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PHOENIX COMICON FAN FEST ANNOUNCES FIRST GUEST Actor David Ramsey From “Arrow” Attends December Event

October 10, 2014


Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest is excited announce our first guest: actor David Ramsey, currently known for playing John Diggle on the CW superhero series “Arrow.”

David has an extensive film and television career. Some of his appearances include portraying Pastor David Randolph on the UPN sitcom “Good News;” starring as Muhammad Ali in the movie Ali: An American Hero; Brian in “For Your Love;” Rusty on “All of Us;” Don Merritt  on “Hollywood Residential;” Dr. Noah Gleason on “Wildfire;” Anton Briggs on “Dexter;” and Al Druzinsky on “Outlaw.” He has also appeared in “The West Wing,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Ghost Whisperer,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Defenders,” and “Blue Bloods.”  David holds a black belt in jeet kune do and has also studied boxing and tae kwon do.

Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest is a second event brought to you by Phoenix Comicon. Fan Fest focuses on comic books, artists, costuming, kids and actors and will be held at The University of Phoenix Glendale Stadium from December 12 – 14, 2014.

“We believe there is a need for a strong artist and fan focused show during the winter.  We believe Arizonans should have an opportunity to showcase their costumes and not melt in the summer heat,” says Matt Solberg, Phoenix Comicon Director. “We believe in providing our community of artists and fans, geeks and exhibitors, a chance to meet more than once a year at a show that is organized, well attended, affordable, and, we hope, will be a fun winter activity.”


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Gotham 1×04 Arkham Episode Stills & Description

October 8, 2014

Gordon and Bullock act quickly to protect members of the Arkham city council as they prepare for a dangerously controversial vote. Meanwhile, Gordon gets a visit from an old friend.

MV’s HunktOberfest Day 1 Big and Beefy: Tom Welling

October 6, 2014

MV’s HunktOberfest Day 1 Big and Beefy: Tom Welling.

Smallville- Throwback Thursday- Season 10 Fortune – Tess and Emil channel Elvis

October 2, 2014

This video is stright from the The Complete Smallville Series DVD box set. If you loved the song How Do We Do. song on smallville heres the complete song in a music video fromFrom season 10 episode Fortune the Hangover parody episode. The song is by Swank. But is sung in the video by (Tess Mercer) Cassidy Freeman (Emil Hamilton) Alessandro Juliani.


Here is the version from the show- including the naughty after party of Tess and Emil

Gotham – Episode 1×02 – Selina Kyle – 2 Sneak Peek Videos

September 26, 2014


Gotham- Season 1- Before there was the legend there was the city VIDEO

September 26, 2014

Gotham- Video from NYC Series Premiere Event

September 26, 2014

On Christopher Reeve’s Birthday – Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

September 25, 2014

On Christopher Reeve’s Birthday

This has been a year of milestones for the Reeve Foundation. We celebrated groundbreaking research with epidural stimulation; we surpassed $17 million in Quality of Life grants; the Reeve Foundation Information Specialists hit 60,000 inquiries; and we announced Team LeGrand, an exciting partnership that will serve as a fundraising arm of the Reeve Foundation.

Christopher Reeve
Photo by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

The reason I am citing all of these achievements is that they represent our efforts to move the Reeve Foundation mission forward — to advance the care and discover cures for paralysis.

Today also marks an important day for the Reeve Foundation. Sixty-two years ago, Christopher Reeve was born. Even though it is entirely coincidental, his birthday also falls within National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month.

While September 25 is a somber milestone, it is also a time to celebrate the legacy and contributions that Christopher brought to the field. He challenged us to imagine a world without wheelchairs and inspired researchers to push harder to discover treatments and therapies for spinal cord injury. Not a day goes by that the Reeve Foundation does not honor its founder’s spirit as we strive to serve the six million individuals living with paralysis through the Paralysis Resource Center and our research program.

Click link to read the rest-

On Christopher Reeve’s Birthday – Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

Smallville- TBT – Clark Luthor Sharp Dressed Man

September 25, 2014

I am getting this in right under the wire- here is your throw back Thursday Smallville fan video of the week- Tom Welling as Clark Luthor from the season 10 episode Luthor set to ZZ Top’s Sharp Dressed Man.

Gotham 1×03 The Balloonman Episode Stills & Description

September 24, 2014

A vigilante goes after corrupt Gotham citizens and kills them by hooking them up to weather balloons. Elsewhere, Oswald Cobblepot returns to the city and aligns himself with a powerful ally.


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