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New look at the Legion of Super Heroes on Smallville

December 10, 2008



This week’s ( Dec. 15, 2008) TV Guide has a new pic with the young Legion of Super Heroes members who are visiting Smallville on January 15, 2009.

Transcribed from TVG by OSCK:

Smallville returns January 15 with Clark ( Tom Welling) desperately trying to find Chloe ( Allison Mack) , who was abducted by the Doomsday monster at her wedding in November. He’ll be assisted by the time-traveling trio of Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl- best known to comic book fans as the founding members of the Legion of Super Heroes, a junior justice league from the 31st century. Adding to the fanboy frenzy is the episode’s author: popular DC Comics writer Geoff Johns, who’s currently guiding the Man of Steel’s adventures in Action Comics. Before the Leiong can help Clark, they have to get over being starstruck about meeting their idol. “They know Clark from the equivalent of history books,” Johns says. “They are all alien immigrants like him and they look at how he pioneered the way for aliens to come to Earth as a haven.”

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