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Smallville/ Superman News Roundup

July 6, 2009


Things are pretty light on the Smallville news front until Comic Con next month but we have a few tidbits to share and then some cast updates and convention news.
First – we have titles for the first two episodes of Season 9 thanks to SpoilerTV

901 Savior

902 Metallo


Ausiello NEWS:

Question: Ever since the news of Callum Blue being cast as Zod on Smallville was reported, there is one question we are all dying to know: Was the “Mason” role, in fact, Zod? –C.B.
Ausiello: Yep, it sure was. Speaking of which, Justin Hartley doesn’t think a Green Arrow-Zod face-off is in the cards next season. “I have the good sense in my head to let Clark deal with [him],” he says with a laugh. “I’ll stick to dealing with the ladies. Why would I start something with that guy? That guy looks tall in photos. I don’t need a piece of that guy.”

Question: Could you kindly tell us Smallville fans what Season 9 will be about? –Colin
Ausiello: According to Justin Hartley, a portion of it will be about Oliver confronting his demons. “I think he is going to struggle with the things he has been afforded [as a result of] his powers,” he says. “He has sacrificed things and done things that haunt him… It’s bad stuff. We need to get to the bottom of it.”

Source: EW

Watching with Kristin:

Michelle in the United Kingdom: Any Smallville season-nine news?

Green Arrow himself, aka Justin Hartley, tells us, “I heard Oliver’s going to start drinking again. He’d better be a funny drunk. Who wants an angry drunk around?”

Source: E!Online


K-Site posted that they are casting the part of a recurring part for Alia- which our readers at CSCC pointed out is Kara’s mother’s name. There is talk that Laura Vandervoort may not be in the entire series for V- so maybe we are seeing an opening for her return and the possible Smallville Supergirl spin-off?


If this is hoax, it’s a good one, as it comes with a few bits of convincing detail we are not sharing with you.

Someone has written us, claiming to have gotten a glimpse of some signage being prepared for next month’s “Smallville” presentation at Comic-Con. His or her description:

On black, with crimson/red text in the same font lettering that Smallville uses, and a transparent grey Superman “S” watermark behind the text:



Then at the bottom is a banner advertising the Smallville presentation, with the time/place (can’t remember).

Other info this untested source sent us suggests “Metropolis” is a movie-length project, and not a new series.

Word is “Smallville” will conclude its 9-year run May 2010, so it makes sense that the CW would tack on a couple more production hours up there in Canada to make a Superman TV-movie that would run seven or so months after the series’ conclusion.

But what if Tom Welling isn’t putting on the red cape for the small screen? It doesn’t seem like 18 months is enough time to slap together a big-screen “Smallville” sequel, but I also seem to remember Warner Bros. kicking the first three episodes of “Clone Wars” to cinemas without a lot of notice.

This comes from an untested source, self-described as “Yoda’s Bitch,” so kindly take it all as rumor.

Source: Aint Cool News

Smallville will have a panel at Comic Con– Erica Durance and Justin Hartley as well as showrunners Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson as well as our new favorite writer Brian Q. Miller are slated to appear. OSCK will be attending the panel and will work on once again getting the full panel recorded so you can share in the fun. It will take a couple of days post the con to get it posted- but Smallville is always a fun panel! Watch here for more Comic Con updates as we get news. I am hoping Brian Austin Green will make it along with Phil Morris.

Speaking of Phil- he was at a Star Trek convention and gave an interview to Movie Geek feed. He talks about the show going back into production and when we will see him next. He has a cool story about being in an original Trek episode as a kid with his dad and William Shatner. In another Trek/ Smallville connection- Joel Gretsch who will be co-starring with Laura Vandervoort on V is married to Shatner’s daughter.  Laura should be at Comic Con for the “V” panel- we will report more as we know it.

Posted to OSCK Smallville Video Channel on July 06, 2009
Photo credit: SCIFI Wire

Photo credit: SCIFI Wire

Other Smallville stars out and about- Justin Hartley gave some interviews at the Saturn Awards last month- and he had some interesting news for SCIFI Wire:

The fact that The CW’s Smallville is entering its ninth season has surprised its producers, let alone the fans. The show, which began with Clark Kent in high school before he became Superman, has morphed into a series with many other popular DC Comics characters in their younger incarnations. Now, Justin Hartley, who plays Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, said reports that the ninth season will be the last may be premature.

