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OSCK Awards- Season 8 Character Nominations

July 20, 2009

By Kate Blake

For this year’s OSCK Smallville Awards we have 5 nominations for best written character. Let’s review some of the highlights from season 8 and what each of our nominated characters faced this year. SPOILERS if you have not viewed Season 8

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Clark KentSM802-0020

The season opened with Clark’s friends saving him from a Russian work camp and then his risking his life to save Chloe and having his powers and attitude restored and reset which set the tone for most of the season. Clark took on a new job as a junior reporter at the Daily Planet, interning under Lois’ guidance in the newsroom. While working the streets of Metropolis Clark took on a dual identity as the mysterious Red Blue Blur. Overall Clark was written this season with an eye toward the heroic with the only detour being the Lana arc. As soon as she was gone he was immediately back on track. This season we saw Clark allow his feelings for Lois to begin to evolve and change- though he is not ready to take things to a new level. Clark is too busy emotionally dealing with how to manage his duality- he is not yet ready for a real relationship though we see his idea of what he wants may be changing from what he thought he wanted for so long. The end of the season saw Clark turn away from everything and everyone and “die”. We know he won’t be gone too long- but how this changes him should provide good drama for next year.

SM802-0006Lois Lane

The season opened with Lois undercover at the Luthor mansion in a French maids outfit confronting the mysterious Tess Mercer and swiping a flash drive with info about Black Creek in her quest to find her missing cousin. Once Chloe is rescued, Lois takes on the tutelage of Clark Kent as her own personal junior reporter. Of course things do not go as Lois expects- Clark is a fast learner and helps her keep her ambition in check when she would let it overtake her moral center. Along with a healthy respect for Clark, we see that Lois is developing feelings for Clark and he seems to be returning them though he is reluctant to act on them. This causes Lois some heartbreak but does not stop her from pursuing the big stories and barreling toward a bright journalistic future.

Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy Olsen had a rough year. He was frantic over Chloe and her disappearance and determined not to pressure Chloe when she returnSM807-0011s. Her acceptance of his proposal surprises him and he is happy- really happy. When he and Chloe are kidnapped he sees how much she loves him and all is good- especially when he tells her his secret that his family consists of a drunk father and he never really knew his mother and she accepts him. NOTE THIS IS WHERE the end game in Doomsday falls apart. If Jimmy had a brother why wasn’t he mentioned in Committed? We will forgive this contradiction because through the season the character of Jimmy Olsen is so well done. He figures out Clark is the Red Blue Blur- causing Clark and Ollie to concoct a cover for Clark. Jimmy throws himself in front of the monster to protect Chloe in Bride. He dumps Chloe in the big surprise episode Turbulence, really letting his pent up emotions fly. At the end of the season, Jimmy comes around again, and his “death”- I put it in quotes because I am hoping it is not a real death- was heartbreaking.

SM810-0012Chloe Sullivan

Chloe started the season trapped in a Luthor Corp prison and things went pretty much up and down all year. She came home and got engaged and seemed to have some happiness with Jimmy that was twisted up inside of her by the intrusion of Brainiac. Chloe embraced being a full time side kick and superhero helper this season, working at ISIS as a counselor to meteor infected kids and then working more and more closely with Oliver and the Justice League. At the same time she develops a friendship with the mysterious Davis Bloome. We are not quite sure what is going on with Chloe and Davis. Does she love him? Is it all about Clark? Is it something else? Chloe had a lot of things going on this season and it ended with tragedy. Jimmy and Davis dead, the Justice League gone, Lois missing and Clark disappearing into thin air. Will she be able to go on with everyone who is important to her gone?

Davis Bloome

This season introduced a new character into the Superman mythos with Davis Bloome as the human incarnation of Superman’s greatest enemy smallville_20Doomsday. The season began with Davis as a caring heroic paramedic- superficially the kind of everyday hero that Clark Kent/ Superman has always admired. Davis is initially drawn to Chloe and becomes deeply involved with her. As the season goes on his dual nature is revealed and we see the darkness that lives in Davis has a deep scary Kryptonian origin. He stalks Chloe and gets her to keep him close while he kills, seducing her into thinking she has to protect him to protect Clark. Davis is twisted up with all of this confusion and we like Chloe believe he is really good. It is not until the very end when his personal demon- the monster is ripped away that we find that the human part is still not enough. He is filled with jealousy and all of the other dark human emotions and they overtake him even when the monster is gone.

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