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New Mid-Year Smallville Trailer featuring Doomsday

December 4, 2008

Awesome new trailer for the mid-year Smallville episodes featuring Doomsday. Sam Witwer narrates this clip showing him in full spiked out Doomsday mode with Chloe – very Beauty and the Beast in tone. The producers seem to have got the message loud and clear- don’t promote the return of Lana Lang for the next several episodes and scare off viewers! Keep the show comics focused with action and good storytelling. No more looking back- keep moving forward! I am really looking forward to seeing how the Legion sets things right and how the story with Chloe and Doomsday is handled- we know it won’t be over quite yet- that has to lead to a season/ show ending final showdown.

New spoiler image- OSCK screen cap-  with Davis trapped in ice at the compromised FOS from the end of this trailer- all other footage is from episodes we have already seen- look its a Doomy-sicle! Last year at this time Clark was on ice sounds like we have another Kryptonian son on a time out for the holidays this year.


View the full length trailer by clicking below!

811 Dream is Doomed

Posted to TV Promos n Trailers by supernatural66 on December 04, 2008

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