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Smallville Season 9 Spoilers and interviews

August 3, 2009

3777088788_2c7bb9b374_oEpisode Titles for Season 9

So far we have the titles for the first several episodes of season 9

901 Savior

902 Metallo

903 Rabid

904 Echo

More interviews from Comic Con with Callum Blue who is playing Major Zod and two great interviews with Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson. Both are very enthused about Brian Austin Green joining the show as Metallo. Kelly spills some dirt on the Zod- Tess pairing that we will be seeing…..what will this ship be called? Zess? Zoss? Ted? Tod? I vote for Zess….

Posted to OSCK Smallville Video Channel on August 03, 2009

Posted to OSCK Smallville Video Channel on August 03, 2009


Michelle in Rancho Bernardo, Calif.: More Smallville scoop please! What’s coming up with Tess?3768102122_8ed47d4494_o
Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) is going to be in some big trouble when the new season of Smallville kicks off. In the season-nine promo shown at Comic-Con, Tess is fighting with Major Zod (Callum Blue) himself. Cassidy exclusively tells us, “We start out heavy. In the first episode, we start out really going at it, and it’s really fun.” So is Tess biting off more than she can chew this season on Smallville? “She has to figure out whether she’s screwed the pooch or whether she’s doing a good thing. She hasn’t figured it out yet, but she absolutely will,” says Cassidy.

Source: E!Online

Michelle in San Francisco: Thanks for the Smallville news from Comic-Con! Please explain more about the younger version of Zod. If Krypton has not been destroyed yet, does that mean Clark can change his destiny and save his people?
That’s exactly what we asked executive producer Brian Peterson. “We’re introducing [Callum Blue] as Major Zod, before he even turns into General Zod, so we get to see his trajectory into becoming the villain he’s known as. We’ve never had a Kryptonian living on Earth with Clark for an entire season, and [to see] how that affects Clark’s journey,” says Peterson. “We’re going to be exploring a lot of that this year, without trying to do too much time jumping and alternate universes. We’re going to try to explore the relationship between Zod and Clark, and what if that were different? Zod and Jor-El, and what if that had been different in the past? In the first six episodes, we’re going to get to it pretty quickly.” (Did we mention Callum told us to “kneel before Zod” at Comic-Con?)

Andy in Long Beach, Calif.: Since Lois was fired by Tess Mercer last season on Smallville, will she find her way back to the Daily Planet in season nine?
“Nobody fires Lois,” jokes Erica Durance. Despite getting the boot from the Daily Planet last season, Durance says, “[Lois] for sure finds her way back there, investigating things, getting into trouble and getting rescued. It wouldn’t be Lois Lane if she wouldn’t.”

Source: E!Online

From July 25

You never know who you’re going to randomly bump into here at Comic-Con. Take last night. I’m innocently munching on a spicy tuna roll at Warner Bros’ Asian-themed cocktail reception and who should wander over to say hello but Smallville exec producer Brian Peterson. Good times, right? It gets better. The dude, who’s in town for the show’s historic Con panel on Sunday, talked my ear off about his blockbuster plans for season 9 and beyond. What follows after the jump are some of the highlights…

* Season 9’s theme is “Clark’s darkest hour.”

* Look for a season-long love triangle with Clark, Lois, and Red-Blue Blur.

* Chloe, still grieving over Jimmy’s death, will immerse herself in all things Watchtowerish. Peterson also hinted at some tension for Chlark when she realizes she’s no longer content just being his sidekick.

* We’ll find out why Clark isn’t flying in a scene with him and Jor-El (the returning Terence Stamp) in the season premiere.

* Footage of Brian Austin Green as Metallo will be unveiled at tomorrow’s Con panel. As of now, he’s on board for two episodes, but Peterson says they’re hopeful he’ll do more.

* The episode they’re currently shooting (either 9.02 or 9.03) focuses on Oliver’s downward spiral.

* Battlestar Galactica’s Alessandro Juliani will reprise his role as Dr. Emil Hamilton for several episodes this season.

* Story-wise, Peterson is not approaching this season as Smallville’s last.

* I saved the best for last: Peterson recently had dinner with Michael Rosenbaum. Interpret as you like.

