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Wrestling Star Matt Morgan lands role on Smallville?

March 5, 2009

3 9 09 EDIT- BuddyTV is reporting that the CW is denying that Matt has been signed to the show- but his people are saying he is. We will have to wait and see what happens- lets file this in the rumor pile!

HUGE SPOILER for the end of Smallville season 8

American Wrestler Matt Morgan has been cast to play Doomsday on Smallville in season 9- I think we can take that to mean the nice Davis Bloome will disappear into the guise of the monster full time at the end of this season…..

Morgan spoke to The Pain Clinic, a pro-wrestling talk show. What follows is my transcript of what he said.

Asked about rumours of a role on Smallville, he said: “I originally was trying to get cast for a different role and they told me I was too tall. They called my agent back and said ‘We really like Matt, he’s a little bit too tall for what we were trying to cast him as.’

“And then I guess they went to lunch and the director was talking to them and said ‘You’ve got to see this kid – he’s 7ft tall and 300lbs and young and it’s just such a shame he is too tall for the spot he was going for’. The director then said ‘Hold up, why don’t we sign this kid for the role of Doomsday?’.

“They had just previously cast the Doomsday character – signed, sealed, delivered, it was concrete. The director said ‘Let’s figure a way to recast Doomsday and maybe have this Matt Morgan kid play him’. In postproduction they are going to try to write around it, hopefully.

“I keep my fingers crossed – entertainment is worse than wrestling when it comes to holding your breath for things to happen. So, barring anything crazy happening, it sounds like that’s what they want, they want me to play this role of Doomsday, because I don’t know if you guys follow the comic books but Doomsday is like three times the size of Superman.”

Source: Coventry Telegraph

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