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Supergirl Plunges into V as a sexy alien- interview with Laura Vandervoort

June 12, 2009

From the new TV Guide for June 15, 2009– news about Laura Vandervoort’s new gig on ABC’s new series V- which incidentally is being produced by116112_2505 Warner Brothers so she has stayed in the WB family. The article explains why Laura was not in Doomsday- the season finale which she had originally been reported to be in and then wasn’t.

Transcribed by Kate Blake

Canadian beauty Laura Vandervoort was set to swoop back into Smallville as Clark Kent’s cousin Kara ( aka Supergirl) when the CW series seemed to be coming to an end. But with the show renewed, Supergirl’s return is on hold. That gave Laura a chance to slip into a sexy navy- blue jumpsuit in her role as Lisa, an incognito alien lizard on ABC’s new mid-season remake of the 80s sci-fi series V. “She’s the seductress who has been given the task to lure the young human folk,” says Laura whose character sets her sights on the teen son of a resistance leader played by Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell. As for those jumpsuits replacing the original red ones, Laura says, “They’re cut in a way that is meant to be alluring, so that the humans like us right away.”

Here is another promo photo from the first episode of V- exclusive to Multipelverses and OSCK- courtesy of ABC Television.

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