Source: EW
SAN DIEGO — The Continuum continues a series of roundtable interviews with the Smallville cast and producers from Comic-Con International last weekend with Erica Durance, who returns in Season 9 as Lois Lane.
Question: With 18 episode
do you feel there will be more continuity with your character and there won’t be many months without Lois?

Durance: Given that there’s the 18, then you’re only out of four, so the likelihood you’ll have those big packages of the time where Lois disappears is unlikely. So right now I’ve been really, really busy and working a lot, and am very much enjoying the bits of the story line and the arc that they’ve given me to play with this year, and I’m really looking forward to the rest.

Question: Lois can take her of herself. Are there parts of the season when you are owning it?

Durance: I start out in the first episode owning it. I’m basically fighting for my life. Some big hot chick comes to try to take me out
, and I have to take care of myself because there’s nobody else there. Or so I think, and then, of course, I’m saved, and that’s great. That’s what I love about her. She doesn’t just sit back and wait for someone to help her out; she just automatically, knee-jerk reaction says “I’ve got to take care of this myself, and I am capable of it.” And then she goes head-to-head with Tess Mercer a few times, as she does with most of the characters.

Question: Last year Lois tried Stilletto to get attention. Wlll she try another plan?

Durance: She just doesn’t give up. She’s not the type of gal to give up. Not that she would force herself on someone, but she does have this absolute obsession with Superman, and what he represents, and just holds all of those things that are dear to her heart, and he’s this amazing entity, and she will go after him. You do see times where she’s totally frustrated because he stops calling her and she’s waiting for him, and that sort of thing.

But also, running parallel to that is that she still has her life. She still has her stories that she’s going after. Of course, that’s part of the faculty of Lois and what she represents to it, but on the other side of things I still want to keep it balanced and show the kind of modern-day woman who could totally be in love with someone, and still have her thing going on as well, and not be incredible desperate or anything like that.

READ the Rest HERE on Comics Continuum

Callum Blue reveals lots of Zod spoilers for Smallville

Twenty-nine years ago, actor Terence Stamp sauntered onto screen in Superman II as the embodiment of Superman’s nemesis, General Zod from Krypton, and an iconic villain was born. (And, yes, we know he appeared in the first Superman, but that was only the briefest of cameos.)

To this day his trademark line of “Kneel before Zod!” remains a potent pop-culture catchphrase, while Stamp’s performance is still widely considered the seminal take on the character. So you can understand why actor Callum Blue (Dead Like Me, The Tudors), who takes on the role of Zod for the ninth season of The CW’s Smallville, is just a wee bit nervous. (Many spoilers ahead!)

“When I first discovered I was playing him, it was a bit overwhelming,” Blue admitted in a small group interview last week, where he was promoting the series at San Diego Comic-Con. “But then I decided that you can’t think about the iconic status of the character. He’s a person. All I want to do is be truthful with him and see how the character evolves. We want to do a different take on him anyway … ” Blue then laughed and joked, “Forget that, I’m just going to rip Terence Stamp off.”

The British-born actor has been quite busy the last few years, guest-starring on several U.S. television series, and genre fans easily recognize him as Mason the grim reaper from Dead Like Me. Although admittedly unfamiliar with Smallville before he was cast, Blue says he’s a fan of the original Superman films

“I saw it as a kid and I just watched it recently,” the actor said. “People actually say that [Terence] and I have similar voices. We have the same manager as well and I had a little message from him wishing me luck in that voice.”

In the meantime, production has already started on Smallville in Vancouver so Blue is spending his free time catching up on past episodes. With the tone of the show fresh in his mind, he said he is ready to honor Stamp’s portrayal of Zod, while giving the dictator a fresh spin due to some distinct character changes.

“First of all, he’s Major Zod at the moment so he hasn’t grown into General Zod,” Blue revealed. “I want to make him a bit more manic. The Terence Stamp version is very cool, calm and collected. There is a level there. I have a certain amount of that, but I think he hasn’t grown into it yet, so my take is that he has to calm down a bit because he wants it right now. It’s a bit of a spoiled-brat version of the character. He’s very aristocratic, but he hasn’t calmed into it yet, so that’s a journey I can take with that character.”

Read the rest HERE on SCIFI Wire3776282761_fea0c5097f_o

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