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Convention Coverage- Screaming Tiki Supercon Cleveland 2009

July 12, 2009

This weekend some very lucky Smallville and Superman fans got to attend the Screaming Tiki Supercon in Cleveland, OH. To start with- your CW-Tiki-Con-09must head over to and check out the photos of the Action Comics #1 panels lining the fence surrounding the Siegel house that fans fought hard to mark as a landmark.

Next we can thank Youtube user core013 for video of the entire Smallville panel held today with Sam Witwer, Michael Rosenbaum and Helen Slater. Hopefully some folks will have nice photos from the event to share soon!

Watch all 6 parts to the panel in our video channel HERE

I will add more video from the convention to the channel as we get it in the next few days!

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  1. Screaming Tiki 2009 permalink
    July 17, 2009 10:05 pm

    Screaming Tiki $40,000 in the hole!

    Ingenuityfest called artistic success despite flat attendance, dispute with Screaming Tiki Cleveland Super-Con

    Screaming Tiki organizer Peter Smith said that Levin gave him an inaccurate picture of Ingenuityfest’s expected attendance and didn’t fulfill a joint advertising agreement. Smith estimated Ingenuityfest’s attendance last weekend at closer to 10,000.

    The two events arranged that Screaming Tiki passes would be honored at Ingenuity, but there were glitches. Smith said he refunded nearly 100 Screaming Tiki admissions to people who were refused admittance into the arts festival.

    About 1,000 fans attended Screaming Tiki (numbers were more like 300-400)– fewer than both events expected — and it went about $40,000 into the red, Smith said.

    Smith said.

    “We’ll never do another event with them, ever,” said Smith, who lives in Youngstown. “We really don’t feel they upheld their end of the bargain.” Smith is a comics and tattoo illustrator who has organized previous comics conventions in Niles.

    Levin pointed out that the comics convention was prominently advertised on Ingenuity’s Web site and program. Ingenuityfest gate workers were well-informed about the comics gathering and no one was improperly turned away, he said.

    Pointing fingers is fruitless, Levin said. “We’re not responsible for promoting Tiki Con; he’s responsible for promoting Tiki Con,” Levin said, referring to Smith

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