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More Smallville Cast Comic Con Interviews

August 6, 2009

c7dfb080624d0af5b2d8dd6ba0adc371Comics Continuum got to sit down with the cast members and producers at Comic Con and got some awesome info about the upcoming season from each of them.

From their Brian and Kelly interview:

Question: Now that Tom Welling is a producer, will he ever be writing for the series?

Souders: I don’t know when he has time to breathe, to be honest.

Peterson: His joining is really organic. He’s helped kind of shape his character from the very start, and the last couple of years he’s gotten a lot more involved with directing. So there’s not a huge shift. He’s just getting the credit that he’s actually earned in the last couple of years.

Souders: He’s a really great link between the writing staff, the producers and the set, and he’s been keeping an eye on things also, since he’s had so much experience directing. He’s really a valuable source, along with being the lead of the show.

Question: What was it that allowed you to have Tom and Allison go beyond the camera?

Peterson: We actually encouraged it. What we found is not only does it help them grow, it brings more back into the show because the more people who see how other roles work, it helps people have a tighter bond on the set and becom more collaborative.

Question: Are there any guest stars that you’re looking forward?

Souders: Well, Brian Austin Green. We’ve been watching all of his dailies coming in, and I think fans are going to be very thrilled with them. He makes an amazing Metallo.

Peterson: And Callum (Blue) as Zod, although we have him for a big chunk of the season. Just in the dailies we’ve seen already, he’s fantastic. We really see how he becomes Terence Stamp.

Souders: And he brings a lot of depth. Just like every other hero and villain on the show, Smallville is really interested in the origin stories of characters, so to explore why he’s going to become a villain, how much of nurture vs. nature and all of those aspects. it’s a lot of fun to watch.

Click HERE to read more!

deef4e3ecf6f3b94ff40f0d03f4966cd And from their interview with the yummy Callum Blue:

Question: What was your reaction upon finding out that this Mason character was actually Zod?

Blue: I was thrilled to bits. I remember Terence Stamp’s portrayal of him in the movies, and he terrified me as a kid. So to play such an iconic character is both a good thing and a bad thing. I’ve got a lot of plans for him. I’m going to play it to the fullest. So I was chuffed.

Question: Will the Zod character be interacting with the other Kryptonians that are being introduced into the show?

Blue: I have come to Earth with a whole army of Kryptonians, so I’ve been interacting with those. They’re my army. It’s like a fascist party, and I’m their leader. I’ve been watching a lot of Hitler speeches and taking inspiration from him — probably not a good thing.

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And from the always perky and insightful Allison Mack:

a80ff109f193449bd728d76cf5fd22e2Question: Chloe and Clark might not be interacting as much this year. Does that mean there’s no chance for a romantic future?

Mack: Unfortunately, I believe that’s the truth. They’re both committing themselves a little bit more to getting the job done this year, although Clark is always distracted.

Question: Do you feel relieved about that, that her character can move on?

Mack: I think she moved on from Clark a while ago. I think that when she married Jimmy, she was really honest about her love for Jimmy, and I think that Chloe has taken Clark in as a family member moreso than a lover, and I think that happened several seasons ago. So while I’m unhappy that I don’t get to play a love story with Tom Welling, as any actress would, I am pleased that I don’t have to be the sad puppy dog anymore.

Question: What happened to Chloe’s dad?

Mack: Chloe’s dad disappeared. Chloe’s dad is not around. Chloe and Clark are pretty much orphans, and I think that sort of made their relationship stronger.

Click HERE for the rest.

2ac4365fc965723fe39f304a8ec22bb4And from the fiesty Cassidy Freeman:

Question: After what happened in the season finale, is Tess going to re-hire Lois at the Daily Planet?

Freeman: It was kind of a rough one, wasn’t it? There’s actually a scene around whether or not she’s going to be re-hired at the Daily Planet, and I may or may not be wielding a bo staff in said scene. I don’t think that it would be the Planet without her. I’m not saying that I would voice re-hiring her, because I’m still kind of upset by that Tomahawk kick off the desk. She hit me across the face with a wooden box holding a Legion ring! Of course she’s going to be at the Planet.

Question: Can you talk about any more Tess vs. Lois fights that we have coming up?

Freeman: Erica (Durance) and I joke about the fact that women on this show can’t be friends, and we don’t really understand why. Because women are friends, and Erica and I are friends. She is such a dear. But we’ve only had one scene this season so far. I think that Erica, Justin, and I all getting upped in episodes this year, there are a lot more people to be juggling. I don’t know how the writers do it. They must have a white board the size of Texas that they throw ideas up on.

Read more HERE.

925e3755ac4f475159456cb7468af5f6And finally from the fabulous Erica Durance on the Loisness of it all:

Question: With 18 episode
do you feel there will be more continuity with your character and there won’t be many months without Lois?

Durance: Given that there’s the 18, then you’re only out of four, so the likelihood you’ll have those big packages of the time where Lois disappears is unlikely. So right now I’ve been really, really busy and working a lot, and am very much enjoying the bits of the story line and the arc that they’ve given me to play with this year, and I’m really looking forward to the rest.

Question: Lois can take her of herself. Are there parts of the season when you are owning it?

Durance: I start out in the first episode owning it. I’m basically fighting for my life. Some big hot chick comes to try to take me out, and I have to take care of myself because there’s nobody else there. Or so I think, and then, of course, I’m saved, and that’s great. That’s what I love about her. She doesn’t just sit back and wait for someone to help her out; she just automatically, knee-jerk reaction says “I’ve got to take care of this myself, and I am capable of it.” And then she goes head-to-head with Tess Mercer a few times, as she does with most of the characters.

Click HERE to read the rest.

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