“Look, they’re so busy right now, they don’t know if they’re doing one more season or eight more seasons or two more seasons,” Hartley said last week at the Saturn Awards in Burbank, Calif. “They have no idea. So we’ll see. I’ve spoken to them a couple weeks ago and had kind of a vague conversation with them about concept and stuff.”

Hartley returns to work in July. As season nine begins, Oliver might be doing more harm than good. “I know I’m in the episode,” he said. “I know there’s a couple of saves gone awry. I think Oliver might be drinking again, which is always fun to play. So we’ll see what happens. I’ll leave that up to the brain trust.”

The show should pick up where the season finale left off, though considering how long its cast has been playing teenagers/young adults, Hartley can’t be sure of the timeline.

“I don’t know, but I’ve been going to the gym, and I’ve been doing a lot of moisturizing, so hopefully not too long [after], because I think actually in season nine, I’m actually going to play a little younger than I did in season eight,” Hartley said. “So we’ll see. Maybe we actually go back in time. I’d say I’m playing what, 14 or 15 right now, about, roughly. I don’t know, maybe a couple months [have passed].”

Smallville will also introduce General Zod this year (played by Callum Blue), but it is too early for Hartley to know if Green Arrow will encounter the iconic supervillain.

“I don’t know, we’ll see,” Hartley said. “I hope so. I always like to work with new actors. We just got this guy. I guess they hired a gentleman a couple days ago, so hopefully. We’ll see what happens.”

Smallville returns Sept. 25 on The CW and will move to a new timeslot, Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Justin was also interviewed by Collider:
Justin Hartley Collider Saturn Awards Interview

Posted to OSCK Smallville Video Channel on July 06, 2009

Click to Play | View Details

In more Justin Hartley news- our friends at SmallvilleBuzz report that Justin will be appearing in a SyFy channel disaster of the week flick airing in September called MEGAFAULT. Head over to their site toa check out the latest on his new project- I will watch for a trailer as the air date nears!
Smallville_S8_BLU_NewSlipcase Smallville_S8_BLU_f

Two Blu-Ray Box Art Variants

Smallville Season 8 DVD News:

There is an alternate version of the season 8 Blu-Ray artwork coming out which shows the Metropolis skyline with the S logo- does this portend that Season 9 of Smallville will be all about Metropolis? Stay tuned!

DVDs will be released August 25, 2009 a month before the new season premiere so you will have plenty of time to watch and catch up before the new season airs. Pre-Order online on Amazon– or download from iTunes or Amazon now.

Here are two deleted scenes that will be included on the Season 8 DVDs- first is from HEX with Chloe as Lois seeing Jimmy, and second is Allison Mack talking about working as a director.

Smallville – Chlois Talks To Jimmy

Posted to OSCK Smallville Video Channel on July 06, 2009
Posted to OSCK Smallville Video Channel on July 06, 2009

Cast Appearances:

We have already noted that Erica and Justin will be attending Comic Con in July, Smallville will be represented by Sam Witwer who will be joined by Michael Rosenbaum and Helen Slater at the Screaming Tiki Convention in Cleveland this week.

Photo credit: Peggy Turbett/The Plain Dealer from Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage

Photo credit: Peggy Turbett/The Plain Dealer from Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage

The Screaming Tiki con will be celebrating Superman. The comic-con will also honor Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the two Glenville teenagers who created Superman in the early 1930s. There will be a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of members of the extended Siegel and Shuster families, flying in from all over the country. Jerry Siegel’s widow and daughter, Joanne Siegel and Laura Siegel Larson, will make a rare comic book convention appearance. The featured guests from other franchises include Commander Adama himself- Edward James Olmos will be the headliner guest. Other featured guests include Ray Park who was Darth Maul and Toad in the X-Men movies, as well as Daniel Logan who played the young Boba Fett in the Star Wars pre-quels. This is important because the rumor mill says that he and Sam Witwer are both being cast as the lead bad guys in the upcoming Star Wars live action series. You can read the latest rumors on this on our parent site MULTIPLEVERSES HERE.

Justin Hartley, Phil Morris and Noel Neille– the original Lois Lane, were all at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL last month.

Watch video from their press panel and more in our video channel HERE

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