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Smallville- sneak peek at Bride from TV Guide, updated episode info, Smallville air dates

November 12, 2008

Thanks to Janet at Divine Intervention for the scan from this week’s TV Guide! Here is another look at Chloe and Jimmy at their wedding in next week’s episode Bride.


From the Nov 17 issue of TV Guide- transcribed by OSCK

Here comes the bride and gloom. “Chloe and Jimmy will make it down the aisle in bliss” promises executive producer Kelly Souders. “But what happens after that isn’t your typical wedding. That’s hardly surprising given that Clark’s MIA Ex, Lana Lang, is headed back to town for the celebration. “Clark’s not the only one affected…Lana’s return is not the best timing for Lois either,” teases Souders. “I’ll stop there.” Fans will have to wait until the show returns in January to see how the reunion plays out, as well as the resolution of several other shockers. “There’s more than one other cliff-hanger,” says Souders, hinting that the Olsen-Sullivan nups won’t be such a blessed event for one of the bride’s best buds. “This may start out as the best day for Jimmy and Chloe, but its a doomed day for Davis Bloome.” Good thing there’s a superhero on the guest list! – Written by Damian Holbrook

More from TVG Online:

What is Smallville‘s Chloe up to in the episodes following her wedding to Jimmy (airing Nov. 20)? — Sue
Matt: Since “Bride” is positioned as a massive cliffhanger preceding Smallville‘s never-super winter hiatus (rumored to be stretching as long as eight weeks this time), you can expect Chloe to have much to deal with in its aftermath — not the least of which is the fact that the poor thing will not have seen the last of Brainiac. Hopefully I can dig up more scoop in my imminent sit-down with “Groom” Aaron Ashmore.

OSCK Update

The big update for this week- is that it looks like Dawn Ostroff may be backing off of her initial decision to run Smallville in the spring and run Reaper in its place all winter. The latest press releases are all saying Smallville is returning in January- not the anticipated end of February as previously reported. This has not been confirmed – OSCK will be happy to provide details on Smallville air dates when they are available. At this time though it looks like Bride is our last episode to air before the break.

Upcoming Episode titles:

8.09 Abyss

8.10 Bride

8.11 Legion

8.12 Bulletproof

8.13 Power- Directed by Allison Mack

8.14 Requiem- last appearance by Kristin Kreuk

8.15 Untitled

8.16 Untitled- Directed by Tom Welling

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