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Tom Welling and Josh Pence talk Draft Day

April 10, 2014

Draft Day Trailer – Starring Tom Welling

April 10, 2014

Tom Welling – Photos from Draft Day

April 10, 2014

Tom is back on screen and he is playing football – something he got some experience with during season 4 of Smallville. Here are two stills of him from the movie.


#GoLois on Monday, February 24th, 7 to 9pm ET

February 17, 2014


This is a photograph of the Superman: Lois Lane #1 issue sent via Twitter by DC Entertainment (Comics) Co-pub, Dan Didio (@dandidio1).


On Monday, February 24th between 7pm to 9 pm ET, we will be tweeting the #GoLois hashtag in support of our favorite Daily Planet intrepid reporter and her 48 page one-shot.  Written by Marguerite Bennett (@EvilMarguerite) with art by Emanuela Lupacchino (@manulupac).  If this book sells well and we make enough chatter, Lois Lane could get her own series.  OR begin to be very prominent and take her rightful place in the new 52 Superman books/mythology.  Somebody has to give the new 52 Superman a kick in his characterization and Lois Lane is the one to do it.

Gather up all your favorite Lois Lane panels, photos, art, etc.  Use comics, live-action, animation clips.  We want to flood Twitter for those 2 hours with Lois Lane.  And don’t forget the hashtag #GoLois 

Before Monday the 24th, contact anyone who has had something to do with the Superman story/mythology – and inform them of this event.  Be courteous.  Try to be sure they haven’t been informed already.  The top 3 peeps at DC Entertainment who make the decisions are:  @jimlee, @dandidio1, @geoffjohns  Not every tweet has to include them, but at least one of your tweets should.  The important thing is to get #GoLois to trend.

Remember the Twitter rules:  1 hashtag per tweet.  Manual retweets count towards trending.  Make sure you don’t go to Twitter jail.  Have a spare account as backup.  If you can schedule tweets ahead of time, do that.

Skeptical that this will have no import?  Last April’s tweet event for Lois’ 75th Anniversary to be celebrated had DC Comics ‘caving’ (their term) to recognize Lois’ importance to the Superman mythology.  In November, fans were able to purchase Lois Lane’s 75th Anniversary book.  It also may have effected how many variant covers of Superman Unchained the intrepid reporter graced.

Make sure you have Superman: Lois Lane #1 on your pull list or visit your local comic shop to purchase it on Wednesday, February 26th.  Print numbers are important in making a determination on the future of a book/character.  If you don’t have a local comic shop, get the digital version from or

What YOU want matters!!!


Some fun facts:

Marguerite Bennett is currently watching Smallville.  Is this for pleasure (obviously) or research?

Clark Kent (not necessarily Superman) will be making an appearance in this book.

Arrow 2×13 Heir to the Demon Episode Stills & Description

January 31, 2014

Description: Lance and Oliver try to talk Sara into reuniting with Laurel, who continues to unravel; Dinah is kidnapped.
Original air date: Wednesday, February 05, 2014 on CW

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Arrow 2×12 Tremors Episode Stills & Description

January 19, 2014
Description: Arrow offers to train Roy, but Roy refuses unless Arrow reveals his true identity; Malcolm’s earthquake machine is stolen by the Bronze Tiger; Laurel spins out of control after she is disbarred.
Original air date: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 on CW

Arrow 2×11 Blind Spot Episode Description & Stills

January 19, 2014
Description:Oliver feels conflicted when Laurel asks the Arrow for help investigating Sebastian Blood; Sin wants Roy to test his new super-strength.
Original air date:Wednesday, January 22, 2014 on CW


January 17, 2014


Has Superman inspired you as a person?  Want to give that chance to a child?  A child, who is in the hospital with perhaps a malignant disease.

Josh Elder wrote the Adventures of Superman story “Dear Superman.” (above is the digital cover but it will also be the print cover)  It is truly a Superman story that you and children everywhere will enjoy.

The print comes out on February 26, 2014.  Josh has had the experience of caring for his ill mother when he was 9 years old.  She had cancer.  Later in life, he was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma.

Here is his story from November 4, 2013 on usatoday. Read it.  It is uplifting!

He also runs a nonprofit reading literacy advocacy group called Reading With Pictures.  Everyone should enjoy books.


Call your local comic book shop and ask them to be sure they have Adventures of Superman #10 on February 26th.

Then call your local hospital and contact the person who takes care of Child Life.  If they don’t understand, ask to speak to the Children’s Department and explain what you are doing.  Get the name of the person who will be handing the comic book to the children. That’s important.

Ask if you would be permitted to bring a comic book.  Tell them it will be new.  Ask if it has to be unread.  You don’t want to spread infection.  See what the hospital policy is.  Be sure the proper person gets the comic book.

Go to your local comic book shop on February 26th and buy Adventures of Superman #10.  Get one for you and one/some for the children in the hospital.  Then deliver it to the hospital.

Bring some joy to a child.  Bring them Superman.  Read the story and see how even a powerful hero can only do so much.  Superman inspires people to aspire.  To be better.  And he has his heroes, too.  Like children in the hospital.

Be a Superman for a child.  It may be the best and only thing you can do.


Let’s get the word out about this.  Use your blogs and websites.

Be Superman!

Arrow 2×10 Blast Radius Episode Stills & Description

January 8, 2014

Description: Arrow tries to stop a man from setting off a bomb at a rally but gets trapped in the process; Thea witnesses Roy’s superstrength and demands answers.
Original air date: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 on CW

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Digital-Firsts: The BEST Superman Stories!

December 16, 2013

Adventures of Superman

DC Comics digital firsts are proving to give fans the Superman they all know and love.  ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN has various writers and artists presenting one-shots and multiple-chapter stories.   Every Monday this book is giving fans the dual identity, aliens, Metropolis, the Daily Planet, Lois Lane, Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Lex Luthor and all new friends and enemies.   Lots of action, heart, and stories you’ll remember for a long time.  Available for 99 cents per week/chapter.  Chapters are then placed in a print version the following month.  The best Superman for the price.

Comixology now has subscriptions, and iBooks has previews.  Be sure to put this on your pull list at your local/web comic book shop.  This is one book you’ll never want to be without.

Smallville Alien

Smallville fans!  Smallville Season 11 has changed its moniker.  Now ‘books’ (digital or print) will be named after the episode.  The last SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 story was OLYMPUS with Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor.  SMALLVILLE TITANS, with Connor Kent and Jay Garrick, just finished digitally and in print.  SMALLVILLE ALIEN is now happening digitally.  Chloe and Lex have returned for this story which heavily involves the seasonal arc.

If you have a digital subscription at Comixology, you will have to purchase the first chapter of an episode and then can subscribe for the other chapters.   Digital- firsts still appear on Fridays.  Again, be sure to have this on your pull list!  It’s a very exciting book and Bryan Q. Miller with various artists is bringing us great Superman and call backs to the show.


Two prints that are not in the new 52 continuity that you may want to take a look at are Tom Taylor’s EARTH 2 (beginning with issue #17) and Scott Snyder’s SUPERMAN UNCHAINED.   Try them and see if you like them.

There’s some great Superman stories out there, just not necessarily within the new 52 continuity.


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