Mercer

Best Shirtless Male Scene in Season 8Clark- shirt ripped open by sex crazed alien in “Instinct”

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