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OSCK- A New Mission! Superman Fans for Smallville

August 30, 2008
Poster by RKC Erika, Founder OSCK

Poster by RKC Erika, Founder OSCK


Operation Save Clark Kent was launched a year ago when Superman fans of the CW series were outraged by the character assassination of Clark Kent. We launched a letter drive which sent over 100 letters with ripped flags sporting the motto “Respect the Legend, Restore Hope.” These letters were sent to DC Comics and the producers of Smallville as well as Smallville’s network executives at the CW.

In April we got news that show runners Al Gough and Miles Millar were being replaced by a team of their senior producers who would be helming the show from then on. The end of season 7 finally saw the end of the long drawn out Clark and Lana relationship and we saw Clark get off his duff and do some things that were not completely focused on his own needs. The episode Apocalypse gave OSCK members a glimpse into what the series could become and we named it our favorite season 7 episode for the strong portrayal of Clark, Lex, Lois and Jimmy in very iconic roles. James Marsters as Brainiac was our favorite guest for the season and the destruction of Brainiac and his torment of Lana and Kara was positively deliciously evil!

As season 8 approaches the new producers have been talking all over the web and one thing is clear- they are growing the show up and moving things forward. If you have been reading our blog you have read that they will be doing basically everything we asked for last season! Clark is showing an interest in journalism and going to work at the Daily Planet, he will be spending time looking out for people other than just his friends, his obsession with Lana is in the past ( or getting there), he will be thinking for himself and doing his own research as Chloe works on figuring out her own destiny. Lois and Clark will begin to work together – forming the legendary team that is Lane and Kent. There are new villains coming to town that Clark will be battling including some big baddies that the new showrunners are putting their own twist on. One thing is apparent- over and over again the words “respecting the mythos”, “respecting the legend” and “moving forward” have been repeated by the new producers. We at OSCK wish to thank them for listening!

We will be mailing in letters supporting their efforts and encouraging them to continue in a positive way on Smallville. Operation Save Clark Kent has officially completed its initial mission. Hope has been restored- we have hope in the future for the series and will be watching as Superman Fans for Smallville. Our website and blog all reflect our new motto ” A Hero Embraces His Destiny”. OSCK welcomes any and all Superman fans- especially those with creative leanings and those who love to talk comics to join us in our forums as we eagerly await season 8 and the new season!

We will be running a challenge for some new trailers and videos as the season launches- so check back. The OSCK blog will continue to cover all of the latest news and spoilers about Smallville. We have the new trailers and promo photos up in the blog for you to see.
All OSCK members- congrats on all of your work! Please send in the letter which is in the season 8 letter tab here , and vote in our season 8 premiere artwork challenge!

Have a SUPER Weekend!
Kate Blake
aka Supernatural66
Admin OSCK

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