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OSCK Awards- Best Actor Nominees Season 8

July 9, 2009

Today I want to highlight our nominees in the best actor category in the OSCK awards for Season 8. Many of our nominations are more tongue in cheek but the actors category is serious. This season we saw some top notch performances from all cast members.


1. Tom Welling SM08-TW-0001

Tom is the star of the show and this season he took on a second role. Along with Clark Kent he became the mysterious- and awkwardly named- Red Blue Blur who is the new hero in Metropolis. Tom’s best scenes are those when he can be strong and gentle at the same time. We saw this from the first episode in Metropolis where he gets his fresh new shirt all dirty pulling a little girl out of the rubble. The season was bookended with Clark in hero mode saving a little girl from the spiney monster Doomsday and putting her down before taking a big punch.

SM08-ED-00022. Erica Durance

This season saw Erica’s Lois Lane grow fully into her iconic reporter self. She is brassy and tough yet still cares about those around her. She showed vulnerability and let her feelings slip out in Committed saying she loved Clark then lying about tricking the machine at the end of the episode. The episode Hex where Lois and Chloe did a Freaky Friday allowed Erica to show her comedic talents and was completely believable as her cousin in her own skin.

3. Justin Hartley

As leader of the Justice League Oliver had some tough trials this year. We saw a lot of Ollie angst as he dealt with the news that Lionel killed his SM08-JH-0001parents and he took that out on Lex. Oliver tangled with Tess and is not sure where things stand. His moral ground is shakey and needs firming up. Justin played the cad and the mixed up hero well this season – always delivering on his lines with consistent wit. Being the one to carry the shirtless load on Smallville gave him extra points too!

4. Aaron Ashmore

Aaron made the list this season for a knockout season as Jimmy Olsen. He was tender and romantic with Chloe in the first half of the season, he used his brains to uncover the truth about the Red Blue Blur- his moniker for Clark’s alter ego. He figured out it SM08-AA-0001was Clark before Clark and Ollie confused him. Jimmy stepped between Chloe and the monster in Bride, risking terrible injury to save his love. When he came back he felt beyond betrayed when she chose Davis over him. The scene in Turbulence where Jimmy dumps Chloe and walks away was touching, surprising and showed so much character. His forgiveness of her in Doomsday and then dying was heartbreaking.

5. Sam Witwer

The new guy to the show- Sam stole every scene he was in as the nice guy with a dark side Davis Bloome. His agony over his SM08-SW-0002actions and descent into animalistic primal actions were as abhorrent to him as they were to us.

Who was your favorite from our list this year?

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